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  1. Or pedantically scolded into an alternate universe.
  2. O'Reilly needs to get his own shark jumper action figure.
  3. richie isn't here anymore upyoursupyoursupyoursupyoursupyoursupyoursupyoursupyoursupyoursupyoursupyoursupyours
  4. _gasp_ i...before e except, except...(ARGHHHHH OWWW) after c, after c.. never end a sentence with a (ZZZZZZZZZZTTTT AHHHHH) PREPOSITION, DAMMIT DAMMIT! asdfjkl; Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. need. . .water. bug spray. more correction fluid....sniffing it now la la la la!!! paper cuts are fun fun fun oh yes! They are wanting me to read something out loud now. Holding today's paper. Video cameras. Help. Please stop. Phil, stop them. Please.
  5. Things have gone beyond ugly over here. I now have these Phil-spawn running all around my house. One of them is trying to fuck my Chinese Dwarf Hamster. If you guys don't see me again, it's been fun. . . rde Looking for the flyswatter
  6. Not enough numbers yet, but we are trending to "No." If this keeps up, it means Michael has to shut down OL, or at least rename it. rde Yeah right.
  7. It will never end. Tedious though it becomes, sometimes it is cute. One of the worst, I think, is "noo-cue-lure" (nuclear). That one always gets me going a bit, especially when you hear it out of a high-level government official--not a confidence-builder! What makes me think you know when to press the Red Button when you can't even pronounce the shit, much less understand how it works and what it does. rde I Guess There Is A Little Bit Of Phil In Everyone
  8. I just got to reading this one down (I have been busy partnering with Industrial Light & Magic, producing spectacular special effects for a Phil Coates thread) and Robert said most of what I was contemplating during said reading. Sometimes I will say "it is the Objectivist in me. . ." or something like that. If you do that, you can get Orthodox types saying you are either in, or out. This does not affect me, especially these days because of the rigid, judgmental behavior that so often oozes from them--their problem, not mine. Anyway, I think it is a good question. If you are strong in an area, if you have been aligned with, or are now, strongly so with a system of thought, it is good to bring it up at least as a frame of reference. It is the question of labeling, of what is a group, vs. each unique individuality. And it depends upon which group you might be a part of. It is much more comfortable if you choose to associate yourself with something that resonates with you very strongly. For instance, I am very comfortable to say that I "am" a Unitarian Universalist. That is because I agree with and as much as possible practice the most basic tenets that define the UU world, and I am highly active within that community (primarily as a performing musician). But that is not the all of me, of course not. It gives me great pride and honor to say that I am, too, because of the good things that spring from that world, which include my own efforts. Open vs. closed is what you will find when discussing this in the O-world. I am in the open area. I have no interest in any form of Orthodoxy. rde
  9. That's a fine damn piece of work, right there. . . I finally got the Phil avatar off. It turned into Peikoff for a minute and I'm not sure which one was worse. Then, it started morphing. I saw Perigo for a second, too. Talk about confusing. It took the ritual cleansing that only Charlie Chan can provide to put an end to all this. I'm going to call Ghost Hunters International. Those guys never find anything when they go out, and I think I can fix that for them. rde Turning TV to an empty station and re-opening the Portal.
  10. That's why they call me "Tater Salad," McGrundy.
  11. I've got my own problems. I woke up at 6am to go over the hymns for church, and I had this in bas relief pushing out of my bedroom ceiling: I feel funny. I am having trouble fitting into my pants. This morning I proofread every page in one of those Word Puzzle books my wife likes to work on, and I yelled at the hamster. And, I know for toilet reading I had a copy of Thompson's "Generation of Swine" sitting there, but it has been replaced with Strunk and White--and I know I lent that to that Honduran dude across the street. Something is wrong. Very, very wrong. P.C. rde Fucq!!
  12. Does that mean I can keep on selling the T-shirts?
  13. Stories are very useful. Joseph Campbell said so. Hell, Robert Campbell probably said so. My minister even said so. Yes, indeed, there is no doubt about it. And, there is nothing like a good mystery, especially the ones with haunting, and Gothic elements--you just can't beat those except maybe with Mickey Spillane. This has all gotten me very excited, and off on some early groundwork for a new story. I guess you would call it sort of a cold case one. There will be lots of forensics and stuff, plus the elements I mentioned above. It will be as thick as Wendy's Chili<tm>, I guarantee you that! Now, I should put this over in creative writing, but, let's face it: I might not ever finish the thing, or for that matter, even write it at all. It's the shocking results that the early research has already revealed--these things are what demand us to perform at least a circumspection of the topic (at least). Most myths, after all, are based in some kind of fact(s), are they not? In the meantime, then, I will simply share what paltry existing data I have collected, and leave it to my gentle, informed readers to draw their own conclusions--this is the inception point of all Great Oral Traditions. Or typed ones, even. There is little to work with, but what there is, well, see for yourself: The Strange Curse of Coates Family Portraits (Special thanks to Oscar Wilde: I couldn't have done it withoutcha, buddy!) (Photos courtesy of the Coates Archive, Lodi, Ohio) It all begins with a wedding photo--but not just your ordinary photo. Gertrude Philomena Grundy was wed to Rocco Phillip Coates in the tragic year of 1918--I say it was tragic because that was also (prophetically, perhaps) the year Strunk & White's "Elements of Style" was published. The wedding was a difficult one, not only in that there were a number of shotguns involved, but also that the future Mrs. Coates was not carrying her 8-month pregnancy all that well, meaning she was quite nauseated at the thought of giving birth in the first place, causing a great deal of projectile vomiting, nervous eye-tics, and other female maladies. Wedding Photo, 1918. Notice the strange energy bolt revealed by photography, a bolt that would forever appear in almost all Coates Family Pictures. The couple settled very quickly into married life, although it was a financial struggle--due to her untimely pregnancy, Gertrude was discharged from her position as Headmistress of a prestigious finishing school for young ladies (name withheld by request of the institution). Still, though, Rocco worked away at his own career; he too was an educator, specializing in Health and Hygiene, but occasionally filling in as a substitute Latin teacher. Only Latin was spoken in the home. The birth occurred far past term (14 months), and to the young couple's great surprise, resulted in fraternal twins. Phillip Coates (right), and his brother Ignatz, age 10 days: It was not long after this Blessed Event that trouble developed in the marriage; a strange tension seemed to engulf the modest 5-storey, 2-bedroom cold water flat that Rocco had so carefully selected for starting his Family. The twins fought incessantly, and for seemingly no reason. Occasionally, Gertrude thought she would hear Phillip (the smaller of the two boys) screaming at his brother: "No no no! Not right! No, no not like, not LIKE!" This, and the general financial squalor began to take its toll on the Coates estate. The marriage experienced great tension and fatigue--fatigue that began to (bizarrely) manifest itself in the wedding photo. Wedding Photo, in 1919 (post partum): It all came to a head not 3 months after this time. The twins had gone out exploring a nearby paper mill that day and did not come home on time for supper. Hours later, only Phillip returned, slightly dazed, but otherwise unplussed and even smiling a very great deal. A search was mounted, and Ignatz was finally located; drowned in a towering vat of stinking pulp. And it was from that day on that even the family photo of the twins began to reveal itself, as it does to this day. Photo of Phillip and Ignatz, post-tragedy. As to the strange energy bolt, it also continues to defy explanation. Needless to say, the couple separated. It is believed they fled the country. Phillip was left at the steps of a prestigious boy's military school (name withheld by request) with a note pinned on him: "Here he is. Here are the pictures. Do something. Keep him away from dictionaries, whatever you do." And outside of Phillip's appearance on discussion forums somewhere in the 1980's, there is precious little else to know of this. The End.
  14. Phil: I like the jujitsu you are using here. Much more elegant than a groin kick. "I particularly liked how much you are able to say briefly, only a sentence or so for each step in a Strunk and White kind of manner." Sure. It only took a small army to stop it, and yet, still a brief writing critique. But ah, Sweet Progress. . . rde
  16. Right on! MSK=Excellent Kung Fu. And he didn't rip on yer grammer, ether. ;)
  17. I wanna go when he finishes it. I'm hoping he has services during the week, though, because I play every Sunday. HEY! Maybe he is going to have music! I could get another church gig! I do tiddlywinks, I do I do I do!!! But for him I'm thinking more like accordion music. Definitely!
  18. I think I am getting turned on. Maybe it is just the Arabic music.
  19. Subject: Phil Thinks He is "Kicking Butts": (plays around with items on desk) (brief discussion of Arabic music with associate) (coffee). . .hopeless despair, humorlessness. . .considers pasting several pages of William S. Burroughs "Naked Lunch." Phil would not like it, no, he would not. *sigh* . . .considers putting out unauthorized Phil Swag on Cafe' Press: coffee cups? How about asking MSK to start a Phil Coates Corner? It would be fun to watch. But would Phil be Pleased? Questions. . .many questions. . . (I found a clear ballpoint pen that has a neat LED light in it that turns colors. . .it is like my lava lamp only smaller. . .I like playing with this). . . I switched from third person to first person. Phil will not Like this. But, idea: use more 3rd person observer when working Phil riffs--safer, artsier than catapulting giant shit sandwiches at him. Meditation: Phil is not kicking butt, but he feels like he is kicking butt. Perception is not reality, but reality can be overrated. If Phil feels like he is kicking butt, he feels right, virtuous. But at what expense? Any? It is adorable fun to vaporize him. And, he is very durable. Truly, he is a Sporty Pants kind of guy. When Phil is in Florida, does he wear the white shoes with matching belt? Why do I picture him this way? And now he says he is building a cathedral. I built him such a nice one, and he has rejected it. Sob. rde *sob*
  20. Michael has some interesting insights on this. He went to the rally, too.
  21. I do believe this board has survey capability--we could find out something that way. Leave it up for awhile. You figure the ones that bother to answer it would be of interest. Of course, you don't first jam poison down their throats, like this thread was started. RJ seems to do what I have been enduring Kimmler doing, more often than not; the formula appears to be highly similar. It comes off as snotty and sour and for that matter, self-ingratiating in a certain way. So you get tired of trying to haul the thing back up to sea-level--right off the rip you have to get into that if you are out to make anything of it. It gets old. The tone of these kinds of initial posts just stick in my ears...the neener-neener-neener, neener. neener-neener rhythm of them. The curmudgeon-ness. Ptui. So that's all that had to be done. Thread topic "Survey for non-posters!" A couple of questions. Discuss results. Instead, doo-doo on the wall, again. rde Ptui.
  22. For real? Are you one of my people? What state? Double-wide? No I dont live in a trailer-that is a real nice setup you have there! (I didnt mean to insult anyone living in one either - guess i was indulging in cliche-like my new bff phil-i am sorry) I like your point about integrity-it sure helps one sleep more soundly. I also like the idea of lawn mowing-cold hard untaxed cash sounds good to me-in my case it would be snow removal right now. Internet marketing sounds interesting too-will google some of the things you mentioned thank you! I dont think any of those things sound low at all-like you said i am sure they sound low to some people but who cares. what do you mean integrity sometimes looks funny upfront? so you are basically saying 'think outside the box' right? (god i hate that expression-who doesnt? but it sure works in this case) I am definitely an individualist-have had a number of jobs in my life (high and low) and question authority way too much-not a good factor when the employers offering 'real' jobs expect their workers to practically (insert off color remark here)-I sometimes think i may have oppositional defiant disorder. pippi Good luck on all this, as I said before! Oh, I meant that integrity can be painful to maintain in the clinches, but you always feel good about yourself down the line. . . I remember MSK sent me a good paper on Internet marketing. . .shoot, what was that....have it here somewhere--it is a good start, explains how to tie blogs into sites, affiliate programs, etc. It will turn up--good one to read and get your feet wet. Major guru wrote it...dang. I'll poke around; MSK I'm sure knows right what I mean. rde
  23. Phil has been having bad hair days ever since he came off hiatus. Even by Phil standards. Swollen prostate, painful rectal itch--something. Something has made his snot turn green. rde
  24. I can think of one reason, off the rip. But don't keep yourself up nights over this whole thing.