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  1. The count on the Instagram post just topped 1.4 million. It's 1,400,001 as I write at 7:42 pm est 1/25/20. It was 1,353,037 at about 5:30 am est. The count for the tweet is currently 340 thousand. It was 330 thousand at about 5:30 am est. Ellen
  2. And the count is going higher. I think the reaction is a far more reliable indicator than the polls are. Ellen
  3. 1.2 million as I type (1,200,724). 282K on the tweet. Ellen
  4. Trump regularly gets 80 thousand plus likes for his tweets. The one above, of Obama spying on him through a window, had 153 thousand already when I first saw it a couple hours after Michael posted it. It now has 228 thousand as of 8:05 am est. Correction, 229 thousand, the count just went up. Let's see how high it goes. Ellen PS: 231 thousand
  5. Not good for Sanders' image - I hope - at least among his older admirers. The young ones might not know better than Weissgerber's Soviet revisionism, having been carefully mistaught. Ellen
  6. I'm not surprised. The question I'm wondering about is if Sanders himself is "surprised." Does he know what people in his campaign are saying amongst themselves? Ellen
  7. What is Bernie Sanders saying about Weissgerber? Is Sanders disowning him - loudly? Ellen
  8. The showing at the Toledo, Ohio, rally is a wonderfully well-timed demonstration of how Trump's support base is reacting to his taking out Soleimani. Ellen
  9. Increasingly, academics who signed on to the scare as the sophisticated and properly "concerned" belief are getting panicky over the prospect of being made to look like fools. Ellen
  10. Happy New Year! 2020's started off with a bang. Ellen
  11. On New Year's Eve William posted a blog entry titled (quoting from memory) "No Need to Check Facts when You [sic] Gut Tells You....." The entry and all comments (about 9) seem to have disappeared. I'll repeat the second paragraph of a post I made about 2:00 am this morning: "Larry and I went to dinner at a place we love - an historic inn, currently called 'Abigail's,' which dates back to not long after the Revolutionary War. We toasted: 'To Donald Trump's re-election.'" Ellen
  12. From the linked-to article: I.e, in California permission has to be given by a political party in order for no-party-preference (NPP) voters to vote in that party's primary. The California Democratic, Libertarian, and American Independent parties have given permission for NPPs to vote in their primaries. The California Republican Party has not given permission. I think that it would be a tactical blunder for the California Republican Party to allow NPPs to vote in its primary. Non-party-affiliated persons who want Trump defeated would take advantage and would vote in the Republican primary for some candidate other than Trump. Ellen
  13. Methinks the pollsters are hoping to produce a self-fulfilling prophecy. Ellen
  14. Shortly after I posted this afternoon, I walked to Bloomfield center on a small shopping excursion. While on the way, I had the thought: What's happening is the Second American Revolution. Appropos: In the parking lot of the Bloomfield center post office, one of the parked vehicles was a pick-up truck that looked like it was used by farm folks. The truck had a number of stickers indicating a "Don't tread on me" attitude. One of the stickers said: "Make the liberals cry again in 2020." I laughed - and wished that whoever had parked the truck would show up then so I could say "Right on." Ellen
  15. I.e., William. Possibly you're thinking of examples from non-OL venues as well, but the person who posts here who uses the attempted-discrediting technique you describe is William. I advise interested persons to use considerable caution regarding the Qist "profile" William tries to showcase as being typical. Ellen