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  1. Chris, I wish you would let a sleeping dog lie regarding the Ron Paul campaign. At least he did ignite a movement among many who might otherwise have been disheartened by the outrageous choices we had to choose from. It is unfortunate that this great country has been so misled for generations. Better ideas have been thought of as we know but remain in the minority although their numbers are growing. It is almost hard to tell which would be worse among the two major parties, one leading to medieval theocracy, the other to fascist totalitarianism. Regarding the natural borne citizenship thing.
  2. From a manuscript of more than 1000 antiphonal couplets on inside-outside antitheses this sequence is excerpted. "Outset" and "exordium" are synonyms. From the Inside Out 1 Good outcomes from the inside out have come But from the outside in are cumbersome. 2 The biggest outsets by the mightiest state Of money are in outcome desolate. 3 Good outcomes from the inside out have come But from obtrusions nothing good in sum. 4 The biggest outsets of amends commence Utopias but in outcome mean offense. 5 Good outcomes from the inside out have come, But no outsider brings the optimum. 6 Ominous
  3. Michael, Antiphonal couplets is what I call this style of repetition. Tibetan Buddhists use something like this form: Tibetan Buddhism and the resolution of grief by Robert Goss There are shadows of this style in the stichomuthia sections of Greek tragedy. There is hardly a line in Greek tragedy without inversion or transposition, I do not believe in the deconstruction of poetry, which would allow nothing poetically unusual or unprosaic. Deconstruction is the ultimate pedestrian end of art. Let transposition set the potency Of neurons to revise philosophy. I have already compose
  4. It has been more than a year since I last posted at OL. These couplets might reconcile youth with experience. The Young Outsiders a The young outsiders hate the old inside, Profaning their proprietary guide. b The old insiders are Misesian, Not needing from the state an outer plan. a The young outsiders hate the old inside, With outer arrogance unqualified. b The old insiders are Misesian, Who need no centralizing guardian. a The young outsiders hate the old inside And recompensive concord cannot bide. b The old insiders libertarian are, Unlike the youth who need a commissar. a The young
  5. I think these couplets are in spirit of Marsha Enriight's letter. 1 Of socialismus disillusioned, strive In self-promotion socially to thrive. 2 The chiefest efforts of my choice have brought Welfare in works meticulously wrought. 3 Of socialismus disillusioned, see Your self from social immolation free. 4 The chiefest efforts of my choice in great Events continue consonant with fate. 5 Of socialismus disillusioned, find Your self to sacrifices not confined. 6 Efforts of virile livelihood provide For welfare, having profit magnified. 7 Of socialismus disillusioned, go With independent pu
  6. I think Rand was not much taken with W.S. as he is rarely mentioned in her works. Shakespeare's father in the incipient capitalism of 16th century England was much involved and likely had his eldest son assist him with the deeds or bonds of deals. These poems are from Shakespeare Undiminished, a work of more than 900 biographical sonnets on the poet. Shakespeare Undiminished Book 3 Tuition Wrought Him Tough Tuition wrought him tough, him thrifty, him Intent to thrive. Censorious trafficking He’d offer. Verbal scowling, ever grim In covenants, he’d inflict, unpitying For money. Tutored to es
  7. I was not content with # 8 and here enclose two variations on that couplet. En masse bemused, enmeshed amiss, mankind To central subjugation is confined Concentered much, in meshes shaped, the folk May not divergent pulchritude evoke.
  8. 1 They’d make the fifty states one database For Washington who’d local votes displace. 2 They’d make the local publics of all states A centralized domain in D.C straits. 3 A barren interference Washington Provides, not leaving life to number one. 4 In centralized presumption socialists Displace your destiny to fill their lists. 5 A barren interference Washington Obtrudes, as laissez-faire is left undone. 6 In centralized presumption socialists Leave private life to public analysts. 7 A barren interference evermore Is overbearing overmuch like war. 8 A populace, enmeshed amiss, permits
  9. Aaron, Reisman and his friend, Ralph Raico, both attended Bronx Science, the high school from which I graduated many years after them. His online textbook and his audio files at Mises.org are excellent. If you thought the couplets were "bizarre." then other contributors to this board may have deemed heroic couplets strange. The couplets on FDR are one page from a hundred. Another post has been added to that site. I am something of an acquired taste. Most readers need instruction to enjoy Milton and Shakespeare. F L
  10. 1 Professionally teaching freedom, Rand In Atlas Shrugged would bureaucrats disband. 2 Professionally teaching freedom, all Von Mises said of Russia would befall. 3 Professionally teaching freedom, does Not DiLorenzo question Lincoln’s cause? 4 Triumphantly professing liberty, Ayn Rand elucidated slavery. 5 Triumphantly professing liberty, Ayn Rand made fictive reason fiery. 6 Productively professing liberty, Men propagate their mindful property. 7 Rand, crushingly professing liberty, Proved largeness a superfluous tyranny. 8 Rand crushingly professed, “Decrease the state, Which fo