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  1. I'll not post further at this site, and I suggest the same to Merlin.
  2. Tony, come on. Wake up. If participants can't remember three months back, even when it is written and retrievable for them, what is the point of these "communications"? Merlin Jetton wrote on 9/27/20:
  3. "One if by land, two if by sea, three if by Delta shuttle from LaGuardia" That was a light moment of his term in office. The main things serious were two: In April 2017, President Trump should have sent the budget bill back to Ryan and said cut everything proportionally as is so as to make expenditure match expected revenues. That would have been of historic significance and a plus. Secondly, Mr. Trump appointed more anti-abortionist Justices to the Supreme Court, moving along the long Republican struggle of ending legality of elective abortions (first trimester) in the US. Those suc
  4. Guyau

    Love Songs

    12 December 2020 Romeo et Juliette - First Transports Hector Berlioz / Emile Deschamps Marianne Crebassa First transports that no one forgets! First confessions, first oaths Of two lovers Under the stars of Italy; In this hot air and without zephyrs Let the orange tree in the distance perfume Where is burning The nightingale in long sighs! What art in his chosen language, Would you make heavenly things? First love, are not you Higher than any poetry? Or would you not, in our mortal exile, This poetry
  5. mmp, Would you rate memory of the observation that I've begun this sentence as true as the observation of its completion? That memory over t1 to t2 as true as the observation at t2? I'd say yes, and various competencies of memory, including semantic memory, are involved in the observation that one is writing a sentence or that one has read a complete sentence. Observation engaged in our everyday reasoned maneuvers, such as getting to the coffee maker, is not so simple as old philosophers cracked it up to be. Scientific observation is even more elaborate and embedded in more elaborate reas
  6. D, I doubt Rand would make any distinction between universe and nature in this context. In her published writing, the idea is expressed most strongly in Atlas in remarks of Ragnar to Dagny in Atlantis, and there her term for the realm is earth. In that work she speaks also of “the man who belonged on earth”, and that sense about the fundamental human condition is at hand as well for Roark of Fountainhead and for the protagonist of Anthem. The chapter I mentioned above in the Blackwell volume mentions the idea of benevolence being a thing about the world, our world, as some theologian
  7. “. . . that one has forgotten how the concept of ‘the arbitrary’ was originated. An arbitrary idea is one accepted by chance, caprice, or whim. It stands in contradistinction to an idea accepted for logical reasons, from which it is intended to be distinguished. The existence of such a concept as an ‘arbitrary idea’ is made possible only by the existence of logically necessary ideas. The former is not a primary.” (73) Also in that same Branden lecture: “Any human statement and any claim to knowledge must refer to something that exists or be derived from something that exists or be based o
  8. Intrinsicist has some good points about “the benevolent universe premise” in Rand’s philosophy. And there are good points upstream in this thread. Additionally, I’d add that Rand rejected the idea of Schopenhauer that will to life is a bondage to ultimate pointless striving and a striving whose main theme is suffering. She rejected his view that the attainments of intellect are occasions of freedom from that bondage. (Her opposition to the metaphysical pessimism of Schopenhauer and his followers extends also to opposition of Existentialism, which was contemporary with her own life.) In di
  9. Brant, do you know when Barbara Branden made that remark? Do you know what year was the refusal to which she was referring? In the book Ayn Rand and the World She Made (2010), the author Anne Heller implies that after grad school (1964), Hook did give Peikoff a recommendation(s) for academic teaching position. Heller writes that Peikoff lost his teaching positions at Hunter, New York University, and Brooklyn and damaged his future prospects because “he couldn’t resist trying to ‘convert’ his students to Rand’s ideas, in spite of warnings.” She reports that in 1987 Hook received a letter f
  10. The Common Good - Irfan
  11. Finding how and why the cells are hexagonal A song about it
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    This link to The Song has surrounding status of the new philosophy to be unveiled, likely this summer.