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  1. You didn’t understand the question, but never mind. Ellen
  2. Have you been consulting books on Delphic oracularism? Ellen
  3. Gaack. Trump would have to do some heavy apologizing to restore my opinion of his honesty after those remarks. I think that there's no way he could still be so ignorant. I've started to agree with you in viewing Trump as a second-choice candidate, better than a Democrat but not the person I'd want if I could have my preference. Ellen
  4. Michael, I suspect that there are folks at the FDA who are good enough at cellular biology not to have needed clinical trials in order to anticipate trouble. I could anticipate trouble just from reading about the mechanism, and the FDA safety assessors are supposed to be experts. Presumably, some of them really are experts. Regarding Trump and his role in getting the mRNA pseudo-vaccines on the market, my point is that I think that long term it's going to be harmful to his reputation for him to be claiming credit for whatever impetus he provided. The stuff is a medical-practice-induced disaster. This will become more and more obvious as time goes on. I think that at least from prudence Trump would be wise to start bailing out. Maybe he judges the timing differently and that's why he's holding back. My impression, though, is that he still hasn’t caught up to reality on the issue. Ellen
  5. Michael, Mark can correct me if I'm wrong in interpreting what he meant by "anti-semitism" - note the hyphen. I think that what he was talking about is what Jeff Riggenbach called "Professional Jewishness." It's a victim-status ploy like "woke." Ellen
  6. I'd reverse it. Trump seems to be saying: The vaccines are safe and effective today like the election results were dishonest and corrupt in November. Ellen
  7. About Robert Malone's connection to the mRNA "vaccines," what he contributed, in 1987, was showing that mRNA encased in a lipid nanoparticle could slip into cells in animal tissue. It was a long way from that demonstration to developed "vaccines." Ellen
  8. Michael, I don’t understand what you mean. Of course Mark and I know each other in the sense of being on the same discussion list, just as everyone else here knows each other in that sense. What did you think he meant, that he’d never heard of me before? You've seen list exchanges between us. Ellen
  9. My doctor no longer recommends that people get the shots. He listened to me and learned some things he didn’t know. Politics had no part in the discussion. Ellen
  10. Speaking of copy editing, the election results were dishonest and corrupt, but the vaccines weren’t and aren’t safe and effective. Ellen
  11. Yes, I do know. And I know Jews who say the same, with the same meaning. I also think that this thread isn’t the place for trying to explain the subtlety, and I don’t want to go into it on the other thread either. —- Regarding our knowing each other, I took you to mean that we've never met or had any contact with each other outside of internet fora. We've rarely even exchanged private messages. A brief exchange years ago when there was flap about you on OL. Possibly a few times when I sent off-list copy editing corrections to ARI articles. (I don’t remember if I sent any of those off-list or mentioned all of them on-list.) And, in March or April of this year, a brief couple notes about volition, with side reference to Vienna. (This was when, briefly, Larry and I thought we'd be able to go to Vienna this last May.) Ellen
  12. What you think you've seen isn’t there. Likewise about Mark. I argued with you, and with Barbara, once upon a time over whether Mark is antisemitic. He's anti America being run to suit Israel. It isn’t the same thing, I don’t want to argue the issue again. I think that Mark doesn’t want arguing about it either. I debated even mentioning it. But silence might have seemed to be acquiescence. Ellen
  13. Actually, yes, a number of times, although not to political positions. Ellen
  14. Michael, This isn’t an issue of gotchas or of "misfires and campaign rhetoric." It's an issue of people's lives and health, of children growing up damaged. There are monsters behind all this who want the population weeded. Every day those pseudo-vaccines are on the market and being jabbed into people is a day of more needless deaths and current damage and future damage set in motion. This is not trivial brush-off stuff. If Trump would come out and tell truth on this one, it would help so much toward ending the decimation. Ellen
  15. I don’t agree with you that apologizing about his assistance in foisting UNsafe and ineffective in combating Covid new kind of poisons on the world would harm Trump's election chances. Quite the contrary. Many of his supporters aren’t happy with him on the vax issue. He even (reportedly, I didn’t listen to it) got booed for his favorable comments at his own rally. I know that I would feel better about voting for him if he'd say something indicating regret. I know others who are basically pro-Trump who feel the same way. I even think he'd garner support from Dems who think that the pseudo-vaccines are a terrible medical blunder. You aren’t understanding what I thought. As you present the push for vaccines - going from what Navarro says - the FDA was going to play its usual slow-motion, long-drawn-out-while-collecting-pay-off procedure. This is a different view of what happened than I had prior to reading your post. What I thought was that the wheels had been well greased, the paying-off already accomplished, in advance, and that the pseudo-vaccines didn’t need to be developed. They were ready to go. (I said that this was what I thought in an old post, I don’t remember just when.) However, the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA approvers knew that the stuff wasn’t safe and shouldn’t be okayed even for emergency use. Thus Trump's desire to have the process go swiftly provided the eager profiteers with a convenient and prominent fall-guy. They could put the blame on him while, really, his "push" was against zero resistance. Thus he was "patsy and tool." Your account via Navarro changes that picture. It makes Trump's push look like an effective push, actually instrumental in getting the things on the market rapidly. In which case he was being the dupe of evil people whom he was mistakenly trusting. I ordered the Navarro book but won’t have much time for looking at it until next week. I’m quite curious to see what documentation is provided. Ellen