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  1. A few questions for those who have read PARC: Does Rand ever comment, in those sections of her private journals which Valliant selected for publication, why it was important to her to keep The Affair a secret? (Btw, am I remembering correctly that even Rand's closest intellectual associate and legal heir hadn't been informed of the truth by Rand, and that he had to wait to discover it in her private journals after her death?) Does PARC reveal whether or not Rand confessed to having second-hander fear of what others would think about the affair? In her journal entries, does she ponder why she f
  2. Thanks for your responses, Michael and Kat. Perhaps I could have been more clear in outlining the context of our fictional freelancer. She would be in the advanced stages of converting to Official Objectivism, which implies that if the opportunity arose, it would be completely unacceptable to her to even consider taking an assignment, no matter how briefly, as the sole technical rescuer of Barbara or Nathaniel Branden's broken websites. She would see doing so as an unforgivable act of enabling evil. In that context, wouldn't it be odd for her to hold to the view that, as an informed, active Ob
  3. In her essay, The Question of Scholarships, Ayn Rand wrote, "The principle here is as follows: it is proper to take the kind of work which is not wrong per se, except that the government should not be doing it, such as medical services; it is improper to take the kind of work that ~nobody~ should be doing, such as is done by the F.T.C., the F.C.C., etc. But the same limitation applies to a man's choice of private employment: a man is not responsible for the moral or political views of his employers, but he cannot accept a job in an undertaking which he considers immoral, or in which his work c
  4. "I don't know what the dish I made should be called..." Jaegerschnitzel! Glad your family enjoyed it, Kat! Best, J
  5. Thanks for your comments, Roger. If I can find the time over the next few busy days, I'll reply to a few points. But in the mean time, it occurs to me that in keeping with the spirit of this forum, I should have prefaced my earlier remarks (and my late night, groggy semi-silliness) with an expression of my appreciation for your essays on art. I've mentioned it now and then in other forums over the years, but I think it bears repeating that your insights have been very stimulating to me, and I'm sincerely grateful for all that I've learned from you -- not only in regard to aesthetics, but philo
  6. OK, I've been working all night and I'm admittedly a little punchy, but: If Objectivists were to successfully mate with bats (which I think in some cases in New Zealand and Colorado might actually work), and their offspring were to use their powerful echo-location abilities to develop a new form of music which aurally "depicted" precisely discernible entities engaging in completely identifiable fictional activities, would they abandon regular music? Would these Batjectivists insist that, with their ability to create for themselves very realistic, aural illusions of things from reality, subtler
  7. Roger wrote, "There definitely IS representation of reality and expression of metaphysical value-judgements in architecture -- at least, so I argue -- and I continue to be puzzled as to why Objectivists don't get this point." I don't know that they don't get the point. I think it's much more likely that they're reluctant to accept it because they're worried about its implications regarding abstract painting and sculpture, which they don't want to recognize as art. Speaking of which, Roger, am I correct in assuming that you believe that the type of abstract art Rand wrote about in the quote Mic
  8. Bicentennial Man listed as a favorite film in Artemis' extended profile was what had confirmed my suspicion that you were in drag again, Roger. I know of no one else who recommends the film (I haven't seen it, but now that I know that a kindly elderly woman like Artie regards it as a favorite, perhaps I should rent it soon). I had gotten the Diana part but not the carriage/shay/Hsieh bit -- I was assuming that that part of the joke was merely a typical Bissell groaner: Ms. Kerridge = miscarriage (Diana Miscarriage, or something like that). Anyway, it was fun to watch while it lasted, you evil
  9. Wow, Dragonfly, that gendi is fantastic. J
  10. Hey Kat, I guess I've never thought of substituting something for the wine, but I'm thinking that grape juice and/or ginger ale would work well with the other flavors in this particular recipe. Best, J
  11. Seeing Rand's recipe for Stroganoff here reminds me of one of my favorite dishes to prepare and share with others. With its sour cream sauce, you could say that Rahmschnitzel is a somewhat lighter, German version of Stroganoff. It's often prepared with a breading much like that described in Ciro's breaded pork chop recipe listed in this section, but I prefer this version's lighter coating. It's delicious and very easy to make. Ingredients: 4 large slices of veal (or pork) 1/2 cup of flour 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon black pepper 1/2 teaspoon paprika 1/3 cup butter 1/3 cup dry white wine 4 o
  12. I thought this bit from Linz on the SOLOP PARC thread was interesting: "What also incensed me yesterday was the suggestion that because debate on this matter flourishes, the rest of SOLO is stagnating." He's right. SOLOP isn't stagnating ~because~ of the PARC debate, it's stagnating ~in spite of~ the temporary, minor attention that the PARC debate has brought to SOLOP. Ciro wrote a post on the same thread which came very close to nailing it: "Holly, pleaseeee, I though that this forum was created with the intent to change the world, and not to have you and your associates standing on pride roc