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  1. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/09/ouch-richard-ebright-15-top-scientists-eviscerate-fauci-daszak-lancet-medical-journal/ Quote follows…. The world‘s leading medical journal The Lancet has now published an article explicitly condemning the letter organized by Dr. Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszak of the EcoHealth Alliance, Jeremy Farrar of the Wellcome Trust, and others. … "there is no direct support for the natural origin of SARS-CoV-2, and a laboratory-related accident is plausible. There is so far no scientifically validated evidence that directly supports a natural origin.” … A lab leak origin of the pandemic is “plausible”, the authors find: “Some unusual features of the SARS-CoV-2 genome sequence suggest that they may have resulted from genetic engineering.” Ebright and collegaues also skewered Fauci’s stooges for placing “unity” and their political agenda over critical evaluation and science: End quote. WOW! Could this possibly be a harbinger of some scientific and medical honesty getting into the professional sources? Ellen
  2. I've formed the suspicion over the course of the 20+ years I've participated on discussion sites where Peter's done that kind of stuff to many persons on many subjects that there's an element of deliberate provocation - intentional button-pushing - "trolling," in short - involved. Ellen
  3. Repeating: The mRNA "jabs" are not "vaccinations". They're experimental cell-mechanism alterers. Why do you suppose the CDC has - Orwellianly - changed its definition of "vaccine" as of September 1, 2021? See the article TG cited three posts above: The CDC Just Made an Orwellian Change to the Definition of ‘Vaccine’ and ‘Vaccination' PJMEDIA.COM For your entire life, you’ve known that when you get vaccinated, you’re protected from a particular disease. You’ve probably been vaccinated for such diseases as polio, tetanus, meas... Excerpt: Ellen
  4. Addendum about my current doctor: He's only been Larry's and my doctor for the last couple years. He "inherited" us when our former doctor, with whom he was a colleague in a group medical practice, had to retire. We had a great deal of respect and fondness for our former doctor. He'd been our doctor for 34 years when he retired reluctantly because of energy lack following a long battle with leukemia. (He's still hanging in there, with the leukemia in remission, but the long strain of fighting the disease had taken too much a toll on his energy level for him to go on working.) I think that our former doctor would have done more research than the current one had done. I suspect that he would have recommended getting the shots - probably the Pfizer ones - all the same. And we would have said, all the same, No, we'd rather risk the bug than the dicey mRNA method. (We don’t want to risk the potential blood-clotting problems with the Johnson & Johnson actual albeit odd vaccine either.) Ellen
  5. I had my annual check-up last week and informed my doctor of a thing or two (or more) when he was surprised at my not having gotten any of the Covid shots. He hadn’t so much as heard of Robert Malone - or of figures for Israel past June, when, briefly, the stats were looking favorable for the "vaccination" program. Whatever medical sources he was getting his information from were being selective (charitably speaking). Ellen See addendum four posts below.
  6. PS to the above specifically addressed to Peter, who probably won’t read the article, since he says he doesn’t read "alt" sources. Peter, Please be careful. Not a good idea to feel safe because you've been "vaccinated." It's looking very much like the "vaccinated" are at MORE risk of getting Covid and of dying from it if they get it. Ellen
  7. WAYNE ROOT: The Government and CDC Are Lying About Covid Vaccine and Ivermectin. The Question is Why? WWW.THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM By Wayne Allyn Root It’s been quite a week. I’ve been in the media business for decades and I’ve never before witnessed seen such lies, exaggeration, and outright fraud. All with the intent to force everyone... Ellen
  8. Thanks. I've been well except for the usual problems I've been having - increasing eye pain and post-polio difficulties. I haven’t been gone in the sense of not reading OL, but I won’t be returning to active posting, although sometimes I'm terribly tempted. (For instance the assessment by Stossel you quoted that "Vaccines work." No.) I just found that line from Adams ("an off-switch for children") too hard to resist interjecting. The line was whimsically funny in the original context, but in the current context it's like a sinister summary of what’s being done to children. Ellen
  9. "…an off-switch for children." Ellen
  10. Guys, think. How many weeks are there in a year? What month of the year is June? June 21 could not be in the 21st week of the year. If you count weeks starting from January 1, irrespective of what day of the week January 1 falls on (that is, the first week is January 1 through January 7), then May 21 starts the 21st week of the year. * Pedantically, Ellen * Add: That's in a non-Leap Year. May 21 is the second day of the 21st week of the year (counting weeks from January 1) in a Leap Year.
  11. Michael, You can get things so scrambled and tangled, it's a mystery to me how you do it, but you do have a genius for it. We all have our talents? Take care. Ellen
  12. No one else set out for the goals Trump set out to achieve. And of course he has an enormous amount of energy - and ability to arouse enthusiasm, in those favorable to his MAGA program. He also arouses detestation, but maybe the polarized attitudes have been helpful in the respect of being attention-getting. It's also the case that he has not achieved some things he wanted to, what with all the opposition and interference. So Trump is just one among many then? Not the super grandmaster Lin said? I'm not diminishing him. I'm just disagreeing with what I think is a hyperbolic evaluation. You scarcely see me do anything these days. I'm hardly posting on OL. I'm increasingly limited by my eye problems in how much time I can spend online, and to the extent I communicate online, it's mostly in non-public places where I have some small usefulness in deliberations regarding Covid. Ellen
  13. Michael, You're addressing something different than what I'm saying. I fully applaud and appreciate Trump's achievements. I haven’t said a thing about abandoning Trump. I hope the audit stuff works and he gets back in the White House where he legitimately belongs. And "pain and frustration" I feel at what's happening in this country aren’t an issue of my blaming Trump. I don’t blame Trump. The point I was making and will repeat is that Trump is not a multiple-dimensional chess master like Lin and various others say he is. He's smart, resourceful, determined, etc., etc. That doesn’t mean he's the super-strategist some say he is. Obviously, he isn’t. Ellen
  14. That could easily be the case. However, I don’t buy Lin's assessment that "President Trump is a genius [and] plays chess at a level we will never fully understand." Trump does feints and ruses and produces sleight-of-hand distractions, things like that. But high-level chess master? Hell, he didn’t even know enough to keep his supporters out of the January 6 imbroglio at the Capitol building and himself out of the inconvenience of another impeachment attempt. And he was the perfect patsy for the "vaccination" schemers' plan. I'm not impressed by his "genius" chess-playing. (Lin, btw, advises against getting vaccinated. He parts company with Trump on that much.) Ellen
  15. I meant "playing politics" pejoratively, which isn’t what I took you to be saying. Lin Wood says that "President Trump is a genius [and] plays chess at a level we will never fully understand." Also that he supports Trump 100%. I see no need, whatever supposedly brilliant strategies Trump is employing, for his having re-endorsed McKissick. Ellen
  16. Michael, Trump's refraining from endorsing Lin Wood because of potential problems over the Pence issue wouldn’t require Trump's actively coming on the scene and (re)endorsing McKissick at the eleventh hour - with false praise at that. He could have just stayed out of it. His action looks to me like that of someone "playing politics." Ellen
  17. What is going on with Trump's endorsement of Drew McKissick, not Lin Wood, as Chair of the South Carolina Republican Party? See. And this and following: Is the problem Trump's reliance on Mark Meadows again? Any other clues? Ellen EDIT: Is the Trump endorsement of McKissick not real? See.
  18. My bet is that she knows things about the virus plan and has enough human decency not to like what she knows. Ellen
  19. I have a different viewpoint on the amount of advance planning. I think that wheels were already greased for a fast approval - and that the mRNA technique had already been developed before the virus was ever released. Maybe info on the extent of pre-planning will come to light as time goes on. Ellen
  20. I don’t agree that there would have been a drawn-out development process. I think that Trump's Warp Speeding push was convenient for people behind the mRNA "vaccines," and that there would have been emergency FDA approval for those irrespective of Trump. Along with Trojan Horse potentials which I suspect will emerge, the social controllers want a caste system of the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated (and that isn’t something Trump was seeking). Ellen
  21. I'll presume some facetiousness in the first sentence. Re the second, does the article William posted claim that only anti-vaxxers are leery of the "vaccines"? False claim, if so. For instance, neither I nor any of the skeptical scientists (and a few doctors) I know directly or via my husband is an anti-vaxxer. (I haven’t had time to read the material either you or William linked to and don’t expect to get time until later this week.) Ellen
  22. "Like a lamb to the slaughter." Ellen
  23. ‘Look, I’m Safe to Be Around’ – New Covid Wristbands Are a Way to Prove You’ve Been Fully Vaccinated Ellen
  24. I recall your posting a list specifically addressed to Tony, but I don’t remember where. Here's a possible clue as to when: Ellen
  25. Here is something very interesting regarding Bill Gates' landholdings: Bill Gates’ divorce could end secret life as biggest US farmland owner From the article: The article includes a map of Gates' landholdings. It also includes the text of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Statement on Creation of Nonprofit. Agricultural Research Institute (dated January 21, 2020) A footer line at the bottom of the statement says: "Gates Ag One aims to provide smallholder farmers in developing countries with access to the affordable tools and innovations they need. Gates Foundation" Any connection, hmmm, to the ChiComs' desire to acquire the U.S. as farmland? — Another part of the Gates' landholdings: "As well as farmland, the former couple is understood to have bought a “significant stake” in 2017 in 24,800 acres of transitional land on the western edge of Phoenix that has been earmarked for a “brand-new metropolis” with up to 80,000 homes, the report noted." Ellen