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  1. Right on! (Now watch Merlin try to copycat with a flop of a parody.) Ellen
  2. Please forgive some cyber medical advice. If you're undergoing a stem cell procedure, you already have a strain on your system, and you've indicated that you're past the years of youth. You might be a high-risk candidate if you caught this bug, and I think that you wouldn't enjoy ending your travel-loving life in a ventilator. Ellen
  3. "In 2019, with the backing of NIAID, the National Institutes of Health committed $3.7 million over six years for research that included some gain-of-function work." Note the term "gain of function." That's the idea. A natural virus is used and then "enhanced" for specific advantages - in this case advantages to persons wanting a virus that's a lot more communicable from human to human than the typical animal-to-human coronavirus. Next step ("mutant" COVID strain) would be increased high fatality range, extending the very high risk range downward from about 75 up to about 60 up.
  4. Yes, that's just the sort of pincer operation I mean. Add to teaching the young fake history and killing off the old who know or learned the real history: Teaching garbage methods of thinking and NOT teaching the Enlightenment values of rationality, objectivity, and judging the merits of an idea by its truth (the meaning of "truth" being changed to "social construct"). You have a populace who are the ignorant, defenseless, and even willing subjects of totalitarian rule. Ellen
  5. The Pincer Plot for the destruction of Western Enlightenment civilization now emerges in its full horribleness. I've seen this clearly because of the simultaneous running of the basketball "woke" thread. On the young side, we have youth who have already been subjected to an educational system shaped by several generations of progressivist policies now being indoctrinated into "wokeness" which presents Western Enlightenment values as a white-privilege "metanarrative." On the elderly side we have people who were educated when Western Enlightenment values were still the basis
  6. Note the website link: https://www.nyu.edu/projects/ollman/docs/basketball.php Yep, NYU. Ellen
  7. YES, very dangerous. Likewise, even more so, in Europe. (And, as I've said, an important ChiCom long-term goal of Covid is accelerating their power hold on Europe.) I’ll recommend a book to Merlin, who seems not to get the Marxist undergirding and deliberate employment of gender, gay, and race studies and "empowerment." I think you've recommended this book yourself, Michael: The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity by Douglas Murray. Ellen
  8. I doubt that they realize that what they're doing is racism, but I think that they sense that it's "in." The placards are like advertisements - "We are people with the correct attitudes." It isn’t as if putting placards in the yards of their expensive homes is doing a thing actually to help any disadvantaged black people, and I bet that if the surface were scratched, a lot of the wealthy whites advertising solidarity with BLM secretly harbor prejudices and a feeling of guilt because of the prejudices. Plus they would have been taught a message of white guilt in their education. The dis
  9. I'm doubtful that the percentage of BLM supporters who are being duped is "most if not all." I'm suspicious that only a small percentage of supporters are being duped, mainly the young supporters. Among older supporters, I suspect that a high percentage are virtue-signaling as a status-garnering ploy. I'll repeat something I wrote on the "Current Riots" thread - here: Ellen
  10. I think it's a brilliant throwing-down-the-gauntlet move (along with being the first step in a very good direction). Ellen
  11. The education system is thoroughly dominated by that kind of junk at this time, but one can hope. A trend has to start somewhere. Fifty-two years ago is about when the trend toward "studies" programs started - women's studies, black studies, minorities studies, etc. From September 1968 - spring 1969, I worked as typist and research assistant on a proposal being put forth to Vassar. Vassar was planning to fund a special program of some sort. The proposal I was working on, overseen by Charles Frankel, was for an interdisciplinary science/humanities curriculum. I would have loved
  12. That presents a false bifurcation, pneumonia or virus. The pneumonia, which is typically the proximal cause of death, is produced either directly because of the lungs filling with fluid as a result of the body's immune response or indirectly because the body's weakened state allows a secondary pneumonia-producing pathogen to take hold. Ellen
  13. The ChiComs in league with specific persons/coalitions who want a vaccine, with potential for payloads in that, and who want population reduction. For instance, at this time, impoverished people are dying in Africa and India, not because of the virus directly, because of lack of food from curtailed imports. Meanwhile, the ChiComs are making further inroads getting power over European governments, and the European Union is falling apart. Globalist interests don't want that, but it isn't the case, as some persons think it is, that there's a central conspiracy running everything - what I c
  14. So what percentage of prospective voters do you estimate they are? Ellen