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Books to Mind (+)

Objectivity Archive
Subject Index Key

Universals and Measurement

Philosophy of Perception
Sensory Qualities: Their Relation to Sensory System and World
Primary/Secondary Qualities
Perception and Objectivity (& Supplement)


Origin of 'A is A' Formula
Why Be Logical?
Epistemology and Logic


Change and Causality

Induction and Causality
Causal Power of Attributes
Inhering, yet Causing
Rand's Law of Causality without Uniqueness
Identity to Causality / Meyerson / Ockham
Ontology of Time
Gradients and Drivers
Types of Cause

Ayn Rand Society 2007
Foundations of Ethics: Objectivism and Analytic Philosophy – Irfan Khawaja
Addendum to My Comment – Concerning Nozick 2001
Concerning Paul Bloomfield's Comment

Mathematics in Science
Functions of Mathematical Description in Astronomy and Optics, Illustrations from Antiquity
Angular Momentum and Causation
Ibn Sahl
Ibn al-Haytham / Qutb al-Din al-Shirazi / Kamal al-Din al-Farisi / Roger Bacon
—Theodoric of Freiberg A, B

Philosophy of Science
Between Realism and Constructive Empiricism

Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
Transactional Interpretation

Scientific Cosmology
Copernican Revolution and Significance
Universe as a Concrete
Totality Referent
– General Relativity and Cosmology – a, b
Einstein Online
Total Angular Momentum of Universe
By Microwave and Radio
– Endless Existence – a, b
– Roger Penrose – Cycles of Time

Kant and Principia
Kant from A to Bxxx (&)
Dewey and Peikoff on Kant's Responsibility

Rand and Biology
Reservation on Evolution
Scientific within Rational

Rational Egoism
Function of Mind
Function of Ethics
Supported Choice to Live
Desire to Value
Value Out There
– Visibility, Benevolence, and Egoism – a, b

Ayn Rand
Original, True, Important
– Objectivist Label – a, b
Soul, Structure, Struggle