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  1. Jonathan

    Conspiracy theories and Conspiracy theorists

    The 11-year-old hacking story was extra-pretend scare-monger fake news designed to get attention and add to the Narrative. Claims were made and instantly accepted and reported as terrifying truths. No critical thinking whatsoever was applied, no pertinent question popped into journalists' empty heads, and therefore weren't asked. J
  2. Jonathan

    Donald Trump

    Wow, leaky, leaky! Heh, yeah, when multiple sources are providing such detailed information, and the story isn't what a leaky organization it is, why, yes, it would be ridiculous to suspect that any of it might be fake, and might possibly be a tactic of Mueller's team using compliant members of the press. Yeah, they wouldn't do anything like that. Leaks just happen. Pay no attention to that aspect of the story. J
  3. Jonathan

    How to disagree without being disagreeable

    Additional tips: Assume the role of teacher/lector/scold/mentor, dole out guidance and advice, but don't follow it yourself. You're the sage, they're the students at your feet. The rules of civil behavior are for Them, not for superior you. Avoid substance. Stick with superficial gotcha points. When invited to swim in deeper waters, ignore the invitations. When challenged to swim deeper, extra-double-ignore the chalkengrs. Splash even more energetically in the safety of the shallows. Document dump. Don't summarize. Don't explain. Just expect people to read thousands of words, and then to come to the same conclusion that you did, but which you won't share in a brief summary. Expect them to find and identify your argument for you, and to agree with it, of course! Behave as if mortally wounded when you receive in turn what you've given. How dare anyone speak to you in the way that you speak to them! J
  4. Jonathan

    Donald Trump

    Oh, I know that you're the queen of humanity and humanness. I'm very familiar with your posturing and looking down your nose, and then of your being surprised, insulted, or even hurt at the insolence of those lesser beings, who you had thought accepted the fact of your morallly superior stature, don't recognize your self-coronation and your judgments of them. It's been very educational studying how intensely you hate having your own methods and tactics applied to you.
  5. Jonathan

    Donald Trump

    Compared to you, I probably am a Multicultural Specialist. I'd bet on it. Youre a liberal/progressive, which basically means that you really don't do much of anything except have opinions and demand that others do what you want, and then you attempt to take moral credit. You begin with the attitude of your own moral superiority -- your status of having acquired the most "humanness" and "humanity" -- and just assume that your pose is enough to convince. It's bluff. Bullshit. You don't do shit. You're not involved in anything, you don't interact with or care about any of the people that you use as weapons to try to control others. You don't give of your own time or money. You're all mouth. All talk, no walk. I am involved. I do give of myself. I interact with real, actual people, including refugees. Reality, not just abstract opinions from a distance. I don't demand that others do what I don't. I don't take credit for merely opining and voting what others should be forced to do. Try a different tack, Carol. Maybe one not based in your hatred, dishonesty, and moral poses. J
  6. Jonathan

    Fake Social Media

    Yay! They're Muslims and have vaginas! That's all that I need to know! Yay!
  7. Jonathan

    The Left's New Darling Dingbat

    Hmmm. Yeah, um, no. it appears that the point went right over your head. Or more likely under it. You've overthought it, is my guess. This past week, idiot members of the leftist activist fake news media "united" to deliver a message against the fictional Trump that they've invented. The wrote lying editorials condemning him for his attacks on all of the press -- each and every member of the press -- the press as an institution, and freedom of the press itself. They did this in response to his having been critical of some members of the press and certain press organizations due to their political activism, and his having shut some of them out, or threatened to do so. It's the leftist press's tactic of using fallacies of illicit transference and hoping that no one notices. It's the same thing that they've done with gender and race, etc.: If Trump criticizes a woman, then the activist leftist press reports that he attacks and hates all women. If he criticizes a person who happens to be of a different race, then the activist leftist press reports that he condemned all people of that race, and all people of all races other than his own. If Trump strips an activist leftist of his press pass, or asks security to remove a rudely interupting, screaming and scolding leftist activist journalist from a press conference, the activist leftist fake news media report the silly lie that Trump is Hitler and has the goal of abolishing freedom of the press. Okay, so now there's a report of the left's new Darling Dingbat shutting out the press. Gasp!!! Apply the exact same standards and tactical fallacies of illicit transference that are applied to Trump, and what must we conclude about Ms Dingbat's views on the press as an institution, and its freedoms or lack thereof? J
  8. Jonathan

    Amy Coney Barret

    Heh. "Real history," eh? Hahahaha! Please, do share this "real history" with us. J
  9. Jonathan

    Amy Coney Barret

    That's a coverup, which is different from molestation. Sure, coverups of past molestations are happening, but the church's position is that the molestations themselves are no longer happening. Just the coverups. J
  10. Jonathan

    Donald Trump

    ...and most of the government's budget. J
  11. Jonathan

    The Left's New Darling Dingbat

    OMG! Ocasia-Cortez hates the press, is punishing the media, and wants to end freedom of the press and free speech! She had an explosively furious meltdown tantrum tirade and banned the press from an event: She wants to kill all journalists! J
  12. Jonathan

    Amy Coney Barret

    No. That doesn't happen any more. I just heard church representives say so on the news.
  13. Jonathan

    Fake News

    Oh noes! Another report of an explosive furious meltdown tantrum? Trump has got to go. Impeach! J
  14. Jonathan

    Conspiracy theories and Conspiracy theorists

    With an attitude like that, the New York Times should hire her. Then again, maybe she needs to up her hate game a bit more and publish her racist views more frequently to meet their standards. J
  15. Jonathan

    Donald Trump

    I agree that it's as much a criticism of the press, and the panic/rage/lynch culture in general, as it is of Trump. J