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  1. Italy, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, the UK - Is it all a globalist plot and misreported deaths? Ellen
  2. Three posts above, Michael quotes a tweet by Bill Mitchell which says: "H1N1 infected 1.4 billion and killed 575,000 globally. Will COVID-19 attain those levels and if not, why are we reacting so much stronger to COVID-19 than H1N1?" Variants of the question "Why wasn't there alarm over H1N1?" keep cropping up. The question overlooks death rate. As I pointed out earlier on another thread - Although the H1N1 virus had a high incidence, it had a very low death rate for a flu-type bug. Using the figures Mitchell gives (1.4 billion cases, 575,000 deaths globally), the global death rate was 0.041. Using the totals reported for April 8, 2020, 23:17 GMT by Worldometers (1,508,965 cases, 88,323 deaths) the current global death rate for COVID-19 is 5.853%. If the incidence were as high as it was for H1N1, that death rate would mean 81,942,000 deaths globally. (Worldometers includes China's figures. If those are excluded from the reported totals, the reported totals currently are 1,427,163 cases, 84,990 deaths, giving a death rate of 5.955%.) Ellen
  3. https://www.gatesfoundation.org/Media-Center/Press-Releases/2010/12/Global-Health-Leaders-Launch-Decade-of-Vaccines-Collaboration The press release doesn't have a date which I could find. Sometime between January 2010 and mid-2012. Ellen
  4. Posted on Worldometers Friday, 4/03/20, about 8:00 pm GMT: Worldometers link: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ The linked source is in Italian, which I can't read. I don't know any details of the study and can't evaluate it methodologically. Ellen
  5. Not spreading a disease around and making other people sick isn't a good enough reason for you? (Sorry, Michael, your thread's intent is already being ambushed, but.... Brant started it. ) Ellen
  6. Catching up to an error I made reading in haste. (I'm past the allowed time for editing the post.) ThatGuy had commented on a speculation by Praying Medic regarding a couple tweets by Eric Holder: I made a name confusion. Not that Eric Holder is any good guy, but the person I was thinking of is John Holdren. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Holdren Ellen
  7. On the "Donald Trump" thread, Brant posted the comment (link below) about WSS's recent diarrhea of images on his Member Album. "William S has decided to use OL as a toilet. --Brant" Quite. However, I want to mention one of the images William posted, the one of "Dr. Oz" saying on Fox News that the recent coronavirus is actually common. NO, IT ISN'T. "Dr. Oz" appears not to be aware that there are multiple kinds of coronaviruses. Some of them have been common for years in humans and generally produce mild symptoms. COVID-19 is a new virus in humans, "novel." Ellen https://www.objectivistliving.com/forums/topic/15329-donald-trump/page/570/?tab=comments#comment-292537
  8. Eric Holder - one of the biggest bastards of them all in pushing the AGW scare. He's a fine one to talk. Ellen
  9. Jon, What accounts for the appearance of the COVID-19 virus just now in your narrative? Are you claiming that Xi had the virus bioengineered or some other way managed to get it unleashed on the world and that Donald Trump is such an inhumane bastard that he doesn't care about the deaths and misery and financial dislocation so long as he has a cover for declaring martial law and arresting his enemies list? Ellen
  10. What kind of coronavirus, Michael? There are four kinds which are common and which usually cause upper-respiratory symptoms. They aren't the same bug as COVID-19. I expect the COVID-19 4% death rate will fall. It's heavily weighted by the deaths in Italy. The US rate is currently running at about 1.5%. (Incidentally, you quoted my post before I corrected a typo - a slight error in math: 1 in 25, not 23.) Ellen
  11. The figures provided by Worldometers include China's reported numbers. I think that China's Health Ministry is lying (and by a considerable amount) on both the number of recovered cases (overreporting) and the number of deaths (underreporting). I think that the Worldometers compilers also mistrust China's figures, but since they're compiling official statistics and they have no means of independent verification, they report what China's Health Ministry says. Eliminating China's figures from all totals, here's the breakdown now (11:14 pm edt 3/17/20) 117,348 total 13,010 recovered 4,739 deaths 99,599 active This gives a death rate so far of 4.038% - approximately 1 death in 25 cases to date. Ellen
  12. Swine Flu vs COVID-19 I'll park this post on this thread where it has a better chance of being noticed than on the "Coronavirus" thread. Some people are saying - including, I gather, Rush Limbaugh: But look at the swine flu, 60 million 1st-year US cases and no national emergency declared. What makes this COVID-19 worth declaring an emergency? Here's what: The swine flu had a very high incidence - a great many people got it. The incidence in the US for the swine flu's first year was about 60 million. The swine flu had a low death rate (about 0.02), an exceptionally low death rate for a seasonal flu-type disease. In the US for the first year, there was about 1 death in 5 thousand cases. --- If the COVID-19 virus achieved the same first-year US incidence as the swine flu - about 60 million - and if the death rate continues at the current about 1 in 50 cases - the number of US deaths would be about 1.2 million. (The rate might go higher than 1 in 50 cases. Of the to-date 4,744 US cases, 93 have died and 12 are in serious/critical condition. Only 74 have recovered.) Ellen
  13. Well, the item I posted - as a composite - is kind of a joke on me, since I didn't realize that it's gone viral, awhile ago, or that the Taiwan and Japanese doctors references were being attributed to Stanford. Larry received the whole piece as a unit from someone on a private climate-related discussion group. What I thought was being attributed to Stanford was just the mortality statistics. I thought the anecdotal part had been written by the person sending the item - and that the main feature was the letter from James Robb. Dr. Robb isn't and wasn't connected with Stanford at any time I know of during his illustrious career. (I've known of his status as a virologist for some years.) My reason for posting the thing was his helpful advice - which I didn't know had gone viral earlier this year. Here's the Wikipedia entry on Dr. Robb. It includes the background of his "Dear Colleagues" letter. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Robb_(pathologist) Ellen
  14. Jon, the only place I've seen references to April 10 is in your posts wondering why churches would be opening then. I have no idea what it is you're saying I'm "answering 'no'" to. Ellen
  15. April 10 is Good Friday. April 12 is Easter Sunday. Christian churches aren't likely to refrain from the central-meaning-of-the-religion observance because of a virus. What they'll be saying will be interesting. Are Christians being tested like Christ? One possible theme. Ellen