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  1. 21 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:



    But do we have it coming?

    After all, Rand can't read anything anymore.



    What I meant was that Rand's reputation or rating as a serious thinker has it coming. She did it to herself.

    And, sure, you could say that we have it coming. ObjectiKarma. Those of us who value the things she got right -- enough to defend her -- will have her stupid shit thrown back in our faces. She made the task of defending her views hard enough that I think it's generally easier to avoid even mentioning her name, and to just stick to discussing ideas. Dropping her name opens up a whole a can of shit that's not usually worth the effort to sort through.

  2. "Scientists" and "experts" have decided that our current technologies are the end. We won't develop anything new in the future. We won't address any problems with our current usage of devices and the effects that they have on us.

    Doom! They've predicted it, so it's settled science.

    Hunched backs and double eyelids: How tech-obsessed humans might look in 2100


    SCIENTISTS have imagined how humans may look in the future – and it’s not pretty.

    Humans in fewer than 100 years may also have claw-like hands from gripping their phones.


    Humans of 2100

    Eyelids in 2100

    huge effect on the body

    Tech-obsessed humans in 2100

  3. 6 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:


    I tried to read this one, but it is an exercise in toxic vulnerability. Poor little victims. They saw boo-boos online from all those meanies who post on Facebook, so they had to eat until they were obese.

    Gimmee a break.

    I thought there was going to be some kind of expose on Facebook's manipulative addiction algorithms or whatever. Actually, there may well be since I did not read the whole thing. I just got turned off by the long-form whining.

    Ah... man is so cruel... just now there was a video of a dog tortured to death, and someone said something racist... oh my, when are we ever going to outlaw meanies... please pass another chocolate donut...



    Why did you choose to write "chocolate donut" rather than other flavors? Huh? Huh?


  4. 8 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    ...Meanwhile, back at the Funny Farm, here is what leftwing activists are doing re Sarah (from Rush Limbaugh here😞

    Those fanatical idiots would do well to take a good hard look at that rally clip and listen to how loud and long the applause was. If they try their anti-Sarah crap on the wrong person, they could get hurt.



    It's not the fanatical idiots who are the real problem, but the spineless CEOs and marketing people whom Limbaugh mentions who are usually pretty easily duped by the tactic.


  5. Exciting stuff! Have you seen that the righteous Twitter justice warriors have succeeded in getting Harvard to revoke Kyle Kashuv's admission to their institution because of his position on gun rights? Yeah, they're pretending that it's because of racist comments that he made when he was 16, and which they use themselves every day. Heh. Will they be able to punish him further? How dedicated are they to destroying him for speaking out against their urge to disarm the Others™? When another school accepts him, how many additional people will they punish for associating with this gun rights supporter? Ideally, what should happen to gun rights supporters? Complete ostracism? But is that enough? Shouldn't there be tougher punishments?


  6. On 5/30/2019 at 2:07 PM, Peter said:

    I thought a language built on a mythical cultural image was stupid. I haven't re-watched it but I think Picard eventually gets through to those morons. I doubt the alien characters, as portrayed, would have advanced into  . . . an iron age?

    Okay, to each his own. I thought it was a really cool episode, one of my favorites. I think you're being too literal. But, whatever. Sometimes one can't suspend his disbelief, and that can destroy the entire effect. It does interest me, however, in that it makes me wonder how the episode might be rewritten so that you could enjoy it as I much as I do.


  7. 9 hours ago, Jon Letendre said:

    Now, about you updating us on the epistemological status of the assertion that Trump colluded with Russia to defeat Hillary in 2016.

    You pushed that for over two years but have gone silent for a while now.


    Helping Billy to escape his cultish beliefs is difficult. When I try to use the methods that he himself has advised, he resists. His primary tactic is to clam up, to simply not acknowledge the uncomfortable bits of reality that have been presented to him. Perhaps he'll post some new advice on how to reach people with his mindset, and we can then try out that method too.


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  8. 13 hours ago, anthony said:

    From the first: "The poll found that Americans looking north has [sic] increased in the past two years".

    In honesty, it adds:" The note explains, however, that desire doesn't equal action".

    William, what we are hearing is people "virtue signaling" to pollsters, I think. Many loudly declaim and wish, fewer will come. Too bad - you'll not soon see many Hollywood celebs arriving...

    Yeah, they're all still here despite their promises to flee to Canada. Words versus actions. It's much the same as people who "believe" in human-caused global warming, and preach it, but have a larger carbon footprint than the average person.


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  9. On 6/2/2019 at 11:32 AM, Neil Parille said:

    It's incredible to listen to Yaron Brook, who allegedly has a PhD. in something called "finance," talk out of both sides of his mouth.  Do we have a good culture that can withstand potentially hundreds of millions of immigrants (which is what open immigration will result in) or don't we?

    Also, he's so in the thrall of the idea that everything that's wrong with the world is caused by intellectuals.  Considering how bad the intellectuals are, I'm surprised that we still have a somewhat healthy culture.  

    The ARIans have never been any good at political or cultural analysis or prognostication.


  10. 13 hours ago, Wolf DeVoon said:

    Ooooo. The Witch Smeller Pursuivant spent an hour investigating...

    More like 12 seconds.


    13 hours ago, Wolf DeVoon said:

    Great Basin art was tax-supported public domain, executed by an uncredited artist and web published for educational purposes...

    You're lying and just making shit up.


    13 hours ago, Wolf DeVoon said:

    Had to set me straight on Goodreads? An itch ya gotta scratch, because I don't deserve oxygen or bread, huh? Attacking me doesn't change anything, nor is it a particularly unique public service. I've had other stalkers, plenty of crap from others. Be of good cheer, Smelly. I live in a tin barn, no car, no phone, no book sales.

    Yeah, now you're a poor little victim. You got caught being dishonest, and you're trying to weasel out of it and turn the tables. You're predictable, even profileable.


    13 hours ago, Wolf DeVoon said:

    Oh, wait a minute, I forgot. We're supposed to fret about intellectual property belonging to an academic...

    Yeah, keep trying to spin the issue. The issue is not that anyone is "fretting" about the rightful intellectual property holder. The issue is your claiming to hold a copyright on something which you did not create, and which you know that you can't copyright.


  11. 8 hours ago, anthony said:

    Read Roger Bissell's argument, all of which, and my added viability, goes well out of the range of what Rand wrote, so has nothing to do with her "emotings". One needs to work this out for oneself in accordance with reality and the scope of (objectivist) metaphysics, ethics and rights. She properly defended the mother's individual right to life (to chosen freedom of action). And then, explicitly, *only* up to three months of pregnancy, leaving the debate open about the later, post-embyronic stage. Viability is nothing new. One can briefly define it as a fetus reaching the stage of being able to continue life ex utero (with a special, concentrated care, obviously, which is no more than any normally birthed infant needs). The telling - objective - indicator, would be as soon as the fetus has detectable activity of its developed brain and nervous system, therefore the sensory, perceptual level of a human consciousness.

    The individual right of the mother should not be limitless. And claiming 'property' rights for the fetus is a silly argument. At that point of growth, the fetus is undeniably biologically and consciously a human being, and has the "right to life" identical to a new-born child. With the usual caveats of mother's health and risk of life, an abortion should be as illegal as murder after there, it follows, and the doctors liable for heavy penalties.


    You didn't answer my questions or address my points. As usual, you didn't even grasp them.


  12. On 5/15/2019 at 1:47 PM, anthony said:

    So when does an actual become "actual"?

    (I think) viability is the new birth.

    So, define "viability." How is an individual's viability determined, and why? If an entity possesses indivual rights, is it reasonable for us to kill it if it is inhabiting another's being or property against the will of the owner, though not by its own choosing? If you were to actually apply objectivity, logic and reason to the issue, rather than trying to prop up Rand's half-baked emotings, what would you come up with?


  13. On 5/10/2019 at 9:05 AM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:


    I don't understand this "wow."

    As I said above, I haven't thought about Phil in a long time. How can one miss what one doesn't think about?

    On the other hand, when Phil was around, because he was constantly trying to control other people, at times he was all I thought about. And I didn't think about him in a pleasant or productive way.

    Notice, I have a forum. He doesn't.

    He doesn't know enough about human nature to keep a group going unless the group is mandated by a bureaucracy like a school or something like that. 

    Human nature exists. A is A, law of identity and so on. Those who don't accept reality don't do well with it. And human nature does exist in reality.

    Shoulds are for the future, but they have to start in the present with reality as it exists, not as one wants it to be. Phil's chronic mistake was that he always wanted his shoulds (about others) in the present as a starting point instead of reality. When humans acted like humans instead of what he thought humans should be, then he would get frustrated and start trying to boss people around with finger-wagging.

    His presence was a constant irritation to people who wanted to think and talk about ideas instead of thinking and talking about Phil and his little games. 

    btw - He has a good mind. He's just limited emotionally.



    My only worry is that Phil might be attempting with his students what he tried to inflict on us. The man was aggressively psychologically needy, and so much so that his feeding his deficiencies overrode any value that he could bring to a discussion. Which says a lot, because he's a smart dude who can bring it. Satisfying the urge to control and punish was more important, more powerful than any subject. I hope he's fighting that urge when it comes to his students.


  14. Helloooo?

    Just checking in. Has Merlin made any progress learning projective geometry?

    Many questions and challenges on this thread remain unanswered, unmet. And some probably remain ungrasped.

    Is Wikipedia still fucked up from Merlin's molestations? Heh. What a shitshow.



  15. 5 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    My goodness, why not tell the whole story?

    I'm no fan of Ben Shapiro, but it's obvious he had a brain fart and got duly castigated for it. This happens to all of us at times.

    And Ben's response? Essentially (and immediately thereafter), he said (my paraphrase), "Oops, I had a brain fart. My bad."

    But the left is crowing as if he just lost the World Series (or the Kentucky Derby due to a bad referee call :evil: ). It's still crowing. Poor things, I don't think they have much else to crow about.

    :evil:  :) 

    Once again, Tim Pool gets it right:


    So, you're saying you love Hitler?


  16. 19 hours ago, william.scherk said:

    It is Ben Shapiro Day on Fake Social Media (Branch Twitterians) ...


    Heh. That's a "TANTRUM"?

    And that's a "real" interviewer with "difficult" questions?

    Mr. Shapiro, I've selectively misinterpreted some fragments of your past statements to mean what I want them to mean. I gotcha. Defend yourself against my accusations.

    Pro Boss Real Interviewer right there. Is he the male Cathy Newman?


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  17. 17 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:



    You guys are totally wrong. Just like everybody in the climate change controversies.

    Let an Oxford authority tell you the truth:

    Oxford University professor claims aliens are already breeding with humans on earth
    The Korean academic has written a book called Alien Visitations and the End of Humanity

    From the article:

    I mean, it's right there in front of everyone...


    At least we will be saved...



    Whew is right! And it's settled science since it comes from someone at a prestigious university. We have to trust our scientists and professors.

    The only question now is how do I find out if I'm an insect alien hybrid, and therefore in charge of controlling, punishing and killing everyone else as I see fit, in order to save the planet. I'm pretty sure that I should be in command. I can feel it.

  18. On 4/26/2019 at 8:43 AM, Ellen Stuttle said:

    And to get rid of other people.  Although "stopping climate change" is often pushed as necessary to avoid human extinction, there are those among the advocates of draconian methods who know that the result of those methods would be many human deaths and who want that result.


    They seem to be feeling that it's within reach now. Their excitement levels have been noticeably increasing lately. They're becoming more open in expressing their true desires. We must create pain.