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  1. "Can a man knowingly commit evil?" Ever heard of Saul Alinsky?
  2. Absolutely: Fetuses don't rape, murder, torture, molest children, kidnap, maim, commit arson, or poison their fellow men. Oh, was I making an argument in favor of capital punishment? My bad.
  3. Okay: Here's what I regard as the most irrefutable evidence of God, and his creating the Earth: The Big Bang theory. It suggests that at some point, the universe indeed had a starting point in time for originating. My personal revelation that there is a God: Woman. There can be nothing save Divine design responsible for the physical and spiritual sensation making love to a beautiful woman can bring to a man. My proof that there is a devil: Woman. Try living with one.
  4. Oh, hey, you ARE Adam Selene! By the way, I am one of those unrepentant Roman Catholics who agree with 95% of Objectivism. The problem with most Objectivists (many of the people here, excepted), are that they make it an all-or-nothing proposition. They get hung up on that "God thing" and go around "correcting" people for their religious beliefs. I don't care if people think I'm irrational. They can get used to it, like I'm used to many of them owning way too many pictures of naked men staring at skyscrapers silhouetted by the rising sun.
  5. Robert: I was sooooo tempted to post what you just However, you had better be careful because if Peter sees your profile Avatar, he will: he is just a You wouldn't have to be Adam Selene, leader of the lunar revolution? I limit my smoking to one day out of the year: The "Great American Smokeout." Say what you want about smoking, but here's an uncomfortable fact I'd like to see Objectivists address: The life expectancy of smokers is a hell of a lot longer than the life expectancy of aborted children. The real question (which should make any conscientious objectivist squir
  6. Since it was Ayn Rand she probably lit the cigarette by snaping her fingers. Burgess Meredith used to do that!
  7. Simultaneously, the other four heads of the five families were executed operatically and someone put a bullet in Moe Green's eye through his glasses

  8. How could Ayn Rand smoke? Probably by taking a cigarette out of her pack, inserting it into her cigarette holder, and then lighting it with her Zippo cigarette lighter. She probably put her lips to the cigarette holder, drew in her breath, and with that, cigarette smoke. I imagine that's how Ayn Rand could smoke.
  9. I hadn't realized 78s were on the upswing. I have an upright Victrola in my living room, and my little boy and daughter simply love it. We listen to old wax by Tony Bennett, John Lee Hooker, Elvis, Ray Charles, Jerry Lee, Steve and Eydie, and Frank. Within an hour, Evan is worn out from cranking it before each spin, and Sarah is tired from dancing in circles. This is how I trick my kids into getting ready to go to bed each night.
  10. Another huge Rushhead here, since 1982.
  11. Note: This posting is reprinted from my column at It can be found at Liberatchik. *** I hate political art. Political art is not for me. I am uncomfortable with it mainly because its foremost practitioners’ politics are way stronger than their art – and their politics suck. Yet, if you are like I, you know viscerally what it feels like to be a conservative artist, especially if you’re one who takes his art seriously. It feels lonely as hell. Especially if you won’t sell out. It has not been news that the art world is peopled with flaneurs, shockers, and other assor
  12. I'm sure that Bidinotto had a backup, because Journalspace crashed before and Robert put everything back online piecemeal. I was unaware Journalspace as such fell down; Bosch Fawstin and I simultaneously sent each other e-mails asking what had happened to Robert's site. Now I know.
  13. Please let us not refer to that person as "O'Bama." It makes my Irish (and Welsh) blood boil to even imply he's a son of Hibernia! I think Rush gets it in spades. I heard him last week talk of how when the Democrats overreach, they will create a state so massive that the Republicans can turn the statism on their former tormentors once they get back into power. I believe that it is incumbent upon every American to make Obama fail. I am willing to take an economic "hit" if it will help bring down these nakedly power-hungry goons. And, incidentally, all the conservatives who are calling this "
  14. Gold especially rocks, and my favorite gold coins have no mention of God on them (this is coincidental). They are the Mexican 50 Peso coins minted around the 1940s, simply gorgeous coins, right up there with the St. Gaudens $20 double eagle. I served in the 1st Forward Light Infantry Secret Squirrel Psyops Battalion Brigade Regimental Command of the Royal Army of the People's Republic of Freedonia. Naw, I just made that up. Actually, I served in the U.S. Army, U.S. Army National Guard, and New York State Guard. Currently I am on a V.A. disability pension and chilling out with the U.S. Coast
  15. Here here... But if you make racial or ethnic compliments, IMHO, you're insulting the others just the same. Bob I agree with you, in part: I'm quite sure Michael was using that space to celebrate human achievement. I've read your comments elsewhere in this thread, and what I gather is that you are against imputing to *all* people in the Jewish group these achievements, especially because all Jews have not earned this praise. I can sympathize with the bad taste left in your mouth by concepts like racial and ethnic pride, especially when some in those groups get a free ride by expropriating
  16. Hi Mike. While I can be a hothead sometimes on the subject of anti-Semitism, let me just say this: The stereotype cliches that Wolf raised in his "observation" (more or less a variant of "The Jews control the media, Hollywood, New York, Florida and U.S. foreign affairs, etc.") are not just facile and hackneyed. They are the catch phrases often employed by racists of all stripes (whether they be white or not) who hope to create or exploit resentment against Jewish people. I know whereof I speak. Although I am not Jewish, I ran the office of a Jewish civil rights organization for many years.
  17. As to the second quote, to my eye it reads like anti-tribalism and disgust with USA foreign policy, not anti-Jewish racism per se. We can ask him. A good litmus test would be to ask him what he thinks of Muslim tribalism. At the moment of the quote, we were discussing the interpretation of a verse in Leviticus (19:18) about which type of neighbor to love and the doctrine of collective atonement and some other similar considerations. For the record, here is the original quote. Michael Oh, yeah, sure, "Chosen by God to rule the Holy Land, the City of London, Wall Street, Hollywood, US Foreign
  18. My point is that the military has the job of using the sword (and I strongly favor of them using it when they need to). We intellectuals have the job of using the word. We can preach to ourselves and we can preach to Muslims. (I use the term "preach" loosely here.) When we do engage Muslims in debate, what is wrong with trying to convince them to use love as a standard (as well as reason, of course)? Isn't that part of persuasion? Are you against using this argument along with others? Preaching love (as I mean it here) does not mean abandoning getting tough with enemies or not mentioning anyt
  19. Robert, I object to preaching ethnic cleansing as in killing a "billion of the bastards." I don't recall any post by Wolf preaching that, or any form of antisemitism for that matter. I recall he said some things said against AIPAC, but that's a lobby group, not a people. Someone bashing CAIR is not necessarily an anti-Muslim bigot, so why should bashing AIPAC be considered thus? I personally think bashing ANY politician or lobby group is fair game because I have yet to see one with a diploma of saint or angel. Could you please supply a quote of something you object to from Wolf as bigoted? I a
  20. Perhaps not, but it is of crucial importance to separate church and state. Oh, please! What church is that? How does "In God We Trust" *really* impinge on your freedoms? What is tearing this nation apart is the Puritanical impulse, and your original post was an example of it. Decency and common sense fly out the window when Puritans, ever armed with the wish to impose their will on society, seek to act as boards of censorship, and expunge every trace and mention of God's name from the public record. Or, in the case of evangelicals, to go around saying bilge like "We have freedom of religi
  21. I am waiting for some dyslexic in the Treasury to stamp "In Dog We Trust" coins. I would love to get a hold of those. Bow Wow! But it will probably not happen. My cries for pleh will go unheeded. Ba'al Chatzaf I wish God was a dog, honestly! That would mean -- if man was created in the image of God -- we would be the most trustworthy and loyal mammals on the planet. Man would be man's best friend!
  22. In all fairness, Mike, why wasn't what Wolf de Loon spouting off bigotry? It was right out of the Stormfront handbook about ZOG!
  23. Robert, I have no problem denying Iran nuclear power (even by means of war) given the "second-coming" (14th Imam) bent of Ahmadinejad and the ruling clergy. That's a very dangerous kind of mentality to be in charge of massive means of blowing things up. But even if Ahmadinejad were toppled from power with our involvement (and that is the wrong guy to topple in Iran, anyway), I seriously doubt the repercussion in the Sunni world would be very great. It wasn't when the the Shah was installed, it wasn't when the Shah was toppled (Iraq even went to war with them) and I don't think it would be with
  24. Well I think that submission of my grandchildren and great grandchildren to Islamic tyranny is even more evil. I would have no compunction about pushing the button that wiped out a billion of the bastards. After which I would sleep the sleep of blessed. And if you think this is bigotry, then keep on thinking so. If thine enemy even threatens to smite thee on thy cheek, tear his head off and shit down his neck. Ba'al Chatzaf That may work on paper, but I think the Chinese and the Russians would soon follow suit to wipe 250 million Americans off the face of the earth. Don't underestimate the