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  1. Turdeau really liked Butts, but Butts gots to go, even though he dindu nuffin: Gerald Butts resigns as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's principal secretary On his way out, of course he had to promote the DOOM™: A well-known policy wonk, Butts has been a vocal defender of the government's Canada Child Benefit and an advocate for carbon pricing as a solution to climate change... ...In his resignation letter, Butts said he hoped fighting global warming "becomes the collective, non-partisan, urgent effort that science clearly says is required. I hope that happens soon." So, I had heard claims that global warming is "settled science," and also that the blame being mankind's is "settled science," but I had not heard that it had been scientifically settled that there's DOOM™ right around the corner, that we're on the fucking verge, that a collective, non-partisan urgent effort involving carbon pricing is "required." When did that become what science "clearly says"? Where can I review that science? Is it the same place that I can review all of the other unsuccessful predictions behind the "settled science"? J
  2. Billy, do you think that the video follows this advice: Or does it play the sly little games of caricaturing, straw-manning, and context-substituting? Heh.
  3. I love it. They're just never going to learn. J
  4. Hi Billy! So, you're feeling up to responding to my posts now? Cool! Are you ready to show me the science? No? I didn't think so. Carry on with the enecdotal distractions song and dance. J
  5. Jonathan


    Tony, you don't have the ability to distinguish between what's imaginary and what's not. J
  6. Michael, I do not understand words and sentences. Orange man bad. J
  7. Who should we sacrifice first in order to prevent the Doom™? What's the scientific consensus? And they should probably be tortured before being killed, right? J
  8. Jonathan


    Really? You had claimed that certain people have certain beliefs and desires. Go to the top of this page, and read the post in which I quoted you making the claims. I challenged you to specifically identify who -- what real person, not imaginary ones in your head -- has taken the position that you claim. No one has. You're inventing opponents, sides, and enemies. You're assigning beliefs to imaginary people, and then attacking them. You seem to be wanting something from me? Do you expect me to agree with the mindsets that you've assigned the imaginary people, and to defend them? Or do you expect me to join you in condemning imaginary people for the imaginary beliefs that you've given them? What? J
  9. Oh, no! If that's what they're predicting, then it must necessarily come true. Because that's the way that science works: Any predictions that scientists make and believe in really really hard absolutely must come true. So, we're doomed. So, thanks for sharing that, Billy. You've reached me, you've changed my mind. Now I'm convinced. Never mind those old requests of mine about showing us the science, the successful predictions, and all of that nonsense. The link that you posted makes all of that junk unnecessary. J
  10. Jonathan


    Keep arguing with your imaginary opponents. J
  11. Jonathan


    Tony, before going off, like in the above, you should transcribe and post the arguments that the imaginary people in your head have made, and to which you're responding. Thanks, J
  12. Hey, let's make it the year of Ocean Memory: Exciting! And let's get right on it, since it's new, and so that we can stay on top of how to spin it as yet more proof of mankind needing to be controlled and punished. But, hmmm. Had anyone expected this phenomenon in their predictions? Was it accounted for in the settled science? J
  13. Whiskey and herion. Not good for da baby. J