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    Below are links to my two blogs. On my main blog, "Zenwind," the Climbing Log is a historical recounting of my more memorable rock and ice climbs, most of which happened in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. They are often epic adventures that I record partly as instructional material with advice for newer climbers. I also have what I consider to be my more important reviews of books and movies. Use the "Index" to navigate the various categories. This is a slowly updated but more permanent blog.
    The second blog, "Zenwind's Musings," is to be updated more often. It was mainly started to let family and friends know that I was still kicking and writing while Bangkok was seeing violence in the streets. Any minor reviews will be here, as well as random updates. I'm probably only writing to myself there, but it keeps the fingers nimble.
    -Ross Barlow.
    "Zenwind": Climbing Log & reviews:
    “Zenwind’s Musings”: my blog recording recent thoughts and/or adventures: