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  1. Bob. Set off the first small nuke in Manhatten? In 1946 the first important book on nuclear strategy appeared. It was called The Absolute Weapon. In that book, one writer envisioned a suitcase atomic bomb that could be set off in cities. To this day, no one has invented such a thing (atomic or thermonuclear), and were it ever invented, it surely will have been invented by the government of a technologically advanced country. As for a radioactive “dirty bomb” by terrorists, I know that has been imagined and much mentioned in the US. But a high school classmate of mine in Oklahoma City, who was a military man and was associated with the OKC Bombing memorial there, was interviewed on CNN on 9/11 or 9/12, and I’ve never forgotten what he said: No. Rather, he thought: They will use the incendiary modes such as bombs or gas explosion and crashes such as had just happened. He has proven right over all these years later. Bombs stationary, bombs in moving rail (Spain), blowing up airliners, firearms, and now the truck weapon. They don’t need to put time into exotic things like radioactive material, though they have dreamed on it. I think the Islamic State is going to be defeated in that that state, such as it is a state, is going to be defeated. They will be toppled in their territory holdings in Syria and Iraq, and elsewhere if they get some territory elsewhere. The truck atrocity in Nice, like the shooting atrocity in Orlando, . . . could as well be with allegiance to an Al Qaeda type organization, which is what ISIS will be­—same old thing—when their territories are retaken. I see it is reported by a neighbor of the mass murderer in Nice that the killer was not observant of the Muslim faith. He did not go to Mosque, and he smoked. But perhaps his accomplices, if any, were devout and more of the kill-for-Allah bent, rather than the simple kill-because-I’m-a-failure-and-hate-well-whomever-and-I-now-see-how-to-fake-and-escape-the-zero-I-am sort of mass murder.
  2. . Welcome to OL, Anirudh Siiai. Valhalla is more modern than I had realized. I’ve just received a fax down from Rand up there. She wanted me to direct you to a passage in Galt’s speech. It concerns those potato chips you stole. “Whenever you chose to say: Let me withdraw from the judgment of reason the cookies I stole, or the existence of God, let me have my one irrational whim and I will be a man of reason about all else—that was the act of subverting your consciousness, the act of corrupting your mind. Your mind then became a fixed jury who takes orders form a secret underworld, whose verdict distorts the evidence to fit an absolute it dares not touch—and a censored reality is the result, a splintered reality where the bits you chose to see are floating among the chasms of those you didn’t, held together by that embalming fluid of the mind which is an emotion exempted from thought.” She goes on to say that it is the causal network in which those cookies (or chips in your case) came into existence that one should not neglect, and that this should dissuade you from the theft. I think, rather, that the disunity of mind she spoke of in the paragraph I quoted has as much to do with severance of other persons from one’s own person, with good treatment of and presence with other persons as persons, as with absent recognitions of causal realities. Rand’s is a stilted view of human nature, to the end of her stilted morality.
  3. . Hi Steve. From the audio of the video, it is very unlikely the officer was out to get a black man. His utterances are of overwhelming horror at what he has just done. And he gives his lines about the reason for what he has done (kind of beginning a justification account, though still in extreme stress over what he has just done), and the woman immediately contradicts the sequence he is alleging. Rather oddly, he does not seem to call for medical. Perhaps he realized that there was no hope, and that the man was dying and would cease in a few seconds more. He seems to be shocked that he has just fired multiple rounds (3-5, by the woman's perception of them) into the man and that the man is dying because of it. The racial element would likely be, I expect, only in extra fear and suspicion of black people that could go into the officer's extreme response (and with two other people---mother and child---in the car) and how the officer behaved in the whole encounter prior to the beginning of the video (which we the public haven't seen). Concerning the legality of guns for civilians, I think the Dallas shooting is not essentially different than the one in Orlando. It would be good if we could prevent such crazy individuals from getting those rifles, though I don't know the technicalities of how that could be set up while still allowing the general citizenry to own them. It is my understanding that the attractiveness of that particular rifle is that it does not have so much kick as our old rifles, so one can site and fire in a faster sequence, and the rifle tears up the flesh much more than the rifles we had in our youth. Among the 800 or so protesters at the Dallas shooting, it is reported that 20 of them were sporting, legally, their rifles. I think that would deter me from continuing in the demonstration. A few years ago here in Lynchburg, some men (white civilian men) were carrying and showing their holstered pistols at places like the grocery store and in the queue at the voting site. You could tell that people did not like that and avoided contact and friendliness with such characters. Naturally, we wonder how nuts and how hot-head such a display-character like that may be (here in our culture, not the wilder culture of my grandfather). They have stopped doing that display stuff the last few years. I don't think the US is coming apart. A few years ago, at RoR, a couple of participants were saying that Obama would get the country to where there would be no more free speech or elections. Over the top, I thought, and I was easily right. Beyond this particular President, in the libertarian set, I've heard talk of imminent economic collapse of the US for decades. (I have to admit, however, that the level of the national debt and continuing deficit spending and the possibility that the Democratic and Republican nominees for President will do nothing but set targets for balancing only by the end of or beyond their own term is very worrisome.)
  4. . Travis Smiley remarks in TIME - "The NRA Means Not Really for African Americans" "When Philando Castile was murdered in Minnesota, after apparently telling the police officer that he had a gun in the car that he was licensed to carry, the best the NRA could come up with was a statement calling his execution 'troubling'. “Troubling? "What’s troubling is the absence of the NRA’s full-throated Second Amendment defense which it rushes to air whenever any questions are raised about a white citizen legally carrying a concealed firearm. "What’s troubling is that it appears that the race of Philando Castile is the primary reason the NRA has toned down its typically vigorous pro-gun frontal assault in defense of all guns under any circumstances." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I grew up with rifles and shotguns in the family. They were for hunting. We did not suffer from the later mass delusions that our guns were needed to resist the US and State governments (like somehow the citizenry would come to rise up and agree on the right year and direction [one's own direction] of the revolt). Near the end of my close association with my family down there in Oklahoma City area, in the late '60's, I recall many of them started buying handguns. They had not owned any previously. With these new guns too, the purpose was not to resist the governments. It was to defend oneself against "the niggers." No, none of them ever had had nor ever would have any legitimate occasion to use the handguns against the race they so feared and hated. I think the NRA was pretty much white in those days, perhaps to this day. / My grandfather had worn a pistol whenever he went into town (small, country town called Caddo, in the "Little Dixie" area of OK) in the early years of the twentieth century. It got stolen from the check at some dance hall, and he never replaced it. Creeping civilization. So we inherited only rifles and shotguns. His brother John, my father's uncle, once killed a black man, well before my generation. The man was stealing one of John's hogs, so John jumped the thief with a knife, slit his throat, practically cutting off his head. No static from the law, so far as I ever heard. From when I was a child in the '50's, I remember my parents' generation reminiscing about it with a proud smile all around. And often they would tell us the old proud saying of their childhood: "The sun never sets on a live nigger in Caddo."
  5. . According to ABC News last night: "Philando Castile's mother and two of his uncles are condemning a shooting in Dallas that left five police officers dead and wounded several more. "In an interview with CNN, Valerie Castile says her son would not have approved of the shootings 'because he believed that all lives matter'. "Police say Dallas suspect Micah Johnson was upset about the fatal police shootings of Castile in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Louisiana. "Tracy Castile says while the video of his nephew's death is horrific, he is glad it came out. He says he and his family are looking for due process. He wants the officer involved to be 'treated like any other criminal'.
  6. . Reports as of 4:30 p.m. Shooter was Army Reservist, regular firearms target practice, etc., nutcase. The authorities now apparently believe he told the truth in saying he acted alone.
  7. . In our country, at this time and a long time:
  8. . “Conservatives are trying to change party rules so that they can regain control of the party in the future. Presumably after Trump loses in November. . . . “If trump loses, Republicans will simply obliterate Trump from history. Tea Party conservatives will retake control of the Republican Party. “But what if Trump wins? When the populist Andrew Jackson became president in 1829, voters divided between Jacksonians and anti-Jacksonians. The Jacksonians became the Democratic Party and the anti-Jacksonians turned into the Whig Party. It’s not hard to imagine a Trump party and anti-Trump party emerging in the wake of a Trump presidency.” —Bill Schneider Clinton with 46, Trump with 33 in this July 1-5 poll. Nearly half of the Clinton supporters said their reason for support was “I don’t want Trump to win,” not agreement with her positions (39% of supporters) nor “like her personally” (13%).
  9. . Carol, William, keep up the good work, especially the flow of maple syrup to my store.
  10. . The Hatred Element - Especially against the Hardworking Polish Immigrants
  11. . Update on Potentials of US Nuclear Power Sorry to see the closings, such as San Onofre.
  12. . Yes, and I have some remarks on Then Athena Said online in the thread here.
  13. . Thanks, Merlin, for the information on Beyond Self-Interest and the particular paper in it by Virginia Held: “Mothering versus Contract.” I imagine it would be worthwhile to compare and assimilate Held’s ideas with Kathleen Touchstone’s Then Athena Said. Oh, I see now that someone else noticed the connection to Prof. Touchstone’s book and mentioned it in a comment in your blog. Thanks for sharing the link there to Objectivity Archive. By the way, a year or two ago, Kathleen mentioned to me that she is working on another book. I don’t know the topic or the schedule.
  14. . Christian Science Monitor on Libertarian daylight.
  15. . The forthcoming third volume in the series Ayn Rand Philosophical Studies is being edited by Greg Salmieri and Robert Mayhew. The title is The Philosophy of Capitalism: Objectivism and Alternative Approaches.
  16. (Remark about polls begins at 7 minutes.) Just before the California primary, Hillary Clinton remarked that she no longer trusted the polls. I noticed, however, that Reuters ended up predicting that primary quite well. So once it is eve before the general election, I'll likely check in here and see how they do.
  17. . Promises and Price Tags
  18. ' The Beginning of Life (Human Life, Infancy)
  19. . It's something to like, and something that ought to be said of them daily, whichever one wins. To be sure, Clinton may rise further in the polling, and so far as power goes, it will depend a lot on how the Congressional elections go, at least in Clinton's case.
  20. . Scottish Independence Stirring "sacred right of all free peoples" "Come November" sure looks like Americans may well declare their independence of Mr. Trump to the tune of about 60% if he wins, even more if he loses.
  21. . Michael said at the top of this page "I believe Trump is going to bury Clinton in November." RCP: Clinton v. Trump v. Johnson If Trump were to bury Clinton, it looks so far that that would have to be by a steep decline in support for Clinton. Trump has now about the percent he is going to get then. He is not someone over whom vast numbers of voters are not yet decided. Even if he comes up to 40% in a bury-victory, it will remain that 60% of the country voted against him (and the ones who didn't vote certainly were not among his supporters).
  22. . Do You Consider Yourself a Libertarian? --Reuters RCP: Clinton v. Trump v. Johnson
  23. . Video recording of the CNN Town Hall for the Libertarian ticket: 22 June 2016
  24. . HuffPost Pollster today: "In the coming weeks we will separate the questions that include Johnson into a separate chart. That means we’ll have two general election charts: Trump vs. Clinton with an “other” category, and Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson. Our default general election chart will still be the Trump vs. Clinton chart, but in response to high demand and the aforementioned methodological issues, we’re adding one that will explicitly include Johnson." CNN Town Hall with the Libertarian ticket is tonight at 9:00 p.m. EST.