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  1. --Brant when does the Viagra kick in? When Johnny Gets His Gun, of course! Thanks, George! That might be the funniest thing I've ever heard. At least top three material. rde
  2. Yeah, that is really just the same old same old. Tedious, man.
  3. F**k 'em. If they had white church buses and machine guns, we'd all be going to summer school. rde Today's special phrase is "Piss off."
  4. Well, that is some fine news. I am a huge fan. At any given moment, I have a copy of the "Black Coffee" CD sitting around one of my systems. Also, you can create some really good streaming channels. But, if you do it with Pandora, it will suggest things "like" Peggy Lee, were you to create a channel. However, I recommend . If you go there you can pull up the tonnage and listen to her mad crazy. Obviously there is stuff on You Tube, but for the serious, this is a good way to go. You'll get 30 or 40 off-rip, including "A Doodlin' Song (!)" Nice one, Adam. Very well
  5. Judge for yourself. http://www.capitalis...corruption.html Don't miss my replies in the comment section. An interesting point is that I've been moderated for pointing out that my posts (and Jonathan's) have been deleted. So not only do they censor, they censor discussion of the practice. Keeping up appearances? Who do they think they're fooling? dingus-dong'ems rde Thinks He Got the Genus and Species Correct!
  6. You can't escape The Fear.
  7. You think this is just transactional analysis? Not quite. Oh, they are evangelists, that is the style. And Mike is a master practitioner of NLP. I don't think you listened to all of it. And remember--that was very broad, for all kinds of people including those that haven't accepted evolution and other science. He is talking about evidential science and what it brings to us about how we behave. Lots of good things direct from known people about evolutionary psychology and brain science. Lots of nuggets. For instance, you might want to listen to Helen Fisher, one of the anthropologists
  8. It's true, no doubt--Fundamentalism is a very big problem. The frustrating part is that it is an educational issue, and outside of that there is very little you can do except sometimes, with the boneheaded things the Xstian Fundies do from time to time, is counter protest them. You have to go wherever they are and take it to them. r
  9. I invite you give it a listen. They put it together pretty well, and they had about 12,000 registrants off-the-rip. I'd just listen to it but if you of the pre-researching type you can look up Michael Dowd and Connie Dowd or go to , for one. Few things are more transformative than evoking gratitude--effortlessly and on a regular basis--thanks to what we regard as "the difference that makes the difference." The difference begins when we remind ourselves that... If our ancestors didn't have the very same instincts and urges that we sometimes find challenging, n
  10. We're all so cute when we try to be funny . . .
  11. Great thread. Great writing by all. Rome is burning. Well, at least it is starting to smell a little funk. Keep it up, boys and girls. rde
  12. I guess I don't have to worry about practicing all those songs for Sunday. rde
  13. These guys put on some of the best live shows I have ever seen. Notice the tasty accordion performance.
  15. Just make sure when you buy a whole chicken, or a turkey, that it comes with the guts in that little bag. Then, lightly sautee', whilst looking deeply into them for signs. rde And be careful getting rid of the neck--even the strongest dispose-all can't handle that action; trust me, last Thangsviging proved that when it reanimated itself.
  16. Oh, wow, that is really cool! But don't tell too many people you are, or at least hang out with UU's. After all, I am the Resident Religionist<tm>. Is there a website for that? rde There Can Only Be One
  17. I can tell you that's a screwup right there. The idea of "God" is psychological-political genius. It is powerful epistemology feeding on a metaphysical fantasy. The "God" out there is actually the "God" inside but moral equivalency comes from that idea mitigating the need for complex and always controversial philosophies. That is why Rand went too far with man-as-God or man as a god or godlike man or even man as a heroic being. Politically that can only devolve into fascism or other forms of secular tyranny. This doesn't mean religious sects don't fight it out. Simply, man is man with a pleth
  18. The question in this thread is very hard to address, in that it is loaded, assumptive. rde
  19. What on earth are you talking about? Not that I always know what you're talking about, but in this case it seems to be in a code worthy of the Zodiac killer. I'm just saying. But reports are always sketchy. I also heard that he has been hired on to write the next Trailer Park Boys movie. rde It's hard to follow the Great Ones.
  20. I can tell you that's a screwup right there.
  21. Yup, and the elapsed time clock is still running.
  22. Take a look at as well as the work of many others who are integrating science and religion. Atheism is highly misunderstood, it always has been, even by atheists. A lot of them are agnostics. Atheism does not preclude having a deep feeling about how sacred and beautiful the universe is--a nested, emergent universe. Reason, reverence, and tolerance work quite well together. Look at what the scientists are saying. There's plenty of room for everyone. r Resident, uh . . ."religionist." <---puke