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  1. "Lets get down to the brass tacks, how much for the ape?" - Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (1937-2005) rde Dual concerns. A: If channeling out of Dorothy Parker and into HST doesn't work, what will? and, B: Getting right up there on the racism line. P.S. There better be a prize when I dig down into that Cracker Jack box, or someone is going to get tuned up. Either way, this has to stop.
  2. "I think one of the most disturbing aspects of the whole evening was how that tall one kept darting his hands to and fro and even underneath the table. I can tell you one thing, my dear: I will never again gaze upon a Waldorf salad as I have in the past." rde What do I win, and if channeling Dorothy Parker doesn't do it, all is truly lost.
  3. "Didn't the leasing manager tell them this was a gated community?"
  4. "Wait up, son! I got something to give's a long form...." Not bad. Not bad at all. "He gave me a bunch of rhythm when I suggested using the Shroud of Lassie<tm> tablecloth for State Dinners. But I can tell you one thing--that boy can really tapdance! It must be that extra bone they have in one of their feet." rde No end to it.
  5. I don't care where he was born. Do you? He's in the catbird seat, and he's a TotalDouche<tm>. That's all that really matters. He's a ding-dong mouthpiece. Although, it has been years since a good impeachment hearing. That would be sporty. rde
  6. The Big Question is how long it will take our beloved Phil to return to the fold. Anyone want to run Vegas odds? I'm at 50/50 right now, with a bullet. rde I Bet He Is Lurking
  7. "Intangibles" are often of much greater worth than tangibles (cash). Just read your Papa Heinlein and he will explain it better than I can. Best, rde
  8. I have seen short flashes of it in people, and if they have a reasonably healthy level of self-esteem, they auto-correct it. So I guess it would be interesting to ask NB about the nature of it, no? I do believe that it is a certain strong type of emotion that can be linked very directly to self-esteem, both components or either/or. It only makes sense. If there is something you don't like about yourself, or feel inefficacious about, your SE "immune" system deficiency could easily produce something like this. Whenever I have seen something in someone I don't possess, I admired it, felt good for the person, and lastly, asked myself "I wonder what I could do to make that happen?" rde
  9. Now that's a fine dang piece 'o writing raht there, boah. I truly, truly enjoyed this one. Obdurateness.....ZOWIE that was TITS! rde And yeah, I agree with Brant because I have never found any other explanation and I'm tired of looking.
  10. And there's the rub . . . The best thing you can do without becoming one of them is to expose them to the bright, clear sunlight--they don't like that! And while you are hoisting them up yonder flagpole, I think it is OK to tell a few funnies. rde You Can Always Let Them Back Down After A Few Hours
  11. Then, it is going to get really haenky<tm> once they discover that he was grown in a vat. rde But we all knew this. P.S. Still time to enter the caption contest!
  12. "You're pretty much fucked as soon as you criticize others who have put lots of discipline into what they do."-- Rich Engle To criticize otherwise only shows something about yourself--maybe something you don't like. Perhaps you are jealous. I have never understood jealousy beyond the weird fact that I have never experienced it; I do not know what it feels like at all. All I do is occasionally study it, and it saddens me every time I do so--but I have never had it inside my body. I suppose I should be very thankful for that condition. Now, you can question that all you wish, but I am saying I have never felt it. Others have and it saddens me. " J.G. Bennett: If you know you have an unpleasant nature and dislike people, this is no obstacle to work. ..." rde
  13. I don't know why you folks make all this so bloody complicated. Here, a bit of brief input: I live in FL, for starters, and if you don't think for a minute I don't know what that cocksucker is about, well . . . I work as a component of a music group that goes greater to an overall worship group, and just for that I have cycled through at least a year-and-a-half of such work (and it is difficult, enduring work). First off, with these fuckheads . . . I think it is weird that you run a church where you strap on sidearms. That is what these douchbeags do, trust me. Oh, we, www.uucfm.and others initially protested said douche early on, to no avail. Talk about trench-fighting for things that we all believe in, yes, Holy Fucking Jesus<tm>. These people are hateful shitheads. And, so being, reality will get the best of them. The Universe works painfully in that fashion. But, break: behold the Asshole In Question<tm>,0,4319618.story That's what "It" (dare I even honor it by capitalization) looks like. He is a hateful freak. He garners media attention vis-a-vis his flamboyant asshole-ness<tm>. Our work, within the thinking religious community, lies far elsewhere. If you want to expend energy, work with the people that are exploited down here in FL picking tomatoes, for instance. But I go on, because it is, in the end, BS. He is shit, and it will run down the drain. We have tried, by all means so far and available, to convince him elsewise. It (He) will die a natural death. That is the nature of evolution. rde Trying to be nice, but that fuck-stick is going to get it eventually
  14. Jesus: "I paid for the bus, right?" Lackey: "Yes." Jesus: "Well you better get them on it." rde Building An Old, Rugged Cross
  15. The ukulele has experienced a major revival. Notice also that it is being used more and more in commercial soundtracks. Another great point about them is portability--many guitar players/singers like them because they are so easy to travel with. Above all, fun, fun, fun. This is the one I played yesterday. Made in Indonesia, but it is an absolute peach, esp. at a street price of 99.00. This thing sounds great, looks great . . .
  16. I dunno about weak and thin. It is definitely transparent sounding, very techno-ish. The sounds could be EQ'd all kinds of ways. I like the creative aspects of it. Right now for hard synths just using a Korg Karma and an older Kurzweil (K2600). The rest of the stuff we do ambient in a hall with a grand, etc. But the ones you mention, oh yes. So many/so little time . . .
  17. Yup, those two aspects definitely tripped my triggers as well. This project is a significant move forward in music overall.
  18. At 499.95 this thing is a no-brainer. M-Audio is a great company anyway. If you were ever toying with the idea of getting into creative keyboarding, this would be the bomb. This thing is going to get used everywhere.
  19. Our choir did quite a few today, including Chopin's Prelude, Op. 28, No. 20 --an arrangement for choir, piano, and electronic keyboard (I got that job, even though I am primarily a guitarist. Then we turned the choir around and did Randy Newman's "You've Got A Friend In Me" (the "Toy Story") theme song. That one included accordion, an Akai breath controller doing tuba parts, a young girl playing piccolo, percussion, and yours truly handling ukulele parts (I learned how to play ukulele for it yesterday). After that some standard hymn faire, and the traditional spiritual "Wade In The Water." We also had our friend Kat Epple (she's a grammy winning flutist) play a flute/piano duet with our director Chuck Grinnell. It was a very odd, large flute, I forget what you call them. It was a busy day!
  20. JR, in a warm and fuzzy moment: I get where that can come from, but the thing I've observed both from within and without is that being in that state too much can contribute to a pretty joyless state of existence. rde
  21. I understand your sentiment because I experienced it for a fairly long time. This may sound impossible, but no matter how much of it you have listened to, it is a very viable prospect that you simply might not have run into the right jazz, yet. I dunno . . .maybe something light? Here's one where emerging jazz ubergoddess Esperanza Spalding does a piece set to William Blake. But there's all kinds of new stuff out . . .
  22. "I don't know which one of them it was, but whatever they ate . . .this damn fart smell hasn't backed down an inch." rde Temporarily overcome with Asperger's Syndrome. How many times can we enter?
  23. "They said what, Peter? Well that's too f***ing bad. They barge in uninvited for Easter dinner like that . . . Yes, I did make them eat in the kitchen with the rest of the . .. so f***ing what? Now go count the silverware--you heard me."
  24. "Thy Section 8 is approved. Go thee now to Rent-A-Center for thy big screen TV and King Mattress."