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  1. Oh, why the fuck not? You're already tearing at her hard. War is war, George. Try your current stance in a street fight, which, in fact, this is. If there is that much almighty $ at stake, you go get that. The foul was not yours, which means now it is bareknuckle. Listen to me! No gloves. You, or one of us, can find a hungry attorney to put the Fear of (X) into her demon soul. I alone have to sort the thing, but one way or another it is time to lawyer up, and set upon this horrid woman. And no, I don't care about the sheet. You have the evidence. Big Evidence. BTW, yes, good chess
  2. I just bought Bob's book (ooh! 4 bucks, ouch! how DARE he?) Just reading like I read--start at front, take samples, avoid ending, and so forth. It is excellent. I'll be running through it every morning along with my usual regime. He's always been a tight writer, and I am sure he always will be. As far as all this digression and spoiling goes (thanks, Greybird, for yet another nasty, curmudgeon-like hijack), if that is all a good writer has to look forward to, well, either start drinking, or start fighting, or both. Someone else buy it. 4 bucks, you can skip half a lunch. Great work, B
  3. I suspect there's one key element missing, the thing any lawyer would be looking for first: Deep pockets. Is there anyone involved in this dispute that GHS could collect from? And have something left over after legal fees? I don't know, but I'm doubting it. It's the principle of the thing, and clearly George got some rough prison sex. But, good point. That is how that rolls. If he had had a "coupla hard, pipe-hittin' niggas to get to work on Homes here with a pair of pliers, and a blowtorch" style attorneys, maybe it would have stopped it. But still, this possibility remains. What I w
  4. I've been keeping an eye/in touch some with him on Facebook--good thing to keep up on his doings is to friend him over there. Hoping the very best for this--I know how hard he has worked. r
  5. I bet Jazz wrote all this stuff that George is bitching about, not George himself. rde No animals were exploited during the writing of this manuscript. I gave him chewies.
  6. Oh, that last, with his slams at libertarians, was lost long ago. Still, as to Kindle: I don't buy anything that has Digital Restrictions Management technology on it, and which limits my placing it or playing it on any device I wish. Amazon's permission to read his book is revocable any time they wish. That's what I have to potentially lose. Well, it didn't sound like you were much interested in the first place, so sounds like no loss for you . . .
  7. Per Bob's post on Facebook: YOU DON'T HAVE TO OWN A KINDLE OR NOOK to download and read an ebook like "HUNTER" on virtually any device: PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc. Just go to the link below and get a free "Kindle app," which will let you buy and read it. Hey, the ebook's only $3.99, and the "app" is free. What do you have to lose (except your past respect for me as a writer)? Free Kindle Apps
  8. The heat index put it well over a hundred for the last several days. Then a small, but hanging tropical storm hit us. Right on the way to play a pagan summer solstice ceremony, of all things. My Florida room flooded and I had to pull all the amps and such. All OK now. You'll find something, George. And maybe just in time. rde This is where the faith part comes in.
  9. The rumour mill is going buck-ass on this one. The latest is that there is going to be a slim style manual written by GHS titled "The Fundamentals of Plagiarism, (FOP)" which is said to be a violent backlash to the Strunk & White mainstay. It is supposed to give gory, accurate field reports of plagiarism in action. The groundbreaking idea here is to re-re-plagiarize plagiarized work and reduce it to gelatinous goo. It is going to be a go-to tutorial, the way things look. Plus, it will have the pathos, the bitterness, the agony of the feet, and even a monkey and an organ grinder, done a
  10. I heard George is getting ready to re-plagiarize Wendy's work under the title "Goop: How to Write It." Sounds like he's jockeying for movie rights. I hear the Coen Brothers are already reading the script, but they have experienced several mini-strokes during the review process. Like I said, George--she can drain it from a sow's nether regions. Where's BERTIE? rde
  11. I can only imagine what he does with it now. You have to wonder, once he got past the sniffing stage. Finest Kind, rde
  12. A.A. stuff, ported over. Certainly won't hurt. Nothing I'd print up or put on my FB page, but still . . . Blessings, rde
  13. Wow, this is a fun thread! Nice job, Boys!
  14. I saw this one. Apparently you can get this and a set of Sham-Wow!<tm> pads for only 9.95. The thing is, they kill your ass on the shipping.
  15. How much for the sheet? Ebay? Did you wake up in the morning and your finger smelt lahk chicken? I hope there was a fucking shower in that hell-hole, George, I really do. See what happens when you get with zombie chicks? Huh, huh? r Wants to buy The Shroud of Lassie, er, I mean Shroud of George<tm>
  16. Let me go find my little, tiny, violin. I know I left it somewhere . . .O! There it is! Next to the (deleted). OK, where's the rosin? . . .right . . .next to the other (deleted). Slick up. Done. Now, it is time to play a tiny, tiny little song for them. My, which one? "Fascination?" That is always good on the strolling circuit. rde Just be happy I only work with an accordion player, not own one of the beasts.
  17. The universe is nested, and emergent in nature. It evolves. This is what science is showing us--it is an evolutionary process. It took it somewhere around 13.7 billion years to evolve into you, me, or any of us. Now, it tries to look at itself. That's one true aspect. Argue away but that's what happened. rde We are stardust, we are golden.
  18. I posed the following question to Wendy in one of my 1998 transcripts: Are you claiming that you did in fact plagiarize my FOR transcripts but that you had the legal right to do so, because my transcripts were not copyrighted? If this was the case, then Wendy was confessing to plagiarism, and there was nothing further for me to argue. Whether she had a legal right to plagiarize didn't interest me in the least. That we might have a legal right to take an action doesn't make that action moral or right. Ghs Which means that even if McElroy possessed a memory capable to land her in the Guiness Bo
  19. I kind of knew you played guitar, George. No problem. Want me to send you one? Acoustic, or Electric? Fuck that hippie bullshit. I can do it pretty soon. Just contact me privately. Been there, done that. You pay it forward, when you can, and believe me I am signed up for that kind of action. I'm of medium means, but sometimes guitars are healing. That, I can do. Actually, I can do a number of other things; more direct ones. It is no shame to experience need, as you surely know. I'm a UU, and, believe this when I tell you, I will go to the ground to hook your ass back up. If the
  20. GHS, Doesn't it skin you when you see this kind of stuff erupting? I mean, people that, whether they live the morals or not, continue to profess them? It's like a salad bar. I smell ivory tower. I smell people that have never really lived. In general, stink-smell. It truly sickens me. You know why? I see people working a lot harder than I do every day, and I know I work hard. Yet, this kind of stuff comes from a whole different part of the parking lot. I truly get the impression that these are the kinds of folks that never earned it. Very hard for a UU. But we never said we wouldn'
  21. I didn't like it when the Buddhist monks did it, and I don't like it now. rde