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  1. As I'm understanding the issue, the core of it is that the students weren't getting what Barney was being paid for. Barney was taking advantage of the existence of student loans in order to collect money from students, leaving them to repay the loans and without an education to show for it. It's the ripping off of the students which is the issue. The defenses putting the emphasis on "government loans" are smokescreens (in some cases inadvertent ones by people who aren't understanding that the students were ripped off). Ellen
  2. Mark, Thanks. I'll look into the references you cite when I get a chance. (I'm in Vienna, just arrived today. There's a super nifty math/physics conference at the University of Vienna later this week themed on Kurt Gödel's work and getting into Gödel's relationship to Einstein.) I'm much in favor of the development of educational paths (including cyber routes) as alternates to the current educational structure. However, the indicators I get re Barney are that he was conning. I'm curious, but I'm so far out of touch with ARI doings these days, I don't have contacts I can ask for their impressions. (Thanks, too, for the clarification re "Dr.") Ellen
  3. Michael, No, I'm not including you among Barney's supporters. I'm talking about the ARI people Mark's talking about in his opening post and in subsequent posts on the thread. Ellen
  4. Do you have something on ARI Watch about Hurd? Are the scare quotes because he doesn't have either an MD (I wouldn't think he'd have been up to getting that) or a Ph.D.? Years back Karen Reedstrom did an interview with Hurd in Full Context. I wasn't favorably impressed. He seemed slick and "premises are it, kids." The interview must have been circa '99, since I was corresponding with Nathaniel then and I recall exchanging some comments with him about Hurd. Hurd sounds like he knows Carl Barney personally. What about the conning - outright - re educational loans and the schools Barney ran? Were those innocent error too according to Barney's supporters? Ellen
  5. Mark, Do you know of anyone at ARI who expressed negativity about Barney before your "Who Is Carl Barney?" was published? The organization sounds like no one dare speak - or even see - out of line. Worse in that regard than NBI was. Ellen PS: Miswrite in the paragraph about Salsman's comment. Biddle's article, not Barney's.
  6. Oh, goodie. The symbolism that goes all the way back to Babylonia. (It does go all the way back at least that far.) Ellen
  7. I think that leftist worries about Trump's being re-elected have a far more plausible basis than my worries about his not being re-elected - sort of on a scale of Jupiter compared to Mercury in size. There is, however, the factor that leftist worries will inspire even more devious ingenuity than during the Hillary Clinton campaign, where they felt confident of victory up till the day of defeat. Now they know they have a tough battle. Ellen
  8. That he does these things doesn't make people who hate him like him any better. How many are there who hate him, and how effectively can they be mobilized? Maybe not effectively. Maybe the anti-Trumpers are in such disarray, they can't manage any effective opposition. But there are powerful interests who don't want Trump re-elected and will be working to mobilize a counteroffensive. Please understand, I really mean that I hope you're right in your sanguine prognosticating. But I won't crow victory until/unless it happens. Ellen
  9. No, it isn't specifically predicated on women voting for a woman president. Maybe you didn't notice that plenty of men voted for Hillary Clinton. It's predicated on what those two, Harris and Warren, are gung-ho about, the causes they espouse. Ellen
  10. That's the ticket - Harris for president, Warren for vice-president - which I think would give the Democrats their best shot in 2020 and which, Michael's reassurances notwithstanding, I worry could win. Not a pretty sight if that combo did win. Ellen
  11. I think so, too, at this stage, and I hope that you're right in not finding the prospect worrisome. Agreed. I think that Hillary Clinton might try again and could get the nomination, but that if so, the party leadership would have badly underestimated the amount of disgust among middle- and blue-collar-class Dems who feel disregarded and are already inclined to Walk Away. Ellen
  12. I think that it would be good for Trump and his supporters if Biden were the Dem candidate. The person who worries me is Kamala Harris. Ellen
  13. Michael, What you say about Q is along the lines I've been thinking, too. Sometimes Q is right, sometimes wrong, but always Q gets people questioning and poking and prying. William's supercilious negativity was what first aroused my interest. William's effective as a reverse indicator. Ellen
  14. Michael, No one was objecting to the police using tear gas before they went in. Brant had said - and I corrected - "When they fired in the gas that was the end of him." The gas was not "the end of him." Larry Fullmer was well and truly dead before the first canister of tear gas was fired. (His body had completed the growing-cold postmortem stage by the time the emergency medical technician examined the corpse.) The police, however, weren't guessing as to what sort of person they were dealing with - not a violent person (for all his swearing when he got drunk, which he did often). Consider: If the police had the fears you suggest, they would have been disgracefully remiss to have allowed a "crowd of neighbors" to be on the scene watching. Hindsight and all that...what I wish the police had done was to tell Larry through a bullhorn when they arrived, "Larry, we'll put out an all-points alert to find your dog if she's still alive. You can help us." I think that that would have worked, at least for awhile - since the dog was alive and findable. (Larry had been especially afraid that she'd been eaten by a coyote, She'd have made a nice morsel for a coyote.) He was so despondent generally that even if he didn't kill himself that time, he might have later. I wished so that I could help him. He had unusual substance - along with his demons. Ellen
  15. Not according to the article, which says that the first round of gas was fired at 3:03, the police were leaving just after 4:00, and "Fullmer had been dead for several hours" by then. Ellen