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  1. Hey, did Billy get fed up with his own hypocrisy and decide to start walking the walk instead of just talking the talk? Is that why he no longer has an online presence? Is he off the grid, living in a Kaczynski shack that he constructed only from naturally-fallen timbers, gathering roots and berries while writing his manifesto using handmade ink and paper? J
  2. Yeah, I get it. It's fanboy/fangirl stuff. Firing up the choir. I'm probably as big of a Beatles fan as Kat is, or close to being. If someone did an interview paying homage to John Lennon by doing a sincere, heartfelt imitation of him in a bad wig for a few minutes, heh, cute. 42 minutes? Enough already. Youtube? Overkill. History tour? Milking a dead cow. It looks like aesthetic vanity, absence of aesthetic self-awareness. And, again, nothing against Grossman. Generally she seems much cooler as a person than the past generation at TAS. I'm just offering up the honesty of an aes
  3. No, human nature won't change. I just think that Rand's celebrity is done. Over. And it's not going to be brought back. To me, it's similar to Pigero obsessing over Lanza and trying to revive his celebrity. It's like a Tigerbeat fanboy/girl thing, which is fine on the average person's Facebook page. It's weird coming from anyone who is hoping to have actual grownup, realworld influence. Sure, and I don't think of it as a moral failing. I agree. I didn't mean to give the impression of "stomping out" approaches that I don't like. I once expressed a similar opini
  4. My view: Don't present Rand to them, or to anyone. Present ideas instead, and in a real-time context in regard to real-world current events. Argue your point, make your case, and destroy the opposition's case. Do what Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk do. Stop following Rand's muddle-headed, vanity-driven notion that people must be taught her philosophy from bottom to top, and convinced to accept it as a perfectly integrated whole, etc., etc. Get past the remaining traces of cult of personality. J
  5. I have nothing against Grossman, and perhaps the Rand imitation bit could be used well if it were delivered in small doses, and if it were well-crafted aesthetically. But, with the example that I see online after doing a vid search, 42 minutes in anti-romantic/anesthetic pretend interview mode is a flop of an idea, especially since what we're seeing is soft, pretty, make-believe Rand, rather than hard, deadly serious Rand. It's kind of like seeing a Disney princess version of Rand. J
  6. Yup, and it's a risky, last-minute panic now. Stopping Bernie (and the squad as well) would have been easier if the Dems had been standing up to him consistently all along instead of staying silent or capitulating to his crazy ideas. It's probably too late now. J
  7. By the way, it appears that photography and 3D printing might have begun to have a positive effect on Sabin Howard's sculptures: from what I could see, it appears that one or two of his figures might actually include facial expressions other than the default ones that his models happened to be displaying while posing! J
  8. Hey, check this out: Auntie Kamhi is suddenly cool with artists using photography and machine-made figures in their art! The Rehumanization of Public Art January 23, 2020 / Michelle Kamhi / Contemporary art, Public Art / 3 Comments Print This Post For anyone who shares my utter dismay regarding the dehumanization of public art in recent decades,1 I have good news. An extraordinarily ambitious, heartfelt, and skillful work of figurative public art is underway that communicates without the aid of an artist’s statement. Sabin Howard, A Soldier’s Jo
  9. There's a new girl in the climate doom propaganda game. YouTuber campaigns against ‘climate alarmism,’ drawing comparisons to Greta Thunberg Feb. 23, 2020 at 5:24 pm Updated Feb. 23, 2020 at 7:01 pm By DESMOND BUTLER and Juliet Eilperin The Washington Post For climate skeptics, it’s hard to compete with the youthful appeal of global phen
  10. We are the Others™. Lesser beings. Things. Insects. Our questions are an annoying buzz. One doesn’t converse with insects. One either ignores, manages or controls, or exterminates insects.
  11. Did you read that, Billy? Cuddlemuffin is free to post more recipes for tasty steamed octopus. Hooray!
  12. Adams's comments on the stock scam are right on. And notice how uninterested Billy and Brad are in our catching them performing the scam. I pointed out Brad's stupid attempt to run two separate hypotheses at the same time, and to treat them as one, thus eliminating falsifiability. No comment from Brad or Billy about that. You'd think that people who love science as much as Brad and Billy claim to would be eager to address such criticisms, and knock them down immediately. But, no, our little activists think that ignoring the criticism will make it go away. Just keep running the scam.
  13. !Does Billy still not understand the difference between the words "hypothesize" and "predict"? Anyway, it appears that Billy didn't notice or comprehend the final few words in Ellen's comment. The part about scrambling. See, we're back to the importance of the questions that I've asked. Details. Ahead of results being observed. "Arrehenius didn’t get every detail right, but his argument has proven to be pretty sound." Pretty sound. Which details didn't he get right? What were the specific conditions of falsifiability? Did he also make contrary predictions? Ones which h
  14. Billy? Are you okay? Still alive? I see that your Twitter account is suspended. What is up with that? J
  15. Indeed. From the wiki page that Merlin posted: Counter-intuitive to whom? Counter-intuitive to the visuospatially and mechanically inept, and therefore to everyone? Apparently Merlin finds it paradoxical. Not surprising. J
  16. Btw, Merlin, don't you have something better do in your doderage? Isnt there another Wikipedia page that you can destroy with your stupidity?
  17. Exactly. Brad is sniping. He's trying to force the discussion in a direction where he hopes that he'll be able to find chinks in my armor. He is refusing to identify his foundation -- the definitions, terms and conditions that I'm asking him to identify -- and he's focused on trying to target what he hopes might be my beliefs. J
  18. I'm not participating in a debate. Where did you get the idea that it was a debate? Pay attention: Billy asked what it would take to change our minds on the issue of anthropogenic climate change. I answered. I named my conditions. I simply explained that I'd need to see the details of the scientific method being followed, and I listed specifically what that would mean. Identify and define the single successful hypothesis, the duration of the observations, how that duration was chosen, identify the predictions, the specific conditions of falsifiability, independent repeatability and valida
  19. Yeah, the opposite is true. It's the Bernie Bros and Warren Wenches who are all "Mine, mine, mine," and "You don't get a doll" (especially if you are the one who created the doll). It's just a continuation of the canards behind economic anti-semitism ( As the popular memes sum up Marx, "Gibs be dat for free." J