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  1. Over on SOLOP, Neil Parille came out with a second segment comparing how James Valliant paints things in PARC to what Barbara wrote in PAR. It seems pretty clear what he does; he takes assertions/treatments that Valliant uses in PARC, and compares these to what Barbara Branden actually wrote in PAR. This is not rocket science, it just takes persistence, and an inquiring mind. Incredibly, Diana Hsieh replys thusly: "Neil, I don't believe that you've combed through PAR and PARC to come up with these criticisms of PARC on your own. They're just too detailed
  2. What are you trying to say about my Peter Pan outfit? Socks? Here's the thing with socks- you have to be a majorly senior porn star to be worthy of socks. I'm talking about the actors who wear black socks, keep their wristwatch on, wear gold bling, and maybe have a sportin' comb-over when they do pornos. These guys are not to be messed with!
  3. Hey, I'm sure you're right, Victor- it probably just struck me funny.
  4. Victor, I don't understand why you hurl things like "smugness" at people. Is there some kind of problem? What, a passive-aggressive deal, or something? I totally don't get it.
  5. It's fairly common knowledge that Nathaniel conducted a tele-interview on 8/17, and charged a fee of $24.97 for it. The interview had the built-in feature of being driven by subscriber questions. And then came the spin from the embittered, the psuedo-morally-outraged. It started here: First off, the title, heh- $26 for to ask Nathaniel Branden a question on PARC? Er... nooooo.... . This would be where you ask Branden (one of the key players, and of course he's also a recognized professional on his own accord) whatever you want to ask Branden. As opposed
  6. I'm just waiting for more, as the occasions allow. Imagine the greeting card line! MSK- I think you might be looking at your first product possibility...
  7. It's Friday near quitting time, which means time to head deep into date night, and gather some more valuable field experience... But first, music and martinis, Atomic Playboy style... Perhaps I'll spin some vintage vinyl: Might be back tomorrow. Might not. rde
  8. OH MY EFFFIN' GAWD!!! I am humbled by your prime-mover-like lampooning power. I don't know whether to hit the floor, or just cry humble tears of joy. You are one of the Great Ones. Enough said. This might be the greatest thing you have ever done- savor the glory.
  9. MSK- I know, I couldn't get enough of that... the mental picture. I even imagined the committee (it just depends how big, but up to about twenty or so I still wasn't running out). I happen to have spent the last year at the mercy of several "committees," involved in totally fucking up large, sensible business deals. It would be middle management at its absolute finest. Middle management has several purposes... I tend to switch their order of priorities around, but currently I use this one: 1. To continue to remain in place. To survive, just like the virus it is. This involves very facile, cr
  10. Clifford Brown, OH YEAH!!! It's like every time I turn around I hear something I haven't for a long time, or something obscure I haven't. His phrasing was incredible.
  11. BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!! Or would they be too busy arguing with each other to really eff with him? But, no, it could not be- they would of course recognize his prime-mover-ness, right? Eh..I can't help it, sorry, MSK... but I'm thinking of Perigo on a committee like that, evaluating John Mclaughlin playing screaming guitar cuts off his "The Inner Mounting Flame" album. "NOT KASS NOT KASS NOT KASS!!!! NOT THE LANZA NOT THE LANZA!!!!" Whoa...I think I'm all better now. I've been good for so long ... and there goes Satan entering my bah-dee, again. rde distortion, dischmortion.
  12. If you have never heard of this guy, and you're into jazz... I have never, repeat never heard an upright bassist (he plays electric too) even remotely in this dude's ballpark. Musical, yet near super-human. Plays on an old 1700's period bass. Exquisite tone, has a great jazz trio. 4 stars, to die for.
  13. I love both bop and swing beyond belief. Nowadays, I tend to listen to more swing, mainly because I've been learning swing dancing. An interesting aside on that- the basic East Coast swing dance step is a six count step that's applied over the 4- it's extremely hard to account for precise origins, but I'm pretty sure that Arthur Murray hardened that particular step up. That one's used for faster things so you don't kill yourself. But by far the most commonly-seen is a triple step, which would voice out like ROCK-step, tri-ple-step, tri-ple-step. Point being, you can get a lot of "swing" out of
  14. I'm waiting to see that very answer get spit out. Next we will hear that Rand was deceived into her evaluation of Nathaniel as the leading exponent of her philosophy outside of herself. If she only had read PARC, PARC, PARC... If only there had been an intervention. You know- even the best and brightest can make judgment errors when under the spell of a con artist, blah blah blah. As far as whether or not NB contributed to her work in epistemology, who cares? Maybe (or maybe not) in one of their all night conversations he said something that influenced her (oh, perish the thought!). It doesn'
  15. Well, yeah, of course he was! Like I said earlier, I think he's got terminal flatulence. Martin Luther had it, look what it did to him... a man just can't think straight when his bowels aren't right. B)
  16. Fred Weiss came up with this jewel, near end-game with Robert C.: There is no evidence whatever that Branden made any contributions to Objectivist epistemology. In fact, like Campbell, there is evidence that he doesn't grasp key tenets of it and never did (see PARC). Did Rand herself not say something to the effect that NB was top dog as far as understanding her philosophy, other than herself? Someone whip out the quote... Epistemology would be included in there, of course. Or, did that suddenly "change" post-break. Was Rand wrong about her own appraisal of those most expert in her work? If R
  17. I'm getting the impression that there are some who can't accept the concept of parallel development.
  18. *sigh* The whole art thing vis-a-vis O-world. The only saving grace of it all is that, really, none of these folks that try to lay restrictions/judgments, whatever you want to call their nasty funk, on art/music will ever be able to do so. Expression is just way too big and strong for that, it will never tolerate their shit. I got a real good feel for how snarky and inept it could get during a thread I hung in on over at the old SOLO, which started out with some "here's good, here's bad" examples that included a piece by Frida Kahlo. It's probably around to see, I'm not even interested enough
  19. Angie is definitely for real, Gonzalo. New bedroom role playing game- Dagny and John, and what the parrot saw. You get the idea. New adult product: Howard Roark Erector Set<tm> You get the idea. rde Somebody's got to keep the heat up around here, and Angie and I are just the ones to do it.
  20. Robert Heinlein's Time Enough For Love is a wonderful book centered around the idea of extended lifespans, and of course, it's Heinlein, so it's saucy and smart and funny as all Hell. I put that book right up there with AS. Again, James, lovely!
  21. Well, please do something!? Go on to a pagan website and research, whatever! But if you ever get control of it, I can think of at least three people you should...oh, never mind.
  22. That was the place, Victor. We might have even been in sentence completion groups together, the way he kept shifting people around... Heavens!
  23. What I like very much are people who are willing to laugh. If you can do that, it's on . Without unnecessary detail, I remember one encounter from when we first got together. I had just moved into a new place (the one prior to where I am now)... I was working on a wire, re-establishing myself, so to speak. This is when I really was exploring what one can do with minimalism when building a boudoir/Zen Love Nest/Eff-A-Torium, whatever. I hadn't gotten my bed in there yet, and I was struggling with a couple of piled-up full size air mattresses, one of which leaked! All the time with the air pump
  24. Fred Weiss, what to say about Fred Weiss... If you go from his writing tone, he just doesn't strike me as a very happy guy. It's like he has bad gas all the time. Robert Campbell is as far away from a smear artist as you can get- the guy doesn't need or want it. What he does are a couple of things, when he's not writing just damn fine essays. The first thing he does is what generally is a very thorough resurrection of actual facts, esp. when there's been ommissions, revisionism, slanting tone. And then, the other thing I think he sometimes does is dig up stuff from the basement that likes li
  25. RCR! You've been turning up the heat a bit lately, my man! Great to have you over here... rde