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  1. The doctors administering the "jabs" could even be considered random child murderers, since the "jabs" will outright kill some percentage of the children who get them - and that's before the issue of long-term effects. Ellen
  2. Requoting with additional emphasis by me. (The underscore emphasis is Mark's. The boldface is mine.) I think that those pediatricians and primary care physicians and any others also willing to "jab" children should be booted from the medical profession immediately. DAMN THEM!!!!! Ellen
  3. I have to disagree with the figure (though not with your point about natural immunity). Official U.S. figures on both number of cases and number of deaths are enormously overblown. Flu, mild sniffles, a bit of a cough…ah, Covid! Any hint of a positive PCR…ah, Covid! As one person I know put it, if you have a speck of viral material on your shoelaces and you tie your shoes, then wipe your hand across your nose, then get a swab test which is run through 40 cycles…ah, Covid! Similarly, if you die in an emergency room from a heart attack but you coughed a bit first…ah, Covid! Etc. Ellen
  4. On China's PLA and biowarfare, a chilling article by Sellin and Chen. I urge people to read this: China's Military Declares Biotechnology Warfare as its Fundamental Guiding Principle WWW.THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM Guest post by Lawrence Sellin and Anna Chen China’s People’s Liberation Army believes that biological weapons, not nuclear weapons, are the key to global military dominance. In our recent Gateway Pundit... Concluding paragraphs: Ellen
  5. 1) Clearly, you haven't been understanding my "narrative." 2) You're gullible, gullible, re stats. 3) I was speaking of long-term consequences with the "breakdown" classification. However, there has been an exorbitantly high incidence of adverse-reaction deaths and very bad though not fatal reactions. Also, "breakthrough" cases and deaths are bountiful and increasing. Ellen
  6. Prediction: What will become clearer and clearer is that the mRNA stuff is poison. So the breakdown ought to be: the poisoned and the unpoisoned. Ellen
  7. Quite. The idea of giving an untested treatment to pregnant women would have astounded doctors and other medical personnel not that long ago - and I know from talking with medical people (sometimes very quietly, depending on the surroundings) that it isn’t sitting well with consciences. Ellen
  8. I went on a bit of a rant Tuesday in the waiting room at the eye clinic. The waiting room has one of those TVs which run health-info mini lectures. Used to be that the material was about eye conditions and treatment possibilities. Now it's mostly assurances about the (fictional) "safety and efficacy" of the Covid jabs. One of the segments pertained to pregnant women and there being "no cause for concern" about damage to the fetus. I gave a little angered speech to Larry about its being criminal to give the stuff to pregnant women. I didn’t want to risk triggering an incident, so I didn’t raise my voice enough so that I'd seem to be addressing the room at large. Just enough so that I could be heard if other persons in the room cared to listen. Ellen
  9. Now I'm crying, thinking about the young people and the children. If only one could just stop what's being done to them. Ellen
  10. Ah, well. But there is a consolation due to your age. If you don’t catch Covid because of mistakenly believing you’re safe and dispensing with caution, you might live out the rest of your natural life span before the worst expectable results of the spike proteins and antibody-dependent enhancement hit. Ellen
  11. Larry's maternal Grandmother was from Vienna also. Sounds like you've been there. In the central Ring area it's just gorgeous. The hotel where Larry and I have stayed each time we were there is on Herengasse, about ten minutes' walk from the Hofburg and just across a side street from Cafe Central. The sixth floor room we've had each time has a direct view of the St. Stephan's Cathedral spire. The bed faces that window. The spire is beautifully lit at night. Talk about a romantic setting! Since we were so close to the Hofburg, we liked at wander around in the courtyards at night after most of the tourists had left the area. Full moon occurred twice when we were there. I have visual scenes etched in replay of the moonlit Heldenplatz. Those memories have been dancing since I went to the eye clinic Tuesday. I had the preliminary prep work done in an examining room where the chief tech has hung a horse calendar on the wall. The photo for October was a close-up of the head, neck, forequarters, and out-flung legs of one of the Heldenplatz facing pair of statues of rearing horses. Wonderful statues, and I love horses. Sigh…. Ellen
  12. We aren’t talking about the same thing. All I was saying is that Powell's dying of Covid despite being fully "vaxxed" is not a good demonstration of the supposed effectiveness of the damned jabs. Ellen
  13. To work for what, Michael? To talk someone who's resistant to getting "jabbed" into rolling up his/her sleeve? I don’t think so. Ellen
  14. Kassam wrote in the tweet, "Do not relent. You have the moment. Take Vienna." You'd have to ask him to be sure what he meant. I took him to be referring to the Ottoman sieges of Vienna in 1529 and 1683. Both sieges failed, and of course if you're pro-Western civilization, you're glad that they failed, but I think that what Kassam was expressing was a "now is when to win the prize" battle call. What he said hit me the way it did because I want so much to return to Vienna. Ellen
  15. Are the people trying to use Colin Powell's death as vaccine propaganda aware that and saying that he was fully vaxxed? His death is among the prominent ones which are bad sales material for the "vaccines" cause. Ellen
  16. As tmj has pointed out, doctors in group practices may be under pressure to adopt the official line, and could even risk losing their license if they give contra advice. Plus, doctors can be gullible too and trust the medical authority organizations. As I've said, my own current GP, I discovered during my recent annual checkup, genuinely didn’t know some things - of which I apprised him. At the eye clinic I go to, some of the staff, I've gleaned from careful hints in things they say responding to things I say, don’t at all believe official narratives re what you call "the science," but they can’t say so in so many words (unless they’re sure they aren’t being overheard) without risk of being in trouble with the parent mega-practice of which the eye clinic is a subsidiary. Ellen
  17. Believing stats like that is one of the penalties of trusting the medical establishment authorities and the MSN. Ellen
  18. The above was in response to my statement that "The pseudo-vaccines don’t protect people from getting, or from dying from, Covid…." Tony, See my above post regarding data sets. I think that the claim that the pseudo-vaccines "do ~reduce~ the severity of the disease and the ~chance~ of fatality (for those who need it)" comes entirely from people who monkey with data sets. There are other analysts who suspect that it's just the reverse, that severity and chance of fatality are enhanced by the pseudo-vaccines - or at best not lessened. Ellen
  19. Some people, the CDC analysts prominent among them, are looking at partly to largely invented data sets. Ellen
  20. OH!!! "Take Vienna." That tore through me and made me gasp. How Larry and I yearn to go to Vienna again. Every Sunday night, when we have dinner at a restaurant, we toast, "To Vienna!" Sometimes other sentiments added too, but always, "To Vienna!" When the Covid insanity was first hitting the U.S., Larry and I had a marvelous Vienna trip lined up, complete with our second chance to see performances at the State Opera House. It would have been our sixth Vienna excursion, but four times out of the previous five had been during off-season for the Opera House. The 2020 trip, if it had happened, would have been our second trip in May. We hope, hope, hope we'll be able to go to Vienna again. But we aren’t willing to be "vaxxed" so as to be allowed on an international air flight. Ellen PS: I'm just catching up - bleary-eyed still - with the day's posts. Today was one of the 8-weekly injections in the left eye.
  21. Are you trying to reassure Peter that he's safe from getting Covid because he's been "vaccinated"? He isn’t. The pseudo-vaccines don’t protect people from getting, or from dying from, Covid - as Marc accurately indicated in his full question, which you truncated. Ellen
  22. I'm worried, too, that we might be headed for a situation where the only way people will be able to get out of being "vaxxed" and still keep their jobs is to claim a religious exemption. Ellen
  23. Why did you give a smile like to the post by Peter you were quoting? Ellen
  24. But those who want earth's human population radically reduced stand to have their desire fulfilled via long-term harm to inoculated children. Ellen
  25. You are so far behind on truths which have emerged, you're a wonderment in your ability to keep your head resolutely glued in the sand. "Just don’t look." Ellen