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  1. Yes, Phil. And I guess that has something to do with leading by example. It only takes a person or two to change their "ways." Whoever starts that first is unimportant. Hey, the hits will come. What I am saying (and I truly believe now that you understand me) is to lay down the swords. It is a much more peaceful path of existence. Plus, you know, Phil, it occurred to me that we have to set some kind of decent example, all of us in O-world. There is a lot to discuss, isn't there? Regards, rde
  2. Well, for one thing, they were books, Phil. I think that is the answer. It is a fair question to ask, and you ask it quite well. Do ~I~ think the positives are all so easy and obvious? Yes, I do. Why? Because to embrace the alternative causes us all a bit of trouble, does it not? "In one's own soul or attitudes?" Yes, surely so. And I do not simply guess, but know, that all of us could stand to do better in that department. To do otherwise has no positive goal. I think that one of the hardest things to accept is the nature of "imperfection." Or, at least to know that, innately, perfection is no more than a beautiful vision. Emerson says it-- "Everything God made has a crack in it." Now, this is not religion, it is actually a statement about how the universe operates. I have given much contemplation to this, for what my contemplation is worth. For a small, but important instance, here on OL, say. Human-fun-poking will always occur: that's just a way of being let known that you are still alive. Scuffles will ensue. This being said, the fact remains that there is no practical use for meanness. If one is mean, it speaks to one's self, not others. There are many old behaviors within the human that draw from times when the brain was not evolved to the state it is now. I guess one of the nice things about having a prefrontal cortex (if you, or "it," maybe) gets you to thinking about this stuff, is the very nature of understanding what part of the brain makes us do what. I believe it is fair to say that when examining things like "consciousness," or even "morals," a prerequisite would be a decent understanding of the human brain. If you don't, then you are using something you don't understand, and commenting on others who may or may not suffer the similar situation. That is where a lot of the trouble comes in. So, in that respect, do not think I endorse any set of behavior rules--clearly, I will not, and there are others. That's not what it is about. Part of it is about how one is "blessed" to have elevated into things that are often taken for granted; what you have, through hard work, and an honest (but flawed somewhere) attempt to understand what is truly right, and decent, and maybe even kind. I understand where you are coming from, on this one. At least, my gut says I do. The more I pursue what I pursue, the less likely I am to pull the sword. But, I do love that lampooning. Best, rde
  3. And this is just one of our local whackjob PowerCouples<c> living in O-world. There's a lot of other stuff going on over there that makes this look like midget wrestling. Amazing to watch them work, isn't it? rde Actually, I like midget wrestling more than this. A LOT more.
  4. The real Thing (heh) to get was the Uncle Fester light bulb. You had to put a piece of foil in your mouth to complete the circuit (low voltage, glow in the dark). I liked having that one a lot, but it got passed around and who knows what happened. I was very ~excited~<tm> and ready to purchase a Thing Hand, but was underwhelmed when I saw one (like at Spencer's, or somewhere). The reason was that it was too small. You watched that show, you wanted something of substance; a nice beefy coffin-like box with a real big hand in it. And they charged a lot for it, on top. It was kewl, but not that kewl. On the other Hand <---*blatant joke* I did enjoy the technical upgrade to Thing that was done on the first Addams Family Movie. It is here on the trailer, starting at around 0:50. In a lot of ways, Thing stole that show. Actually, not to spoil if you never saw it, Thing SAVED the show . . . As to the destiny of Lurch's career, just You Tube it, there are 3, at least. Then also the cameo on the Batman TV series (all kinds of people poke out of the windows during Bat Climbs<tm>); it was an ingenious attempt at cross-marketing that never really panned out all the way (at least vis-a-vis The Green Hornet and Batman TV shows). Anyway: Through all the camp, there remains a smoking hot sexiness between Gomez and Morticia. I understand why people get jealous of true power couples, at least in that sense I do: they wonder about the metaphysics, the energy, how do they DO it? But all this is so shallow in the face of our bad behaviours, and bigger issues, and, an, an . . . But, more interesting to me is the sequences in the original show where Thing is conducting Lurch. This is pure genius, and if I went off on a tear, I would end up with Perigo jokes and that would just ruin my piece, Gentle Readers and "B" Movie enthusiasts. You never exit too late, nor too early (excluding getting the Hook). rde They're creepy, and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky . . .
  5. You know, though, the thing is-- Shriners kind of have it more going on. Not only do they do the cool fez dealio, but more than once I have observed that they get to drive these miniature cars as part of July 4th parades, and such. That's a hard deal to beat, and I don't even think you have to deal with the degree thingie. So you're in the Mystic Swords of Ali Babba Kazul. There's worse. rde Is that Celsius, or Fahrenheit?
  6. I think he was just attempting word-play. He does that, sometimes, and while I can't say it is entirely cute, or precious, to watch, well . . . If he was your fifth-grader nephew, tolerance would be mandatory and you would be hoping for maybe a Kodak Moment<tm>. rde Just here to help.
  7. As long as it, er, "suceeds (sp?)" rde And you're all worried about Smileys . . .
  8. Elixir? It's all in his ears George. Focus on the EARS. Become ONE with the Ears<tm>. Soon, you will be mine, George. Oh yes! Continue to Stare.
  9. I just want to get my hands on one of those cool apron-thingies. And I must mention the the Phil/tuxedo thing stuck fairly deep into my cells; I will be, unfortunately, having that image for a good while to come. So I guess that means you have great clarity in your writing, George. It's either that, or the Universe is coming after me because I created the Phil Temple<tm> then abandoned it after only a couple of re-visits. Some days, I guess even guys like me skip Sunday School. rde Next: The History of the Black Pope
  10. "I told you about how you need to stop fucking around with the White Dudes thing." rde But which one said it?
  11. Georgio-- I guess it was that you were talking about psych but giving the Jefferson example, nature of tyranny, and so forth. My bad, maybe. It took a minute but I started getting the slant pretty quickly. I would like to say I do not know, George, but I do. Again, look, even in this, at some of the replies you have received. As I said, very often you get a "tell" from the tone of writing (in this case, but almost anything will do it) that, er, "tells" you (or at least your gut if you have good one and listen to it) that said doer is actually talking about something else. Usually these things are old saws, such as jealousy, or their personal esteem issues. The tone comes out, and speaks above (supposed) content. Maybe that is what one might refer to as the unconscious agenda that is presenting operant. And this is a human thing, George. That's where I screwed up forest-for-trees-style. The basic principle exists, and even though I knew that I didn't show it. Duh. Back to the 5th grade with me, then. Not behaviorism. Not coming from the impetus that theory puts into things, as if that were all that is--as if consciousness is so simple. As if the prefrontal cortex id so simple. I do agree with Michael Dowd (and his esteemed colleagues) that man represents a nested, emergent universe that has evolved us--so now, we are, literally, the universe contemplating itself. And of course, that's where the trouble can come in. As to the slappy-fights, well, they only grow if you water them. I always have trouble with that one. But, you know the roll, George--like: ". . .outside of personal feelings, nothing that's any good can be hurt by satire." --Hemingway, letter to Sherwood Anderson Always so tempting. I'm trying to cut back. What I need to learn is that there are, for sure, some people that just have a bad set of wires up there. This is why the term "intelligent design" is so perplexing. Heh: "You ought to know at your age that you can't have Theories about friends." --Sara Murphy, writing to F. Scott Fitzgerald rde Today's interesting vocabulary/phrase list: opprobrium vituperative disharmonic postprandial tough-guy swagger parapaletic moral industry internal gloat delicately-organized babies pugnacity
  12. Not Phil or Ted, at least not too much, as if any at all is useful.

  13. You can always go over to my Phil Shrine<tm>. I haven't been there lately, even to weed it out, and that is my bad. rde I Guess I Either Defected or De-Culted
  14. *sob* Weak. Very, very weak. Now, I do know a couple of fifth-graders that are more, uh, yeah, than you. You are just mean. And mean is never pretty, and for sure never funny. Mainly, it is sad. You might ask yourself questions like these: am I really that unhappy and joyless, or am I just acting that way, and, if so, why? And so, Moneypenny don't be surprised if, occasionally, someone suggests that you undo that bun in your hair, hike your leg up over the desk, and let James have his way with you. He's going to try it anyway. rde Higher the Handicapped--They're Fun to Watch!
  15. Since my forthcoming book from Cambridge includes a discussion of this passage, I will quote it here to get the ball rolling. I think this passage is fairly self-explanatory, so I will not comment on it until my next post. Ghs This is a unique perspective from which to view psycho-gizin'. Is that what it is, the example you give? Or is it pathology? Or is it just a description of tyranny? I have observed one thing about the activity (psycho-gizzin')--it is done on various levels of consciousness. Or, even, said psychologizer not even being conscious of their so-doing at all. I'm not sure which one is more lethal. And, fairly often, when someone does it, it seems to me that they aren't so much talking about the other person, but, in a way, saying something about their own self; meaning, it/they "presents" in such a manner--that becomes more clear, apparent, than the topic they address. In other words, the behavior itself shines first. Outside of clinical, psychology-based writing, I thoroughly question psychologizing. Well, I guess I can put up with it in good prose, too. You can take a psychologizing tract from any decent writer, you know, from Hemingway to Thompson, and enjoy the insight. I have had it performed on me a number of times, right? Bottom line is I consider the source. Carefully. I have virtually eliminated it from my own behavior, other than in two places. 1. If someone sincerely asks me to (proceed with caution then, especially with, uh, women I think)--it is a sticky one. 2. As a vehicle of humor. I am not addicted to running folks up the flagpole, but I'm not ready to completely abstain from it, either. Why would I? My favorite writers (even Twain) do not. Other than those two places, though, I am washed clean in the blood of the lamb on this one, my bruthas. r
  16. This is interesting. Traditionally, II despise this guy, but . . . give it a listen. Like I said, interesting. rde Black Power, Bay-bee!
  17. I've lost track. They all blend together now-- a delicious sundae of debauchery. So many, so little time, though-- I've had to drop some in favor of more attractive, powerful ones. I do kind of miss Miss Grundy-izing Phil. I don't even have time for Ted Keer, and if anyone needs a bagged gerbil injected into his darkest of all places, it might be that guy. But see, even now I have to go--time to play a gratis job down in Bonita Springs--3rd annual Florida Faerie Festival at Summerland Ranch. http://www.witchvox....a=usfl&id=63028 Play bizarre music (I'm playing lead guitar for the founder/head Florida faerie), troll for confused, freaky faerie lesbian chicks. And no, I'm not a lesbian. But my hot wife is singing with us, and hopefully, before the weekend is over, she will be. Remember, boys: when you take on something like this, you are not only doing it for yourself--you are doing it for All Good Men Everywhere<tm>. Precedent has been set many times before. It's all about keeping your priorities in order. rde And you wonder why I play at church every Sunday.
  18. If the ding-dong spent half the energy put into the screed on something venturous, they could stop living in a van, down by the river. Or asking daddy for money. Or enjoying public dole. Whatever they are doing now. Am I wrong? Does their lifestyle reflect their values? And even if I am wrong, I freaking hate that style of writing. It is weaker than hamster piss. I can barely get through the best renditions of the "This I Believe" radio series, and that's almost as good as this kind of thing gets. Ptui. rde I am a radical money-glommer.
  19. Ft. Myers, Florida. Hence why we end up endlessly hosting visitors.
  20. "The stench of rectal mucus filled the room." -- William S. Burroughs
  21. The question is why a person would be so angry as to say such things. I ask myself that, when I do it. rde
  22. It took around 13.7 billion years for the universe to create any of us, and that has to be considered. Even Phil. Even, in my case, Ted, with his un-wiped ass things. People are the ultimate way the nested universe has gotten to--the universe has gotten to the place where it can look at itself. Painful though that might be to those of us contemplating such things. Yes, we are made of stardust. I guess we all better straighten ourselves out in that face of reality. rde
  23. From my experience Unitarians aren't really Protestants ("Prots"), in that they aren't necessarily Christian or even religious, as in having beliefs about the supernatural. I'm sure that varies from location to location. The Unitarians are latter day Deists. Ba'al Chatzaf Not as a rule, no. Completely incorrect. As a matter of fact a huge portion of UU's are atheists. A great many UU's are recovering refugees from the various Christian faiths. The origins of the Unitarian and Universalist Churches (merged since 1961) can, however, be traced back to Puritan and Quaker times, and much farther back than that (to at least the 1500's). Please see: http://www.americanu.../demaydeism.htm From the article: While not interchangeable, Deism and Unitarianism have many common beliefs. Both subscribed to the necessity of using reason in matters of religion. Both cherish freedom in matters of faith, and place high importance on morality over doctrine. Due to a lack of Deist religious institutions, many Deists have associated themselves with Unitarianism. Both Deism and Unitarianism present a positive, practical view of religion that successfully combines Faith and Reason. Ba'al Chatzaf There, now that's much better, isn't it? I guess I will have to quote some of Dowd's work to get this back where I wanted it to be, though.
  24. From my experience Unitarians aren't really Protestants ("Prots"), in that they aren't necessarily Christian or even religious, as in having beliefs about the supernatural. I'm sure that varies from location to location. The Unitarians are latter day Deists. Ba'al Chatzaf Not as a rule, no. Completely incorrect. As a matter of fact a huge portion of UU's are atheists. A great many UU's are recovering refugees from the various Christian faiths. The origins of the Unitarian and Universalist Churches (merged since 1961) can, however, be traced back to Puritan and Quaker times, and much farther back than that (to at least the 1500's). Oh, and for the record, Michael Dowd isn't actually a UU, although his wife Connie is. He might as well be, though, because he works with the UU world so much. He lectures all over the country. His hardest work is in the Bible Belt. I think that is where he is right now. Tough room. But none of this is particularly relevant to his work, which is the important thing. You might try looking at that, it is quite good.