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  1. Jonathan

    Alex Jones and Bullying by the Establishment

    The Others are coming for Billy, so he needs big daddy to protect him? The filthy, toothless Thems can't be trusted to wash their hands before surgery, and there is no other possible way (after thinking about the problem in depth for one trillionth if a second) to ensure safety and competence other than by handing it over to clown politicians voted in by the greasy rabble? Herd those scary critters, force them into line, and keep them away from Billy? J
  2. Jonathan

    Amy Coney Barret

    šŸ˜œSpeaking of which, I'm surprised that legalization of prostitution isn't an issue now like pot is. It seems that it would be the next step. Um, then again, with lefty influence, I guess it's not surprising that trying to normalize pederasty is the bigger push. J
  3. Jonathan

    Alex Jones and Bullying by the Establishment

    !!!! Billy! Are you on the verge of taking a position, clearly identifying it, and providing philosophical support for it?!!! Or is the above field of straw men as far as you'll go? Instead of the hostile caricature the you've squiggled above, tee hee hee, are you capable of a friendlier reading of your opponents' positions? Might there be means of establishing standards of safety and competence without the injection of the state into everything, and its use of force, and the corruption and abuse that necessarily follow along behind with the monopoly on force? Can you imagine such means, or at least try to? If not, can you at least imagine that others might imagine them, and that their motive and attitude is not nonchalance about passengers crashing into mountains just because they don't share your comfort with the use of force, tee hee hee? Might it even be possible that they care about their fellow humans much more than you do? After all, they err on the side of freedom, where you always seem to lean toward wanting to control and punish people from afar. Your notion of virtue seems to be hoping to arranging how state force will be applied to other people. Heh. If anyone disagrees with Billy's acceptance of the status quo, they therefore have the opinion of "Pfft" about poisoned babies? You can do better than that, Billy. Straw men are easy. But can you do philosophy? How much government force is too much for you? And why? How might one fairly balance and compare alternative methods of safety and competence? How might one objectively measure the pros and cons of non-force solutions versus government force solutions? Would exploring such questions be the fair and prioper course of action, rather than just sneering, in effect, that Them Others just want people to die? J
  4. Jonathan

    Alex Jones and Bullying by the Establishment

    Which rules? My understanding (and please correct me with some cites if I'm wrong) is that there are no specific rules that have been identified as having been broken in the banning and other punishments, but rather a mob of people (and perhaps bots?) signaled their coordinated or coincidental displeasure. Torches and pitchforks were tallied, and the undefined magic numbers were reached to equal a verdict of "hate" crimes. Pretty much post hoc or ex post facto, or quae semper. J
  5. Jonathan

    Sessions, leaks, security, Manafort and 'false news.'

    And also on the spankings that the judge gave to the prosecution. His strict adherence to no Fake News or Fake Law tactics seemed to have emptied their bag of tricks. J
  6. I wonder if it has occurred to anyone on the left to try to discover what those who were wearing the shirts had in mind. I mean actually asking people who wear the shirts what they mean in wearing them. I don't mean making distorted inferences based on one's own Narrativeā„¢ and assigning Them Others positions and meanings. I haven't seen any such curiosity from anyone on the left. Excellent example of what I was just talking about above! J
  7. Jonathan

    Reading: Freud, the Making of an Illusion

    Huh? What am I being grouped in with and pre-accused of? Why? J
  8. Jonathan

    Canada and the Saudis

    Yeah, I wasn't asking if they had regularized machinery to inform the public. The fact that they don't have such regularized machinery doesn't mean that they've never offered up a reason or excuse for detaining someone. I merely asked if anyone was aware of the Saudis releasing any info on the arrest. How would I react to Trump's tweeting against Saudis (or any other nations') abusing women activists, or anyone else? I'd applaud it. And I'd applaud Obama or Hillary if either were to tweet the same. J
  9. Jonathan

    Reading: Freud, the Making of an Illusion

    ??? Who are you talking about? Instead of posting a vid and asking people to find your argument somewhere in it, why not just post your argument? Sum it up in a nutshell. See, the problem is that there have been way too many times that I've experienced on O-forums that someone posts a link or a vid to piles of info or hours of footage, and asks readers to go find the argument. It's usually a wild goose chase. The point being argued at the forum is not covered in the thicket of material. If you have something to say, then say it. I'm not going to listen to a vid for an hour and a half while trying to interpret what Nat is saying in the way that you might interpret it, or misinterpret it, or guess at how you might imagine how what he's saying answers any questions that have been asked here. In short, if you have a position to take, then take it and support it. I'm not at all interested, not in the slightest, of guessing what your position is and doing your work of supporting your argument. J
  10. Jonathan

    Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Yes, that is indeed what happens in reality. Nothing delusional about it. If the 12 inch wheels roll on a surface without slipping, then the 3 inch axle attached to the wheels must slip in comparison to the line/surface at its base (the line/surface that the Aristotle's Wheel "Paradox" setup includes and requires us to consider). The smaller wheel (axle) cannot roll without slipping on its surface if the large wheels are rolling without slipping on theirs. This is really elementary stuff. No, it's not invisible. It doesn't become invisible and cease to exist just because you don't want to consider it. The initial scenario, the one that you provided and linked to, includes the second support tangent to the second wheel. Moron. J
  11. Jonathan

    Reading: Freud, the Making of an Illusion

    Ya know, it's really not that strange. I've seen a lot of people unable to recognize really obvious contradictions when Rand was the one who came up with them. For example, there were some people over at the Pigero site (maybe including James Valiant?) who couldn't wrap their heads around the idea that it was contradictory for Rand to have said that art can't serve a utilitarian function, but that architecture, which serves a utilitarian function, nevertheless qualifies as art, and also her view that art is a re-creation of reality, but that architecture is a valid art form even though her view was that it "does not re-create reality." Their position was that those are not contradictions, and that I would have to do quite a lot of fancy philosophical footwork to show how they might vaguely be considered somewhat similar to contradictions. J
  12. Jonathan

    Reading: Freud, the Making of an Illusion

    Hahahaha!!!! Tee hee hee!!! Quadruple LOL!!! INFINITY LOL!!!!!! Yay, I win!!!! And still no substance from Korben. J P.S. Heh, and I see that bitter racist Carol had to show her support of Korben's infantilism with an emoji. Boy, that'll show me!
  13. Jonathan

    Fake Social Media

    So, you're saying that comedy should be banned, and all comedians should be killed? Hitler! J
  14. Jonathan

    Reading: Freud, the Making of an Illusion

    Yeah, so are you going address the substance of the criticism? No? Just gonna LOL and triple LOL? You have nothing. J