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  1. Man-made climate change dunnit, it's settled science, 97% of climate scientists agree, you need to be punished, here's some tasty steamed octopus... Venice ‘on its knees’ after second-worst flood ever recorded By COLLEEN BARRY and LUCA BRUNO9 minutes ago VENICE, Italy (AP) — The worst flooding in Venice in more than 50 years prompted calls Wednesday to better protect the historic city from rising sea levels as officials calculated hundreds of millions of euros in damage...
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    Heh. And then there's this:
  3. Jonathan


    Doh! Kookburger Newbsie is back to flogging his straw man construction of Kant: It is truly astounding contemplating all that Newbsie has refused to know, especially after all of the repeated exposures here to information which has corrected his embarrassing idiocy. After all of this time, he is still dedicated, religiously devoted, to the false myths that his deity Ayn told him to believe, and to denouncing the Satan that she invented out of her own historical incompetence.
  4. I don't think so. I think that she's drifted away from Objectivism, and from wanting to be Ayn Junior. Her thought process has often become quite opposed to "objectivity" and "rationality." She's an interesting study.
  5. Have any of you checked in on Dr. Comrade Sonia lately? She has drifted substantially from objectivity and rationality. If you read enough of her tweets and retweets, certain patterns emerge, and take on psychologically revelatory significance, and I it think lends some perspective to her oddly public behavior over the years. Who hurt you so badly, Dr. Comrade? J
  6. Wow, it's really cool to see Billy expressing curiosity, doubt, and critical thinking. Of course, the same question wouldn't occur to him if MSK had claimed that Global Warming Doom caused the fires, but selective curiosity is better than no curiosity. J
  7. We're moving closer to eco-terrorism, Crichton-style. J
  8. Little brainwashed Greta has turned down an award from leftists because they're not being leftist enough for her. Billy, you ought to enjoy this: She demands that the leftists act in accordance with what "the science" says is needed to combat global warming. Tee hee hee! She actually said "the science." "The science" says that we need socialism, and we need it now, or we're all going to die in 27 days. "The science" said so! Don't be a science denier. Tee hee heeeeeeee!!!! Greta Thunberg Rejects Climate Award, Rips Countries That Gave It To Her By Jame
  9. I don't remember ever hearing of Rand expressing such annoyance, but I'd be interesting in learning of any evidence that she did so.
  10. Exactly. It's documented, citable, quotable. Where is Mark's documentation about the claim that Rand called the work of her artistic acolytes "trash"? J
  11. Um, WTF? I'm not an "Objectivist." Then provide a source, douchebag. J
  12. Neither. What carries weight would be you citing reality rather than reporting a rumor, inferring something that didn't happen, or making shit up. The above is what is called "appeal to authority." It's a fallacious tactic. Your having listened to more Rand Q&As than I have, if that's even true, doesn't make your claim about Rand's "trash" comment and artistic leeches true. Cite. Quote. Provide evidence to support your assertion. There's no valid substitute to evidence. J
  13. The fun thing about Rand's theory of art is that it doesn't end there. The next step is for someone to delve into what is wrong with us and our senses of life for not adoring Minns' work. Probably Torres. If I recall, he's the one who has most enjoyed that weapon. J
  14. I don't recall ever hearing of Rand being asked about contemporary artists/followers trying to cash in on her popularity. There were artists in her outer circle who seem to have conformed themselves to Rand's theories, but she liked them, bought some of their work, and I think she wanted to sort of groom them to be the leaders of the coming Objective arts renaissance. Cordair gallery didn't yet exist, and Newberry hadn't yet latched onto the "movement," so I don't know which artist would actually qualify as fitting the right time frame and of having at least some recognition in O-land.
  15. Um, who came up with the bullshit that the question about Parrish was about an artist trying to cash in on Rand's popularity? Was it Mark, or was he linking to someone else's site? Heh. Anyway, WTF? Slop. Never heard of Parrish? Um, okay, but even then, how hard is it to look up? And, seriously, how in the hell did the story get twisted so that Parrish, who preceded Rand, and enjoyed much more fame than she had, and still does, followed after her and was cashing in on her lesser fame? Is the rest of the article as sloppy? As for Minn's art -- eeesh. J
  16. And let's not forget Newbsie either. He doesn't think for himself. He's Ayn's little bitch. But he doesn't post here regularly anymore. He has flounced, and then come back, only to flounce again. Perhaps he's permanently gone? J
  17. True, that. Billy does love following the herd on a few issues. Toeing the line. And his own recommended tactics of dealing with those who harbor silly beliefs don't work with him. He no like.
  18. Don't worry. Billy is going to save us. He has enlisted, and is right now packing up his shit, and heading over there to straighten it all out. He's taking printouts of his posts with him, and a PLS container full of tracers. Fuck yeah! J
  20. Holy shit, did you see that Turkish forces are attacking Kurdish civilians at a gun range in Kentucky?!!! WTF? Where's President Trump? Where's our military? This cannot stand! J I wonder if anyone at ABC knows what tracers are, and how many are commonly used in a real-life operation. Nah, actually, I don't wonder.
  21. When all of your past predictions have failed, make new predictions which are even scarier, and do so with greater confidence and authority. J
  22. I think that Minneapolis manchild mayor Frey played a part in generating the large turnout. I hope that he and the rest of the left continue to not learn anything, and keep on trying the same stupid tactics. J