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  1. His rhotacism really kicks into high gear when he gets all emotional and employs his irrational zealotry in the name of defending St Ayn. That wascawy wabbit Brawndon weally betwayed Wand howwibly.
  2. I think that this was a hasty decision. They didn’t establish that Vermeer himself didn’t paint over the Cupid in his later years, but only that they felt that it was “unlikely” that he did. A Vermeer Restoration Reveals a God of Desire - The New York Times WWW.NYTIMES.COM An image of Cupid was covered over in “Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window” for nearly 300 years. Now...
  3. It's a good thing that we can't catch viruses that sneak out the sides of unsealed masks, but only from particles which move forward from our mouths and noses. Otherwise we'd have to take that side leakage into consideration, and maybe even aim our cameras at it, instead of making very sure to avoid recording and showing any of that.
  4. Has anyone read any good libertarian perspectives on the autonomous zones? I really haven't heard peep out of libertarians lately. But I'm curious to see what some might think about the zones.
  5. As long as it's a substitute for ice cream, I will lap it up.
  6. Apparently Bill's hanging out with Epstein (who didn't kill himself) was a trigger.
  7. I love tasty steamed octopus as substitute for ice cream. My favorite.
  8. I wonder which of the two wasn't commie enough for the other. J
  9. She didn't. Peikoff is an intellectual turd. He was nothing but Rand's last resort, after everyone of any talent and ability had left her. He has done more damage to Rand's brand than any 20 other people. J
  10. Have you considered science? Apply the scientific method. Do you understand the scientific method yet? No? Still trying your hardest to avoid it? J
  11. Check out the new time lapse feature that allows you to see how Billy is affecting the planet: None of this would have happened if Billy didn't exist.
  12. Have they tried placing sick elderly patients in congregated living facilities? Have they tried giving Bolsonaro an Emmy? I bet that that would work. Have the tried handcuffing and arresting children who are one day older than being excused from wearing masks?
  13. What do they imagine that they are "stimulating"?
  14. Be careful is right. Peter himself is a white nationalist white supremacist Nazi by the woke left's standards.