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  1. It's been more than a decade now since Pigero tried to demonstrate the "objective" superiority of his tastes in music. When his lame little piece was criticized, and ridiculed, he had claimed that it was just a skeleton upon which he would be applying serious scholarly flesh. Alas, after these ten-plus years, no flesh has been added. Heres my stroll down memory lane (this content was also cross-posted to Solopassion several times, but Pigero dodged and evaded it, and never addressed any of the substance): Damn, what an ass-kicking I dished out! J
  2. Bump: C'mon, O-vish necromancers, give it a jolt. J
  3. Oh noes! Muh, muh consensus! Muh 97%! Libertarian Group Demands NASA Remove False '97 Percent Consensus' Global Warming Claim BY TYLER O'NEIL JULY 10, 2019 CHAT 302 COMMENTS (Shutterstock) On Tuesday, the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) sent NASA a formal complaint, asking the agency to withdraw the false claim that 97 percent of climate scientists agree that humans are the primary cause of global warming and climate change. The 2013 study purporting to demonstrate that number was fatally flawed and proved no such thing.
  4. I love seeing Merlin's "logic." Pure belligerence and irrationality. He packs so many fallacies into one paragraph! And he does it effortlessly. J
  5. What I'm seeing in my social media bubble is the left trying very hard to push the Narrative that Trump has ties to Epstein and is therefore likely a pedo, and it's just a matter of time before Trump is convicted and impeached and whatever. At the same time, rumors of Clinton's relationship with Epstein are just meh, then shouted down, and answered with 23 more memes portraying Trump as a pedo.
  6. Hey Darrell, I was curious if you've seen Merlin's statement about you over on a different thread: Fascinating, no? J
  7. Here's the task that you were challenged with, and which you've been cognitively incapable of answering: Prove it. Demonstrate that you know how to account for the perspective in the images. Show us the geometry. Plot it out, and show your work. No more unsupported assertions. Heh. Um, here's a screen capture of the entire apparatus: Do you see the vertical red rectangles that I've placed on th
  8. Indeed you are. After all this time, you still can't grasp the geometry of the image.
  9. I don't recall your having challenged me with any geometry or calculus problems that I haven't solved. I do, however, recall my having presented projective geometry ( in response to one of your challenges, and then immediately giving you a challenge which remains unanswered. Still working on it? No? Too hard? Gave up? Yeah. J
  10. Oh no!!! Auntie Kamhi is dismayed, disturbed and distraught about something! And still arguing from the irrational and subjectivist position that her own personal cognitive and aesthetic limitations MUST be the universal limits of all of mankind -- still practicing nothing but the fallacy of Argument From Personal Incredulity. Dismaying Exhibition of De Waal Installations at the Frick Edmund de Waal is the justly acclaimed British author of The Hare with Amber Eyes, a superb history/memoir of the Ephrussi banking family, of which he is a scion. He is also the creator of an
  11. Yeah, but you're citing Wikipedia. We've seen what you do to Wikipedia. Just sayin. J
  12. That's much gentler than calling someone whom one hasn't read "the most evil man in mankind's history."
  13. Yeah. Hubris. Celebrity. Bluff. All of which has hindered the appreciation of her good ideas. And her acolytes copy her mistakes, adding fuel to the pyre.
  14. By saying "dropping her name," I meant as in "name-dropping," as in using her name, referring to her, citing her. I meant that I generally don't bring her up, because mentioning her name only bogs the conversation down. It ends up focusing on the dumbest things that she said, and characterizes her as being limited to and equally those dumbest things. It opens a can of shit which becomes a massive waste-of-time distraction. As was Kant, and several other people whom she mischaracterized and upon whom she stupidly shat. I said can of shit, not can of worms. J
  15. What I meant was that Rand's reputation or rating as a serious thinker has it coming. She did it to herself. And, sure, you could say that we have it coming. ObjectiKarma. Those of us who value the things she got right -- enough to defend her -- will have her stupid shit thrown back in our faces. She made the task of defending her views hard enough that I think it's generally easier to avoid even mentioning her name, and to just stick to discussing ideas. Dropping her name opens up a whole a can of shit that's not usually worth the effort to sort through.
  16. Of course it’s a mischaracterization. But, then again, Rand has it coming with all of the mischaracterizing that she did of others.
  17. Ford is a psychologist, and knows stuff about the brain, and she mentioned some chemicals, technical terms and theories, and therefore she could not possibly have been mistaken, misremembering, or lying about Kavanaugh. She seems to really hate Ted Cruz, and was "supporting" Beto out of spite for Cruz. I haven't seen why she has these feelings. Lots and lots of anger. She seems to have found an outlet for some of it in making customer complaints to companies. She should think about getting a "I want to speak to your manager" haircut. J
  18. Heh. Billy, what did you do to get blocked? Whatever it was, it must have been pretty damned horrible, because the Comrade is pretty tolerant and easy going.
  19. Very, very angry person there, especially when it comes to the issue of sexual assault. Accusations equal immediate verdicts of guilt. And how dare that bastard defend himself, and show emotion in doing so. After what he did to me! Er, I mean, to her!
  20. Hadn't seen the Comrade's Twitter account previously. Eeesh. Did Greta Van Susteren swallow Alanis Morissette's nana? Anyway, wow, scrolling, notice the abandonment of Objective notions of judgement and justice, and the sheer rage? Put on you profiler hat. What do you see, Agent Hotchner? J