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  1. Exactly. They thought that they had the road cleared, permanent dominion on the horizon. And then Trump was elected. Ellen
  2. I lack sufficient curiosity about Diana's doings to look at the Twitter account, and I haven't a guess what patterns Jonathan thinks emerge. Just going from Michael's description and from patterns in Diana's history, I wonder if she's making another attempt at courting ARI standing. Ellen
  3. Mark, The question which artist Rand's "Trash" remark pertained to is, granted, low priority from the standpoint of Minns' character and guilt. However, Rand documentably did call Maxfield Parrish's work "Trash" in a Ford Hall Forum Q&A, and no way did Parrish's work deserve that judgment. Thus the judgment reflects badly not on Parrish but on Rand's competence as a critic of art. Thus you've in effect worked against your purpose in calling on Rand's imagined opinion about Minns' work. If a poor judge would be negative about some artwork, that's no discredit to the artwork. Ellen
  4. Very definitely not - and you could read excerpts and remarks posted on this thread and find out what the article is about. Glad you think so. Ellen PS: Other things I want to say about posts up the thread, but I haven't time now.
  5. I'll presume that Mark won't mind my quoting a lengthy extract from his article. Repeating: "The change began in 1943 when [Rand] published The Fountainhead, which had a profound influence on Richard’s life. Richard (then 14 years old) devoured every word and slept with the book beside his bed "Then, in 1957 when Ayn Rand published ATLAS SHRUGGED, Richard was 26 years old and he had already become an Ayn Rand archetype." --- Mark, Is there some independent evidence you know of that Minns actually did read The Fountainhead in 1943 when he was 14? Considering the "mythomania on steroids" you note, I wonder if Minns tweaked his story in imitation of Nathaniel Branden's. Ellen
  6. Well... I don't know about "woman's angle." From a human being's angle. Puke, puke, puke. What is that man doing being extolled by Objectivists? Kind of a rhetorical question with the lows to which things have sunk in O-land. I just finished reading the article, and I need a break. I'll be back. Here is something from the part I hadn't gotten to yet when I last posted. This is from one of the newspaper articles you quote. I'll provide the reference later. [Add: The quote is from “Fear Bothers Shooting Victim More Than Her Paraplegia” by Jeffrey Perlman, The Los Angeles Times, 22 May 1987.] I have thought - and strongly - that if I were rendered paraplegic, I would want to die. I wonder if I would do as she did. (I do not want an opportunity to find out!) --- Re "trash" - I haven't heard of another time besides the Maxfield Parrish time when Rand said that, but you might know of an incident I've never heard of. Ellen
  7. Mark, I'm about two-thirds through reading the article. Awful guy. Heroic woman, remarkable courage and dedication to accomplish what she's achieved despite having been rendered paraplegic. --- This note is just a detail correction, a minor side-issue in regard to the Minns story. You wrote: The artist about whose work Rand made the "Trash" dismissal was Maxfield Parrish. Parrish was a deservedly famous and beloved-by-many artist who was by no means a Rand exploiter. I don't know if he ever even heard of Rand. His dates were 1870-1966, so he might have heard of her late in his long life, but he was a roaring success already by the time Rand was 5 years old: A number of New York Objectivists thought that Parrish's work had the right sort of "sense of life" and they featured Parrish prints on their apartment walls. In The Ayn Rand Cult, someone - I think it was Henry Scoutegazza (sp? and I'm unsure of the first name) - was quoted by Walker as saying that after Rand's "Trash" remark "You could hear the bonfires being lit across the country." There's stuff on OL about Parrish and Rand's opinion of him. Ellen
  8. Jon, Re the first paragraph. Try tracking. Re the second: No "siege mentality." Michael knows, I know, you know that you can't take over. You can, however, drop the efforts to tell Michael how he should run his list. Ellen
  9. I don't think that "'not being able to handle criticism' would automatically imply 'banning your opponent.'" However, someone so incapable of handling criticism as Jon appears to think Michael is would have banned Jon, and some while ago, what with all the flak Jon has produced over MSK's not doing as Jon wants him to do in regard to William. Ellen
  10. Michael, I enjoyed the trash talking back this time. If you made a habit of it, then we'd have escalating trash talk, which I would find a crashing bore. I think that Jon should learn that you indeed make the rules here. He doesn't, and he should quit trying to get you to change the rules to suit his preferences in who's allowed to post here and who isn't. Specifically, the issue for Jon is William's presence. You've explained a number of times why you don't ban William. (I strongly agree with your reasoning.) Jon doesn't like your decision, and doesn't seem to understand your reasoning. But tough. You are "the traffic cop" here. Ellen
  11. Jon, You claim that Michael can't handle criticism. (I suppose that's what your "You [MSK] don’t do even the mildest criticism" means.) Then why does Michael tolerate your presence with your chronic criticism of how he runs his list? Ellen
  12. If Michael can't handle the mildest criticism, how is it that you - with your chronic dissatisfaction with how Michael runs his list - haven't been banned long ago? Ellen
  13. Imagine the approach used by a reporter. Of course journalism includes more job niches than reporter, but lack of communication skills isn't a recommendation for any of them I know of. Ellen
  14. Michael, Yes, I did mean Andie Holland. And I was mixing up which one of a pair of supposed friends was the primary. The primary pseudo person was given the name "Eva Matthews." I wonder if the guy who was doing the collection of fake persons finally stopped or if he's still trying to hassle O'vishes, maybe hounding O'vish Twitter accounts. Atlanta, if I recall right. Ellen
  15. Michael, Those three - seymourblogger, "Robert Baratheon," and SoAMadDeathWish - were all actual people who did cause trouble. There have also been some pseudo people - that is, posters who were fictional fronts for someone deliberately attempting to cause trouble. Angie Holland and the other one, ostensively Angie's friend, whose posts were written by some guy getting a charge out of hassling O'vish sites. The author of the posts sometimes goofed and produced inconsistencies in the life history stories he was spinning. I'm a mite suspicious of this "Phantom" poster because of the discrepancy between not being a philosophy major and not having taken philosophy. Probably just a verb miswrite in the first statement. Probably the poster is a journalism graduate. Distressing thought. (What the universities are graduating these days! Gaak!) Ellen