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  1. I saw a T-shirt advertised which says: COVID-1984 Ellen
  2. You've completely lost me. I have no idea what you're talking about. Ellen
  3. And next… It Begins... Elites Discuss Redefining "Booster" Since They Are Not Sure How Many "Booster" Shots Will Be Demanded of the Population WWW.THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM Trust the Science. You just knew this was coming. The regime is now concerned about using the word “booster” to describe the number of vaccine shots they will force on the population. The CDC already... === Quote Trust the Science. You just knew this was coming. The regime is now concerned about using the word “booster” to describe the number of vaccine shots they will force on the population. The CDC already changed the meaning of the word vaccine earlier this year. now the medical tyrants want to redefine or rethink the use of the word “booster” because they are still not sure how many booster shots will be needed before Dr. Fauci claims the pandemic has ended. Via Bloomberg. === End Quote Ellen
  4. That's right, it does require someone to do it. The way you come across to me is denigrating people who are actually interested by the material you call "mind-numbing" and "gobbledygook." You ascribe those properties as inherent characteristics of the material rather than as how the material affects you personally. If the stuff was inherently mind-numbing, like some sort of chemical, Malone and Campbell and others should surely be brain-dead by now. Similarly, material doesn’t classify as "gobbledygook" simply because you don’t understand it and aren’t interested in it. Ellen
  5. IMPORTANT article by Wayne Allyn Root re Trump and the "jabs" WAYNE ROOT: My Interview with President Trump- The Good and Bad News WWW.THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM By Wayne Allyn Root There is both good news and bad news from my interview with President Trump last week. It was the second time in the past few months that President Trump sat down with me for a detailed... === Quote You can watch the full interview here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/d5kIvEz4MTPs/ Now to the bad news. There is only one issue where I’ve ever disagreed with Trump. And I know a majority of Trump voters are on my side. The issue is the Covid vaccine. Raw truth- Trump is dead wrong about the vaccine. And I believe it’s the only issue that could derail his excellent shot at winning another presidential election. I believe Trump needs to get ahead of this issue before it comes back to haunt him. Yes, in my book, Trump gets all the credit in the world for showing the tremendous leadership skills of a 5-star general. He made that vaccine happen at a speed no expert thought possible. Bravo. The problem is the vaccine is a failure. It was supposed to prevent Covid. It doesn’t. As a matter of fact, the countries and counties that have the highest vaccination rates have the highest number of Covid cases. It was supposed to stop the spread of Covid. It doesn’t. The latest data shows that vaccinated individuals often have a higher viral load than unvaccinated. It was supposed to prevent hospitalizations and deaths. The data from across the globe shows that a large majority of recent hospitalizations and deaths have been double vaccinated. Worse, for some the vaccine itself is dangerous and deadly. Check out the VAERS adverse event reports. In only ten months, this vaccine has directly injured, disabled and killed far more Americans than all other vaccines in modern history combined. How bad will those numbers look in a year or two? Trump needs to get ahead of this unfolding disaster. === End Quote I disagree with Root about the "Bravo" for the speed at pushing "the vaccine" through. I agree with the rest. Also, Root appears to be thinking exclusively of the mRNA pseudo-vaccine. (He's made clear elsewhere that he knows the mRNA "jabs" aren’t properly vaccines. I think it was him who made a comparison I enjoy, that the mRNA "jabs" are no more "vaccines" "than a crocodile is a dog.") I'm not clear myself on what if any success the J&J viral vector vaccine (no scarequotes) has had. I know that it carries clotting risks, but I'm not sure if it has any protective value.) Ellen
  6. TG, Just to let you know…. I edited the above post after you liked it. I'd forgotten to include Fauci's saying that people should get the booster as "an essential part of the primary regimen." Ellen
  7. Fauci weaseling, continued: Dr. Fauci Admits Vaccines Did Not Work as Advertised and that Vaccinated Are in Great Danger Today (VIDEO) WWW.THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM It should be clear by now that the pandemic will not end until Dr. Fauci is removed and replaced. For over a year Dr. Fauci has blocked successful treatments and over-promised on ineffective vaccines. But at least Big Pharma made record profits. (I can’t get the large type to size down.) The following is from the podcast. Corrections to the weaseling: The pseudo-vaccines didn’t provide immunity to begin with, and now they're enhancing susceptibility. What Fauci recommend as the solution is, of course, more of the poison. Ellen
  8. William, My eyes start losing the ability to focus trying to read your lengthy run-ons. It would help if you would put some white-space gaps between segments. Ellen
  9. But looking at the evidence would require examining "mind-numbing telephone-book-sized studies and papers full of numbers and gobbledygook." Ellen
  10. I can’t tell if you missed that the "newfangled anti-viral feed" doesn’t exist at this time. Researchers are attempting to make it. The stuff wouldn’t actually be "anti-viral" if it were made, just harmful, to wildlife as well as to humans. (I haven’t read the "Inverse" piece you linked to, just glanced at it. I don’t know anything about that publication and its expectable degree of trustworthiness.) Ellen
  11. Just relaying… EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: More on Report of New COVID-19 Lab Leak at East China University of Science and Technology in Shanghai WWW.THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM Update: More on the Reported COVID-19 Lab Leak at East China University of Science and Technology in Shanghai. This morning we shared a report from Col. and PhD Lawrence Sellin about a reported... Ellen
  12. The ruling is amazingly intelligent. Amazingly because I've just about given up hoping for anything intelligent from the U.S. judiciary. Ellen
  13. I was having similar thoughts. Also the thought of being deprived of the spinach salad which is "divine" (it's SO good) at one of my husband’s and my favorite restaurants. There is a farmer in these parts - one of the richest people in the area with his extensive landholdings but a working farmer to this day (he's in his 70s). He grows trustworthy produce, which is sold at a mini-store on the farm. He could be depended on not to comply with growing "vaccined" stuff. Likewise, his farmer daughter if she's taken over running the place when/if the produce scheme materializes. So we'd have a place to purchase safe produce for home consumption, but restaurants would be another story - when/if. Multiple "ifs" about the scheme materializing, since there are biological hurdles which haven’t been overcome. I had the thought reading about the idea: It's as if these people feel, We got the dangerous jabs, and now - by hook or by crook - we're going to be sure no one escapes. Ellen
  14. How could we? Justice for harm to growing children? Some of which harm might not become obvious while we're still alive. As if things aren’t more than insane already, here’s another bright idea in the works: Scientists Are Attempting to Grow Covid Vaccine-Filled Spinach, Lettuce, Edible Plants To Replace Covid Injections WWW.THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM Millions of people who have refused to get an experimental mRNA vaccine may soon be forced to consume the gene therapy in their food. Researchers at the University of California were awarded a $500,000... Ellen
  15. Oh, NO!!! They aren’t content with the future deaths they’re already going to cause. They have to start with 6-month-olds. They are MONSTERS!! "Final Frontier:" Moderna Begins Testing Experimental Covid Jab on Infants as Young as 6 Months Old WWW.THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM Biotechnology company Moderna Therapeutics has officially begun large-scale testing of its experimental COVID-19 vaccine on America’s youngest children. As of “late October,” Moderna’s clinical trial –... Ellen
  16. Apparently you buried your head farther in the sand and fast-forwarded without reading the rest of the post when you saw this: Ellen
  17. Gloomy thoughts. The weather here today is perfect for them, with the sky almost dark and spitting rain. We're 100 years away from the "Roaring Twenties." I think that we've entered the "Pandemic Twenties," since I think that the ChiComs are well pleased with the havoc to the West caused by the response to a bug which isn’t, really, as bad a bug as a typical seasonal flu. I think that there are going to be follow-ups with some genuinely virulent offerings. Ellen
  18. I think that what the Pfizer chief and compadres are worried about is how many more billions they have a chance of pulling in before sales pitches on the pseudo-vaccines stop convincing anyone. Ellen
  19. Jeez! Here's another one! 28-Year-Old Body-Builder Dies 4 Days After Second Moderna COVID Shot WWW.THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM 28-year-old bodybuilder Jake Kazmarek recently died 4 days after receiving his second dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. The COVID World reported. Kazmarek posted an update on Facebook... Ellen
  20. I think, yes, "correlation" - actually, a reverse causation. Figures emerging in comparisons of many countries are indicating that the pseudo-vaccines indeed are producing what's called "Antibody-dependent Enhancement" (ADE). Antibody-dependent enhancement of virus infection and disease - PubMed PUBMED.NCBI.NLM.NIH.GOV In general, virus-specific antibodies are considered antiviral and play an important role in the control of virus infections in a number of ways. However, in some instances, the presence of specific antibodies can... A bit more of the opening description: === Quote [My emphasis] "In general, virus-specific antibodies are considered antiviral and play an important role in the control of virus infections in a number of ways. However, in some instances, the presence of specific antibodies can be beneficial to the virus. This activity is known as antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) of virus infection. The ADE of virus infection is a phenomenon in which virus-specific antibodies enhance the entry of virus, and in some cases the replication of virus, into monocytes/macrophages and granulocytic cells through interaction with Fc and/or complement receptors. This phenomenon has been reported in vitro and in vivo for viruses representing numerous families and genera of public health and veterinary importance." === End Quote Ellen
  21. I had a post ready to go - starting with the case of the cardiologist. TG has already announced that, but I'll post what I'd planned to say. ——- Here's a case of poetic justice: Cardiologist Who Said He 'Won't Cry at Funeral' For "Selfish" Unvaccinated People Suddenly Dies in His Sleep 2 Weeks After 3rd Covid Jab WWW.THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM A 52-year-old prominent New Brunswick cardiologist suddenly died in his sleep just two weeks after getting his 3rd Covid jab. Over the summer Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial attacked “selfish” people who choose... Here's the text of a July Tweet by Dr. Lutchmedial: Edit: The text I copied seems to have disappeared, I don’t know why. Here it is typed by hand: The collective arguement [sic] to protect those who CANNOT get the vaccine who WANT protection - immune compromised, the very young - the homeless and disenfranchised. For those that won’t get the shot for selfish reasons - whatever - I won’t cry at their funeral. Tweet dated 5:43 am 7/10/21 Now, here are the cases of two top athletes who weren’t "selfish." I suppose that the Dr. Lutchmedial would have approved. Florian Dagoury, the World's Top Static Freediver, Is Diagnosed with Myocarditis After Taking Pfizer Vax - May End His Career WWW.THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM Florian Dagoury, currently the world’s best static freediving diver, was diagnosed with myocarditis and trivial mitral regurgitation after his second dose of Pfizer’s vaccine. Florian Dagoury is a French freediver... 29-Year-Old Mountain Bike National Title Winner Kyle Warner Diagnosed with Pericarditis After Taking Pfizer Vaccine - Career Ruined (VIDEO) WWW.THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM Kyle Warner, a 29-year-old mountain bike race champion, was diagnosed with pericarditis, POTS, and reactive arthritis a month after he took the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. The vaccine has ruined... Ellen
  22. Analysis of adverse events the CDC ignores. The material I've quoted is at the end of a long article by Steve Kirsch, dated Nov 9, 2021, the full title of which is: New VAERS analysis reveals hundreds of serious adverse events that the CDC and FDA never told us about New VAERS analysis reveals hundreds of serious adverse events that the CDC and FDA never told us about - by Steve Kirsch - Steve Kirsch's newsletter STEVEKIRSCH.SUBSTACK.COM They missed hundreds of serious adverse events that are more elevated than myocarditis. A new VAERS analysis done by Albert Benavides blows the doors off the "safe and effective" narrative. ===== Start What the data tells us Here are a few quick observations from the complete data set (see next section for downloading): Female reproductive issues top the list. These are strongly elevated by these vaccines. Many of the top symptoms are all related to the menstrual process. There are an enormous number of cardiovascular and neurological events that are strongly elevated, many of them serious. Fibrin D dimer increased is #53 on the list, elevated by a factor of over 400x above baseline. Charles Hoffe discovered D-dimer was elevated in over 60% of the patients he measured. This is very serious as D-dimer is a lagging indicator of blood clots. Troponin increased was #130, elevated by a factor of 205. Troponin indicates heart damage and it is elevated to extreme levels (10X heart attack levels or more) and can stay elevated for months at a time (with a heart attack, the levels start returning back to normal immediately after the incident) Death as a symptom (which is pretty unusual coding since it isn’t a symptom), is #433 and elevated by 96X. Hardly a “safe” vaccine. Brain herniation at #405 is elevated by a factor of 100X over baseline. However, this is not considered a big deal at the CDC (perhaps because many people there don’t use their brain). Cardiac arrest at #450 is elevated by 93X. This is when your heart stops. This is a relatively serious condition since you don’t last for too long after that. It’s a bit surprising that the CDC missed that one. Perhaps because they don’t have a heart? Pulmonary embolism #24 is elevated by 954 times normal. How the CDC can miss that one is simply astonishing! This was the cause of death of 2 of the 14 kids that the CDC looked at in their death analysis. Mainstream press will never ask them that question as to why the CDC would not find causality here. They wrote: “CDC reviewed 14 reports of death after vaccination. Among the decedents, four were aged 12–15 years and 10 were aged 16–17 years. All death reports were reviewed by CDC physicians; impressions regarding cause of death were pulmonary embolism (two), …” 954 times normal is hard to explain, isn’t it? So no causality? That’s hard to explain, so they didn’t. They just moved on as if there is nothing to see. Intracranial haemorrhage (their spelling) is at #604 and is elevated by 79X. Two of the 14 kids from the CDC analysis died from that. How could that not be causal? They never explained that. Tinnitus at #362 is elevated by 105X. This can be so bad that people can kill themselves from this alone. One of the people who work at Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF) had to talk a friend out of suicide. There are many many more issues to be concerned with, but I wanted to get the list out quickly so there can be more eyes on this. For months, I’ve offered to discuss our data and analyses to both the FDA and CDC outside committees as well as the CDC and FDA themselves, but nobody wanted to see it. Most hit delete on my emails. A few told me to wait for the public comment period and submit it then (which I’ve done). Nobody followed up. ===== End Ellen
  23. I read the paper. Many caveats and questions. Later. Ellen
  24. Tony, I understand your wanting to separate the origin and the response. You're right that the evils of the response need to be brought to full view. The governments of the world would have seized the power-aggrandizing opportunity no matter how or where the virus originated. Ellen