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  1. Interesting point, old friend. Serenity...lots of talk about that all the time. Alcoholics Anonymous has a pretty realistic take on it, for example. What is it? Deep peace? Internal balance? The calm mind? My ladyfriend has achieved what I see as a near-constant, deep state of serenity. It even shows to people who have never met her before. I'm always asking her about it (usually when I'm looking for some, when I've hit one of those inevitable "thin places" that life will throw at you). She has had a very unusual and varied life. A good deal of which, from the beginning, had major horror to
  2. Just what I was after, Ciro! Thank you!!! I'll likely try it this week!
  3. I'd like to say I didn't get the jihadist thing, but I did; kneejerk stuff like that is the calling card of the socially sour. Always so angry ! So ready to pull any box off of the shelf and stick someone in it. It's alright with me, perfectly fine! I know that people (at least the ones that bring me joy) are generally very perceptive, and sensitive. Meaning, they pick up a sourpuss tone real quick (either consciously or subconsciously) when they read things. And then, it's fight or flight- they either engage, or they stop reading the person. Either way, not a sweet interface. I used to write
  4. I just took a peek over there...sheesh. Robert C. carries on, with great gusto and relish, an unstoppable human tradition... What do we always do when we see a spaceship crash (like in War of the Worlds), or something weird wash up on the shore, or some nasty animal hiding underneath a car? Well, someone always has to poke at it with a stick! It just has to happen. Here's to some first-class, relentless stick-poking, Dr. Campbell! B) It's so weird how they've kind of iconized, or institutionalized PARC, as if it were like marking B.C. from A.D. Holding onto that stance will, in the end,
  5. You don't have to explain yerself, honey-bunny: the heart wants what the heart wants! rde Victor: be gentle with her.
  6. Heh, thanks MSK. It's a good thing he didn't quit his day job. I figure maybe his upcoming excapultation/decapulation of the Bible should get him a little more traction. I don't think he's gonna get the "Passion of the Christ" audience, though. Nope... But the controversy might move a few sheckles into his account. I think he had a little practice run on that, he was airing out his hermeneutics a bit on a SOLOP thread. I found he was more of a history regurgitator than a thinker. I think maybe he was a little dodgy when someone started moving towards the Gnostic scripture, though he did ack
  7. Well, I hate to mess up the feng shui of the little lovefest going on here... It's nice that Angie and Victor meet! First, though, thank you, Maestro, for your gracious, kind, and strong words. I blush! Anyway, when I hear Mikee- he says he doesn't find my arguments convincing, and such. Mikee, hear me, please- I am not attempting to argue, convert, convince. . That is not my purpose; it would be a foolish one. More importantly, I would disrespect people, it is bad manners in general. Worse yet, it goes against individuality; we can, if we wish, share things, and it will be clumsy. I only
  8. MSK, That is, on the whole, a very accurate account of what happened. It was fairly transparent right off the rip. It's good you marked all the timelines and such. When it went down, it was pretty easy to pick apart. I've never heard a story with any weight to it that flew well in the face of the facts. Additionally, I'd say that Perigo got pretty sensitive about his consumption. I say this because, if one were to drag the swamp a bit, what you will find is a number of posts about other things where he introduces retorts about drinking into a conversation that clearly had nothing to do with t
  9. Yeah, the "I'm spiritual" thing has been in vogue for awhile, now. I like to think it's mostly true. Usually, the people I hear that from are in fact what we call "seekers;" going about it on their own because they ran from one kind of funky religious dogma or another. Seeking can go on for years. I thought my seeking ended with Objectivism, because that's how profoundly it changes one's life. But in my case, on the deeper, interior level, the thing that spoke deepest was along Taoist lines, and I always had conflict between those two. On the whole, Objectivist principles are how I operate in
  10. This is a very good piece of work, Victor. Barbara said it- it sounds like you . I understand, sympathize, and maybe even commiserate with you regarding many of your comments about religion. Understand that is coming from a person who experienced spiritual conversion. All I wish to suggest to you is that individual religious consciousness is as unique as a fingerprint, as unique as each person. There is, often, a tendency for Objectivists to use "religion" as a meta-term; not, for one, separating the individual religious experience from the ecclesiastical. If you look at the bad things that co
  11. Now you've gone and done it, Victor... And here I've been trying to back off the curmudgeon jokes. But, this air conducting thing... tuxedo, maybe in front of a boom box... Fouled, half-inflated Mario Lanza love doll crumpled in the corner... No. Forget I said all that. rde I gotta get back to church.
  12. No, no, no! I always take the garlic at the opposite end of the day from the date. Or better yet, right after she goes home. You just have to do it once a day... The parsley is a big deal, it's a wonderful breath cleanser. Now, the other thing with this- if you both like garlic, and you're at dinner, you can have it, but both people have to! It's all, or nothing! Same thing with onions, but I really try to avoid that, it's a bit much... Last night I decorated the overhead lamp globe- I covered it, got a blade and turned it into a Japanese lantern. Looks good draped with mardi gras beads, an
  13. Going into tricky and interesting ground here, Victor... B) As long as philosophy is nimble enough to adjust to what science brings to it. Science tells us what "is," not what it means , it's true. But what "is" can be quite the ball-buster, no? If a philosophy is rational, doesn't that mean it has to respect what science brings it, no matter how unseating that might be? I heard a quantum guy talking somewhere or another, about, you know, the real unsettling stuff (at least for me)- things like where you might think the chair is "here," but in fact it might also might be going here, here,
  14. So Ciro- What's a good recipe for steamed mussels? Around here it's pretty much just steamed open, butter/garlic. It would be fun to have something a little more interesting than that but not too much prep... Regards, rde
  15. Hi, Barbara! I'm not so sure about your conclusion that Einstein was a deist...maybe. I don't know at all, but the way he talks about religiosity/spirituality, it bears an amazing resemblance to how William James writes about it- like when Einstein writes: "The religious feeling engendered by experiencing the logical comprehensibility of profound interrelations is of a somewhat different sort from the feeling that one usually calls religious. It is more a feeling of awe at the scheme that is manifested in the material universe. It does not lead us to take the step of fashioning a god-like bei
  16. Well, ya know...that doesn't ever seem to stop anyone. ;) As a matter of fact, that seems to be exactly the kind of fools gold that gets panned out. I've seen rebuttals to that go along the lines of "lying is lying, doesn't matter the scale..." yadda yadda. But this doesn't make any sense to me at all. Consider Barbara's account- that's what she had, that's what she recalled; I didn't see anywhere where she said that without doubt this was for sure. For that matter, I've never seen a lick of these "agendas" or spin (or worse yet, smears and lies) in either NB's or BB's writing. As a matter
  17. Chocolate is definitely on the preferred list! High-quality is best, though. A side benefit that a lot of people aren't aware of is that good chocolate is one of the top antioxidant foods out there. But here we're concerned with endorphin rushes, and it's of course wonderful for that!
  18. Dragonfly to the rescue! I've been looking for that quote for a good while, it is of great interest to me. To me, it shows he totally "got it." These remarks, I think, are largely pointed not at spirituality, but at problems in the ecclesiastical community, traditional theism, all that dreck. Moreso, it's pointing to the need to find peace between spirituality and science as discussed these days in books like (for the zillionth time I mention) Ken Wilber's The Marriage of Sense and Spirit . The whole idea of a personal God has been incredibly lethal in the hands of the fundamentalists, always
  19. Robert- Well, that's no good! It's too controversy-free! Not a lick of deceipt, evil, your usual conspiracy-laced conjecturing... But it is one of the most sensible explanations I've heard...
  20. Maybe he's a commie double agent, years under deep cover... Or not.
  21. Good, fresh Horny Goatweed from your local Chinese herb doctor is a nice enhancement. Dice up a couple garlic cloves, take them with either olive oil in a shot glass (easier to get down), or with water w/ lemon, chew up some parsley, it controls the smell. And NO NO NO, not the garlic right before. Keep as close to 24 hrs. opposite hammer time as you can. Some people say Vitamin E, but they say everything about that. Dunno. Viagra- watch out for a very nasty migraine after you're through- some people (so I hear). Scented oils- sesame/almond bases are very good and benign, if you can use t
  22. The Rand name-thing *sigh*.... This is, in the end, small fish. Not even minnow-sized. There is no understanding attributing some kind of dark motive to Barbara simply recounting what she knew of it. It's a pen name , for crying out loud! I guess the only person that could sufficiently answer that is deceased. It's no more than interesting AR trivia, maybe a little interesting in some ways, but on the macro, no, not really. It's so weird when these things get run up the pole; it's like "Lookie, lookie! Barbara might be wrong about AR's name! Deceptive, crack in the armor, if she did that, the
  23. Angie the Angel, indeed! You did ask about switches, though... Ow! I was thinking punishment like requiring you to read the complete works of Immanuel Kant. Imagine the horror...
  24. Heh... I dunno about that but I'll take it. You are a very nasty girl and you might have to be punished. Victor? Where's the toolkit... I know you took it.