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  1. Victor: But I've already tried an independent orientation to reality, and look where it got me -- dissenter moderation!!! So, no, don't try to trick me into remaining evil, Victor. Independent thinking is just the type of thing that I should not be doing. It's "anti-Objectivist" according to the policies of Joe Rowlands and his staff at RoR. J
  2. I, too, look forward to the discussions that an OL music section might generate. But, actually, I'd much rather hear the original music created by members here. I've heard Roger's work and think he's amazingly talented. Any chance that some of you other pros will post clips? J
  3. To dissent is to disagree, and I've written a hell of a lot of posts in which I've disagreed with Objectivists. So it's accurate to call me a dissenter in that context. But there's more to my being officially labeled a dissenter by the staff of RoR last week. The purpose of applying the term to me, and to limiting my freedom to post, is to imply that my views aren't just disagreements with Objectivists, but that they are ~disagreements with Objectivism~. It's a chicken shit way of tainting all arguments in favor of one side before the arguments have taken place. Its purpose is to say, "Everyth
  4. Good work, Robert. I'm especially looking forward to Hsieh relaying your views to Andy Bernstein and asking him (and, hell, why she's at it, all ARIans) to grant Sciabarra permission to publicly release their private correspondence with him. J
  5. Jonathan


    Ethan: It was the only criterion that you mentioned, at least as far as I've seen. Now you're saying that there were other criteria as well? Ethan: OK, Ethan, I apologize for shooting the messenger. Sorry for the confusion. I now understand that you were relaying the information that the "immune to argument" comment may or may not have applied to me, and that I may or may not have been placed in Dissent for other, yet to be named criteria. Please get back to me when you can relay some solid information, and then maybe we'll chat about my Objectivist church comment. J
  6. Jonathan


    Ethan: Yes, please do. Either that or retract your statement that I am "immune to the arguments of others." You should worry about your own baseless insults. Without evidence, you've accused me of being immune to the arguments of others. Once you've either retracted and apologized for the statement or demonstrated its truth, we can discuss whether or not my speculation about Joe wanting RoR to be something of an Objectivist church is a baseless insult. J
  7. Jonathan


    Thank you, Michael. That's very nice to hear. I enjoy being here and I'm glad that I've brought some value in return. J
  8. Jonathan


    I agree with others here that Joe has the right to do whatever he wants with his own site. Personally, with me all he had to do was ask that I not post on RoR with the type of questions or comments that challenge his beliefs and upset him, or that I no longer post at all. He apparently wants RoR to be something of an Objectivist church, a place where O'ists can congregate and praise the good Word of Rand. That's fine with me. He can do whatever he wants with his site. Since he's saying that he was considering moderation or banishment for those of us whom he classifies as dirty dog dissenters,
  9. Jonathan


    Hey, I've been tagged as a Dissenter on RoR as well. Ethan Dawe wrote, Christ. What a joke. Joe Rowlands has been immune to ~my~ arguments. You know, in Objectivist discussions on art I often feel like I'm in that moment from Annie Hall when Woody Allen's character is waiting in line to see a film. Some know-it-all in line is yapping to his date about the writings of Marshall McLuhan. Allen's character finally gets sick of the pompous twit and pulls McLuhan out from behind a post. McLuhan tells the twit that he knows nothing about his work. The only difference is that when I "pull a McLuhan"
  10. Victor: Yes they are. Read Richter and Tansey's articles and interviews on the subjects of their paintings, processes, the ideas behind their art, their philosophical, aesthetic and cultural influences, etc. Read what Arthur Danto, Robert Storr, Mark C. Taylor, H. W. Janson, Anthony F. Janson and Edward Lucie-Smith have written about Richter, Tansey and postmodern painting (as well as what they've written about many other postmodernist artists who use figuration and representation in their work). Victor, Apparently I've confused you with my minor, parenthetical comment about Objectivists app
  11. Here are the messages that I had posted on this thread, along with an additional one that I was about to post right before OL went down: ----- Victor: A few of my favorite postmodernist paintings: J ----- Victor: Why the use of scare quotes, Victor? The paintings that
  12. It's great to see OL back in action. Thanks for the hard work, Kat and MSK. J P.S. As for the look of the place, I think OL should stay within the established aesthetics of Objectivist forum graphics:
  13. Barbara wrote, "Too many Objectivists become arid pedants, forgetting that what draws people to Rand -- and what drew them -- is her presentation of the human potential, of the unlimited and joyous possibilities available to men -- and to them." It's not just Objectivists who sometimes seem to forget what drew them to Rand. I've known a few people who first loved Rand's novels, then became interested in learning more about Objectivist philosophy and began exploring the nonfiction (and, in one case, the online communities), disliked a lot of what they saw, and then years later ended up with som
  14. Barbara: It's been a long time since I've read Atlas Shrugged, but weren't there some pretty adventurous children in the novel who spent their summers exploring, taking a few exciting risks, learning about how things worked and discovering their own amazing abilities? I think some of Rand's criticism of other artists, which could be harsh, unfair, and, occasionally, rather foolish, tends to invite similar criticism of her work. That may explain part of it. I also think that the powerful philosophical content can overshadow the joy contained in her work. I've known people who have started to
  15. I wasn't necessarily thinking that Perigo would express rage on the spot, but, since he believes that his rage is praiseworthy, I was expecting him to at least flesh out his position with examples by proudly quoting from some of his nastiest past temper tantrums. I wonder why it didn't occur to him to use such an obvious and effective means of informing the bookstore's customers of the exact nature of the behavior that he believes is an Objectivist virtue. J
  16. I was thinking the same thing when he was quoting from Barbara's old post from SOLOHQ. I wondered why he didn't quote from some of his own posts and show the book store patrons what real, virtuous Objectivist rage is like in comparison. I was expecting that someone who had enough sand in his angina to fly all the way to California to deliver a speech to seven people at someone else's lackluster book signing event would make a point of demonstrating precisely the type of infantile rage for which he has constantly praised and congratulated himself despite its having cost him countless valuable f
  17. Robert does great work: My favorites:
  18. Interesting work: Click on "ART" and scroll down to the "New Paintings" section. The appropriation of the cinematic format and content is fascinating. J
  19. Jonathan


    It appears that Perigo's trip to California has already been immortalized in stone: I can only guess that the title is _Perigo Goes to Supper with the ARIans in California_ (a thin, romanticized version of Perigo, of course). It looks like he is teaching the others how to air conduct while his latest replacement "NEM" wash his feet and serve him wine. I can't tell who the other seated characters are, but the person on the right looks like he's checking out Fahy's ass. J
  20. An example of another approach to attacking a form of ugliness: Many years ago I saw a painting of an elegantly dressed, beautiful woman with a cleft lip. She had a gentle, bashful smile and was looking just slightly to the left of the viewer, which gave the impression that she was with someone not shown in the painting. The canvas was tightly cropped on the woman's upper body and face, and far in the distance behind her was a group of people who appeared to be whispering with each other while glancing toward the woman. The painting had a very Wyeth-like look to it, and the clothing of the cha
  21. Rich wrote, Not only trim, but you also look tall. Ever play any ball? (In addition to having been The Student Conductor, Band President, and Recipient of the John Philip Sousa Award in high school, I was also the Captain and Starting Center on the basketball team. So take it from me that Darryl "Chocolate Thunder" Dawkins was the greatest basketball player ever. I love Dawkins. Darryl Dawkins, Darryl Dawkins, Darryl Dawkins! Most other people think that Jordan was the greatest, but they don't know what they're talking about. Jordan was a gimmicky pomo. Dawkins, on the other hand, was a god w
  22. I'm thinking about buying a last-minute ticket to CA, setting up a podium and boom box, and doing some world-class conducting on a sidewalk next door to Perigo's appearance at someone else's book signing event down the street from the AS/TOC seminar. If you'd like, Rich, MSK or anyone else, I'll allow you to make your own brief presentations. We could turn it into a special world premiere air symposium (there are endless possibilities for presentations -- air writing, air directing, air sculpting, air photography, etc.). Let me know as soon as possible if you're up for it and I'll pencil you i
  23. Rich wrote, From I've seen him mention it before, and I've heard others (in evil, backroom, "whispering campaign" chatter) giggle about a couple of incidents that are rumored to have happened. Personally, I don't have a problem with someone conducting along with a piece of music. It's just the vision of pompous Perigo doing it as a performance for others that cracks me up. And his trotting out of his high school band conducting glory days in the quote above is pretty precious as well. Rich wrote, Thanks, but I'm not all that big on fruit. Maybe a seafood
  24. Rich asked, I've heard that his primary musical talent is pompous, maudlin air-conducting. Seriously. Apparently it's his method of demonstrating his grand musical passion and instructing the unwashed on how to raise their souls to a level closer to his. But other than that, yes, he claims to sing and play. I'd like to hear what he can do. Wouldn't it be refreshing, perhaps even inspiring, if he were to set aside his air-baton and put as much time and effort into creating original music as he puts into whining about others' tastes and trying to create the impression of his expertise and unri
  25. Rich wrote, Exactly. There's nothing there. There's no productivity -- no original creativity -- emanating from the curmudgeon's alleged musical talents and passions. J