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    Hello, Michael, Thank you for your message. I have told my teacher of Philosophy something about Ayn Rand. This morning, she has read many articles on OL , and tomorrow I am going to give her some Rand´s books. She says that Objectivism is very interesting. Michael, I type you a link which I think that you´ll enjoy. It is about AES+F: http://www.aes-group.org/ Best wishes, Gonzalo
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    Hello, You know I was out of OL for a long time. I have got too changes in myself. I think that I will break into OL within a week. I am pleased for your comprehension. Best regards, Gonzalo
  3. Hello, Chris, I am seeking in Spain for "Fountainhead" but I cannot find it. Might you make me know how much is that film if I buy it by Internet? Gonzalo
  4. Hi, John, Thank you for your advice. I was mistaken. Before the reading of your response, I thought that I had to use more German-root words than Latin or Greek-root words. Now, I am preparing the plot, scenes, etc., of that drama. Best premises, Gonzalo
  5. Hello, As you probably know, I am starting to write in English. I have written some short stories and, now, I am writing a drama in three acts (which maybe I will type into Creative writing forum). In Spanish, the words have usually many possible origins (that origins can be Greek, Latin or Arabian. A little part of it can be Celtiberians.), and... when I write in English, I can see that this language has words which have root in Greek, Latin or German words. I don´t know what is better. Do you recommend me the use of more words which have Latin, Greek or German root? I hope I have expressed correctly my doubt.
  6. Well... I have seen a interesting film. The first part of "The Godfather" at its original version (English). It is too better when you see it, and hear it, in the original language. Do you recommend any film to me? I like the 30s-40s-50s films. Thanks.
  7. Good joke. Oh, Angie, Are you real? I see your photo and I question myself if you are an angel... You are so handsome. Maybe you are going to laugh because of one thought (!!!) of a Spanish Minister (Minister of Culture affaires), the name of the genius is Carmen Calvo Poyato. Here it is: The public money does not belong to anybody. P.S.: I need to say that in Spain, the 50% of the total of ministers have to be (by rule of law) women, and the other 50%, men. It is exasperating. I want to flee of here.
  8. What a surprise! I am so glad because of already we have a Music Forum. It is great. I play Spanish guitar and trumpet. The composer who I like more is called Rimsky Korsakov, and other one is Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. I like some Shostakovich´s auditions. About Tchaikovsky... His "1812 Overture" is phenomenal for me. I think that the power of that is spectacular being the cause of this, for instance, the plot of the composition. I think that there is an anachronic fault. At the end of that, I can hear an ancient Russian Anthem, which is known as God save the Tsar and this anthem was not official at 1812, and neither La Marseillaise, I think that. About Rimsky Korsakov, I would recommend Capriccio Español or Scherezade. It is so powerful. I also enjoy hearing Mike Oldfield. Do you like his compositions (ex. gr. "Tubular Bells")? Thank you for create this forum, Gonzalo Jerez
  9. Hello, Chris, I am going to get books about physics, architecture, philosophy and politics(Some books are written in Spanish.): -GREEK GRAMMAR by SMYTH, HERBERT WEIR -DICCIONARIO MANUAL GRIEGO: GRIEGO CLASICO-ESPAÑOL -LA TERMODINAMICA: DE GALILEO A GIBBS by PEREZ CRUZ, JUSTO ROBERTO -TERMODINAMICA: 40 PROBLEMAS UTILES by GARCIA-MORATO, A. -RHETORIC by ARISTOTLE -PROBLEMS by ARISTOTLE -INTRODUCCION A LAS ECUACIONES DIFERENCIALES ORDINARIAS. CURSO TEORICO-PRACTICO by RODRIGUEZ MARTIN, LUIS y BARGUEÑO FARIÑAS, VICENTE -PHYSICS (ED. BILINGÜE GRIEGO-ESPAÑOL) by ARISTOTELES -ORGANON by ARISTOTELES -Frank Lloyd Wright´s FULL WORKS -CHILDE HAROLD, by Lord Byron -PAPERS of Ayn Rand (Tomorrow, I am going to take her Full Works at the Post Office.) - COMPLETE POEMS AND SELECTED LETTERS OF JOHN KEATS -THE MERCHANT OF VENICE, THE TRAGEDY OF KING LEAR by William Shakespeare I am going to get some more of books (e.gr., a suscription to Revista de Occidente -founded by JOsé Ortega y Gasset; or THEATRE PIECES of Spanish Gold Century.)
  10. Hello, I am known here because of I am here for a time ago. I was to Italy, with my father, for two weeks and I arrove at my home for an hour ago. I have seen Venice and Rome. I have spent more time in Rome than other sites like Recanati (battlefield of G. Leopardi, the understood). In Rome, you can see how time is happening and how it has happened, only in the ruins, not in the actual city, it is too shy. Its -for my- choleric ruins made me cry, really, if you were there, you could see the devastation of the barbarous. I also stay for three days in Pompei (Pompeya), and I was able in order to visit and thrill by virtue of the contemplation of Dante´s sepulchre in Ravenna. Well, I really like it and I recommend you the visit of it, if you didn´t go there... and if you were go there, too. I am back, Best wishes, your friend and fellow, Gonzalo Jerez (That photographs were taken too bad because of the camera, my birthday is on 28th of August and I am going to recieve books... and a camera... )
  11. I am so glad by these changes. by this restart. Congratulations to our chefs! At this moment, I am in Italy but I will back to Spain at 15/16th of August. Best regards for all , Gonzalo
  12. Ah, you have been mistaken. The correct direction is: Http://www.theatlasphere.com You gave me the direction of a hairstyle shop... :-# Ohh, I have to pay to contact people...
  13. Mmmm... Now I have taken a look at Http://www.atlasphere.com and I can not charge "Directory". Please, give me the direct link to directory. The main page can´t be downloaded (I have not ADSL, I have a 56kbps Internet conection. :-$ ). Thanks.
  14. Thanks you, Philip. Have a nice day.
  15. Being truly, I have needed two times for understand that video. When I converse with one friend who his father is French, I have more difficulties to understand him than understand English. I also know French. But at moment I can not think on French or English. I don´t know how to do this.
  16. Hello, I have found this on . Where can I see more Ayn Rand´s videos or audio archives? Can I buy them?Thanks you, Gonzalo Jerez P.S.: The really incredible is I have understand all his talk. I don´t usually hear talks done in English.
  17. The translated version it does not a problem. I can rightly understand English but I can express me with some difficults, as you see. Really, in OL is the first time at what I speak English... and I think I can be understood not so bad.( :-$ ) Thanks for the reference. I will try to buy that at amazon.com but I will do it when I buy more books (I have on my list around thirteen English books. The sent-cost is more than $15.) Gonzalo
  18. Well, you have substantially solucionated my doubt. But I want more information, sorry, I am so curious. Gonzalo
  19. Hello, Kat, I know the link which you have given me. However, thanks. Michael, yesterday I have sent a message to the direction which you has written me. Is he living in Spain? I am waiting for any response. I hang you informed... Gonzalo
  20. Is identified like “Element” the initial material which gets participation into composition, and which can not be divided to heterogeneous; thus, the individual elements are what constitute the sound, are the last parts on which it is divided; it can not be separated on other sounds of different specie then his owns self…(…) [i have done this translation from Spanish but if you can not understand it, you can read it at Aristotle’s “Metaphysics” Fifth book, Chapter 3]. Was Aristotle equivocated? I would like to know your opinion about this chapter of Aristotle’s Metaphysics. I tell: I make know I think that Aristotle was not equivocated at his time –IV century b.C.- on giving us his definition of “element”. If he was met Karl Werner Heisenberg, he would really enjoy it… but Heisenberg lived more later than Aristotle. I want to think he used “element” like a category (Excuse me but I have not study much of his “Categories” but I know some of those.) and not like concrete, corporeal, tangible… element. I have a nice shock, when I have done a lecture of this chapter of Metaphysics. I think the other seeing of that is what leans about Aristotle’s fault… He would take “element” on materiel sense. And everybody know that atoms can be divided. But being conscious I have to declare Aristotle’s is not culpable of his error. At his time, they had not any knowledge about sub-atomic particles, Quantum Mechanic, Planck´s Constant, Schrödinger wave equation, quarks, Dirac wave equation, etc. What do you think? Good premises! Gonzalo Jerez
  21. Oh, I was waiting for it so long time. I have known about some "objectivists" at Http://www.liberalismo.org but I truly think they are not really objectivist thinkers because of a lot of his affirmations like altruism of christians and other things... So thanks, Michael! :-({|= I will contact him tomorrow (Remember in Spain it is twenty past midnight, because of I am using Internet very later, now, I am going to go to study at my room.).
  22. Hello, I am social animal and by virtue of this I need best contact with people, hard face to face. I am very contented in Objectivist living (I want to live here!) but I think computer do not offers same contact quality that face to face. How would I can find Objectivist thinkers in Spain? I think in Spain libertarians does nor exist, in Spain the libertarians are hippies, rich hippies, derechist hippies.... In Spain we have only thinkers who likes fascism, socialsm, comunism... (Not are it same?) Previously so thankful, Gonzalo Jerez P.S.: I don´t know if this is the correct forum with the propose to post that.
  23. I think that mental ills are also men but without the capacity which we, normal people, have got. Thanks, Gonzalo
  24. Hello, Roger, I am learning in order to be a real objectivist. I also think the best thing man has is reason, his values and mind. I have a question for you. A man who is mental ill -because of, e.g., a genetical defect- has not soul? This man has not the same Rights of an objectivist? This man needs to be killed? Maybe the questions are so hard and radicals but... I want to know the answer. Best regards, Gonzalo Jerez You wrote: * According to established Objectivist doctrine, the "soul" is one's mind and values. This is one aspect of Objectivism I will NOT be challenging.
  25. That orwellian quote is really good. Gonzalo