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    I am an unrepentent ex-objectivist and current Deist and Catholic. Former entertainment editor and movie reviewer for the Bidinotto-era "New Individualist." Cyclist, drinker of fine blended Scotches and an occasional single-malt. I do not smoke, except during the Great American Smokeout. I temper my rational living with occasional journeys into irrational excess. Pro-life. Leonard Peikoff is dead wrong: Abortion is only pro killing.
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    Sibelius, Rachmaninoff, Dio, Led Zeppelin, John Lee Hooker, "Western Motel" by Edward Hopper, Bernini's "David," Rodin's "The Kiss," "Vertigo,""Blue Velvet," "Double Indemnity," "Touch of Evil," "Das Leben der Anderen"

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  1. "Can a man knowingly commit evil?" Ever heard of Saul Alinsky?
  2. Absolutely: Fetuses don't rape, murder, torture, molest children, kidnap, maim, commit arson, or poison their fellow men. Oh, was I making an argument in favor of capital punishment? My bad.
  3. Okay: Here's what I regard as the most irrefutable evidence of God, and his creating the Earth: The Big Bang theory. It suggests that at some point, the universe indeed had a starting point in time for originating. My personal revelation that there is a God: Woman. There can be nothing save Divine design responsible for the physical and spiritual sensation making love to a beautiful woman can bring to a man. My proof that there is a devil: Woman. Try living with one.
  4. Oh, hey, you ARE Adam Selene! By the way, I am one of those unrepentant Roman Catholics who agree with 95% of Objectivism. The problem with most Objectivists (many of the people here, excepted), are that they make it an all-or-nothing proposition. They get hung up on that "God thing" and go around "correcting" people for their religious beliefs. I don't care if people think I'm irrational. They can get used to it, like I'm used to many of them owning way too many pictures of naked men staring at skyscrapers silhouetted by the rising sun.
  5. Robert: I was sooooo tempted to post what you just However, you had better be careful because if Peter sees your profile Avatar, he will: he is just a You wouldn't have to be Adam Selene, leader of the lunar revolution? I limit my smoking to one day out of the year: The "Great American Smokeout." Say what you want about smoking, but here's an uncomfortable fact I'd like to see Objectivists address: The life expectancy of smokers is a hell of a lot longer than the life expectancy of aborted children. The real question (which should make any conscientious objectivist squirm) is: How could Ayn Rand have an abortion?
  6. Since it was Ayn Rand she probably lit the cigarette by snaping her fingers. Burgess Meredith used to do that!
  7. Simultaneously, the other four heads of the five families were executed operatically and someone put a bullet in Moe Green's eye through his glasses

  8. How could Ayn Rand smoke? Probably by taking a cigarette out of her pack, inserting it into her cigarette holder, and then lighting it with her Zippo cigarette lighter. She probably put her lips to the cigarette holder, drew in her breath, and with that, cigarette smoke. I imagine that's how Ayn Rand could smoke.
  9. I hadn't realized 78s were on the upswing. I have an upright Victrola in my living room, and my little boy and daughter simply love it. We listen to old wax by Tony Bennett, John Lee Hooker, Elvis, Ray Charles, Jerry Lee, Steve and Eydie, and Frank. Within an hour, Evan is worn out from cranking it before each spin, and Sarah is tired from dancing in circles. This is how I trick my kids into getting ready to go to bed each night.
  10. Another huge Rushhead here, since 1982.
  11. Note: This posting is reprinted from my column at It can be found at Liberatchik. *** I hate political art. Political art is not for me. I am uncomfortable with it mainly because its foremost practitioners’ politics are way stronger than their art – and their politics suck. Yet, if you are like I, you know viscerally what it feels like to be a conservative artist, especially if you’re one who takes his art seriously. It feels lonely as hell. Especially if you won’t sell out. It has not been news that the art world is peopled with flaneurs, shockers, and other assorted pretentious dilettantes who pose at being outcasts. But, you know who the real outcast is: It’s you. It’s not just that you don’t fit in – you even feel as though you’d have been exiled from the Island of Misfit Toys. It’s not that you are lacking in a certain social DNA – it’s that you’re completely bereft of it. Kind of like that scene in Taxi Driver when Robert DeNiro, woefully inept at dating prowess, takes an uptight Cybill Shepherd to a porno theater on a first date. By day, you’re just some guy or girl with a workaday job. You save up enough loose change and singles to finance what your family regards as your “eccentric hobby.” The earmarks of your passion are the oil paint you can’t fully scrape out from under your fingernails or the smell of photo fixer you can’t get out of your skin and clothes no matter how often you wash them. You hide your political beliefs. You know you’re not a liberal, a progressive, one of those mindless lemmings who’ve “gone green.” But, you’re struggling in your art career, and your position in the gallery scene is too precarious to let people know the “real you.” So, you adopt a bifurcated self, hoping to avoid a confrontation with the movers and shakers, those oh-so insouciant curators in black turtlenecks, whose opinions you secretly despise whilst simultaneously craving their imprimatur. You swell with a strange kind of “half” pride when you finally see your work hanging in one of those trendy galleries. You’re “half” elated when a collector buys one of your pieces. You convince yourself that you’ve kept your art “pure,” because you’ve kept politics out of your art – while hiding your personal political beliefs from the majority who automatically assume that because you’re an artist that you’re also a leftist. You make yourself believe that you’ve kept yourself “above it all” by not stooping to the same level as the rest of the art community. Yet, deep down, you also know the very minute your secret political self is unmasked, that you will be blackballed, that so-called “friends” will drop you like a hot potato, and that in the art world you’ll be persona non grata. You’ve censored who you are in order to stay safe, fit in, and pass by unnoticed. But your real self looks upon your artist self with nothing but scorn and shame, because deep down, you fear that you have sold out in some more insidious way than by prostituting your art. You tell yourself it’s not your fault, because you know that the selfsame “tolerant” lefties have stacked the deck against Republicans, conservatives, and libertarians. They get away with it because of Political Correctness, you tell yourself. But then, from out of the past comes the stinging rebuke that maybe they are not the only ones culpable for this bad scene. The admonition that, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing,” echoing in your mind comes not from Edmund Burke, but your own conscience. Yes, when the intolerant left finds out about your clandestine conservatism, of course your art career will be ruined: You have already abdicated the sanctity of your conscience by prostrating yourself before people who hate what you stand for. Why should they suddenly respect you when they already know you’re lacking in spine and stomach? Or, you can take some schooling from Don Vito Corleone: “You can act like a man! What's the matter with you?” I have never had the problems so many conservative artists have with liberals because I have never played this self-defeating charade of hiding my political beliefs. I don’t bash people over the head with them, but at gallery openings and such I don’t let an insult go by without at least offering an “I disagree with that.” If you are forthright about who you fully and truly are from the start, then you set the terms by which others deal with you, not they. Do you see the Tea Party movements the past year, filled with people who found the courage to stand up and defend their cherished beliefs and the Constitution of the United States of America? These are regular guys and gals who finally realized that being consoled by their membership in the “silent majority” was a fool’s bargain – their liberal opposition was only too happy to oblige their silence. What am I asking of my fellow artists? To join Liberatchik? Sure, but Liberatchik is merely a symptom of the problem, not the solution. True solutions to the ills that plague society seldom rest in collective action. The solution rests in being true to yourself, and standing up for your beliefs as an artist, as a citizen, as an individual. What is needed, now more than ever, are individuals whose purpose in life is to fully engage in the pursuit of their happiness, not in wanting to be liked by everybody. Take a look at Frances Byrd’s example. This Jeanne d’Arc of the conservative art movement is out there, standing on her own two feet, facing the fire, but succeeding. She’s succeeding because she’s true to her art, true to herself, and her soul is not for sale. (And, if I may add, she has raised the editorial cartoon to the level of high art -- here is some political art I actually admire). Take an assessment of your own life as an artist, your own soul. You will be welcome by us at Liberatchik, should you so wish, not because you’re “one of us,” but because you’re true to yourself. Then, half the battle will be won already.
  12. I'm sure that Bidinotto had a backup, because Journalspace crashed before and Robert put everything back online piecemeal. I was unaware Journalspace as such fell down; Bosch Fawstin and I simultaneously sent each other e-mails asking what had happened to Robert's site. Now I know.
  13. Please let us not refer to that person as "O'Bama." It makes my Irish (and Welsh) blood boil to even imply he's a son of Hibernia! I think Rush gets it in spades. I heard him last week talk of how when the Democrats overreach, they will create a state so massive that the Republicans can turn the statism on their former tormentors once they get back into power. I believe that it is incumbent upon every American to make Obama fail. I am willing to take an economic "hit" if it will help bring down these nakedly power-hungry goons. And, incidentally, all the conservatives who are calling this "socialism," you are falling into the liberals' trap: The liberals themselves have become so emboldened as to call it "socialism" already (see Newsweek's recent cover "We're All Socialists Now"). No, what Pelosi, Obama, and Reid, et al, are pulling is fascism. With all-too-willing big business cohorts, they will force a merger between the corporations and government (the hesitant are already being bullied into "cooperating") on such a widespread scale as we've never seen before in America. Anyone familiar with Mussolini's rise to power -- in how he took a revolutionary governing philosophy and couched it in traditionalist terminology -- will see eerie echoes in Obama's all-too similar stratagem. Obama is no Zelig, sans personality; that is only what he wants us to think. His ruse of being "all things to all people" masks a man who has a very distinctly sociopathic personality, the ruthless tyrant.
  14. Gold especially rocks, and my favorite gold coins have no mention of God on them (this is coincidental). They are the Mexican 50 Peso coins minted around the 1940s, simply gorgeous coins, right up there with the St. Gaudens $20 double eagle. I served in the 1st Forward Light Infantry Secret Squirrel Psyops Battalion Brigade Regimental Command of the Royal Army of the People's Republic of Freedonia. Naw, I just made that up. Actually, I served in the U.S. Army, U.S. Army National Guard, and New York State Guard. Currently I am on a V.A. disability pension and chilling out with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Why do you want to know? Are you trying to steal my identity? ;)