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  1. On the near eve of the Fourth of July, here's a wonderful find - a book called True History of the American Revolution which is quoted from in Chapter V of Yarvin's "An Open Letter": https://books.google.com/books?id=SZccAAAAMAAJ&printsec=toc&source=gbs_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=false The link is to a Google books search screen. The book was published in 1902 by none other than the J. B. Lippincott Compsny, the company where I was an editor in the 1970s. Here's some of Yarvin's discussion. The Shortest-Way, which he references, was a "black propaganda" pamphlet by Daniel Defoe, full title The Shortest-Way with the Dissenters. Ellen
  2. I'm reading the "Open Letter" linked to in the opening post. I'm up to Chaper 4, Dr. Johnson's hypothesis (that the Devil was the first Whig). I'm fascinated by the story so far. The writing is long-winded, though, and I have to stop for tonight. Might not have time to continue till Friday. Ellen
  3. I suspect a Gates connection. Hunch, so far, maybe wrong. A tidbit I found: https://medium.com/@jonathanferguson_72851/i-didnt-know-you-were-on-medium-curtis-yarvin-eab1266ae581 Here's a link to a Feb 2017 Verge piece about Yarvin's internet project "Urbin": https://www.theverge.com/2017/2/21/14671978/alt-right-mencius-moldbug-urbit-curtis-yarvin-tlon Ellen
  4. Me, too. And such an attractive one, along with all the rest. (I think she looks just lovely in the vid screen you posted.) Ellen
  5. I'm going back to ignoring, Tony. Which is where I should have stayed. Your "answer," if it is one, contradicts other things you've said. Figure out which things yourself, if you can (doubtful). Ellen
  6. "Free will" does contradict causality, as causality is understood in modern physics. It violates the foundational conservation laws and Newton's third law of motion. Hence a major problem. I think the compatibility answers which have been offered amount to word games which make actual choice an illusion. However, I shouldn't have blipped into this thread. I'd been avoiding reading the thread, since I could see from the activity feed that Tony is a major participant. But then I noticed Wiiliam's reference to studies of the effects of early maternal deprivation, so I added a link about Harlow's experiments with monkeys. Then I read a few posts and noticed your comment to which I replied. And, foolishly, I yielded to curiosity, wondering just what conscious process Tony thinks results in the almost universal phenomenon of pubertal interest in sex. (Tony doesn't appear to understand the question.) Anyway, I don't have time for trying to follow your and Tony's disputes, so......sorry for interrupting. Ellen
  7. I wonder if you noticed that you didn't answer - or even make a stab at addressing - the question. Ellen
  8. The problem of how "free will" (volition) works is solvable. I know how to solve it in principle, but I need help with the mathematical particulars from a physicist who understands what I'm going for. My husband, who's a physicist, is fully competent to handle the math, but he doesn't quite get the "gestalt." He's too influenced in his notions of biology by Aristotle and Rand. Ellen
  9. What's your schematic of the conscious process which results in the typical adolescent's libidinous drives? Ellen
  10. I didn't hear anything about securities fraud, if that was part of the mix. I think it was 2014. Why I think that is because Ross asked me for a character attestment, but the timing was terrible from my standpoint because I was developing wet macular degeneration (subsequently gotten under control) in my left eye, and I wasn't willing to try to read the relevant charges, counter-statements, etc., or to get involved without learning the details. As I understood the charges, they pertained to his participation in running an "escort service." He was a radiologist as part of a joint practice group. His employment was severed because of the legal charges against him. I don't know if he's gone back to work somewhere, if somewhere would have him. (Based on things he said when medical issues came up on the Atlantis lists, and on his sharp intellect, I figure that he was very good at his profession.) --- Ross lived in Phoenix, Arizona. I never heard anything about his "agenting" "several aspiring actresses in Vegas." Ellen
  11. I think you need a better blender. Ellen
  12. You might also want to check out Harlow's monkeys: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Harlow Ellen
  13. Right, Rand used two different meanings of "metaphysical," and, as best I recall, without ever explaining that she was doing that, maybe without realizing she was doing it. I haven't read through the material Peter posted, and I don't know if the issue of Objectivism's being dualist comes up in it. However, that issue was discussed at some point on one of the Atlantis lists. The conclusion of those who weren't reacting reflexively to the very idea of Objectivism's being dualist was that at minimum it's attribute dualist and possibly substance dualist. Ellen
  14. MIT was the gold standard in technology and math. I don't know what's going on there in math. Can math become politicized? I suppose so, What's happened to MIT in technology is just so painful, I want to cry thinking about it. Ellen