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  1. Bwook is a mowon. His modus operandi is a goofy variation on Rand at her worst when she was being driven by aesthetic tastes and pretending that it was purely objectively systematic philosophy that she was doling out. It's his little feelings about what he's heard other people express in their feelings about someone else's emotional reaction to their willful misinterpretation of something that they misheard that Trump said. Anyway, I hope that Bwook is living comfortably while shredding that last of what remains of Rand's coattails.
  2. Yeah, it doesn't surprise me that you're unaware of his having been taken on on the subject. J
  3. Hear, hear! Yes, let's not go back to 2002. Stronger minds than Tony's have already covered the topic ad nauseam. Correct. J
  4. FDR statues remain unscathed. He had placed Japanese Americans in concentration camps. It doesn't get much more racist than that. Why is he exempt from the current mob? Heh. LBJ is famous for having looked down his nose on blacks as lesser beings. He is known to have frequently used the n-word when referring to them. He was motivated to cave in to the political pressure of civil rights by the idea of making blacks dependent on his party. He is quoted as having said that he would "have those n*****s voting Democrat for 200 years." His statues and portrait are intact and untouched. Why is he exempt? Heh. We all know the answer.
  5. Sad. I had liked her ideological positions, and the clarity with which she expressed them. Apparently those positions now take a back seat to her impressions of the popular Narratives of people's alleged "character." The aesthetic tail once again wags the dog. J
  6. Years ago, Sciabarra got it so right in dubbing her Comrade Sonia, but times have changed and our lexicon has expanded since then: she is now a post-Objectivist boss Karen.
  7. Wahoo! The revival of Greta! The leftist media had spent all of that time and effort shoving Greta in our faces, trying to make her influential, but then the damned Covid ended all of that. Solution? Let's have Greta be an expert on Covid! Fuck yeah! Which policies will she support? Which punishments? How have we stolen her childhood and her dreams this time? By not wearing ineffective masks early enough? By not obeying soon enough? How daaaare you. You must bend the knee. Beyond parody: CNN taps Greta Thunberg for expert coronavirus panel The brave, hard-hitting journalists over at CNN are hosting a town hall Thursday evening on Coronavirus: Facts and Fears. Our First Amendment warriors are only bringing viewers the best of experts, such as former CDC Director Richard Besser, former HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, and … teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg.
  8. Exactly. And it's fun to watch, and also to bitch-slap. J
  9. So much for the theory advocated in the film Tim's Vermeer. "...research with infrared imaging showed that he began composing the work in shades of brown and black. He then drew the girl’s outline in black lines before working from the green background to the foreground: The skin of her face, her yellow jacket, white collar, blue headscarf and finally the quick dabs of white that make up the pearl..."
  10. It's been a while since we've had an Objectivist Roundup. Not much to report. Online Objectivism outside of OL is dead. The only thing worth mentioning is how dramatically Dr. Comrade Sonia, PhD., has deteriorated:
  11. Disturbed by the use of the word "they," Billy? Is it the bad word? Is it very revealing? Does it prove something extra icky about the non-Billy's who use it? Tee hee hee?
  12. Hmmm. Would it replace the welfare bureaucracy? J
  13. The above reminds me of the Placeholder for GW/CC 'How I got here' thread. Tee hee hee! J
  14. Did the manmade global warming climate change crisis emergency cause the coronavirus? I'm starting to hear that it did. The virus briefly distracted lefties from salivating over climate doom, but now they're beginning to remember to keep their focus, and to link anything bad to climate doom. How soon will the idea that the virus was caused by AGW become a "consensus" "settled science" "fact"? J