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  1. The "conspiracy theory advocate" label for people who see it is being ramped up to "domestic terrorist." Ellen
  2. No, I don’t use numerology as a cognitive aid, and you sure don’t read well if you think that I would. The context pertained to Q adherents, some of whom are heavily into numerology. Ellen
  3. Did Carol take that as an invitation to do some passive-aggressive gloating? Ellen
  4. "By the pricking of my thumbs, something [big and evil and foreign] this way comes." Ellen
  5. What's the numerology of the "45"? Judging from the context, it must refer to Trump, but I can’t figure out the code. D, Trump’s first initial, is the 4th letter of the alphabet, but the 5th letter is E, not T. Ellen
  6. Have Qists been making anything of Biden's signing 17 Executive Orders during his first day as faux-Pres? Ellen
  7. According to Gateway Pundit - link. "This morning OANN reported that President Trump gave permission for the troops to stay at his lavish Trump Hotel in Washington DC." Ellen
  8. A category of which I’m especially aware: Scads of "scientists" and other "experts." The large majority of academics of all specialties. I hope the academic establishment is going to crumble over the next few years. Ellen
  9. As I keep telling my husband when he slams the back door and cupboard doors when he’s angry with some villain or other, damaging his and my house doesn’t do a particle's worth of damage to whoever is the source of the ire. It just damages his and my house. And kicking the dog, if a dog is available to be kicked, is scape[dogging]! The villain's actions aren’t the dog's fault! Doing some vigorous exercise to work off the ire would at least be beneficial to your well-being. Lecture aside (you can scream at me if you want to - I won’t hear you), I almost asked when you made that
  10. Well.... Today's my day for posting links to Gateway Pundit items. I haven’t watched any of the videos, and I’m presuming that the violence really is being perpetrated by "Antifa" persons, as reported. Seattle: Antifa Terrorists Riot, Target Amazon Store (Video) And....on the Covid front: An Hour After Joe Biden Is Sworn In, WHO Admits Their Testing Grossly Overstates Individuals Testing Positive for COVID I’m going to try to get some sleep now..... Ellen
  11. Here's another: Portland Antifa Smashes Out Windows of the Headquarters of the Democrat Party of Oregon (VIDEO) From the report: Ellen
  12. Impostor Biden has already shown himself to be the biggest idiot ever to occupy the Oval Office: Biden Signs 3 Executive Orders: Mask Mandate and Social Distancing on Federal Property, Racial Equity, Rejoins Paris Climate Accord (VIDEO) Ellen
  13. I hear you loud and clear about seeing "this glow made real" and wanting more of it. Although I knew there was enormous corruption - extending to and abetted by the corruption of the scientific enterprise and general academic rot - I was surprised by how extensive the corruption of the U.S. judiciary has become. One particular in that corruption which I’m still wondering about is why the three Trump appointees on the Supreme Court went along with the "no standing" excuse for not hearing voter fraud cases. I suggested earlier someplace that they knew that if the issue was a
  14. I wondered what designation you'd use for Biden. How about your earlier "Impostor Biden"? Ellen
  15. I’m afraid that there’s going to be another faux-MAGA (actually Antifa, etc.) violence event today in D.C. - and possibly such events elsewhere, too. I hope I’m wrong. Ellen
  16. Gateway Pundit re Trump’s Farewell Speech: "How many millions of Americans are crying right now? "How many hearts are broken hearing America’s greatest modern day president deliver his farewell speech?" Ellen
  17. Huh? I don’t understand that. Are you indicating that the Q thing was going before anyone was doing Q drops? Ellen
  18. What’s with the NOT naming the letter? The letter "Q." Is there an attempt to avoid search engines with the various spellings-out and the not-naming? Ellen
  19. I don’t buy the idea that Trump is in on Q. Supposed "evidences" I've seen were awfully flimsy. But your chronology's off anyway. Q started after Trump was in office. Hillary, who wasn’t supposed to lose, had lost. According to an Atlantic piece I read, the first Q drop was October 28, 1917. Ellen
  20. Michael, Thank you very much for the synopses, quotes, and analysis. I’m very grateful to you for watching, researching, and discussing things I simply cannot manage to watch. The situation doesn’t sound good. How’s that for understatement? (Gallows humor laugh.) I’m hoping for possibility 1 of Mike Adam's 3 possibilities: "DECLASS documents coming Monday may be game-changers." Ellen
  21. Just reading through that list gives me a feeling of the oceanic dimensions of "The Swamp." I’m grateful for the industriousness and dedication involved in compiling the list. —- Lin Wood has a clarity of conviction which is wonderful to behold. I would pray, if I believed that there’s a God to whom to pray, that Lin's confidence in God and in Trump will be vindicated. Unfortunately, I don’t see anything short of a military intervention which can save the day (in the sense of preventing Biden from being inaugurated) at this point - and I’m leery of consequences if there is militar
  22. I found out about the American Thinker retraction via a link I saw somewhere (don’t remember where) to the Mediaite piece. Mediaite suggests that the retraction is insincere and motivated by fear of a suit. Ellen
  23. The post has been moved to the "2020 Presidential Election Tournament" thread - link. Ellen