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  1. That's tough, for sure. Business as usual over there.
  2. This is something Michael Dowd posted that I think is relevant to the discussion, it's over here: 4 Reasons Why Nothing Matters More Than What We Think About Evolution
  3. Hey, I ranted out the Mormons some more for you, at least I did that.
  4. Yup, variations on the same old theme. For some reason or another, there is a new flare-up of this mounting. Nauseating. And I started putting out fake ones, making fun of it, all kinds of mayhem. You know what I got? Stuff like "Some of us aren't that good with words, it is easier to just copy and paste." Crap, my wife even said that. Fuck's sake. rde Yeah and a buddy of mine at work showed me a website where you would come up with a topic and it spews out proverbial sounding garbage... Incidentally, my boss was working on internet addiction on kids and asked for my opinion on what could be a/the possible cause of this phenomenon. To which my answer was,most people don't know what they have on their hands. If the parents don't understand it, the internet's a dangerous place for a kid or anyone for that matter. Problem is, they aren't even making an effort to know it... just use it and abuse it and let it run as well as ruin their lives in the process. It's still going on, too. We're definitely seeing a spike in the current contagion. Apparently there is no stopping it. I applied a few countermeasures and can, happily, report that I was able to block some of the infection on a local level. But they started back up almost before I applied the vaccine. This thing mutates, folks. rde The Terror
  5. Yawn. It is so easy to go off on spirituality. Effortless, really. And a lot of them deserve it, for their rigidity alone. Now, I do know that some people don't like hearing a lot of cursing. I know that because I have a foul fucking mouth and am very good at the art of swearing, fuck yeah I am. But, I am also a religious person, obviously--Unitarian Universalist. Crap, I did over sixty performances last year playing on various praise teams. I took the Summer off, except for playing at a pagan animal blessing coming up next week, which is just fun anyway you look at it. Praying is a lot harder than making fun of prayer. There are many people that pursue the spiritual path that you can't dump into this bucket, which gets created over, and over, and over (because it is easy). So go ahead, have at it. But realize you aren't doing anything very profound. Shit, I bust on Mormons all the time. How can you not? Their founder alone--Joe, who was a goddamn psycho. I dug up metal tablets and read them through special glasses. Rightio! I'm married to one. Technically, she is a Mormon, actually, she's more along the lines of a pure pagan--that is her practice. So, is my wife an asshole, too? Am I? Just because you say so? There are a lot of religious dicks out there. There are a lot of atheist dicks out there, too, you know? It is a non-denominational, open-source-code practice, being a ding-dong. Need I provide you with glaring examples? Fuck's sake, they're everywhere on both sides of the fence. Here, I'll go ahead. Perigo--atheist, douchebag. Peikoff--atheist, devout douchebag. Why? Because I say so. And I do not speak alone. Call me a relativist, call it a matter of opinion, but I know a douche when I'm around one. For that matter, you can call ME a douche, for all that will get you. So one thing we need to consider is that you don't immediately become douchebag-safe if you convert to atheism. It's just a matter of switching what flavor/scent of douche you want to be around. Namaste, rde
  6. What will happen? It's already happened. Objectivism is dead as a unified movement, religious or otherwise. It's an artifact to study and get what things of value you can from it. I fully expect ARI to wither away. Not that I'd bet money on it, but it's doing all the right things to insure that happens. And without ARI, there is no Objectivism, since per Ayn Rand, Objectivism is either official Objectivism or it's not Objectivism. Shayne Well yeah, but I'll never be sure about that last part.
  7. This is frikkin' hilarious. If you haven't seen, do it!
  8. I think he most likely is big-hearted. Letting it out the box a little more often might be good. He's a good writer, too.
  9. Just agree with him. He'll like that. rde
  10. There would be an irony. Or, maybe he knows a loyal diaper-changer when he sees one. Planning for the future. Regardless, putting down the microphone would surely be in his best interest. But he won't. rde
  11. Who is the hottest candidate as his successor? If a top secret project funded by ARI proves successful, there will be no successor. . . Don't be coy DH. We know who's the dark horse in this race.... The abduction and fusion of Hsieh/Peikoff:
  12. Isn't that what Superman did to regain his super powers? I'm afraid he'll just freeze to death. --Brant you got a worse idea? I was thinking more like the ending of Frankenstein.
  13. Agree with you 360, especially the podcast. No matter how much punishment er, some of us , put him on, it gets to that inhumane feeling that can start to happen. There's painfully funny, then there is just pain. He's making me wince once in awhile, and that is no way to do business. I have all this mad production gear and it would have been just another training exercise to grab some voice samples, and then and then and then. . . And I really thought about that, until hearing the last couple of his deals. I will say that they even translate quite well to print--Oh yeah, baby, yeah they do. He's really doing fine on his own, there's not much more any of us can do to enhance perfection. At this point, a lot of things would be better--he could hike up to the North Pole and sit there, or something. rde
  14. A piece about the mystique of mail order self-defense courses. Black Dragon Society Secret Training Manual rde
  15. A just-for-fun thing I fool with on the side: The Strange Curse of Trailer 356 rde
  16. If it does not go down after 4 hours, call 911. Ba'al Chatzaf And if she doesn't, call Escorts Go Out Service [EGOS]... Yeah, get out the metro white pages and start dialing as fast as you can. rde Any Port In A Storm
  17. I couldn't agree more. Bob, you're a treasure. It's been great interacting with you over the years. Savor the day! Rich E.
  18. Karaoke night would have been good. I might even pay money to see shit like that. rde
  19. Yeah, me too. I'm part way into it and I haven't gotten around to more reading, but I will. It is a real roller coaster ride. I think you'll enjoy it, Kat. Bob can really, really write. Cheers! rde
  20. Does that mean I'm a colored person? Does that mean I have to stay in the back of this bus? I think we're all bozos on this bus. Thanks so much. Such a warm blessing to have in my life, y'all. Rich Engle, celebrating his BD along with adopted Thomas Jefferson love grandchild Roscoe.
  21. The Ralph Goldberg Story It's got all the good primate stuff. Best, rde
  22. This is interesting news, hadn't noticed. Christian Slater, too! Here's the writeup: Freaky Deaky 2012 movie Best, rde
  23. Nice review, Rich! REB Thanks, R. Miss hearing from you--getting too lazy in the retired life? Growing flowers in your bone-bell? rde