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  1. The same is true of all of their policies. They're willing to take the risk. They hope that they're less likely to be affected. They expect to have at least slightly worse lives in exchange for being allowed to make the Others' lives miserable. They think that they'll be part of the group that largely gets to escape the horrors that they dream of imposing.
  2. The leftists in LA and SanFran have found a quicker route to their goals than AGW fear-mongering: Dr. Drew Pinsky: Entire Population of California Could Fall Victim To Bubonic Plague Due To Homelessness Posted By Ian Schwartz On Date May 31, 2019 Dr. Drew Pinsky warns about the health effects of the homelessness epidemic in Los Angeles in an interview with FNC's Laura Ingraham. Pinsky, a board certified internist, called the L.A. city government "disgustingly negligent" and said they are
  3. Yeah, they're all still here despite their promises to flee to Canada. Words versus actions. It's much the same as people who "believe" in human-caused global warming, and preach it, but have a larger carbon footprint than the average person. J
  4. The ARIans have never been any good at political or cultural analysis or prognostication. J
  5. Doing nothing is always better than doing what liberals/progressives/socialists want to do. Having a "plan" doesn't automatically make it better than the lack of a plan, regardless of how much you tee hee hee about the lack of a plan. At least we have a plan! Sure, it will cause mass hardship and austerity while achieving nothing, but it's a plan! Speaking of lackings, what is your plan, Billy? Hell, you can't even support your argument here or answer simple questions. Your adopted method of dealing with challenges is to ignore them and to serve up more steamed octopus. That's much worse
  6. ??? In what way was it infuriating? J
  7. They're not "environmentalists." Their actions betray them. They do not behave as if they believe what they say. None of them do. Including our Billy. J
  8. Also, lots of emoting and double standards. No consistent rules. Sneering and tee hee hees in the place of substantive argument. Unfounded accusations of conspiracy theory mindsets. Steamed octopus on top of steamed octopus with a side of steamed octopus. J
  9. We need to take action now. And by "we," I mean Others™. In the short mean time, Billy, I know that you're not going to (can't) answer any of my previous questions about "the science" (tee hee hee), but might you have enough intellectual curiosity to offer up some thoughts on what "the science" should consist of? What are the ground rules? What is the methodology? Can you give some idea of how you think it should work, and maybe show that proposed method successfully applied to phenomena other than or in addition to climate? No? More steamed octopus? M-Kay. J
  10. Oh my god, Trump is against science!!! He's attacking science!!! And this isn't hysterical spin, but calm, factual reporting.
  11. Heh. No, it's not a setback at all. Not in the slightest. The critic is a mere meteorologist, an insect, and not an officially recognized and accredited Climate Science Authority. Plus, he has a history of mildly criticizing officially recognized and accredited Climate Science Authorities, or at least of expecting them to not employ double standards. He is therefore a "science denier," and soon he will have to be destroyed. Aroused yet, Billy? Yes, I thought so! What do you look forward to the most? What's your favorite part: strangling, emasculation, evisceration, beheading, or placing t
  12. Heroic London, below, is going to "save the planet" with greater emissions and greater waste, and, of course, punishments and controls! Hooray, hoorrrahh! The wtiter appears to not quite understand the goal, which is to make private ownership and usage of vehicles difficult, and then eventually illegal. Force people to do what you wish, make them dependent and biddable. Doing so can even have the opposite effect of the stated excuse of saving the planet. Seriously, fuck the environment. We only claim to care about it because it calms the sheep and makes them follow. They don't even care a
  13. Heh. Um, Pup, confirming my accusation of your predictability and profileability isn't a good way of refuting it. J
  14. Oh my god, there's no time to waste? There's no planet B? Oh, no! Well, then, we had better forget all about the questions that I've asked which remain unanswered, and instead focus on action. We have to act now. It's an emerergency. Extreme measures need to be taken. And Billy is going volunteer to be the first. Thank you for your sacrifice, Billy, and for leading by example. J
  15. More like 12 seconds. You're lying and just making shit up. Yeah, now you're a poor little victim. You got caught being dishonest, and you're trying to weasel out of it and turn the tables. You're predictable, even profileable. Yeah, keep trying to spin the issue. The issue is not that anyone is "fretting" about the rightful intellectual property holder. The issue is your claiming to hold a copyright on something which you did not create, and which you know that you can't copyright. J
  16. The new settled science of advanced imaging is that that individual storm was caused by pretend climate activists whose carbon footprints are hundreds of times larger than the average person. They are a very large group. J
  17. And STILL no answers to my questions. Just more cowardly tee hee hee instead. If we say "deniers" often enough, we don't have to answer the questions. All-you-can eat steamed octopus for only a buck ninety five, all day, every day! J ♪ ♫ Give me that AGW religion. It's good enough for Billy, so it's good enough for me.♬♩
  18. Yes, we need to mete out the punishments right now. We can't wait any longer. The climate gods crave blood. We must quench their thirsts. The Little Others™ must experience more hardship while forced to pay for our studies and cushy lifestyles. Pain. Glorious austerity. It's so very exciting! J
  19. Billy, your religion didn't do too well in Australia. Btw, why do "Labor" parties continue to call themselves "Labor" now that they're openly opposed to workers and labor? Australia’s Conservatives Win Surprise Election Victory Voters in mining areas turned on center-left opposition that had campaigned on climate change issues, preliminary results show SYDNEY—Australia’s conservative government eked out a surprise victory in Saturday’s national elections after voters in resource-rich districts turned against center-left opponents who had put climate change at the hea
  20. You didn't answer my questions or address my points. As usual, you didn't even grasp them. J
  21. So, define "viability." How is an individual's viability determined, and why? If an entity possesses indivual rights, is it reasonable for us to kill it if it is inhabiting another's being or property against the will of the owner, though not by its own choosing? If you were to actually apply objectivity, logic and reason to the issue, rather than trying to prop up Rand's half-baked emotings, what would you come up with? J
  22. He's the perfect personification of the AGW control and punish mindset. Personally, I'd rather see someone calmly present 'the science' (titter tee hee hee). But, since we all know that that's not going to happen, what's the next best thing? Nye? AOC? Gore? DiCaprio? Steamed Octopus? No. I think a better method would be to just be honest. Identify the real motives. State them publicly: Punishment and control. Openly promote the bloodlust excitement if it. No need to tie it to side issues involving fear or victimhood in order to pretend to justify it. J