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  1. Have you seen how spineless many anarchists have been about the Smith vs McElroy thing? If their utopia were ever achieved, they'd be the first to go. Within minutes of the state being abolished, they'd be clubbed to death by the first wave of power-lusting thugs while their fellow egg-headed anarchist theorists watched in indifference and said, "It's none of my business, it's between the two of..." (these fellow anarchist theorists would be interrupted mid-sentence by being clubbed to death themselves while the next ring of anarchist theorists watched in indifference, etc.). Instant tyranny.
  2. Maestro, I only hope for checks and balances, but performance-wise I have not seen this working so well lately. However, it does not mean that I have abandoned nor lost any faith in that idea. As writers (say), we know the power of words alone, and how sacred that freedom is. Will it be protected at any level down the road? I do not know. I see deterioration, and I see dumbing down. I see Idiocracy (the film) as a viable probability, if not already in place. People are not educated as they were. Specifically, they are not of an inquisitive mind (I am talking general populous here--wha
  3. This is from "The Nature of Government" in The Virtue of Selfishness. Some people disagree with Rand on this, but I don't. From what I have learned over life and study about human nature, she was spot on. I may disagree with those people who disagree, but I won't call them names like Rand did. I realize that she was lonely in her own fashion and had her own ways of getting attention. Michael I can speak only for myself, of course, but I know that I am struck dumb with admiration by the way the American system of checks and balances has left no opportunity, no legal loophole for the developme
  4. So, are you in? . You can warm up by playing on their computer if you wish. There are no levels here. Just a rockin' tournament. r My Queen Just Got Violated By A Horsie I don't play any more. I peaked after reading a book by Botvinnik in 1960. I played my bro and beat him and he threw up the board. I wasn't naturally better; I had just read that book. I really have no real chess ability; my mind doesn't work that necessary several moves ahead brilliant way. I may be some kind of genius in some kind of way, but I'm not brilliant. I purchased one of those early comp
  5. You introduce checks and balances, of course. These will magically mitigate the unimaginable excesses committed by monkeys doing what they naturally do, just as checks and balances magically mitigate the unimaginable excesses committed by politicians doing what they naturally do (abuse the power they have been naively given by the voters, who naively trusted them not to abuse it). But you know all this. JR Geo. Washington was America's first American king. Maybe he should have just said so. Then everybody would have known the truth from the get-go AND FOUGHT FOR THEIR FREEDOM--from the get-g
  6. So, are you in? . You can warm up by playing on their computer if you wish. There are no levels here. Just a rockin' tournament. Yeah, California Dreamin'. . .I've been there a few times, on a heavy basis, and I loved it. But I live in FL now so it's a whole different dealio. I love it here. Tropics. I bet you did enjoy that! r My Queen Just Got Violated By A Horsie
  7. Well THAT didn't work. Post where you want, I guess. rde Double-gangin' eff. . .
  8. COMPUTER GLITCHY THIS GOT DOUBLE POSTED SO . . . Until MSK fixes it (I sent him a line) if you are interested in organizing a tourney post to the OTHER one. Repeat, this is a clone, this is a clone. rde Fuck's sake . . .
  9. I'm feeling the Henry Belafonte smarm. I want to Limbo. I think I will change my name to, uh . . ."Mango." rde Yes, we have no ber-nanners.
  10. OK, here's the deal: I've been playing chess since I was like 9. I even played on the chess team in high school and such. Spent a lot of time loving on chess (I have little time for games, but when I do it is chess and pool). I just started getting my game back a bit, I am really rusty. Crap, I even played for USCF ratings when I was a kid. I have played chess through my life though, and really enjoy it. I noticed that people like Ghs, others, mention chess as a pursuit. So, I got to thinking, why don't we do a little, er, "team building exercise?" I started thinking about starting a tou
  11. You buy more bananas, and start over. That's one way. Or, buy them typewriters--maybe hit eBay and treat them to IBM Selectrics. IPads . . .something. Then you wait until they get done throwing poop at one another. After that, you are kind of on your own. rde Primate Fever
  12. Here's some more interesting stuff when you cut through the swamp, Ghs--this should keep you going for a bit. Quite interesting, even if you are a non-MA person: Regards, rde
  13. I assume you have seen "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story," starring Jason Scott Lee. How accurate was the film? I thought it was a good flick. Ghs Historically, it is kind of close. You have to, of course, ignore that whole haunting thing they ran through there, that sucked. Since you have Netflix, there is tonnage there, but maybe try an older one called "Martial Arts Master: The Life of Bruce Lee." Bruce Lee cut a pretty wide swath, George; you can study him for years and barely hit the surface. I wish I could've met him, but I was only 11 turning 12 when I started MA in '69. He was only w
  14. Another huge Bruce Lee fan from (virtually) day one was the late Roy Childs. During the early 1970s, while I was writing ATCAG, Roy and I lived in the same Hollywood apartment building, and Roy was always bugging me to go with him to see one of Bruce Lee's early Hong Kong films. Roy was ecstatic when "Enter the Dragon" was released in 1973, because he was convinced that it would propel Lee to major-league stardom. As I recall, Roy convinced BB to see "Enter the Dragon" with him on his second or third go-around. Roy claimed that Barbara liked the film, but I don't think I ever heard a confirma
  15. I just saw it last week on Netflix, via Roku. I'm a lifelong martial artist (1969). My last teacher was with both Ed Parker and Danny Inosanto (who developed many things with BL and ran his Hollywood studio). I was a Bruce Lee fan from day one, even though I never got to formally train kung fu until much later in life (but for a brief stab when I was 18). Anyway, I became a JKD man. Bruce Lee's books, particularly "The Tao of Jeet Kune Do," are as good as it gets, and that includes on the philosophical level. Inevitably, you study the Wing Chun, and you learn about Yip Man (as we knew the
  16. Rich, my fellow madman iconoclast, there are a couple of us here (at least) who have been keeping in touch with Phil. From all reports he is doing well and feeling pretty sprightly. He shares with me from time to time some fun things he has written. I paste one such below in an attempt to turn mere drift into a tidal bore. Two things jump out. Don't say 'speak frog,' please. It suggests something about you that cannot possibly be true: bigotry. Bete noire is a fully-functioning part of the English language now, like rendez-vous, hors d'oeuvre, apéritif and va t'en faire foutre, bub. As we say
  17. Yeah, I was thinking on that. He was better. Phil would, from time to time, resurface and he would do some beautiful things. Well, maybe not Beauty, but awfully damn good. You could see his nature. You know you're fucked when you talk about missing Phil. That is the pregnant fact of it, methinks. Jeez. rde Waiting for the Curmudgeon or Someone Like Him Phil still haunts these pages. I continue to be amazed that nobody has outed him yet. I saw this weird shadow on my wall this a.m. It could be so.
  18. It's hard to explain what you believe when deep inside you don't know. She has a decent moral compass. If you are looking for an informed, scientific/theological thinker, probably not so much. The forces of nature move her. rde
  19. Yeah, I was thinking on that. He was better. Phil would, from time to time, resurface and he would do some beautiful things. Well, maybe not Beauty, but awfully damn good. You could see his nature. You know you're fucked when you talk about missing Phil. That is the pregnant fact of it, methinks. Jeez. rde Waiting for the Curmudgeon or Someone Like Him
  20. "It must be hard to type with one's hands nailed to the cross" Much less play decent accordion. If there is such a thing. I was going to do a trivia contest on the pix, but the hijacking levels are already peaking to a dangerous state. So . . . Obviously, the first three are Phil (or The Artist Formerly Known As Phil)--these reside in the Phil Shrine here at OL, which, by the way, seems to be suffering from a severe attendance problem, despite lots of bells, whistles, dancing monkeys, and even a Hong Kong funeral shot. The accordion dude (and, God help you, you have to have your finger on
  21. You characterized your own headline post as "red meat." You also posted a link to Stephan Kinsella's article, one that supposedly provides "extensive background to the debate events and related intellectual ferment, which in turn influenced his and many others' thinking on IP, in a Mises Daily article posted today." Much of that background is fictional, as I have pointed out. And pointing this out does not amount to "character sniping." I was intimately involved with those events -- far more than Wendy was in most cases -- and if I catch her lying again and again, I will call attention to her
  22. For fuck's sake, man--do you think you are going to persuade Ghs into editing to your taste? Now, that would be a gruesome day. His replies to your very useful topic are exactly as they should be, if not a little more. Save yourself now, before it is too late. Don't you see the signs, brother? It's The Transformation. The Changin'. It comes on subtle, you know . . .mild urges to sanitize, correct, enforce what you feel is "decorum." Before long, you are in Bat Country--you have become Phil Coates. Bete noire list my sorry hide. How dare you speak frog. And invoked as a hot link, even!
  23. Proudly "Randian" in some respects. You're a bit slow on the uptake aren't you? Shayne You got it, Sporty-Pants: just your basic Barbarian.