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  1. Pay dirt emerging. Africa. Population control. Ellen
  2. Um. For instance, the claims made by medical authorities touting the "safety" and "efficacy" of a method that they call a "new form of vaccination." Ellen
  3. What could go wrong...go wrong...go wrong....? Ellen
  4. Peter quotes Rand Paul three posts above: I'd like to emphasize this sentence: "We can't let government tyrants and media fear mongers push us into accepting this terrible idea that we need their permission to go back to our lives." Ellen
  5. There's more than one kind of shot. William said he got the AstraZeneca vaccine. Note, I didn’t use scare quotes. The AstraZeneca is a real vaccine, not one of the mRNA jobies. Scroll down the page at this link for a comparison chart: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-55212787 Scroll down on this page for graphics illustration of how AstraZeneca works: https://www.bbc.com/news/health-55302595 There is some reported risk of blood clots with AstraZeneca, but a small risk. Here's an article which discusses risks and benefits: https://ww
  6. Possibly the infrastructure bill I posted about on the "Unraveling" thread - link. Ellen
  7. You quoted it in the post of yours I quoted. Anyway, I have no interest in discussing Covid further with you, seeing things you wrote to Mark. Ellen
  8. There were announcements already a few days ago that WHO wasn’t going along with vaccine passports - also that WHO isn’t going along with China's offer to provide database services for tracking. Like you, I’ve been wondering what the con is. Note this statement in the Disclose.tv thing you embedded: "It is uncertain as to whether vaccinations prevent the transmission of #COVID19, cites WHO spokesperson Harris." Could reality actually be penetrating at WHO? Ellen
  9. BREAKING: Texas Governor Greg Abbott Issues an Executive Order Prohibiting State Agencies or Political Subdivisions in Texas from Creating a ‘Vaccine Passport’ Requirement ‘It Can Be Confusing…I’m Not Really Quite Sure’ – Fauci on Texas Covid Cases Dropping Despite Ignoring His Advice on Masks, Social Distancing (VIDEO) Ellen
  10. “Cities Will Be on Fire” – Black Lives Matter Activist Warns “All Hell Will Break Loose” If Officer Chauvin Is Not Convicted in George Floyd Death Ellen
  11. Ahh... "Experts" are telling you, trust us, this thing that isn’t a vaccine is one...we just enlarge our understanding of biochemical mechanism so as to tweak ourselves into being justified in using the familiar term we want to use. Ellen
  12. Are you aware that you did not answer the question I asked? Ellen
  13. What did you get? In your reply to Peter you wrote "mask laws." Are you saying that you wrote one thing although you knew that what you wrote was not what Peter said? Second, could you possibly mean your implication that a person's refusing to get vaccinated* is an initiation of force on other citizens?!?! * Since the Covid "vaccines" aren’t really vaccines, interpret that as "vaccinated" in this context. The question applies more broadly, however. Ellen
  14. Yes, mask laws in Georgia courthouse are bad. But what Peter said Biden is proposing is far worse: Get that? Vaccination ID. Ellen
  15. Further on the Biden Administration's machinations: Dick Morris: Biden’s “Infrastructure Bill” Is a Lie – It’s a Ploy to Collectivize the Entire US I'll post the entire text of the Gateway Pundit article: Ellen
  16. The people making the moves behind the Biden-puppet administration understand that if things came to armed rebellion, then in order for the rebellion to succeed, the military would need to be predominantly supportive. Ergo, rid the military of Trump-supportive members. Chilling - and agreed that it is an invitation to outright civil war NOW, while there’s a chance of success. But I think that the likelihood of the invitation being acted on now is about zero. Ellen
  17. “We Have a Very Narrow Window to Tie Reopening Policy to Vaccination Status”- Doctor On CNN Ellen
  18. More from the "unraveling" Deep State: More on the Democrats’ Plans to Cleanse America from American-Loving Patriots Ellen
  19. I love that last verse - and not because of cherry trees. I wouldn’t myself call cherry trees the "loveliest of trees." It's the "fifty springs are little room..." and the going about the woodlands to see trees in snow, which I love to do. Housman was a super poet. Condolences on the death of your friend. Ellen
  20. Yes, COVID-19 Was a Biological Attack by the Chinese Communist Party – Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. Ellen
  21. OK, I noticed that in the "All Activity" feed. It gives me an opening. I've been avoiding reading the thread, but the title has been bugging me. In the final conversation between Eddie and Dagny, Eddie told Dagny not to wait for him before going wherever she was going. He would have been invited. He said he didn’t want to go. Ellen
  22. What gives Lindell any confidence (1) the case would be accepted by the Supreme Court? (2) The Supreme Court Justices would rule honestly if they did look at Lindell's evidence? Ellen
  23. Lin and Flynn - here and here (photo). Ellen
  24. I think that the opening sentence summarizes what William is saying in the word froth which follows (and which I only lightly skimmed through). Pulitzer hasn’t demonstrated that his technique works. At this point, I doubt that it matters whether the technique works or not, since Pulitzer announced some time ago what it can supposedly do. Thus, there won’t be unfolded ballots to detect. There's been time to fold and crease and crush appropriately by sending through a mail machine. Ellen
  25. The Deep State appears to be tightening, not unraveling, in its vilification of QAnon: Pure Marxism: Democrats to Target Patriotic Americans as ‘Domestic Terrorists’ in New Bill – “Security Clearance Improvement Act of 2021” Ellen