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  1. Have they tried placing sick elderly patients in congregated living facilities? Have they tried giving Bolsonaro an Emmy? I bet that that would work. Have the tried handcuffing and arresting children who are one day older than being excused from wearing masks?
  2. What do they imagine that they are "stimulating"?
  3. Be careful is right. Peter himself is a white nationalist white supremacist Nazi by the woke left's standards.
  4. I'm wondering what kind of "lame duck" scorched Earth stuff Trump will be willing to pull prior to leaving office. Obviously there are some interesting potential pardons, but what about other maneuvers, declassifications, releases, etc.? Will he go out with a bang?
  5. Just doing my occasional check-in. Still no science? No answers to my questions? Even Snuggletits Brad still unable to handle the issue? Tasty steamed octopus recipes? Tee hee hee?
  6. And, tee hee hee, also notice that stupid old poopy Drumph doesn't have a Five-Year Plan, the dolt! No plan for how many tractors we must make or how many bushels of beans we must grow. No quotas for factory production, no mandates of purchases. No details on the collectivization of agriculture. No strategy for universally adopting Lysenkoist Lamarkism. Not even a structural system of gulags in which to punish opponents. But yet he wants to be the leader despite not doing any of these things that leaders are supposed to do. What an idiot!
  7. Why "coordinated national" voter fraud? Is that all that they're looking for? They're okay with voter fraud on a less-than-national level? In Trump's criticisms of mass-mail voting, and his suspicions of Democrats' motivations, did he specify that he thought that it would only happen on a nationally coordinated level?
  8. Welker did okay. She seems to have tried, at least, to somewhat control her biases or keep them beneath the surface for most of the time. I did laugh a few times at the rushing to get to the next topic. No more time to talk about this silly issue, let's more along now, oh, wait, Joe wanted to add something? Okay thirty more seconds and then we really must get to the very important question that I wanted to ask rather than staying with this one which destroys Biden...
  9. Wow, Yawon Bwook is such a tool.
  10. Could someone please give a shallower dive? Something that gets to the damed point? What is their gripe? I mean other than that they heard that someone reported that an anonymous source claimed that Orange Man said bad things about soldiers or anyone else, and these guys decided to believe it? I see that the left's press loves these guys, and they seem to enjoy praising themselves as being brave and principle saviors, but what real things are they bravely saving us all from? What's the substance? Thanks in advance, J
  11. The StarTrib’s take: Orange Man Bad.
  12. True. There are probably about 15 to 20 more "October surprise" fizzles against Trump to come. The trend seems to be that they're fizzling faster and faster.