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  1. Tony, par for the course, we aren't communicating. I'll leave it there. Ellen
  2. Tony, I think you're perceptive and eloquent about "globalism" as a religion and the way it works "[quoting you] collectively in the mass of minds." But I think that you miss something about the instigating role of persons whom Michael and Jon and I call "global elitists." Those persons aren't just responding to popular desire as it were in order to take advantage of it. They're cynically manipulating in order to produce the mass phenomenon. They aren't themselves actually believers in the religion they're fomenting. Brandon Smith, whose articles Jon featured in starting this thread, thinks that the ringleader elitists subscribe to their own "Luciferian" religion. I'm doubtful about specifics of Smith's views. My current belief is that the history behind today's global elitists hasn't been so organized and unified an effort as he thinks it was. However, there has been an occult history which has laid groundwork for the machinations of today's international-power-seeking elitists. Ellen
  3. Jon, I've read the Brandon Smith article now, and I think you're right in your understanding of his meaning. Interestingly - re my calling global elitists "parasites" - he says in the third paragraph: He refers to their parasitism a number of other times also. What he's talking about as their "ultimate goal" is a goal which he recognizes they couldn't achieve but which they aim toward so as to make life safer for them. Some excerpts: Ellen
  4. I haven't looked at the article yet, but the statement made in the title strikes me right off as false. The globalist elitists are parasitical. They require people who aren't like them to feed on. Consider a comparison to thieves. If everyone were a thief, who would be producing the goods for thieves to rob? Ellen
  5. William made starkly obvious how dumb his thinking on climate issues is with this question: Ellen
  6. The article says that "Dr. Young-hae Chi [is] an instructor in Korean at Oxford's Oriental Institute [.]" Not the correct credentials. Mission Alarm remains in effect. Ellen
  7. And to get rid of other people. Although "stopping climate change" is often pushed as necessary to avoid human extinction, there are those among the advocates of draconian methods who know that the result of those methods would be many human deaths and who want that result. Ellen
  8. I've thought for some time that the "tone" problem seems like "British ruling class snootiness" and the ruling class Brit's sense of what just isn't done. Ellen
  9. Michael, There's stuff relevant to your wonderings in the section captioned "Properties of the Ultimate Constituents" which starts on pg. 290 of the Expanded ITOE. Sorry, I don't have time for doing quoting. Ellen
  10. Rand was well on record in her mature years as holding the viewpoint on philosophy being mostly epistemology which is expressed in the Journals passage Michael quoted. Ellen
  11. To you, too. I haven't time for more now, but I resonate with what you're saying in the post. Ellen
  12. Chuckle. You didn't address what I was asking about. However: Jon did. Thanks, Jon. I got a notification. Cheers for the experimental method. Ellen
  13. Michael, If one quotes a post using the "Quote" button at the bottom, then the person being quoted gets a notification that he/she has been quoted. But what if one uses the selection quote feature to quote just an excerpt from a post - does the person being quoted get a notification? Ellen
  14. There are places where Rand exhibits it. Francisco and his long lineage. TaggartTranscontinental - from shore to shore forever, something like that that Eddie thought. "There will always be a Taggart to run the railroad" - Dagny's father to Dagny. Thanks much for the reply. Ellen PS: I'll be starting to read one of the Bloom books this evening. I'm planning to start with Global Mind. PPS: Global Brain. The error is indicative of attitudes on my part.
  15. You're well expressing what I feel, and I'm crying a bit reading your post. Tears came to the point my eyes stung and the picture blurred when I saw a photo of the wreckage in the nave. I'll continue reading now. Ellen