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  1. Mayor Lightfoot is in her element, and it isn't a pretty one. Evanston and Northwestern sound like they've changed quite a bit since I went to university at Northwestern in the early 60s. The town and the campus were considered stodgy, well behind the curve of the 60s. It was said that all the campus radicals could meet in a small off-campus deli which was locale central for leftist agitation. Ellen
  2. I'm thinking that the riot fomenters are miscalculating and handing Trump a plus just when he needs one to distract from (varied) discontents over his handling of COVID-19 response. Ellen
  3. Thanks for reposting the excerpts from Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy by George Gilder. I meant to buy that and forgot. I just ordered it. Ellen
  4. It's stronger than Gates' being "fine with the objectives of the Chinese Communist Party at WHO." He's in league with them, in a partnership with them. Haha. Ears would singe. --- The tweet from the White House has 20.1K likes as I write - 9:43 pm edt. It s time stamped at 4:15 pm today, May 29, 2020. Let's see how high the "Likes" tally gets. Ellen
  5. From the Elan Journo Facebook entry TG posted a few posts above: ===== Start Quote ===== "[Gates'] philanthropic foundation has pledged $250 million to help with the manufacture of promising vaccines for the novel coronavirus." ===== End Quote ===== And then watch what's coming. India, especially, look out. Bad batch of vaccine? Many deaths? And, predicting a pandemic for which the world isn't prepared is such a great deniability cover for writing the blueprint for said pandemic. Ellen
  6. George hadn't a clue. Ellen
  7. Peter quotes a couple Atlantis posts of mine in which I talked about Wolfgang Pauli. I wrote about "the Pauli Effect": ===== Start Quote ===== There's the legendary, in physicist jokes, principle known as "The Pauli Effect," according to which any experiment being conducted in near-proximity to Pauli's physical location was sure to go wrong. There were even experimenters who took to asking, when they couldn't get lab equipment to work, "Where's Pauli?" And then there's the tale of an experimenter who, upon having a terrible time conducting what should have been a simple lab demonstration, said, "But Pauli's in Vienna," only to be told that although Pauli was en route to Vienna, he'd stayed overnight in the town where the experimenter lived. ===== End Quote ===== Another story is the one about some students whose physics lab Pauli was scheduled to visit setting up a test of the Pauli Effect. They rigged a bucket with water in it above the door to the lab and attached by a lever so the bucket would dump the water on someone entering through the door. Pauli entered. The lever mechanism didn't work. Pauli Effect confirmed ---- I usually fast forward past Atlantis stuff Peter posts, but I was curious to see what I'd said about Pauli. I like the posts, these multiple years later. Maybe I'll find someplace besides this troll thread to copy them to when I get some time. Ellen
  8. Sorry for the delay answering. I've been busy off-line and just got around to catching up with proceedings here. I think either a VPN routing, or the troller moved. I think it's the same person (male) who did "eva matthews" and co and another fake persona (on OO, I think that was) whose "name" I don't recall. Could be someone from the Min/St Paul region who's encountered some of the O'ists in that area and is tweaking. However, there are stylistic and response method similarities to the prior pest-troll. (Recall, that person used a borrowed photo for the eva matthews account.) Ellen
  9. I'm glad to hear that. I'd wondered if maybe you'd been bit by the bug. Ellen
  10. W is a practiced troll who's been here before and through whose hoops you're jumping. Ellen
  11. Glad you said it. My reaction is, Yuck, how ugly. Ellen PS: I hope you've been ok.
  12. This thread is averaging fewer than five reads per post, and the other is averaging six reads per post - fewer than the usual low read-per-post typical averages these days. Doesn't look like much interest to me. I think the people who are posting are doing so to mock a troller. Ellen
  13. And Gates. And WHO. And everyone else involved in the scheme. I'm very angry about the deaths from this "dastardly plot." I'm thinking of those who died as war casualties. Ellen
  14. We've certainly been played as to the deadliness of it. It's a real virus, and extra-hard on particular categories of people. But it's no where near the killer it was projected as being. We've been played - by a "Disease X" scheme that was already planned out for potential use in early 2018. Ellen
  15. There are a couple other articles linked to from the article Mark cites. One reports that Ferguson - the developer of the badly flawed Imperial code - has been forced to resign, ostensibly because he "broke coronavirus lockdown rules." (He says he thought he was immune to the virus, but that he was wrong nonetheless in breaking protocol.) https://www.fort-russ.com/2020/05/forced-to-resign-corrupt-covid-19-histrionic-uk-health-advisor-neil-ferguson-quits-in-shame-questions-linger/ The other has some chilling information about consequences of a coronavirus vaccine. https://www.fort-russ.com/2020/05/were-conspiracy-theorists-right-bill-gates-supported-moderna-inc-prepares-mid-stage-trials-for-covid-19-vaccine/ --- Quote "To date, there has never been a successful coronavirus vaccine made, due to the nature of the virus. Additionally, past attempts to create a coronavirus vaccine have only resulted in leaving the vaccinated person with a higher chance of serious illness and death when later exposed to another strain of the virus. "It is expected that this novel coronavirus will mutate at least every season, raising serious questions about claims to a vaccine that will either work, or moreover, not render the vaccinated more vulnerable to evolved strains." --- End Quote If that's true, along with being scary, it militates against an idea I expressed on Ed Hudgins' recent thread that the collaborators responsible for developing COVID-19 already had a vaccine for protecting themselves and specific others whom they didn't want to be at risk. Presumably they would know about the secondary hazards of a coronavirus vaccine. Ellen
  16. ****** "DISEASE X" REMINDER ****** ===== Start Quote ===== https://www.sciencealert.com/mysterious-disease-x-next-deadly-global-epidemic-who-warns-virus-pathogen Mysterious 'Disease X' Could Be The Next Deadly Global Epidemic, WHO Warns PETER DOCKRILL 12 MARCH 2018 It's a contagion so deadly and mysterious, we know nothing about it – except that it could be the next global epidemic, according to experts at the World Health Organisation (WHO). Code-named 'Disease X', this mystery pathogen hasn't even been discovered yet, but the looming threat of its almost certain inevitability has secured it a place on the WHO's 'most dangerous' list: a catalogue of potential future epidemics for which countermeasures are insufficient – or don't exist at all. But how can a disease that hasn't even been identified be considered such a serious threat to public health? The best way of thinking about it is that 'Disease X' is a placeholder for a contagious hazard we haven't encountered yet, but which is virtually certain. It's a so-called 'known unknown' that the WHO says we need to be prepared for, which is why the mystery malady is now on the agency's R&D Blueprint of priority diseases. "Disease X represents the knowledge that a serious international epidemic could be caused by a pathogen currently unknown to cause human disease," the WHO explained in a recent statement. "The R&D Blueprint explicitly seeks to enable cross-cutting R&D preparedness that is also relevant for an unknown 'Disease X' as far as possible." The R&D Blueprint was initially released in 2015, and is reviewed on an annual basis, with the WHO explaining it exists to prioritise the top emerging pathogens likely to cause severe outbreaks in the near future, for which few or no medical countermeasures exist. The most recent review took place in February, with experts agreeing the following diseases are the ones that most urgently require researchers' attention: Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever (CCHF); Ebola virus disease and Marburg virus disease; Lassa fever; Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS); Nipah and henipaviral diseases; Rift Valley fever (RVF); and Zika virus. This year, for the first time, the WHO added Disease X to the list, in an acknowledgment of the fact it's highly probable another pathogen will soon be added to this record – and by increasing awareness of that probability, it may actually boost research efforts to combat the imminent, unknown, threat. "History tells us that it is likely the next big outbreak will be something we have not seen before", chief executive of the Research Council of Norway and WHO adviser John-Arne Rottingen told The Telegraph. "It may seem strange to be adding an 'X' but the point is to make sure we prepare and plan flexibly in terms of vaccines and diagnostic tests. We want to see 'plug and play' platforms developed which will work for any, or a wide number of diseases; systems that will allow us to create countermeasures at speed." As for where Disease X could come from, nobody knows for sure, but there a multitude of possible sources, including existing viruses that demonstrate new virulence and symptoms (such as Zika virus), engineered viruses escaped from laboratories or used as bioweapons, and zoonotic infections transferred from animals to humans. "As the ecosystem and human habitats change there is always the risk of disease jumping from animals to humans," Rottingen said. "It's a natural process and it is vital that we are aware and prepare. It is probably the greatest risk." While we can be thankful Disease X probably doesn't exist yet, the likelihood of it appearing in the future is definitely something we should be aware of, in the hopes we can stay one step ahead of any future threats – especially as we continue to encounter and take over what remains of the natural environment. "The intensity of animal and human contact is becoming much greater as the world develops," WHO scientific adviser Marion Koopmans explained to The Telegraph. "This makes it more likely new diseases will emerge but also modern travel and trade make it much more likely they will spread." ===== End Quote ===== Ellen
  17. I've been wondering if whoever started "Q" was taking a page from L. Ron Hubbard's book and setting out to found a religion. Ellen PS: I haven't read the article yet. I anticipate that it will be sneery and "sophisticated"-superior in tone. I'm simply reacting to the article's title, which echoes my own question regarding "Q's" long-range intent.
  18. Devices like that could be used for other purposes besides tracking people. Ellen
  19. DOD Announcement: "IMMEDIATE RELEASE DOD Awards $138 Million Contract, Enabling Prefilled Syringes for Future COVID-19 Vaccine MAY 12, 2020" https://www.defense.gov/Newsroom/Releases/Release/Article/2184808/dod-awards-138-million-contract-enabling-prefilled-syringes-for-future-covid-19/source/GovDelivery/ Ellen
  20. I'm thinking that hanging him would be a tactical blunder. It would serve to make a martyr figure of him. And that if he were to "commit suicide," it would be his own cronies who did him in. Ellen
  21. Do you believe literally the statements of that sort which you make? Ellen
  22. So we can progress to musings about shingles? Never mind what Gates and the ChiComs have been up to: Ellen
  23. You left out specifically what's being done to the US. Put that top of the list, and you have a good summary of what this virus was intended to accomplish. The deaths are merely a means, not a main goal, except in China, where population thinning is among the main goals. (The deaths in China - where the death count has been significantly underreported and has probably been assisted - get rid of some drain-on-the-economy elderly people, and probably others, political enemies.) I've mentioned before, though not in awhile, an "eliminate 'em" population-culling effort I've been minorly helpful in trying to thwart. Ironically, the eliminativist schemers are pissed and confounded by this virus scare, since their plans are being tangled by measures being taken by governments and by individuals trying to protect themselves. So there is that plus, along with the plus of countries deciding that they can't afford contra-"climate change" initiatives at this time. But. The price is steep. Ellen
  24. Did you read the comments? In particular one, which I'll copy. (I hope there isn't a permissions problem. I can paraphrase if needs must.) Note: The linked-to (by Bryan Fischer) article concerns in vitro studies, not in vivo. Same issue with a tweet from Praying Medic which you posted earlier and I've been intending to get around to commenting on. I wonder, is "Praying Medic" actually a medic? I'd expect a real medic to know the difference between in vitro and in vivo. There have been some reports of in vivo success using HCQ against COVID-19, but its effectiveness isn't a certainty, and it does have safety problems. Meanwhile, I have a different conspiracy theory of my own. I'm suspicious that there already is a vaccine available to "Project Disease X" insiders. Some of them are old enough, they'd be at risk if they caught the bug, and any of them might want to protect particular older people they know. So I think that they'd have had a vaccine at the ready prior to bug release. Ellen
  25. Good. I was worried about you. Thanks for letting us know. Ellen