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  1. Jon, You claim that Michael can't handle criticism. (I suppose that's what your "You [MSK] don’t do even the mildest criticism" means.) Then why does Michael tolerate your presence with your chronic criticism of how he runs his list? Ellen
  2. If Michael can't handle the mildest criticism, how is it that you - with your chronic dissatisfaction with how Michael runs his list - haven't been banned long ago? Ellen
  3. Imagine the approach used by a reporter. Of course journalism includes more job niches than reporter, but lack of communication skills isn't a recommendation for any of them I know of. Ellen
  4. Michael, Yes, I did mean Andie Holland. And I was mixing up which one of a pair of supposed friends was the primary. The primary pseudo person was given the name "Eva Matthews." I wonder if the guy who was doing the collection of fake persons finally stopped or if he's still trying to hassle O'vishes, maybe hounding O'vish Twitter accounts. Atlanta, if I recall right. Ellen
  5. Michael, Those three - seymourblogger, "Robert Baratheon," and SoAMadDeathWish - were all actual people who did cause trouble. There have also been some pseudo people - that is, posters who were fictional fronts for someone deliberately attempting to cause trouble. Angie Holland and the other one, ostensively Angie's friend, whose posts were written by some guy getting a charge out of hassling O'vish sites. The author of the posts sometimes goofed and produced inconsistencies in the life history stories he was spinning. I'm a mite suspicious of this "Phantom" poster because of the discrepancy between not being a philosophy major and not having taken philosophy. Probably just a verb miswrite in the first statement. Probably the poster is a journalism graduate. Distressing thought. (What the universities are graduating these days! Gaak!) Ellen
  6. Note that we're all assuming a "he." The poster does sound male to me - from more subtle signs than I want to try to explain. Ellen
  7. I had a similar thought, that he's a candidate for a Fake News team - if even they want someone so poor at communicating. He isn't a "prof," just a college graduate. He was nebulous in his first post as to whether he was still in college or had finished undergraduate work: "...nor am I a philosophy major" indicates someone still in college. "I did not study philosophy" indicates someone who's finished college. The "B.A." degree affirms the latter. Ellen
  8. On August 31 (on page 1), "Phantom000" wrote - bold emphasis added: If he has a B.A. in Journalism, he isn't a teenage kid. Ellen
  9. I hope so. If Candace Owens goes on the way she's going, I'd love to see her as President. Ellen
  10. Jon, The additional thought you attribute to me - "Why bother with what we already know?" - was nowhere near my mind. I was curious because of the "BOMBSHELL" with which Tiffany FitzHenry began her Tweet . Although what she reported in the Tweet itself wasn't new, the dramatic beginning made me wonder if something startlingly new which she didn't specify was in the document. Apparently, no - and the document wasn't "newly declassified," as she mistakenly thought. She looks like she might be pretty young from her photo. Possibly she wasn't noticing politics 15-16 years ago when people were becoming aware that Bush and co. had been selling a bill of goods about Hussein's non-existent WMDs. Ellen
  11. Jon, What's riding you on this? Here's my full initial post re the Tiffany FitzHenry Tweet: I didn't say there isn't anything new in it. I asked what is new. I still have no idea what, if anything, you think is new, let alone why a document which was declassified four years ago (according to information William provided) would be a bombshell revelation now. Ellen
  12. Jon, The Tweet you posted, by Tiffany FitzHenry, says: I'm not understanding why this news would be considered a "bombshell" or a revelation (the Tweet uses the word "reveals"). As I recall, the lack of evidence of WMDs was common talk before the Bush administration ended. There was a lot of anger against Bush for tricking the US into a war on false grounds. I hadn't and haven't followed the links. From William's post, it looks like the document was declassified four years ago. Ellen
  13. Prickly, prickly. Did I say you should keep quiet about it? No. Nor did I say "nothing new." I asked what is new in the recently declassified document. Ellen
  14. Their describing Trump as a threat to "our" way of life is macabrely ironic. He's a threat to their way of killing. However, what's new about the Tweet announcement you posted? Hasn't it been known for a long time that the Bush administration didn't have evidence of Iraq's possessing weapons of mass destruction? Ellen
  15. If I remember right, Gudegast/Braeden is the actor who Rand thought looked like Frank and whose photo in a magazine indirectly led to her death. On seeing the photo, she rushed out to Xerox it in chilly damp weather without putting on a coat and caught the respiratory infection which she died from. Ellen
  16. Maybe simply longing for an audience, even a small one, and this is the only place he gets noticed. Ellen
  17. If that's the way Rush sees things, then the issue wouldn't be his being a plant ("Operation Mockingbird") but instead his being partly a dupe. Reality is pretty much Democans/Republicrats - both run by behind-the-scenes higher-up global dominionists. Sounds like Rush is at the place where Jon says he was four/five years ago - seeing things as presented on the surface. Ellen
  18. Jon, I'm doubtful about your full take on the plans. World war, maybe. Assassination, sure, if it can be achieved. But regarding the rest...? Here's how I'm seeing things: Contra Michael's idea that Hillary was promised the Presidency in return for putting up with the Lewinsky dalliance, I doubt that Hillary cared a damn about that beyond aggravation at its becoming a public scandal. The Clintons' marriage is an alliance for power and money. So what if Bill philanders? Hillary's confidence going into the 2016 election rested on a far sounder foundation than "entitlement." It rested on the expected fruition of demographic planning which was supposed to ensure that no Republican candidate whosoever could be elected President. Trump upset the demographic planners' applecart. The applecart can't be reengineered in its original structure, since Trump has produced rifts in traditional voting blocs. Hence keeping Trump from being re-elected (if assassination isn't managed) would need fraud in key "swing" states so as to stack the Electoral College I think that if tampering were done, however, its having been done would be so obvious, civil war might result. War for profit in various foreign locales is one thing. Civil war here is another. Domestic armed conflict would risk damage to elitist families' real-estate holdings, snarls with their money supply, and interference with their desire to turn the country into a technocrat-run idyllic beehive and playground. So I suspect that they'd prefer trying to contain the damage (from their perspective) of a second Trump term of office rather than possibly produce bigger problems for their goals by using voter fraud to keep Trump from being re-elected. If I'm right about the elite families' druthers, wouldn't they prefer a throw-away candidate to Hillary? Thus your suggestion seems plausible to me: Hillary thinks that candidacy would give her some protection against being investigated. And if she's anticipating voter fraud, it's by her independent doing. My suspicion is that Hillary is becoming inconvenient from the standpoint of higher-up "Gang" echelons. Ellen
  19. Michael, As you say, "not a reality-real shot," and why would she court the ridicule of a second failed attempt against Trump? What I wonder is if she knows something - massive voter fraud being planned - that would change the situation so as to give her a real (faked) shot. Ellen
  20. I meant defeat by Trump a second time. But you have a point - she might consider candidacy a protection against being investigated. Alternately, she might be getting positioned to run if the impeachment procedure flies. She hasn't outright announced, right, only hinted? Ellen
  21. Are there plans underway for massive voter fraud? (Would Hillary risk defeat a second time?) Ellen
  22. I don't get why you think he'd be paid. For being ineffectual? He doesn't persuade people here of anything except that he's a showcase dupe. Ellen
  23. Not precisely "eugenics," as I commented to you in a brief PM about the "eliminate 'em" plotters I came to know of in late 2017. Simply getting rid of a substantial percentage of the world's population, more or less indiscriminately. It isn't an issue of trying to produce a superior humankind, but instead a shrunk-in-numbers humankind. Ellen
  24. Interjecting a wee bit of accuracy along with the enthusiasm: The dinosaurs were multi-millions of years gone before the most recent ice age got underway. Ellen
  25. What's that about? William's employer? Or? Last I heard - but that was a number of years ago - William was working for a lumbering company. Ellen