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  1. "This is the auditions for the Village People tribute band, no? Good, be right back, gotta get the Indian costume out from the SUV. You guys ROCK."
  2. Great. Lenny the Love Doctor. All this coming from someone who probably hasn't had their junk working since somewhere in the seventies. Tops. If ever. When he dies, they should put his penis in a small jelly jar and display it behind bulletproof glass at the AR museum. It won't take up too much space. rde
  3. Yup, variations on the same old theme. For some reason or another, there is a new flare-up of this mounting. Nauseating. And I started putting out fake ones, making fun of it, all kinds of mayhem. You know what I got? Stuff like "Some of us aren't that good with words, it is easier to just copy and paste." Crap, my wife even said that. Fuck's sake. rde
  4. I was corresponding with Bob today and said I'd love to review his new novel on my blog, as well as share on OL, so I did! I am not even done with it yet and I am very, very impressed at the quality (for what that is worth). Here is the review, which includes a link to Bob. One of our kind is doing excellent! Hunter: A Thriller review Best, rde
  5. "It's so passe, you redneck fucks: Yeah, laugh away . . .all over America this happens--a bunch of whiteys working a road crew and standing in a circle around the one nigger, who is digging the hole. Well, I'm here to tell you, I didn't put on this Armani suit to dig no holes for no crackers. You can take this shovel, your banjos, and float down the river that is this sewage pipe break. God Bless America."
  6. Excellent and so funny. Bien fait. Your dad's "possibly disgusted" look was probably suppressed hilarity. That is entirely correct. I asked him about it years later; confessed, so to speak. He said said that it took everything in him to not bust a gut laughing, but he held it down, because he was trying to be a good role model. He said (and later I remembered this) that he went into his bedroom, and started cackling so bad he had to put a pillow over his head. rde Always a good source of cheap entertainment
  7. Excellent and so funny. Bien fait. Your dad's "possibly disgusted" look was probably suppressed hilarity. Rich: Good story. One of the better attachments was a "suction cup type" perfectly shaped I might add. I was lucky enough to have two girls of the same age as I, to experiment with in addition to the device. Ahh, wonderful memories. Adam just an innocent participant in human sexuality and its advancement - bringing pleasure to each corner of the world! Sir, I was complimenting Mr Engle on his fine writing yet I feared further posters would rush in with their own sordid reminiscences. To No Surprise you are the first - is there no corner of Respectability left on this site? Carol mother of two sons who were either less precocious or more wily than you two Hey, you two, can I cross post this on my blog. And get over there more. Thanks. Adam, it is nice to find a fellow user. Yes, the suction cup thing was always problematic, yet strangely contoured and inviting. I found that one to be a bit too much for me. I think in the end, I went for the hard plastic knob, you know, the one for taking out back knots. Make what you will of it. rde
  8. So, somebody called him (in Norwegian, of course) a fag in high school, which of course made him want to kill. rde Fag.
  9. We needed this like we needed more chain letters and game award pendants. Minka. Latest annoying FB craze.
  10. Ernie Krivda: Blues For Pekar Ghs: I think you are going to really, really like this. Feel free to get hold of Ernie. rde Now that is good stuff, right there.
  11. It stands for itself. I did a treatment on it while I was watching it yesterday: Beyond Even Bats Cheese Review, Bro-hood of Satan Fuck, what a nightmare on dozens of levels. I think the worst part, in the end, was watching Hank Kimball, County Agent, try to walk through that thing. Behold the Glory<tm>. rde Fabulous B Film.
  12. This one is an amalgam from an OL thread, and a part of "Girls, Guitars, and Typewriters" (or whatever the heck I called it). I had to get that condensed. I mean, if you are writing something this humiliating, you have to at least attempt concision. rde I ain't never joinin' the Cub Scouts Again WAHL Advice: Never Use Any Power Tools On Yourself Over, Say, 1hp.
  13. Well, reeling the thread, Mr. B, if I am mistaken, forgive, but I had to track down the particulars of your reference, and I am a Harlan fan, but for sure have not revisited him any time recently. Did you mean when he wrote like so? {The story includes many related threads, starting with a man named William Sterog who goes on a killing spree after talking with a pest control man. In the next thread, an expedition discovers a new planet with a 37-foot-tall (11 m), beatific statue on it. The statue has the face of Sterog. Next, a violent and insane seven-headed dragon is captured and "drained" using a technique invented by a man named Semph. Another thread involves Semph discussing ethics with a friend. Finally, Djam Karet (roughly translated as "the hour that stretches"[7]) investigates a field that pulses with violence and madness and it is revealed that a race of advanced beings have been "draining" madness from their world and dumping it on ordinary humans.} That's what I remembered from it. Regards! rde Beyond Even Bat Country
  14. Blessed Be. This one got to me pretty strong. Thanks, Selene.
  15. Talking heads, Bill. Talking heads. Feasting on the misery, and doing the twirling spin. Sickening as usual, keyword "use." rde
  16. I love when good research falls right into my lap. Wrote this one up real quick and stuck it on the blog. What you may or may not know about the S.F. Armory rde Starting to think that Wrestling might be real, after all . . .
  17. I've been an Ellison fan for what seems like forever. He's from Painesville, Ohio. He came back a few times to talk and sign books and danged if I didn't have a conflict each time. His non sci-fi stuff is outrageous-- "The Glass Teat," "The Other Glass Teat," "Love Ain't Nothing But Sex Misspelled," etc., as well as his stunning editing (and introductions) in "Dangerous Visions," and "Again Dangerous Visions." And then of course any of his tele- or screenplays. rde
  18. I have come into the need for my own writing blog, so it is done, in infancy. If you want to follow it, that would be great! If not, run. .There are already a few stories there, but mostly those that first appeared on OL. There is one new one that was culled from several things that I developed here (OL). It is here: Beyond Even Bat Country Cheers! rde
  19. Good shot, Rich. Your picture is confusing enough by itself, however, so you don't need to include the guy wearing shades with his arm around you. Ghs I agree with George on this, and would also caution Rich that, with the recent heat wave, he may want to ditch the formal summer suit with red neckware and don a tank top or something. Keep the baseball cap though. This theory is what I look for. It is better than when it brings up requests for DNA testing--the ugly truth of it. rde I done told you, yo Honor: I don't got no black babies.
  20. You have a point there. And Neil smiles too much and Wendy not enough. Bad choices. I made an interesting psychological experience when studying the two pictures. Since we happen to know a lot of private info about those two individuals, I find it very difficult to be objective in looking at the pictures, i. e. what I personally associate with both Wendy and Neil strongly flows into my interpretation of their facial expressions. Since I never perceived Wendy as having much angst (I see her as an extreme risk taker not afraid to transgress boundaries), I find it difficult to detect angst in her expression. Wariness and distrust, yes. Also hardness, and an attitude of calculation by someone who does not want to put her cards on the table. But like I said, it is all colored by what I personally connote with Wendy. (The bitterness I also "see" in Wendy's face is not influenced by what I have read about her though). The same goes for Neil: "ebullient", "wears his heart on his sleeve", "a good hearted-guy, but very impulsive and too trusting", "not having enpough inner distance to his own experience" - again, all that I connote with Neil flows into my interpretation of his photo. That's why you have to be careful (and/or creative) when you put out pictures. For my guitar practice, I have just what they would expect. When they ask me for a writer shot, I just give them something confusing, lately it has been this: It do work real fine in the Southern Market., by crackie'. rde
  21. You can thank Nixon for putting that last nail in the coffin. Weed is on the same schedule as LSD and heroin, which is preposterous. r
  22. Rachel is getting ready to publish a second book, and she has a blog that is starting to get interesting; she even put two of my stories on it , "The Sock Guy," of all things, and then "Her Wonderful Dream", both of which first appeared here on OL. Romance Forever with Rachel Cron rde
  23. Woah. And I haven't even smoked any dope today. I like the idea, sort of. I think I do. I'm going to go smoke some dope now and watch "Searching For Bobby Fischer." You don't have to be good to enjoy and play chess. I have found that the real pleasure from it is the unique experience of playing with each person. I've had awesome games playing with little kids. But how many adults truly know how to have fun, right? No Woman No Chess, but speaking of bishops - Rich, ecumenical musical friend, how do you like my Anglican compatriot's Youtube "Straight Outta Compline?" Rev Kyle is the real deal. For Rich from Carol: Straight Outta Compline Not from Russia with Love, but from Toronto with Liturgical Lust? Adam How can you not appreciate good entertainment, right?
  24. I got close the other day when I went to my dentist, David Robb, near Rincon HS. He graduated from that school in 1968. They recently fired all the teachers and hired back half. I'm sure your old home has been turned into a dope den, burnt down or gone into foreclosure, maybe all three. --Brant I was never there I'd think George probably managed to make that happen when he was living there. . . Ghs--I am very much enjoying the discussion about jazz, etc. Not much to add at this point. Gosh, I hadn't thought about Dave Allen or that album in ages. One of my guitar teachers turned me onto that many years ago. Also, to increase the mission creep--I just got the new music service Spotify ( and it is beyond excellent (and free). The way they have it working is that you send in a request, and then a couple days later they send you an invite. This is a tailbusting archive (like 15 million), and you can even incoroporate your own mp3s with it, use it in standalone mode, etc. The application is non-intrusive and boy oh boy can you dig up some tunes. This is a fairly new thing and if you are a music head, jump on yonder bandwagon. I use things like Pandora and Grooveshark as well, but this has much more breadth and depth. r
  25. Chris, Of course he got sympathy. OL is full of good people. The problems started when Andre rejected the sympathy, started explaining to people how wrong they think based on boneheaded presumptions that are only in his head and not in theirs (which I base on what they have posted over months), and explaining to them what Objectivism really is and what it isn't--when it's obvious that he has wedded some weird ideas of his own to his understanding of it. (The guy even spells Objectivism with a lower case "o.") At first I thought this was a sincere attempt to discuss things and open up and find new people to relate to, and (I hope) there still might be some element of that. But his mind games and arrogant presumptions with people who try to be nice to him--which to me signal nothing more than a cry for attention and the wish to scratch a neurotic itch at the expense of others--are as thick as molasses. You mostly get what you give in life. That generally holds true even with good people. I have the feeling there is a hidden script operating here. And I have a feeling Mr. Andre will try to push people into his hidden plot line even when they don't fit. From what I see, he has already started. But I ain't going to be an actor in that play. This ain't like what you went through with the Randroids, either. You ran into some serious cult mentality issues. You won't find that here--not in reality--no matter how much the call to repeat the pain clamors. Michael Agree 100%. I should have never touched my toes in the water. Once again, I distrusted my gut, and that's the only time things go South for me. As far as I'm concerned, Mike, they can all go wallow in this one and put on little look at me shows. If you edit that down, I am saying "Fuck this." rde Fuck this.