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    Robert L. Jones
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    I am an unrepentent ex-objectivist and current Deist and Catholic. Former entertainment editor and movie reviewer for the Bidinotto-era "New Individualist." Cyclist, drinker of fine blended Scotches and an occasional single-malt. I do not smoke, except during the Great American Smokeout. I temper my rational living with occasional journeys into irrational excess. Pro-life. Leonard Peikoff is dead wrong: Abortion is only pro killing.
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    Sibelius, Rachmaninoff, Dio, Led Zeppelin, John Lee Hooker, "Western Motel" by Edward Hopper, Bernini's "David," Rodin's "The Kiss," "Vertigo,""Blue Velvet," "Double Indemnity," "Touch of Evil," "Das Leben der Anderen"

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    Stepford, Minnesota
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    Art, bicycling, classical music, reading books

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  1. Simultaneously, the other four heads of the five families were executed operatically and someone put a bullet in Moe Green's eye through his glasses