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  1. 18 minutes ago, tmj said:

    Here is the mythos, the allegoric nature of Q in actuality. A healthy young girl coerced into getting the jab , possibly having her life's dreams destroyed not based on risk benefit analysis of her life, but one calculated to lower the risk for the elderly. It's heartbreaking and disgusting, they are drinking the blood of the young to keep the old alive. By all means make your own decisions about experimental jabs for yourself, but damn you if you take any comfort in doing it to the young for a benefit you may accrue, you are monsters if you do.

    "…to lower the risk for the elderly."

    You know what?  I'm elderly.  I'll be 79 soon.

    I am more incensed about what’s being done to young people with these "jabs" than I can recall ever being in my life before - except for the time I saw a tinbit wannabe cowboy whip and spur a horse into running until the horse literally dropped dead underneath him.  That was in a public park with riding trails in the Chicago area.  I was out riding on a horse rented from a stable I frequented when I was going to school at Northwestern.  I wanted to get off the horse I was riding and grab the whip from that guy's hand and whip him to death.  Only time in my life I’ve actually wanted to kill someone.

    (Only after I calmed down a little did I realize that the "cowboy" was probably just  someone who'd seen a lot of Westerns where horses are ridden at a sustained run longer than, realistically, a horse could maintain.  The guy didn’t know better.  The stable owner who rented the horse to him without supervision was the one at fault.)

    Long story, but I hope it makes my point.  I DO NOT WANT "protection" from young people who might have Covid.  I'll protect myself, damn it (though not by getting the poison "jabs").  Leave the young alone!

    I'm crying again.  I hate this business of young people being "jabbed" with that stuff.


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  2. 1 hour ago, ThatGuy said:

    "A spokesman for Dr. Fauci says he has been “entirely truthful,” but a new letter belatedly acknowledging the National Institutes of Health’s support for virus-enhancing research adds more heat to the ongoing debate over whether a lab leak could have sparked the pandemic."

    Still, some will continue to cling to the sinking Titanic that is the MSM...talk about "swimming with sharks", let alone offering yourself as shark bait...

    Well, now I'm curious about how informed even much of the "alt" media is.  Are "alt" people talking about Sellin and Chen's evidence that the outbreak started accidentally from experiments being conducted by the PLA at the October 2019 Military Games?


    https://www.objectivistliving.com/forums/search/?&q=Sellin&author=Ellen Stuttle&search_and_or=and

    Repeat from one of my posts:


    ==== Quote follows ====

    Lawrence Sellin's belief that the outbreak started inadvertently from experiments conducted at the Wuhan World Military Games, October 18-27, 2019, getting out of hand.

    Here's Sellin's most recent Gateway Pundit post on that thesis:


    Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been numerous and persistent reports from athletes of influenza-like symptoms either during or soon after...


    Key claims from that piece:

    "The source explained that the subsequent outbreak in Wuhan was entirely unexpected. That is, there was no laboratory leak, but the unintended spread among the Chinese population of Wuhan of a virus for which the PLA had underestimated its transmissibility.

    "Chinese defector Wei Jingsheng also claimed recently that COVID-19 was deliberately released during the Wuhan World Military Games."


    Note: Although Joe Hoft is credited as author, the piece is actually by Lawrence Sellin.  They forgot to put the by-line in.

  3. 36 minutes ago, Peter said:

    I survived, and I felt invincible even though that IS, and WAS, a hunch based on my report from the VA, though my creatinine level is off a bit. But no change in meds was advised.

    You "felt invincible," yet you (self-reportedly on this forum) stayed home, got dinners delivered and left at a social-distancing distance by the delivery person, avoided "Big Box" stores, only recently dared to go to a restaurant.

    Doesn't scan.


  4. 6 hours ago, Peter said:

    I remember when this epidemic started and I had an extremely low chance of dying from it . . .

    That’s a surprising statement.

    If you thought that you had an extremely low chance of dying from Covid, why were you huddling in your house and ordering dinners via a delivery service?

    And, since you have at least two high-risk factors, your age and hypertension, on what basis did you assess your chances of dying from Covid as "extremely low"?



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  5. 1 hour ago, Mark said:

    (This is rather off-the-cuff and rambling but I haven’t got time to compose something better.)

    What you wrote is a winner. 🎶

    I'll add one further horrible reality to it.

    You wrote:

    "The people at the top, though, don’t have the shabby excuse of evasion.  I think they know what they are doing, and they are motivated by money, power, and the leftist mind-set."

    And by the desire to be the rulers in a technocratic, reduced population paradise (paradise by their lights).

    "That they are going after youth and children is beyond horrible."

    It starkly reveals the eliminativist desire.


  6. 10 minutes ago, Dglgmut said:

    Here's an open letter an immunologist from University of Guelph…

    He says he's "been in meetings where faculty have demanded to know who the unvaccinated students will be in their classes so they can make them sit at the back of the classroom!"

    In the U.S., many universities aren’t even allowing the un-"vaxxed" on campus, let alone in the classroom.


  7. 53 minutes ago, anthony said:

    Not to downplay the tragic effects, but the general impression I have is that there have been *more cases* and *less deaths* due to the virus than counted, estimated or admitted. That would drive up the figures of those with natural immunity, of course.


    I think it could be that a great many people have had cases so mild they haven’t bothered to consult a doctor or to get a test.  On the other hand, it would still be that the officially reported case number is overblown, because conditions which aren’t Covid, which maybe aren’t even anything except a false-positive PCR, are included in the official figures.

    Among the awful features of the shenanigans going on is that getting really reliable figures is going to be impossible.  It’s always difficult to get accurate figures in epidemiology, which is a notoriously messy area, but the cheating has exponentially compounded the difficulties.


  8. 12 hours ago, Mark said:

    It would be better if it were cyanide, then its nature would be obvious. As it is, it is cyanide roulette.

    For now, one's immediate chances if one gets "vaxxed" seem like roulette.  Maybe some as-yet-unknown factor or factors is common to those who have fatal or less-than-fatal severe short-term reactions.

    I found an interesting detail in an American Thinker article which Larry forwarded to me.  Apparently Schwab himself is aware that this "pandemic" is way overblown in severity.


    "Medical science calls the ability of the body to fight microbial bad actors its immune system. The fact of natural immunity had been common knowledge until the SARS-CoV-2 virus, responsible for the Covid-19 illness, initiated a pandemic that Klaus Schwab states in his book Covid 19: The Great Reset “is one of the least deadly pandemics the world has experienced over the last 2000 years.”

    The article continues:

    "And what has been the medical response to this not-so-deadly pandemic? The severest and cruelest response by far of any in history, that’s what. By any measure, it’s way off the chart of medical intelligence and prudence, but we are not supposed to notice this, even when lockdowns and restrictive measures cause more harm and suffering than the virus. Many are not only catching a new respiratory ailment but a strong smell of politics."


    The article is a good brief description of the medical insanity, including that of the faux-vaccines.  It's by a frequent contributor to American ThinkerAnthony J. Deblasi, who I gather from some of his remarks is a military veteran.


  9. 2 hours ago, Ellen Stuttle said:

    DAMN THEM!!!!!


    The doctors administering the "jabs" could even be considered random child murderers, since the "jabs" will outright kill some percentage of the children who get them - and that's before the issue of long-term effects.


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  10. 2 hours ago, Mark said:

    In [Skousen's] news aggregator is the article
    White House Details Plan To "Quickly" Vaccinate 28 Million Children Age 5-11
    From the article, emphasis mine:

    ... the White House has secured enough [Pfizer product] to supply more than 25,000 doses for pediatricians and primary care physicians who have already signed up to deliver the vaccine, while the country now has enough Pfizer vaccine to jab roughly 28 million kids who will soon be eligible ...

    Meanwhile, the White House is rolling out an 'advertising' campaign to convince parents and kids that the vaccine is safe and effective. According to the report, "the administration believes trusted messengers — educators, doctors, and community leaders — will be vital to encouraging vaccinations."

    Requoting with additional emphasis by me.  (The underscore emphasis is Mark's.  The boldface is mine.)


    ... the White House has secured enough [Pfizer product] to supply more than 25,000 doses for pediatricians and primary care physicians who have already signed up to deliver the vaccine, while the country now has enough Pfizer vaccine to jab roughly 28 million kids who will soon be eligible ...

    Meanwhile, the White House is rolling out an 'advertising' campaign to convince parents and kids that the vaccine is safe and effective. According to the report, "the administration believes trusted messengers — educators, doctors, and community leaders — will be vital to encouraging vaccinations."

    I think that those pediatricians and primary care physicians and any others also willing to "jab" children should be booted from the medical profession immediately.

    DAMN THEM!!!!!


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  11. 13 hours ago, anthony said:

    This says plenty. There are over 44 million people walking around with natural immunity in the US.

    I have to disagree with the figure (though not with your point about natural immunity).

    Official U.S. figures on both number of cases and number of deaths are enormously overblown.  Flu, mild sniffles, a bit of a cough…ah, Covid!  Any hint of a positive PCR…ah, Covid!  As one person I know put it, if you have a speck of viral material on your shoelaces and you tie your shoes, then wipe your hand across your nose, then get a swab test which is run through 40 cycles…ah, Covid!

    Similarly, if you die in an emergency room from a heart attack but you coughed a bit first…ah, Covid!



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  12. On China's PLA and biowarfare, a chilling article by Sellin and Chen.

    I urge people to read this:


    Guest post by Lawrence Sellin and Anna Chen China’s People’s Liberation Army believes that biological weapons, not nuclear weapons, are the key to global military dominance. In our recent Gateway Pundit...

    Concluding paragraphs:


    None of the above seems to have drawn the attention of those responsible for U.S. national security.

    Clearly, the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. intelligence agencies lack a basic understanding of the direction and extent of China’s biotechnology warfare program.

    U.S. government officials seem unaware that COVID-19 was certainly an element of that program, perhaps even a test of it.


  13. 13 hours ago, Peter said:

    Ellen wrote: So the breakdown ought to be: the poisoned and the unpoisoned.

    Are you changing your narrative? Most of “the dead” are unvaccinated. Show me any statistic or data that the vaccinated are dying more often that the unvaccinated . . . by the thousands of times.  Every darn story coming from hospitals and their staff deride the less rational, politically motivated people, who suggest getting vaccinated is a “conspiracy.” Every state or district with the most unvaccinated has the most people clogging up the ICU’s and dying. Ask the undertakers who’s businesses are booming.

    1) Clearly, you haven't been understanding my "narrative."

    2) You're gullible, gullible, re stats.

    3) I was speaking of long-term consequences with the "breakdown" classification.  However, there has been an exorbitantly high incidence of adverse-reaction deaths and very bad though not fatal reactions.  Also, "breakthrough" cases and deaths are bountiful and increasing.


  14. 42 minutes ago, Peter said:

    as the scientific data increases over the months and years


    What will become clearer and clearer is that the mRNA stuff is poison.

    So the breakdown ought to be: the poisoned and the unpoisoned.


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  15. 13 minutes ago, tmj said:

    A little more than just a year ago if not illegal , it was seen as so unethical the idea of the legality of it would be a moot point.

    Quite.  The idea of giving an untested treatment to pregnant women would have astounded doctors and other medical personnel not that long ago - and I know from talking with medical people (sometimes very quietly, depending on the surroundings) that it isn’t sitting well with consciences.


  16. 1 hour ago, Ellen Stuttle said:

    Now I'm crying, thinking about the young people and the children.  If only one could just stop what's being done to them.


    I went on a bit of a rant Tuesday in the waiting room at the eye clinic.

    The waiting room has one of those TVs which run health-info mini lectures.  Used to be that the material was about eye conditions and treatment possibilities.  Now it's mostly assurances about the (fictional) "safety and efficacy" of the Covid jabs.  One of the segments pertained to pregnant women and there being "no cause for concern" about damage to the fetus.

    I gave a little angered speech to Larry about its being criminal to give the stuff to pregnant women.

    I didn’t want to risk triggering an incident, so I didn’t raise my voice enough so that I'd seem to be addressing the room at large.  Just enough so that I could be heard if other persons in the room cared to listen.


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  17. 14 minutes ago, tmj said:

     I wonder what the parents that submit their children to the experimental jab will say to them about why they did it.

    Now I'm crying, thinking about the young people and the children.  If only one could just stop what's being done to them.


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  18. 11 hours ago, Peter said:

    Well said, Tony. My wife is pushing for a restaurant meal. I got my flu shot at the Veteran's Administration today, and I will get my Pfizer "booster" on this Saturday. I dinna know laddy that the VA gave shots on a Saturday. I said I would be there. The double flu shot I got today has not had any repercussions. And Doctor Tinney at the VA was very nice and intelligent. So, after Saturday I am invincible @$@!.        

    Ah, well.  But there is a consolation due to your age.  If you don’t catch Covid because of mistakenly believing you’re safe and dispensing with caution, you might live out the rest of your natural life span before the worst expectable results of the spike proteins and antibody-dependent enhancement hit.


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  19. 14 hours ago, Marc said:

    My Grandmother was from Vienna, a beautiful place! 

    Larry's maternal Grandmother was from Vienna also.

    Sounds like you've been there.

    In the central Ring area it's just gorgeous.

    The hotel where Larry and I have stayed each time we were there is on Herengasse, about ten minutes' walk from the Hofburg and just across a side street from Cafe Central.

    The sixth floor room we've had each time has a direct view of the St. Stephan's Cathedral spire.  The bed faces that window.  The spire is beautifully lit at night.  Talk about a romantic setting!

    Since we were so close to the Hofburg, we liked at wander around in the courtyards at night after most of the tourists had left the area.  Full moon occurred twice when we were there.  I have visual scenes etched in replay of the moonlit Heldenplatz.

    Those memories have been dancing since I went to the eye clinic Tuesday.

    I had the preliminary prep work done in an examining room where the chief tech has hung a horse calendar on the wall.  The photo for October was a close-up of the head, neck, forequarters, and out-flung legs of one of the Heldenplatz facing pair of statues of rearing horses.  Wonderful statues, and I love horses.



  20. 11 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    Just to be sure we are talking about the same thing

    We aren’t talking about the same thing.

    All I was saying is that Powell's dying of Covid despite being fully "vaxxed" is not a good demonstration of the supposed effectiveness of the damned jabs.


  21. 8 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:


    The people at the top are aware. From the middle on down they are not. What's more, it doesn't matter in order for this particular technique to work.

    To work for what, Michael?  To talk someone who's resistant to getting "jabbed" into rolling up his/her sleeve?  I don’t think so.


  22. 5 hours ago, Marc said:

    Ellen, what does " take Vienna" mean please? 

    Kassam wrote in the tweet, "Do not relent. You have the moment.  Take Vienna."

    You'd have to ask him to be sure what he meant.  I took him to be referring to the Ottoman sieges of Vienna in 1529 and 1683.  Both sieges failed, and of course if you're pro-Western civilization, you're glad that they failed, but I think that what Kassam was expressing was a "now is when to win the prize" battle call.

    What he said hit me the way it did because I want so much to return to Vienna.



  23. On 10/18/2021 at 3:30 PM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    The establishment idiots are even using his death as vaccine propaganda.

    Are the people trying to use Colin Powell's death as vaccine propaganda aware that and saying that he was fully vaxxed?  His death is among the prominent ones which are bad sales material for the "vaccines" cause.


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  24. 7 hours ago, Peter said:

    the doctor they may know

    As tmj has pointed out, doctors in group practices may be under pressure to adopt the official line, and could even risk losing their license if they give contra advice.

    Plus, doctors can be gullible too and trust the medical authority organizations.

    As I've said, my own current GP, I discovered during my recent annual checkup, genuinely didn’t know some things - of which I apprised him.

    At the eye clinic I go to, some of the staff, I've gleaned from careful hints in things they say responding to things I say, don’t at all believe official narratives re what you call "the science," but they can’t say so in so many words (unless they’re sure they aren’t being overheard) without risk of being in trouble with the parent mega-practice of which the eye clinic is a subsidiary.


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