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  1. The reality we'd have if Biden became President is an administration working to sell American sovereignty to "the great reset." Time for rebellion if that happened. The only excuse I see for supposed Trump supporters advising accepting defeat is their not understanding what's at stake, but seems to me that Laura Ingraham would have access to enough information she should understand. Ellen
  2. Concord Hymn BY RALPH WALDO EMERSON Sung at the Completion of the Battle Monument, July 4, 1837 By the rude bridge that arched the flood, Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled, Here once the embattled farmers stood And fired the shot heard round the world. The foe long since in silence slept; Alike the conqueror silent sleeps; And Time the ruined bridge has swept Down the dark stream which seaward c
  3. One reservation about how good a day November 25, 2020, was for pro-American values. The SCOTUS ruling against Cuomo's church capacity restrictions should have been unanimous, not split with 4 of the Justices supporting the restrictions. Ellen
  4. Quoting a statement from the Marshall Report excerpt TG provided - emphasis added: "Sidney is experienced and ready to do whatever it takes to stop the reset of America to a global government." Quoting, with alteration, a line from "They Might Be Giants": "I hope the good guys win!!!" Ellen
  5. Michael, Note along with the unidentified sources the casting of Sidney Powell as a kook: Likewise in "The Hill" article: The "Fox News"report isn't as loaded in its wording but still takes the approach that Powell is being "distanced." Ellen
  6. Michael, Have any of the lawyers said or hinted at who they think (metaphorically) is captain of the ship? The attempt at heisting the election via the voting machines was planned, and must have been planned well in advance. It needed central command and organization. Have any of the lawyers indicated that they know who gave the orders? Ellen
  7. I didn’t say "a major shift in control." I said (here) "[A] Biden Presidency would amount to outright handing control of the US to technocrat globalists and China." Trump interrupted a process that was well underway before he was elected. If he's removed as a roadblock, the process can resume unimpeded and become possibly irreversible. Biden, then Harris, needn’t "do anything" except obey orders. And both of them are gung-ho on instituting "Covid control" and "climate change" policies which would be surveillance state bonanzas. Ellen
  8. For one thing, I think that the people who voted for Trump wouldn’t believe that Biden won fairly. Not at this point. There's too much evidence of cheating. But I'm thinking that even if a Biden win seemed a fair win according to voting percentages, there would be rebellion. Your reference to the Revolutionary War is apt. It's more than an issue of not liking cheating. Trump supporters don’t want to be ruled by a foreign power. And a Biden Presidency would amount to outright handing control of the US to technocrat globalists and China. (The technocrats and China are aligned in
  9. I was trying to find a way, but it didn’t work.
  10. That's heartening news to me, if it's true. What I've been finding distressing is the percent of the popular vote Biden - apparently - got. Even allowing for voting fraud, it would be nearly 50% - unless the voting fraud truly was enormous, not just some hundreds of thousands but some millions. If the reality was close to 70% of the popular vote for Trump, that gives me hope that sentiment in the US still is mostly pro-freedom. Ellen
  11. Summarizing my understanding of why Martin says the choice of Bossie is problematic: Bossie lacks the competence - and he might be a deep state infiltrator. Thus his choice might be another bad choice on Trump's part. Or, alternately, it raises the question if Trump is ready to throw the fight. Ellen
  12. Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet. Qists do a lot of latching hold of numbers which appear in various contexts and saying Wow, Significant! I think T is teasing. Ellen