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  1. Bernie has stuff of his own to be held accountable for if Trump is re-elected. Ellen
  2. The title of the article has been changed to: "When Libertarianism Goes Bad" Any bets that the altered title was ready to go all along? Ellen
  3. Btw, Ayn Rand was terrified of germs, having lived through a cholera epidemic in Russia. She washed dishes wearing heavy-duty rubber gloves and using scalding water. I think that she would have worn a high-filtration mask to guard against catching Covid, if she'd ventured out of her apartment at all, and that she'd have insisted that Frank wear a high-filtration mask if he ventured out. Ellen
  4. I use an iPad, and I haven't read anything from the NYT in a long while - a couple things from Bloomberg when Trump was in the hospital. Doesn't look like I can access it without subscribing. I have no idea why you in Germany can and I can't. One of those mysteries of life. Anyway, I don't think that reading the article is of any importance. Talk about a quip buried by trivialities. Ellen
  5. "The Face Without Pain or Fear or Guilt"...or a Mask. Ellen PS: Looks like you have to subscribe - which I'm not going to do - to read the article.
  6. I haven't heard anyone actually express enthusiasm for Harris. University people I know who are close to unanimously cheering for a Biden win want Trump out. They call him "authoritarian," "Nazi," etc., etc., the anti-Trump litany, but they don't express praise for Biden and they have reservations about Harris' record but say that at least she's big on "climate change." Other than the university people who live in West Hartford, I don't know what the many West Hartford people who are displaying Biden/Harris placards think of her. So I lack specifics of anyone who actively wants her
  7. I think that William doesn't even see Kamala Harris's "obvious rattlesnake[ness]." The first time I posted a comment about her being snakelike (earlier on this thread, here), William used the "Confused" icon. (That icon is no longer available, so his response doesn't show on the post now.) Ellen
  8. I wrote: "I don't mean just having thoughts - verbal or other symbolic content parading through one's mental world." The name I use is "symbolic content" (verbal or other). Ellen
  9. You wrote this about Lee Stranahan's views: "Lee isn't sure that Biden is going to drop out, but he thinks it likely, and that regardless, based on what happened with Anthony Weiner, this just sank Biden's campaign beyond repair." What did happen with Anthony Weiner? (I wasn't following that business.) People in the American heartland will be revulsed - but how many of them were going to vote for Biden anyway? And I think that there are Dems - decent people ones - who will be revulsed. But folks who are keen on the Clinton and Biden ilk do not care what wrong-do
  10. Michael, Repeat, "I don't want to get deflected into varying meanings of 'thinking.'" I'll make that stronger. I won't get deflected into the subject now. I have things to do, and it's two weeks before a colossally important election. Re the first question, I - briefly - already said: "I don't mean just having thoughts - verbal or other symbolic content parading through one's mental world." Re the second question, a person can rationalize, i.e., try to give him/herself justificatory "reasons," and rationalizing might need effort, even considerable effort
  11. As I've said a couple times, I shudder at the thought. Literally, the thought of Kamala Harris as "Madam President" produces an instantaneous whole body horror reaction in me. I think that William wants her to be the US President. Yes, that picture could be used in a sequel to The Picture of Dorian Gray. Or a picture of some ghastly writhing snake creature. Ellen
  12. Michael, U..m..mm... Can of worms time. I don't want to get deflected into varying meanings of "thinking," but what I think of (ha) as being "thinking" is a narrower meaning than yours. I don't mean just having thoughts - verbal or other symbolic content parading through one's mental world. I mean actively, and honestly, making an effort to understand something. — Re my line which you quoted, "'The narrative' is merely a pretext used to put a veneer on the real desires," I thought of another succinct way of expressing that. "The narrative" isn't the motivation. It
  13. I think that I understand what you're getting at. Let me rephrase and see if this helps communication: Leftists aren't actually motivated by "the narrative" they propound. "The narrative" is used as a rationalization to disguise the actual motives. If that's what you're saying, I agree as regards a great many leftists. Maybe some of them believe "the narrative," but with most the motives range from seeking power and/or money, to being accepted by elitist cliques, to (in the case of the rioters and looters) simply stealing stuff and/or engaging in mayhem - smashing and burning
  14. I don't know anything about "Becker's Health Care" and I don't have time right now to look into them. One of the points listed leaps out as reflective of hanky-panky going on in official places: There's been hemming and hawing on whether or not the Covid virus is an aerosol virus - meaning, spread through airborne particles - as well as being spread in droplets of expelled mucus. Here's something from NPR dated October 5 about the CDC's shifting position on the "airborne" issue. I think that what's going on regarding the "airborne" issue is alarm-stoking to keep a sen
  15. Right. Which makes the whole Antifa and BLM and "wokeness" "social justice" facade just soooooo hypocritically absurd. What about "social justice" to actual slaves here and now instead of the pretext of grievances against slavery in US history?
  16. I immediately thought of Chris Grieb when I read your "tell us how you really feel" to Jules. Larry and I were staying for a few days - in summer or late spring 2010 - with John and Marsha Enright after a Heartland climate conference, which had been held in Chicago, when John received the news from a mutual friend of his and Chris's that Chris had died. Sad, sad news. Chris was a ray of light on OL. Re "tell us how you really feel" as addressed to Jules, however, I also had the immediate thought (seemed like two thoughts occurring simultaneously) that Jules could use stronger langu
  17. Almost done reading. Here's a passage to produce some nightmares: Ellen
  18. No way. I don't like listening to lectures in any case, unless actually attending a live event, and the sound of a lecture via the internet gives me shivers. I'll copy the transcript to a word-processor and edit as I go along. I have a lot of practice editing. Ellen
  19. I signed back on to say that I'd had the awful thought that maybe the organizers were compiling a list of people to be eliminated early in their project. Your version is less nasty. Ellen
  20. THANK YOU for the transcript. It will be hard on my eyes to read through, but I'd rather plow through the written text than listen. Ellen
  21. One of the sources linked to is the Launch Session, June 3, 2020, for the "World Economic Forum." At this time, there are 1,413 comments. I've read through about the first 40. Every one of those blasts the organization. One commenter expressed surprise that the stream of damming remarks is being left up. I'm surprised, too. Ellen
  22. I ordered the book. I dislike contributing even the bitsy royalty amount (pennies) to the authors, but I want to know what they said. Ellen
  23. Michael, Thanks for the clarification re Scott Adams on QAnon. Agreed that his comment is useful for this election. I'd never become a supporter myself, but I think that QAnon does get people examining in ways which are helpful to combatting the would-be world rulers. Ellen
  24. What was Scott Adams saying about QAnon before? (If you've quoted him on the subject previously, I'm not remembering what he said.) Ellen