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  1. LOL. Look at the amount of verbiage you produced when I didn't even cite a passage. What would I be in for if I did? Ellen btw, I haven't read any further than the sentence I quoted, just taken a quick glance. I truly don't have time for this stuff, much as literature interests me. I was merely letting Jon know that there are people who don't find Rand's calling the book "a poem" (loosely speaking) odd.
  2. I could, abundant passages, like approximately the whole book. But I don't have the time, and if I did have the time, I wouldn't want to spend it on so frustrating a proceeding - way worse than trying to explain a joke Ellen
  3. Barbara Branden on Anthem: Quoting BB - "In one respect, that of style, Anthem is my favorite of Rand's fiction. It is lyrical and beautiful, and retains a remarkable consistency of style throughout. It ranks as the equal of the most beautiful of her writings in her novels -- with the "boy on the bicycle" scene and the death of the Wet Nurse. And it is in Anthem that we see the purest essence of Rand the Poet, without any of the harshness, the anger, the bitterness that came to mark her later work. Reading Anthem for the first time, many years ago, was one of the irreplaceable literary experiences of my life." I felt the same. Somewhere on OL, Barbara and I exchanged appreciative comments about Anthem. I couldn't find where on a quick search. The damnable Search function does not search material in quote boxes, which were probably used in the exchange. Ellen
  4. So all you're talking about is Max's posts on this thread where he makes a comparison to people who are prone to interpreting unidentified objects or phenomena in the sky as alien spacecraft? I thought you meant some history, prior to this thread, of attempts to debunk conspiracy theories. Something a la William. Very. --- About Ginsburg: I think that Dennis' comparison to finding a body double for Martha Argerich who can play like Martha Argerich is apt. A body double for Ginsburg would have to have expert knowledge of law at the level of a Supreme Court Justice in order to fool the other Supreme Court Justices. (I don't think that the conservative Justices would go along with a hoax upon the request of the "Trump team," as per Jon's answer here. Their reputations in the long view of future history would be at stake. Probably the liberal Justices wouldn't want their reputations mucked up by acquiescing in a fake either.) Ellen
  5. I don't know what your referents are for those statements. It isn't the same kind, even if you have referents which I haven't seen for Max's posting "debunking debunking debunking." Max posted another shot of the scene, in which the statue also appears. The statue has a beard. Ellen
  6. Michael, You do more than object. You start psychoanalyzing and knowing the motives that lurk in the mind of a person who doesn't agree with you. Then you get more elaborate augmenting the story which you know is in the other person's mind. Etc. (As to the picture, I think that Max has well accounted for the "oddities" you see. And as to the UFO comparison, I think you interpreted that as an accusation which wasn't made.) On another thread, Jon wrote: Originally (some months back), the claim was that RBG was definitely dead. I haven't been following the RBG developments, but the progression in Jon's wording looks like his sources have gotten evidence that Ginsburg is still alive. Ellen
  7. The story seems to have changed from pretending that a dead woman is still alive to pretending that an incapacitated woman is still compos mentis. I'm not among the "most readers" for whom Michael thinks your comments have very little to no worth. Ellen
  8. Wouldn't a conspiracy to hide RBG's death or incapacity require the cooperation of the conservative Supreme Court Justices? If yes, what motive would they have for cooperating? Ellen
  9. As I'm understanding the issue, the core of it is that the students weren't getting what Barney was being paid for. Barney was taking advantage of the existence of student loans in order to collect money from students, leaving them to repay the loans and without an education to show for it. It's the ripping off of the students which is the issue. The defenses putting the emphasis on "government loans" are smokescreens (in some cases inadvertent ones by people who aren't understanding that the students were ripped off). Ellen
  10. Mark, Thanks. I'll look into the references you cite when I get a chance. (I'm in Vienna, just arrived today. There's a super nifty math/physics conference at the University of Vienna later this week themed on Kurt Gödel's work and getting into Gödel's relationship to Einstein.) I'm much in favor of the development of educational paths (including cyber routes) as alternates to the current educational structure. However, the indicators I get re Barney are that he was conning. I'm curious, but I'm so far out of touch with ARI doings these days, I don't have contacts I can ask for their impressions. (Thanks, too, for the clarification re "Dr.") Ellen
  11. Michael, No, I'm not including you among Barney's supporters. I'm talking about the ARI people Mark's talking about in his opening post and in subsequent posts on the thread. Ellen
  12. Do you have something on ARI Watch about Hurd? Are the scare quotes because he doesn't have either an MD (I wouldn't think he'd have been up to getting that) or a Ph.D.? Years back Karen Reedstrom did an interview with Hurd in Full Context. I wasn't favorably impressed. He seemed slick and "premises are it, kids." The interview must have been circa '99, since I was corresponding with Nathaniel then and I recall exchanging some comments with him about Hurd. Hurd sounds like he knows Carl Barney personally. What about the conning - outright - re educational loans and the schools Barney ran? Were those innocent error too according to Barney's supporters? Ellen
  13. Mark, Do you know of anyone at ARI who expressed negativity about Barney before your "Who Is Carl Barney?" was published? The organization sounds like no one dare speak - or even see - out of line. Worse in that regard than NBI was. Ellen PS: Miswrite in the paragraph about Salsman's comment. Biddle's article, not Barney's.
  14. Oh, goodie. The symbolism that goes all the way back to Babylonia. (It does go all the way back at least that far.) Ellen
  15. I think that leftist worries about Trump's being re-elected have a far more plausible basis than my worries about his not being re-elected - sort of on a scale of Jupiter compared to Mercury in size. There is, however, the factor that leftist worries will inspire even more devious ingenuity than during the Hillary Clinton campaign, where they felt confident of victory up till the day of defeat. Now they know they have a tough battle. Ellen
  16. That he does these things doesn't make people who hate him like him any better. How many are there who hate him, and how effectively can they be mobilized? Maybe not effectively. Maybe the anti-Trumpers are in such disarray, they can't manage any effective opposition. But there are powerful interests who don't want Trump re-elected and will be working to mobilize a counteroffensive. Please understand, I really mean that I hope you're right in your sanguine prognosticating. But I won't crow victory until/unless it happens. Ellen
  17. No, it isn't specifically predicated on women voting for a woman president. Maybe you didn't notice that plenty of men voted for Hillary Clinton. It's predicated on what those two, Harris and Warren, are gung-ho about, the causes they espouse. Ellen
  18. That's the ticket - Harris for president, Warren for vice-president - which I think would give the Democrats their best shot in 2020 and which, Michael's reassurances notwithstanding, I worry could win. Not a pretty sight if that combo did win. Ellen
  19. I think so, too, at this stage, and I hope that you're right in not finding the prospect worrisome. Agreed. I think that Hillary Clinton might try again and could get the nomination, but that if so, the party leadership would have badly underestimated the amount of disgust among middle- and blue-collar-class Dems who feel disregarded and are already inclined to Walk Away. Ellen
  20. I think that it would be good for Trump and his supporters if Biden were the Dem candidate. The person who worries me is Kamala Harris. Ellen
  21. Michael, What you say about Q is along the lines I've been thinking, too. Sometimes Q is right, sometimes wrong, but always Q gets people questioning and poking and prying. William's supercilious negativity was what first aroused my interest. William's effective as a reverse indicator. Ellen
  22. Michael, No one was objecting to the police using tear gas before they went in. Brant had said - and I corrected - "When they fired in the gas that was the end of him." The gas was not "the end of him." Larry Fullmer was well and truly dead before the first canister of tear gas was fired. (His body had completed the growing-cold postmortem stage by the time the emergency medical technician examined the corpse.) The police, however, weren't guessing as to what sort of person they were dealing with - not a violent person (for all his swearing when he got drunk, which he did often). Consider: If the police had the fears you suggest, they would have been disgracefully remiss to have allowed a "crowd of neighbors" to be on the scene watching. Hindsight and all that...what I wish the police had done was to tell Larry through a bullhorn when they arrived, "Larry, we'll put out an all-points alert to find your dog if she's still alive. You can help us." I think that that would have worked, at least for awhile - since the dog was alive and findable. (Larry had been especially afraid that she'd been eaten by a coyote, She'd have made a nice morsel for a coyote.) He was so despondent generally that even if he didn't kill himself that time, he might have later. I wished so that I could help him. He had unusual substance - along with his demons. Ellen
  23. Not according to the article, which says that the first round of gas was fired at 3:03, the police were leaving just after 4:00, and "Fullmer had been dead for several hours" by then. Ellen
  24. I found the newspaper article about Larry Fullmer's suicide archived on Wendy McElroy's blog. http://www.wendymcelroy.com/blog/00000952.html ========== Start Blog Entry ========== [Previous entry: "Tipline"] [Main Index] [Next entry: "Leave My Child Alone"] 05/23/2005 Archived Entry: "Libertarian Larry Dead" This news item leaves me speechless...Libertarian Larry is dead. Deadly day in Pocatello: Standoff drives residents from neighborhood By John O'Connell - Journal Writer JPOCATELLO - He led two lives. People throughout town knew Larry Fullmer as "Libertarian Larry." For decades, he made waves writing controversial letters to the editor on topics such as politics, war and evolution. Neighbors and co-workers knew the other Larry Fullmer - the pleasant but solitary man in his early 60s who surfaced only to walk his tiny dog in the alley behind his Garfield Avenue home. He made two cries for help. The first, an e-mail to his sister received Sunday morning. He wrote he was despondent and thinking of taking his own life. The second was a typed letter with a similar message, which he left in a neighbor's mailbox later that afternoon. He fired two shots. It was just after 9 a.m. Pocatello police officers went to Fullmer's small, yellow home at 1515 N. Garfield Ave. to perform a welfare check requested by his sister. They found no one at home and left. Two hours passed, and a neighbor called to report the distressing letter. Officers returned and entered his home to find Fullmer inside, in his hallway, brandishing a firearm in an "aggressive manner." They backed away, and Fullmer ducked into another room. They heard the gunshots. Pocatello's immediate response team set up road blocks covering an area of several blocks. Police evacuated neighbors in the immediate vicinity, and at 1 p.m., told residents within 800 feet of Fullmer's home to evacuate via reverse 911 telephone calls. It was 2:41 p.m. Police parked a trailer, which served as their mobile command center, in the parking lot of the nearby fire station. The immediate response team waited with shields in hand in a neighbors shady front yard. A sniper lied on the ground at the base of a tree, his gun aimed at Fullmer's open front door. Fullmer had no telephone and efforts to reach him by e-mail failed. A minute passed and the team's trained negotiator addressed him with a megaphone. [Photo caption: Members of the immediate response team cross the intersection at North Hayes and Gould Streets Sunday afternoon responding to a suicide note.] "Larry, Larry, we need to talk to you. Larry, we want to make sure you're all right. Larry this is the Pocatello Police Department. We are here to help you. We will not hurt you." At 2:42 p.m., the negotiator warned him to come out with his hands up, or his house would be filled with gas. Nine more minutes passed. "Larry come on, do it now!" It was 3:03 p.m. "Bang!" The group of neighbors gathered to watch the events unfold gasped and jumped. The officers fired a round of gas inside Fullmer's home. Two minutes later, there was a second bang. A third bang followed at 3:15 p.m. At 3:17 p.m., there was another one. The officers fired a fifth and final round of tear gas at 3:22 p.m. "You got your gas mask?" one of the officers asked a colleague in the emergency response team. It was 3:44 p.m., and the team started moving toward the house. Garry Pritchett, of the Pocatello Police Department, approached the crowd of neighbors. "Hey folks, we're trying to listen to the officers. Please keep it down, or we're going to have to ask you people to leave," Pritchett told them. It was 3:46 p.m., and the officers were in position on Fullmer's front porch and side yard. They shattered two window panes and entered. At 3:53 p.m., the officers gathered on Fullmer's front porch stood at ease and started conversing with each other. A few walked away from the house, back toward the command center. Others remained to rope off Fullmer's property with yellow police tape. Larry Fullmer was never one to shy away from an argument, and his letters to the editor frequently spurred seemingly endless debates with other letter writers. Take Fullmer's Aug. 6, 2004, letter on the war in Iraq. He wrote about his lack of empathy for families of soldiers killed in Iraq. "Those families did nothing to oppose this war - not for liberty, but for empire. They did nothing to keep their sons and daughters from going, either ... The blood of their children is on their very own hands." On Oct. 31, 2004, Fullmer denounced both John Kerry and George Bush and encouraged voters to pick the Libertarian Party candidate, Michael Badnarik. He weighed in on evolution Aug. 6, 2004, and responded to a letter written by Albert Gius, who claimed science's take on the topic is flawed because it differs from the Bible. "Is all of modern science guided by the devil, or what? It's a fair question Albert. I await your response. In the meantime, Albert, I'm glad you're around. With friends like you, who take it seriously and thus expose it for what it is, religion - faith without evidence, even despite the evidence - needs few enemies." Priscilla Hearst met Fullmer on a few occasions, but she knew him best through his letters. She liked that he stood his ground, even when she disagreed with him. "Even under circumstances that were hostile, he stood his ground, and he had a message to give. I respected him for that," Hearst said. "He took a different approach. I think sometimes newspapers need to publish that kind of stuff." For a man with such strong opinions, outside of print, he kept them to himself at his job at Heinz Frozen Foods. "I don't think I've ever seen anybody say more than a couple of words to him," said coworker Dave Millward, whose mother Judy sold Fullmer his home at 1515 N. Garfield Ave. It was just after 4 p.m. Police cars started pulling away from their road blocks. Pritchett addressed the media. He explained police fired no shots during the encounter. As for Fullmer, Pritchett couldn't say if his two shots were aimed at police, himself or nothing in particular. But an emergency medical technician could find no vital signs, and his body was cold to the touch and surrounded by blood. Fullmer had been dead for several hours. ========== End Blog Entry ========== Ellen
  25. Apparently Larry Fullmer did live in Pocatello. I thought he lived in Utah. Maybe I'm confusing where he was raised with where he was living when he died. He was raised Mormon. What Ross said about the supposed police standoff was that gunfire was exchanged. The police had surrounded the house, alerted by Larry's sister that Larry was suicidal, but he may have been dead already by then. A black guy? Man oh man. That's a new one. Sure wasn't ever mentioned by his lady friend, with whom I had some extensive correspondence about his and her relationship. (I remember her name, but don't want to drag her in if she's still alive. She was a number of years older than me and than Larry.) Where did you get a supposed video, Peter? Was it from Bill Dwyer that we heard of Larry's death? I was trying to remember how we did hear. I think Larry posted all upset about having lost the dog Or maybe that was something private he sent to me. Damn anyway, I do not have time to dig up the stuff from my old computer's storage drive. My Larry and I have loads to do getting ready for our Vienna excursion. Ellen PS: I tried a search in the Idaho State Journal archives for the original article, but the search didn't work.