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  1. What is that supposed to mean? Whatever, I am not amused, and, no, I do not miss Jon. I did like Jon quite a bit prior to his becoming rather a fanatic. By the time he was banned, I was glad to have him gone. Ellen
  2. Peter, I read and understand medical material which you wouldn’t begin to understand. (I started reading medical textbooks for fun when I was less than nine.) I already understood from a description of how the mRNA "jabs" work that they're "playing with fire," so to speak. As has been confirmed. You probably could understand some of the material Mark has linked to, however. Have you even looked at any of it? The "real" stats you quote are grossly inflated, as I have explained on this thread. (Note re Tony's point about there being many unreported mild cases. Agreed. Nevertheless, the official case figures include many cases which are actually flu or just a cold or even nothing at all except a false-positive PCR, and the official death figures include many cases which likewise aren’t Covid at all or are simply "with Covid," not "from Covid.") The "real" study you cited is junk. I've told you that my doctor was surprised (at my annual exam) that I hadn’t gotten "vaxxed" and I informed him of things he didn’t know. He'd been merely believing official medical sources which have been lying, lying, lying. He withdrew the recommendation that I "get the shot." Your doctor is either similarly misinformed or is going along with the herd despite knowing better. Not knowing your doctor, I couldn’t say which. In any case, doing what a doctor tells you simply because "Doctor says so" is not rational. One rationally does what a doctor says only if one has good reason to think that what the doctor says is sound advice. Doctors, even the best doctors, are not infallible, and many of them tend to be prone to herd dynamics fashion-following (observation from a lifetime of knowing doctors as family friends and acquaintances as well as in doctor-patient relationships). I very much hope that if a doctor recommends that you recommend a shot for your granddaughter that you say, NO! The 5-11 shots are going to outright kill or produce disability in some percentage of young children, as they have done in other age groups. And the long-term consequences are going to be horrendous. A medical catastrophe. Ellen
  3. Mark, This looks like another article worth noting: Spontaneous Abortions and Policies on COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Use During Pregnancy by Aleisha R. Brock1, Simon Thornley2 Ellen
  4. A couple interesting tweets quoted on Gateway Pundit. The tweets might be taken down. I copied the text, which I suppose will stay here even if the original source vanishes: Joe Hoft writes: "In an article at Twitchy about recent tweets that have not yet been censored and taken down at Twitter, John Hayward pinpoints why the Democrats hate the phrase ‘Let’s Go Brandon’." John Hayward @Doc_0 · Nov 2, 2021 One reason Dems are so comically furious over "Let's Go Brandon" is they understand it's the kind of thing that triggers preference cascades - a moment when people look around and realize that huge numbers of their neighbors share what the ruling party claims is a fringe opinion. John Hayward @Doc_0 The Left expends a huge amount of effort on making its adversaries feel marginalized. They mastered the dark art of making the majority FEEL like a fringe minority. The demoralization-destabilization-subversion strategy of the Left is designed to make normal people feel abnormal. 8:16 AM · Nov 2, 2021 —— Ellen
  5. How disappointing. I did hope, the last few days, that some light had penetrated. Ellen
  6. To be fair…, "Leave it to Harry to be a fool." The spike protein jab is neither safe nor effective. Getting jabbed is at best misguided. And Harry has the scientific educational background to have known better. Ellen
  7. That's a gem of a summary of the Alice in Wonderland "logic." Ellen
  8. WOW! I never thought I'd live to see the day…. That's an enlightening way of putting the paradoxicalness of Rand, by which I was struck and puzzled from very early in my acquaintance with Rand's non-fiction and the conformity-enforcing quality of the Newsletter, then The Objectivist and of what I sensed (from a distance) of NBI dynamics. On the one hand, individualism and creativity, on the other, stifling uniformity. I liked your post a lot, including the excellent synopsis you quoted about Bloom's categories. I'll be marking the post for easy future reference. Ellen
  9. Toohey was psychologically astute. Harry is so psychologically dense, I think he's never had power over people except a power of inclusion or exclusion on his list (if that's still going). "Priest class," yes. Guardian of that class. "The Stormtrooper of Objectivism," some called him in NY O'ist circles when Rand was still alive. He doesn’t have the ability to manipulate, just to police. (I'm using present tense, though it's been years since I've seen Harry in person, but he sounds, like I said, unchanged.) Ellen
  10. Leave it to Harry to be a fool. LOL. Some things don’t change. Ellen
  11. Not "of all places." Johns Hopkins has been at the forefront of medical chicanery throughout the Covid scare and had probably lost its right to esteem well before then. Ellen
  12. Sometimes William's snooping produces a bonanza. Poking around at the DRASTICRESEARCH.ORG link, I found a list of Latest Papers authored/co-authored by D.R.A.S.T.I.C. Members The title of one of them intrigued me: Understanding Covid-19 and Seasonal Influenza as Quasispecies Mutant Swarms Reveals the Quantum Origins and Cryptic Fates of Human Pandemics Here's an excerpt from the introductory section. UNC is the University of North Carolina. Ellen
  13. Further quotes. === Start On a dazzling Friday morning in November 2016, Andrew was found dead on the floor of his living room. […] My son was 28 years old when he died. An autopsy was performed but no official cause of death was found. […] The time between late 2016 and 2019 is mostly lost to me. Grief, it turns out, doesn’t feel like sadness. It’s more like terror, being chased through oily blackness. My husband, younger son and I isolated. We drank. We drove, looking for Andrew. He’d loved mountains: South Dakota, Colorado, Oregon. We swore we felt him in the trees. We’d started to function again, slowly, by late ’19. In January ’20 we traveled to Bellevue, Washington, for a conference where John was speaking. I fell ill soon after with a fever and breathless cough I couldn’t shake for six weeks. This friend of ours—a corporate lawyer with business in China—raised an eyebrow and told us a pandemic was coming. All around there was tension, something uncontrolled and wicked in the air. John is an internet security expert with a background in mathematics. He’ll often talk about the “shape” of a problem. This is its outline, its gestalt. He envisions it like dots on a chart, or waves on a graph. I see holographic images—the shape of an ambitious refugee, white coats and flimflam men, glimmering under the figures we see today. In March, April, May, familiar shapes began to emerge. Suddenly there emerged a cadre of pandemic experts who recommended—then quickly required—extreme and unprecedented things. === End Quote Ellen
  14. Excerpt pertaining to Bruno Bettelheim and his "refrigerator mother" theory of autism: === Start Quote The refrigerator-mother theory of autism became gospel, not just among psychiatrists but in the zeitgeist. It made sense and was easy to grasp. Better, it turned a mysterious and heartbreaking condition into a simple problem of who was to blame. People rallied behind the idea that cold mothers caused autism because it gave them comfort. Mothers whose children developed normally knew it was because they were “good.” Fathers and other relatives of autistic children were off the hook. Even desperate “bad” mothers embraced the idea, believing that if they could fix themselves their children would be cured. Finally, an answer: They needed to sign up for intense psychotherapy and send their autistic children to live with other families or in residential programs. Some mothers were advised to re-home their healthy children as well, lest their “refrigerator” qualities leak over and spoil another young mind. Many complied. Occasionally families would reject the diagnosis and their children would be taken by force. Reports were made, psychiatric teams mobilized. They showed up at the homes of autistic children, packed their bags and removed them, while guards held off the screaming, protesting mothers who’d been deemed unsuitable. Bettelheim called this process “parentectomy,” a sad but necessary practice that would help autistic kids be cured. Many were taken to the Orthogenic School he ran, where they stayed for up to a dozen years. It wasn’t until 1990—after Bettelheim’s death by suicide at 86—that residents and staff from the school began talking about his rages, name calling, constant lying, and abuse. === End Quote Bettelheim was much-respected when I was a psych major at Northwestern in the early 1960s. I have at least one of his books in my collection of assigned or recommended works from those years. (I can’t remember the title off-hand and don’t want to go searching just now.) Ellen
  15. I noted above this quote from the FDA panel's deliberations: Reprising an announcement I made on October 7, 2020: The editorial started: It concluded: On a linked page called the "Disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest" - see - the author is named as Lindsey Baden The "Corresponding Author" (not sure what that means) is named as Eric Rubin. Ellen
  16. I'm glad that your wife is better, and that you think that your granddaughter "should wait a while." I recommend her waiting perpetually, i.e., never getting "the shot." And I hope that your wife will have learned not to try her luck again if (probably when) future boosters are pushed by the CDC. Ellen
  17. "Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee" Is that a standing FDA committee name or the ad hoc name of the particular committee convened to examine the issue of child "jabs" for Covid? I wonder because if it's ad hoc, then it looks like a fudge to avoid using precisely the term "vaccine" for the mRNA mechanism. Ellen
  18. Peter hasn’t signed in since he posted that. I’m worried about his wife, I hope mistakenly. Ellen
  19. I’m repeating this post to add some additional information. Apparently, the voting member who's quoted is Dr. Eric Rubin, the Editor-in-Chief of the New England Journal of Medicine. Here's more of the quote (presuming the transcribing is accurate): SICK, EVIL PEOPLE: Buried in FDA Hearing the Editor-in-Chief of NEJM, Dr. Eric Rubin Says, "We're Never Going to Learn About How Safe It Is Unless We Start Giving It" WWW.THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM This was buried 6 Hours into the FDA Video on giving children 5-11 the experimental COVID vaccine. Doctor Eric Rubin MD. makes a chilling admission on the Child COVID vaccine. Dr. Eric Rubin: “We’re never... Ellen
  20. I hope that your wife feels better soon. How old is your granddaughter? I'm glad that you'd advise her to wait. From something you said Sunday, I thought that she’d already been "jabbed." Ellen
  21. I haven’t words to express my anger and disgust. FDA Panel Approves Pfizer Covid Vax For Kids Ages 5-11, Concedes it Doesn't Know Long-Term Risks to Children (VIDEO) WWW.THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM The FDA’s panel of independent vaccine advisors on Tuesday voted 17-0 to recommend Pfizer’s Covid vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. An advisory panel with the CDC is expected to approve the vaccine after... Ellen
  22. Typo, presumably - irrational, not rational. Brook demonstrates not a shred of evidence of comprehending the dangerous mechanism of the accursed "jabs." Why indeed would someone not want the risk? Doesn’t need any political considerations. Some biological knowledge is plenty. Ellen
  23. Tad, Oh, sure, I knew that you know that I'm not one of the elderly monsters of your general "you." And you - specific "you" - made me cry only in the respect that I'm tending to have tears form every time I think of those "jabs" being given to young people. It is too horrible. It's like polio vaccines turned backward. Recall, I had childhood polio, and I increasingly suffer from post-polio syndrome. The polio vaccine was to protect the children (and of course older people too), as Tony has pointed out. This shit is saddling children with possible future harm (and is outright killing some of them now) to protect the elderly from them!!! ADD: And it doesn’t even actually protect against the virus, to add insult to injury or some such sentiment…to add travesty to injury, that’s better. Ellen