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  1. Why did you choose to write "chocolate donut" rather than other flavors? Huh? Huh? J
  2. It's not the fanatical idiots who are the real problem, but the spineless CEOs and marketing people whom Limbaugh mentions who are usually pretty easily duped by the tactic. J
  3. Exciting stuff! Have you seen that the righteous Twitter justice warriors have succeeded in getting Harvard to revoke Kyle Kashuv's admission to their institution because of his position on gun rights? Yeah, they're pretending that it's because of racist comments that he made when he was 16, and which they use themselves every day. Heh. Will they be able to punish him further? How dedicated are they to destroying him for speaking out against their urge to disarm the Others™? When another school accepts him, how many additional people will they punish for associating with this gun rights supporter? Ideally, what should happen to gun rights supporters? Complete ostracism? But is that enough? Shouldn't there be tougher punishments? J
  4. 12. Ignore their questions. 13. Do not acknowledge any gaps in your kowledge, or any inability of yours to address their questions or challenges. 14. Serve tasty steamed octopus. 15. Avoid their questions. Act as if they haven't been asked, even if they've been asking them for years. 16. When you don't have answers to their questions, change the subject. 17. Serve more tasty steamed octopus. Smile. 18. Give them information and advice on how to be polite, and how to influence people. Don't follow the advice yourself. Offer hugs. 19. Reward them with tasty steamed octopus, and a handjob if you're comfortable doing that. 20. Bring in meatpuppets who you think are ringers. Display gleeful anticipation. 21. More TSO. 22. Ignore the fact that your meatpuppets didn't do any better than you've done in addressing any substance. 23. Randomly choose one of the steps above and repeat. Then repeat it again. 24. Tee hee hee. Never forget to tee hee hee during any of the above steps! 25. All they can eat TSO, 24/7.
  5. Yeah, Judy the science denier whore has become the enemy. She used to be a real scientist, someone whose authority must be trusted without question, but now she's just a stupid denier skank who rejects all of science. She's a threat to the entire planet. Steps should be taken. J
  6. To sum up this thread: Side A: "We have science on our side. The facts. Reality. You are deniers." Side B: "Show us those facts, that science, that reality. Present it, please." Side A: "Demiers! How can we get through to you when your minds are closed to the scientific facts?" Side B: "Show us the scientific facts." Ad infinitum.
  7. What's important to me? Science. Show me the science. Answer the questions that I've asked. Give me the specific details that I've requested about the hypotheses, predictions, the dates and durations, the conditions of falsifiability, etc. No need to try to crawl inside my head and manipulate me based on guessing about my social group influences or my childhood traumas. Just show me the science, tee hee hee. My value is science. Not opinions of scientists. Not reporters' interpretations of opinions of scientists. Please, present the science. Maybe some day we can "debate the science," but first you'd have to present it. And, as I mentioned above, there's no need to try to figure out what motivates me and what appeals to me other than the "acceptance of scientific fact." I'm asking, demanding, begging you to focus on the scientific facts. You refuse to do so.
  8. Huh? Doesn't it have everything to do with this thread? As in, if we don't completely get rid of freedom, and if we don't immediately start punishing evil deniers, then, by the end of next week, the entire planet will be on fire just like that, followed shortly by everything being five thousand feet underwater due to all of the ice, everywhere, melting? J
  9. Okay, to each his own. I thought it was a really cool episode, one of my favorites. I think you're being too literal. But, whatever. Sometimes one can't suspend his disbelief, and that can destroy the entire effect. It does interest me, however, in that it makes me wonder how the episode might be rewritten so that you could enjoy it as I much as I do.
  10. Many others have also made predictions, and then they've made new predictions and adjusted the old ones, and they've done so over and over again. Then they show a timeline of their series of predictions strung together, without anything to indicate that the line represents several failed predictions rather than one which might appear to have not quite failed yet. Such tricks are why I ask to see all of the information that I've requested several times on this thread. J
  11. No, he has the capacity to understand. He's just being a stubborn little believer. J
  12. To whom was that addressed? Me? If so, I haven't taken issue with anyone's reporting of any conditions in reality. If not me, then whom? What do imagine that you're trying to say, Billy? It seems that you believe that you've delivered a successful characterization of someone's opinions or mindset. You seem to be pretending that someone has denied something in reality. Is that what you're trying to do? If so, I'll remind you that all that I've done is asked you to present scientific evidence to support your position, and I mean actual scientific evidence. That's why I've asked very specific questions about hypotheses and predictions. See, the way that science works isn't to just post recorded results and images, and to then come to a conclusion based on your feelings, but to demonstrate that the results were predicted, and that they are reliably repeatable over specific durations of time which have also been identified and explained ahead of time. Understand? You've done none of that. Come on, Billy, you're easily bright enough to understand all of this if you want to. J
  13. Helping Billy to escape his cultish beliefs is difficult. When I try to use the methods that he himself has advised, he resists. His primary tactic is to clam up, to simply not acknowledge the uncomfortable bits of reality that have been presented to him. Perhaps he'll post some new advice on how to reach people with his mindset, and we can then try out that method too. J
  14. Bingo. They believe that they will be largely immune from the horrors that they wish to impose. J