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  1. Michael, Your Clinton idea seems probable to me. I've been thinking, Which would I hate worse having as Madame President, Hillary Clinton or Kamala Harris? Tough choice. Clinton has such extensive power connections, she could do an awful lot of damage. But Harris would have those connections backing and manipulating her, and...she gives me the heebie-jeebies just looking at her. Something snakelike. I don't get heebie-jeebies from actual snakes. Snaky people, though, make me feel that I just want to get away from them. Plus, I'm hoping that Candace Owens will be the first black female US President. All in all, I'm hoping that those who think that Trump is sure to be re-elected are right, Ellen
  2. Contrast with: If your earlier suggestion is right (I think it's quite plausible), the Harris pick would be part of the set up - preparing (as per a suggestion you've made several times) for Clinton to end up being the candidate. Ellen
  3. Bingo - only change the word "cannot" to "pretend not to" - and put "on our side" in scare quotes: "The self-proclaimed principled people 'on our side' who [pretend not to] see the Deep State for what it is are beneficiaries of the elitist ruling class." Ellen
  4. Ah..... Note the time stamp: Tue, 21 Mar 2000 13:31:42 GMT And your statement "I have been [...] on Atlantis for one month". I think the "Helena Handbasket" posts had stopped before you joined Atlantis. Thus, you wouldn’t have saved them in your files. Ellen
  5. HUH???? Peter, what "incriminating evidence and confession" do you think you found? Roger admitted to being "NRoarkofConn." Roger was also Lilah Kerrugh. (I got taken in by that false identity for a wee while and had some off-list exchange with "Lilah," I don't remember about what.) Roger did not admit to being "Helena." As I recall, he was as puzzled as everyone else about who wrote the "Helena Handbasket" posts, and anyway there were features which I think Roger couldn't have done. Btw, about suspicion being directed at JR or George, I think that that was retroactive suspicion, i.e., the idea that one of them might have done it as a lurker (same as the suspicion about David Brown, if I have his name correct). I think the HH posts had stopped before George and JR started posting (as themselves). Also, what do you mean in calling what you posted "this thread"? You have a series of out-of-sequence stuff, some of it from 2003 and from Jimbo's retained list, not from the New Atlantis list. One of the people whose posts you've copied was Victor Levis. Victor, for a time, did a "Helena Handbasket" imitation series which then had me and some others wondering if he'd done the original, but he said that, no, he hadn’t. Ellen
  6. No, JR didn’t write the "Helena Handbasket" posts. There was much discussion about who was the author. JR denied multiple times, on list and off, that he wrote them. So did George. David Brown was a primary suspect, though he didn’t post on ATL. I'm almost sure that he, too, denied authorship. JR wrote the "Roland Pericles" posts. Ellen
  7. I've been remembering stuff from the Moore days on Old ATL - including the "Helena Handbasket" takeoffs. We never did find out who was the brilliant parodist who wrote those. Peter, did you save the "Helena Handbasket" posts? I probably have them on an old external storage disk, but I don't have time to look for them. Ellen
  8. Jon, That is the worst insult to my thinking ability I have ever received from anyone in the 21+ years I've posted on O"vish lists. Is it that you haven't read any of the material Peter's posted from Ellen Moore? Or do you actually think that I would have written such stuff? I'm glad Merlin provided that link. The linked-to post tells about Ellen Moore's death November 11, 2007, and how I learned that EM had died - from Barbara, who had written to EM with some fond thoughts and was saddened at learning from Mel, EM's husband, that crusty, feisty, valiant Ellen Moore had died. Ellen Stuttle btw, Stuttle is my maiden name. My husband's name is Gould.
  9. Michael, Please do exercise caution. I wouldn't like to see you become a biowarfare casualty. Jon — in effect — exonerates the killers who produced this bug. (If there's no bug, there are no such people.) I curse them. Regarding masks: The sort of masks people generally wear are porous to viruses and can be a health hazard because of gunk that builds up on the inner surface if people wear the same mask repeatedly. I wear one when I go into an establishment where masks are required. As you say, no point in producing the social hassles of arguing about it. I change to a fresh mask after a few uses. Social distancing might help somewhat, although this virus doesn’t seem to be easily contagious from casual contact. Most people who get it get it from someone with whom they have regular contact. In general, though, being careful of doorknobs and door handles is a good idea as a preventative against getting an infectious bug you can pick up on your hands by touching surfaces and then infect yourself with by rubbing your hand across your mouth or eyes. Regarding vulnerability: About age 60 is where a steep increase in vulnerability with increasing age starts. Along with being at about the threshold age, you have a history of drugging and boozing. There might be long-term histological weaknesses which would increase vulnerability. (I'm just surmising on that. Smoking definitely increases vulnerability. I'm not sure about drinking and drugging, but I think that it's reasonable to expect that a history of those would be a negative factor.) Ellen
  10. Michael, you're getting backward what the import of the miscount would have been in this instance. The people were mistakenly notified as survivors. Thus, if they'd been listed in the disease tallies - which they weren't - they'd have falsely inflated the number of recoveries, not the number of deaths, and therefore decreased, not increased, the death rate. Ellen PS: Jon, stop to think, huh? If the insurance company's intention had been to produce alarm over a harmless bug, telling 600,000 people they'd had the bug without even knowing they'd had it wouldn't be helpful.
  11. Progress was being made, in the sense that the conspirators were being alerted through roundabout means to there being people who were onto specific plans, so they were working on other methods. Ironically, the COVID-19 scare has, for the moment, put a stop to the possibility of the schemers pursuing any of their methods. Thing is, they need to be able to travel, and they're blocked, since they don't have the VIP status to get special permission for travel. Ellen
  12. Peter, did you miss that I was being sarcastic? Ellen
  13. Jon, you happen to be talking to someone who really does have insider information on this one. Plus you're talking logistic absurdity. I'm not denying, btw, that there's been quite a bit of cheating, especially in certain countries, of which the US is one. That doesn't mean that there is no bug, one which hits susceptible people hard. Ellen
  14. The number of liars involved in that one is enormous. A worldwide roster of virologists, medical examiners, lab techs. Ellen
  15. That's interesting. I haven't seen any affirmations in posts of yours I've read. Just stuff like Flynn sporting some Q insignia and Trump saying "seventeen" in various contexts - things of that order, none of which are affirmations of affiliation and some of which might have no connection whatsoever to Q. Have there been any actual statements of affiliation? Ellen
  16. I think that "Q" is strongly on the good guys side in his value system and that he's an important positive influence as a rallying focus and instigator of citizen research. But I think that he is not the "insider" he either says or intimates he is. (I'm not sure if he explicitly lays claim to insider status or only hints at it.) Ellen
  17. LOL. Leave out the sentence about a non-nanny-state government and the rest describes the neighborhood I live in (where most of my neighbors are black). I'm not into growing flowers and vegetables. My thing is trees and bushes. We have some wonderful specimens of both on our property, and I nurture them. Many of my neighbors, though, are into growing colorful displays of flowers. One street in particular, the street I take when I walk to town center, is a floral feast for the eyes in the summer. I think that Kat would like this area. Ellen
  18. Interjecting. I haven't read the whole post yet, but that leapt out with its following your statement that the "few Kontrol Freak Karens [...] tend to be upper-middle-class to upper class white women." As I've mentioned, I live in a neighborhood which is about 95% black, mostly Caribbean-Island-descended people. There is not one "Black Lives Matter" placard in the yard of any of my black neighbors. One neighbor, who lives next door to Larry's and my house, used to own a mom-and-pop grocery store. (He sold it a few years ago - he's getting on in age, and the daily grind of running the store had become too much.) I haven't actually gotten into a conversation with him about the rioters, but I can easily imagine what he'd have to say about them. Meanwhile, in West Hartford, which is the wealthiest community in the Greater Hartford complex and is where many of the people in the state government, and many prominent business people and university people, live, and is predominantly white, the "Black Lives Matter" placards are thick. Ellen
  19. Sooner the better, imo. Not that any place will be "safe" - but the Chicago area seems pretty guaranteed to become a war zone. Ellen
  20. "Bad cold" is rhetorical slop if you're talking about a severe case. "Flu" is a reasonable comparison in terms of locale (lower respiratory), symptomatology, and course. The best comparison for a severe case is to the original SARS, which is why this bug was first called "SARS-CoV-2." You've evidently caught up to the erroneousness of your statement that "all common colds ARE coronas." Ellen
  21. There's an actual bug, and it's no more "a variant of the common cold" because it's a coronavirus, as are several viruses which produce common cold symptoms, than a horse is a variant of a cow because, like a cow, a horse is an ungulate. Ellen
  22. Jon, You are making a category error. "Coronavirus" is a wider category than the types of coronavirus which produce common cold symptoms. Severe acute respiratory syndrome, which COVID-19 produces in susceptible people, is in a different league of bad from "a bad cold." You're correct that the timing of the (pre-planned) outbreak was geared to causing trouble for Trump's re-election chances - as one goal. There are other, longer-range goals, which aren't entirely identical amongst the collaborators. The Vaccers have their purposes, and the ChiComs have theirs. About hospitals being under-occupied: People aren't being admitted into hospitals who should be. Procedures deemed "elective" or "non-essential" aren't being scheduled - with resultant danger to people's lives, for instance, people awaiting colonoscopies for suspected colon cancer screening, or people needing by-pass surgery. And lots of lesser-urgency but nevertheless significant procedures which people can't get done. Thus the COVID-19-"containment" attempt is causing secondary health hazards through disruption of medical practice. (On the difference between a test for antibodies and a test for a particular virus, the "hidden" material in William's long reply explains that.) Ellen
  23. On the near eve of the Fourth of July, here's a wonderful find - a book called True History of the American Revolution which is quoted from in Chapter V of Yarvin's "An Open Letter": https://books.google.com/books?id=SZccAAAAMAAJ&printsec=toc&source=gbs_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=false The link is to a Google books search screen. The book was published in 1902 by none other than the J. B. Lippincott Compsny, the company where I was an editor in the 1970s. Here's some of Yarvin's discussion. The Shortest-Way, which he references, was a "black propaganda" pamphlet by Daniel Defoe, full title The Shortest-Way with the Dissenters. Ellen