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  1. Wait until they pick you up in a tractor beam. I tell you what, Reidy, you better break out that aluminum foil and get your hat together--that's what I'm doing. What will be better is if the theory of alien life is true, which I believe it to be. I hope they're nice. r
  2. I so want to tear into this but I'm going to use some restraint. Adam? I'm struggling over substitute ingredients for avocado dip.
  3. Heh. I actually had to check myself and see if I had smoked any dope before I was watching this, and I hadn't. Yet. But I felt that way. rde Quick, Robin: Into the Popemobile!
  4. Well, at least you got off your filthy sex habits enough to write something cogent, Adam. ;) rde Running
  5. Nice job, Ridley! OMG! You could practically see the constipation levels increase. I'm guessing that might have ruined their lunch--digestive problems? I like the one cop in the back (obviously someone who watched way too many Steven Segal movies)--you can just feel the boil going on. And in NH, of course, of all places. Those activists should get sent fruit and cheese baskets, at the bare minimum. rde Today's word is "wow."
  6. Wow, did I like reading that, Andrew. And it wasn't even for me. Hey, that reminds me! I'm working on this giant story for my blog and I have a few days before I can put up anything of my own. Your last article was so good and well-received! Do you have anything sitting around that you'd like to put up over on my place? Even a shorty? I just got done working with Robert Binidotto and before that, Rachel Cron, both of which took a bit of doing. But I would love to have you do something else. Message me or whatever. You are really emerging well as a writer, from my eyes, and what that is worth--impressive. So Dana, I think you have a good person to read here. After all, this thread is your introduction and that is what is important. I didn't mean to barge, but Andrew is just so good lately I couldn't help myself. best, rde
  7. Hi, Dana. Hardin is a very good man, and probably an excellent therapist, at least for anyone but himself. Occasionally, he even has a sense of humor. He seems to be stuck on this football thing. But we all have our stuff. Perhaps he likes all the ass-patting, the roar of the crowd, whatever. Anyone that is willing to pay 12 bucks for a beer needs to do some serious introspection, at least in my book. As to your experience talking to others about AR, etc. . . .this is a constant. And by that I mean decades. Initial exposure to, say, Atlas, or Fountainhead is an amazing, liberating experience. It also has the unfortunate capability of making you into an intolerant prick, if you are not careful about things. I think one of the hardest parts for me was realizing that some of my friends were really not my friends. And if you think about it, reading Rand pretty much gives you the imperative to cast people out of your life. I urge you be careful on this. Because, if you are not, you will be no different than any other shiny, new believer in anything. In other words, being an evangelist is perfectly fine, if you really understand what that means. "Proclaiming," however, generally will get you in some bad straits--ones that might really burn things, people, that you later realize you still love. I wish you the very best. You will find many amazing people here. Even ones that argue about sports! Best, rde
  8. MESSAGE AUTO-DESTRUCT WILL ACTIVATE APPROX 60 SEC.S AFTER READING Our dearest Curly-Tail: First off, apologies in advance: as you may or may not know, it was Weasel Stomping Day over here in the Everglades, which of course puts a halt to whatever government functions are actually still functioning. If you are not familiar with the tradition, or perhaps need to refresh your understanding of this colorful ethnic event, I offer you a lovely reel--just ignore the upfront advertisement (though it is rather appropriate to the matter-at-hand)--I can't filter out what those bloody Nips over at Sony stick into almost anything the Film Ministry puts out. I mean, I guess if we paid down our debt a bit, they might stop this, as well as refrain from opening up any more of these damn buffets (they say they are Chinese but we all know who is really in back of it--and let me tell you, if that's sushi, it came out of the dumpster from that nasty Indian restaurant we ate at last year there in Toronto; you know, the one that required me to have my exhaust port teflon-coated). Anyway, I don't know much as to recent sightings, activities. This Adam fellow is an elusive little bugger; likely a bugger that engages in, well, buggery. I have heard stories, horrible, horrible rumors they are, involving donkeys, leather straps, and 55 gallon drums filled with lukewarm oatmeal. Even if part of this is true, well, you know how They say "most myths are based in fact." Disturbing, indeed. About the only, um, "hard" intelligence involves two fraternal twins who came running into the Indian gambling joint down south of me closer to the swamps. One of them (I know not whether it was brother or sister) was said to be garbed in the traditional plaid skirt/knickers/shiny strap shoes kind of outfit--you know, the private school thing--and the other one had some kind of ventriloquist dummy duck taped to them. I guess they really messed up the action on the blackjack tables and one was reported to scream, over and over in some ritualistic kind of loop (and this is a rough translation) "If that's what it is, I'm going back to Father Christopher--at least he had better candy and the whiskey was single malt." I mean, that puts a chill on a man, thinking of such. The best-case scenario here is that he will go back to his traditional stalking grounds, which is around the New York/New Jersey area. And that would be a good thing, if there is any goodness to be had in this. Even better, if he focuses on New Jersey, which always deserves any kind of plague put upon it. That's it. If you have lemons, make lemonade. Keep me in the loop, and I'll stay on the smegma trail, as rotten a business as it is--it is, after all, my Job. Finest Kind, Milk Moustache
  9. From: R. Engle, National Affairs Desk, Division of Horny Goatweed To: Hogswine Frothington (or as we used to know him back in school, "Old Stinky") Re: This whole Pervo Situation First off, I am not an esquire. I hate fucking lawyers. But I can understand your misunderstanding, given the way I behave. As to this person's "proclivities," as you put it, I only see certain ones, and trust me, they are disturbing enough to make one believe we are only dealing with the tip of the iceberg, here. My only hope (which I hang on threadbare) is that he isn't doing anything involving barnyard animals, or engaged in other deep things (shaving monkeys, say). Let's reel it back and look at the macro of all this. Our intelligence does know this, er, bare simple fact, that being that at any given moment, there are a number of people (well, men, mainly) scattered over the planet who are sitting in front of a computer screen, with their knickers down around their ankles, a large supply of tissue nearby, and (my) a product called "Lonely Man Hand Lotion." This is the general state of it. As to his particular habits, activities, preferences, I will leave it to your own imagination. I wish I could help you more, but this all has been so disturbing that the preponderance of my cycles have been spent attempting to eliminate the graphic, psychological effects (mental pictures) that this triggered in my mind. I wish I could be of more service, and perhaps I will, but at this point I am in triage. Finest, Lord Engleton (a.k.a. Lance Thrustworthy, a.k.a. Dirk Digler, etc.)
  10. Fracking Then he defended his remarks, which to me appear to be a ding-dong problem involving mistaken causality. I mean, I guess I could be wrong on that but for fuck's sake. rde "I got it from the toilet seat." --Frank Zappa
  11. Oh, and if time allow y'all: Could you please comment on the interview? I think Robert is interested in feedback--he had some very interesting answers. Comment on the blog if you do, so we can see it. It seemed to me that he came up with some good new ways of looking at things. I mean, even if you already read it, it would be great if you could go back and comment. Hunter Interview
  12. This is starting to grow on me. And then I looked back on it and found yet more evidence as to what a total Sex Pervert Selene is. He seems to have an endless appetite for naked chicks, and other forms of the Finer Sport. It is nice to know that you aren't the only filthy hound out there. rde I like to watch. <---yes, it's just a quote from "Being There," for fuck's sake.
  13. Utopian colonies have a terrible track record. Crap, for that matter the Pilgrims thought they were creating one, and they ended up with the Salem Witch Trials. If only, if only. I think you create your Utopia in small, hand-made family type groups--family you choose. This is the only thing that has ever worked for me, anyway. I have a really nice one going on right now--very diverse, very together. We do communal activities but we do not function all together in a communal environment.
  14. Which martial art, Sensei? P.S., nice interview. Martial art? Oh, when I refer to martial art, it is in my own context, coming from 1969. I started out in TKD under 4 Korean masters (native teaching), which included judo, and in the end, Hapkido. In between that, I studied Okinawan karate, and was started to get into weapons. Then, back to the Koreans. After that, I freelanced and taught MA. I went back into training in the early 90's, but was looking for a "soft" style (tired of bone crushing injuries), so I did a brief gig at the Cleveland Aikikai (Aikido), and that included bokken (wooden sword)--I busted myself down to a white belt and started over again, again. I always preferred Bruce Lee's approach and had studied that and related eastern thinking very heavily; but I could never find a real good kung fu teacher (even Wing Chun). I got close by studying Kali/Escrima (with Tony Marcial), and got my knife and stick fighting together while I was there. Then, to an instructor of Jeet Kune Do who had studied with Danny Inosanto (Bruce Lee's main working partner, again, a Filipino) as well as taking his black belt from Master Ed Parker (the founder of modern Kenpo). That turned into hard combat/bodyguard type training. Now I am done and only occasionally teach. I don't like to fight anymore, at all. But this isn't about me. If you have read the article about Robert, re-read it, as he sent me some pertinent updates and changes. Little editing things, and he is about to do a new blog. It was absolutely fabulous talking with him (chatting, as it was mostly). He has a wonderful, precise, creative mind. Domo! rde
  15. This was a chat session that Bob and I did today and trust me, he answered a lot of questions. I was very honored to do this work and plus it was a real hoot to work with him. Right here: Rich Engle Interviews Robert Bidinotto Best Wishes To All, rde
  16. Yeah, but it's still fun to call a bluffer's bluffs. J Yeah, ND. I got that too. You gotta try a little better than that to slide one by. rde Remember: This Is A Tough Room
  17. Hmmm. Now that thar is sumthin' boy. Like he's being all Bad Boy saying that. Jesus, read Hemingway, read Henry Miller, read me. Like this is a big deal? Fuck's sake. What was it? Ether? Viagra? Warm glass of gin with a human hair in it? Over the counter sinus pills? Mouthwash? Sterno? You write through sobriety, you write through insobriety, you write, write write (or in his case, jabber audio, I guess). At this point it would probably be better if he got back on the stem. Shit, I start having flashbacks just listening to his audio. It puts you right in bat country. It is so godamn creepy I can barely take it. I cranked it through my main playback system (about 300w rms) and let me tell you--if I had had any downers around, I would have taken them. Or at least a pair of shooting headphones. How can you tell the difference? What, did he smoke a half a joint like twenty years ago? If there was still good acid around, and he scuba dived, we could coat it a la Castro. But the thing is, you wouldn't necessarily know the damn difference. And what's up with this Dear Abby hockey, anyway? Going to LP for ADVICE ON PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS? <---for instance. WTF? I take care of almost all things by going straight to my lovely, smart wife. If there is something outside of her field (rare) I have like 3 main dudes I go to. The last #^%& walking dick I would ever, and I mean ever go to is a decrepit, conceited bastard like this guy. WTF? I would rather fix my problems by sliding down a razor blade into a pool of iodine. You know what he reminds me of? Ever see this? L. Ron Bumquist, or whatever: Douche. rde Gravitas, for fuck's sake.
  18. I talk about how I somehow missed this one, but whatever--read the review and more importantly, if you're into this kind of thing, watch it. Here's my thing, including the trailer. Trust me on this one, friends: Roger Corman's "Bucket of Blood" I think it might be the best film he ever made (which is a relative statement, considering what we are talking about). rde Hail Corman
  19. Joel M. is the ONLY person that has visited the Phil Shrine lately. You dirty pigfuckers better get over there and do some cleaning up, tribute, whatever. The Phil Shrine I'm interested in His answers, as far as apologies and such go, but I am getting The Fear. Believe me, once he gets this math problem out of his exhaust port, we're all going to pay. Phil, hitting a thread at only approx 65% energy. I don't care if you are atheist or even completely un-spiritual: It's Gonna Be Like That. I've been through several of these campaigns, and the one thing you better know is that we are all in this together--He (Phil, that is) will make Hamburger Hill look like a cucumber sandwich party. rde Be Afraid<tm>
  20. Laugh now, heretics. He (Phil, that is) will come upon you with a mighty vengeance. I am scrambling to give It (Phil, I mean) Meager Offerings<tm> to fend off the inevitable. Behold my latest postage-stamp size rendering, where I have ported Him into the world of sixties pop art: But this is a mere morsel. rde I have pictures of Phil for all of you to edit, just message me.
  21. Build it and she will come???? You know, it has only been in recent months that I started to realize what a sick, horny bastard you are. It only makes me respect you more. rde Now give her a proper paddling.
  22. Well, if you made a little list . . . Actually, that's a great idea! That way, if you adhere to it, you are almost assured of not inviting assholes to your cocktail parties. I'm starting to really like this idea--that would've avoided me a lot of trouble this year. rde OK, Peikoff, fork over the ball cream.
  23. Brant, Why not a branch called human nature? After all, philosophy is supposed to be for humans... Michael Academically everybody is fighting for their own turf and will not tolerate a rejiggering of their own spaces. There is much too much specialization in the liberal arts and not enough integrated thinking across these disciplines. "Human nature" is the right idea, but the term itself doesn't have enough oomph or gravitas. It can't compete with sociology, psychology, philosophy, language arts (or what-have-you), anthropology, etc. The best term is still the old term: liberal arts, which even encompasses some science. --Brant