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  1. Jonathan

    Screenwriting Prompt from Real Life

    Wow, that' a disturbing psychological revelation from Lenny. Ick. And even more disturbing is that he's unaware of how fucking disturbing it is. Just letting it fly out there in public. Hey, everyone, check out this film that I'm obsessed with. I watch it every night. It helps me relive shit, cast myself in certain roles, and feel like I'm a hero. J.
  2. Jonathan

    Donald Trump

    "Lesley Stahl: I wish you could go to Greenland, watch these huge chunks of ice just falling into the ocean, raising the sea levels." Yeah, if you just go to Greenland and look, that's proof of anthropogenic global warming. And, muh, muh scientists. The scientific method doesn't have to be followed, predictions don't have to succeed repeatedly and reliably. Real lefty science is just looking at something and feeling strongly that it's proof of man-made global warming, and then wishing that the president would have the same feelings. Oh jeepers, I wish I could convince you, Mr. President, to be assimilated, to be absorbed. It is lovely being one with the Body. Kumbaya. J
  3. Jonathan

    The Arab Tyrants Manual (podcast)

    Yeah. Cause and effect, and the sting of unintended consequences. Suggestions, Billy? What should be done? What course should be taken? J
  4. Jonathan

    Trump humor

    Lesley no like. Heh. 'Member back when Candy Crowley jumped into the debate to help Obama against Romney? And Romney took it. He didn't know what to do. What Trump did in the vid above is what he needed to do. Shut down the game.
  5. Jonathan

    Donald Trump

    Billy seems to love the left's false Narrative that Trump is an enraged lunatic, as depicted in the cartoon that he posted. But Trump doesn't actually behave like that. The left does. Trump's cool as a cucumber. He laughs at the left while talking about the prospect of using retaliatory force. Billy, why the need to believe lies, and to attempt to perpetuate them? What do you find to be so threatening about Trump? Has he taken something away from you, or threatened to? How do you feel that you're being hurt by the scary monster Trump and his filthy supporters? In reality, what do you think you're on the verge of losing due to Trump? J Sotomayor spoke of being enraged at the opinions of Scalia to the point of wishing to take a baseball bat to him. Unlike Trump, she wasn't expressing the idea of using retaliatory force, but of initiating it over a mere difference of opinion. How did the left respond? Did they caricature her as a red-faced lunatic thug exploding in fury? Did they conclude that she was unfit to serve on the Court? No. Oh my gosh, settle down, it was just words. She's not really going to bust bones, but was just expressing her feelings. Duh! Don't be so, like, literal.
  6. Jonathan

    Donald Trump

    Interesting. After all of this time on OL, Billy doesn't grasp the difference between initiatory force and retaliatory force. Or he doesn't want to grasp it. Or he's hoping that we won't notice his conflating them.
  7. Jonathan

    The Arab Tyrants Manual (podcast)

    OMG, what would Robert Francis O'Roarke do? He's SOOOO presidential! Or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? I'm getting a thrill up my leg! They'd save us and know how to make things right. We need serious grownup thinkers like them instead of infantile Trump. Please, someone in the press, ask Beto and She Guevara what should be done about the Saudis. J
  8. Jonathan

    Donald Trump

    I don't know whom Lenny Peequaff commanded his toads to vote for, if anyone, but, with his long history of retarded political misdiagnosis and backward thinking in his advocacy of parties and candidates, I could easily see him supporting Hillary. Same with Yawon Bwook. Squaresville, Daddy-O. No sense of the reality of the culture, just their 50s-Rand-mimic cloistered theories. J
  9. Jonathan

    The Arab Tyrants Manual (podcast)

    Dang, I missed that the first time around. If it's at Infowars, it can't be true. So, therefore the Kashoggi thing is all just a lunatic right wing conspiracy theory. Whew! I'm happy to learn that the killing and dismemberment never happened. Hmmm. But where is Kashoggi? What happened to him? Maybe he slipped and bumped his head, and wandered off with amnesia. I bet something like that happened. Just a simple, obvious, harmless explanation. Okay, back to Muh Russians. J
  10. Jonathan

    The Arab Tyrants Manual (podcast)

    Trump should send in the A-Team: Obama, Kerry and Turdeau! J
  11. Jonathan

    Donald Trump

    Two stories today that go together: Clinton-era hobbit Shalala sucking hind tit: ...and Dems dreaming of Michelle running: Run, Michelle, run!!! Please. Pretty please. With sugar on top. J
  12. Jonathan

    Donald Trump

    I would imagine that the calls for incivility also apply to libertarians (since we oppose Hillary's values of trying to control our lives). If so, I'm looking forward to being confronted, and perhaps having a political button or item of clothing torn from me, or having my phone kicked out of my hand by a hair stylist, or, better yet, having "zir" kick miss my phone and land on my face instead. Self-defense/retaliatory force is the option that I prefer over weeping. Bring it! J
  13. Jonathan

    Judge Kavanaugh and the Crazy Lady

    Excellent: Atticus Finch Was on the Wrong Side By RICH LOWRY October 2, 2018 6:30 AM Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird (via YouTube) In today’s #BelieveAllWomen environment, due process isn’t what it used to be. It’s time for To Kill a Mockingbird to give up its treasured place in American culture... ...Exactly what has made Atticus Finch such an honored figure in our culture would make him a very inconvenient man at many college campuses today, where charges of sexual misconduct are adjudicated without the accused being allowed to confront the accuser or make use of other key features of our system of justice... More:
  14. Jonathan

    Judge Kavanaugh and the Crazy Lady

    Granny is fading fast. When she's gone, Trump should pick a serious anti-leftist instead of someone as moderate as Kavanaugh. J
  15. Jonathan

    Trump humor

    "Antifa came to Nashville once...yeah...they left as 'noteefa.'"