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  1. Now that's funny for me because I saw the portrait at least a couple of years before the photo. And when I did see the photo, I was sure that's where the portrait must have come from. I wasn't thinking blonde, either. rde
  2. The New Year: How I Saw Ritual Trump Resolution by Rich Engle I have no criticism of making New Year's resolutions; basically, through all the clutter, my opinion is down to "if it feels good, do it." I'm jaded by it, and I don't know anyone that isn't. It might be the one topic in western civilization that we all understand fully; all the permutations are written, all the data has been uncovered. Being as I am the life of any party and generally a hot date all-around, I made a related comment to my wife Vivian on this last New Year's Eve, which this time consisted of no more than hanging ou
  3. Jody- Yes, T.S. could turn a beautiful phrase. It might provide you some additional insight on T.S. if you look at him in context of the Romantics, and what they were trying (in a noble, but ultimately flawed way) to achieve. T.S.'s wastelands, his hollow men, were commentary on the negative aspects of modernity (yes, there are negative aspects to modernity that can be looked at. What he was reacting to was the flatland that was created- things being reduced to empirical "its", the truth of science without the meaning, the strong sense of feeling provided by the interior dimensions. The same
  4. I'm going to use this quote to death, before I can roll it out as the beginning of the article that I damn well better finish for Mr. Kelly (if that's his reeeel name, hmmmmm? :-$ "Philosophy is largely a clash of temperaments."- William James What is the mean (statistical mean) temperament of Objectivists? Or, better put, what is the one dysfunction that sticks out and dilutes the many virtues? How about "repression"? "Spit it out, man!", you say... alright, then. Evolution exists on all levels of reality. Successful evolution transcends, but includes and embraces its origin. It differe
  5. I agree with the "narrow" part, Roger. But I'm a musician to the bone, and in that kind of instance, what with your background, achievements and all, the question that comes to my mind is why he wouldn't be the least bit curious. I guess it's the eclectic in me, I would've been thinking "Well, he clearly isn't sporting a mohawk, and I don't think his aesthetic would be anywhere near Nine Inch Nails, or Korn, or even Megadeath...let's give it a turn, what the Hell<tm>." But that's me. Send me the fucker, I'll listen to it, and you'll be down twelve bucks. Or, you can wait until later thi
  6. Welcome and greetings, John! Yes, the doing thing. Regardless of how we look at Being, as Joseph Campbell once said: "The action is down here." Being a Unitarian Universalist, I am more concerned with useful purposes in life than anything else... To reply to your observation about partial evidence: This is clearly true in some cases. In some of them, there is pathology involved. One reason I wrote this article is because, in Objectivism, at least, the term "mysticism" is a blanket one, and in my view it serves little purpose outside of the O'ist community, where it functions just fine, given
  7. You know, that just says if effing all, Roger. About the only person on the planet that really has a reason to be that shitty in that situation is a record company guy. I know because I used to do that for an indie. There's a point where you can't stand the sight of a new CD. Outside of that, though, what's to lose? How hard would it have been to say "Thanks for the kind words, and if you wish, do send me a CD." I really need to watch my thoughts. I was thinking of the right term for him in that situation, it involved an early form of feminine hygiene product that dispensed liquid.
  8. I come from hillbillies, so this probably hits me harder than most. Well now, Michael, that explains some of why I like you so much... Both sides of the family, all the way back- Ozarks. Mountain View, to be precise, which is hillwhack ground-zero, being that that is where the Ozark folk center was built. I wonder if we are related- do you ever feel the need to chase your housepets or siblings around when you are feeling randy? Thank Gawd<tm> they got out of there before they had me, or I fear my life would involve either being bent over logs, or banjo playing rather than guitar. Rea
  9. This ought to be good for a few turns around the dance floor: 'God gene' discovered by scientist Dr Dean Hamer By Elizabeth Day (Filed: 14/11/2004) Religious belief is determined by a person's genetic make-up according to a study by a leading scientist. After comparing more than 2,000 DNA samples, an American molecular geneticist has concluded that a person's capacity to believe in God is linked to brain chemicals. His findings were criticised last night by leading clerics, who challenge the existence of a "god gene" and say that the research undermines a fundamental t
  10. I read TF immediately after AS. I adored the Roark character. I'm kind of happy I read those two books out of sequence like that. TF was perfect in length and overall tightness after reading AS. I mean, I started reading it about 3 days after I finished AS, which was done as a marathon- any free moment available, in ten days. I was happy-tired at the end of it. I enjoyed the isolated, pure-purpose feel of his character. Everything he did was tight and focused. A lot of my resonance came from where I was at that time- I was writing and playing in a progressive/avante garde group, we were wri
  11. Hi, Ciro! "Philosophy," William James wrote, "is largely a clash of temperaments." Never have I believed that more than this particular moment... 8) rde
  12. Hello, Barbara! It sure is great to see you here! best, Rich
  13. "No one is coming." I saw him work that like a riff when I heard him lecture at the Toronto Learning Annex. Obviously, it has to do with the basic fact that you have to take care of your own things... He has great one-liners. I've had some emails from him that were one-worders... 8)
  14. Interesting thing here from Ken Wilber's "Integral Naked" site: This is Nathaniel talking about a rational reconstruction of transrational mysticism. Integral Naked is a very strong site, and, while they do charge ten dollars a month, you can get the first month for free.
  15. Ah, I have another moment, a little more anyhow. There are many, many descriptions of the religious state. Here is one I like (happens to be creationist, from Starbuck's manuscript collection): "I remember the night, and almost the very spot on the hilltop, where my soul opened out, as it were, into the Infinite, and there was a rushing together of the two worlds, the inner and the outer. It was deep calling unto deep,--the deep that my own struggle had opened up within being answered by the unfathomable deep without, reaching beyond the stars. I stood alone withHim who had made me, and all t
  16. Hi, Kat! Nice present you got your boy, here. Isn't he doing a great job with it? Answers... I will be short right now because I'm a bit hacked from another, er, engagement elsewhere... 8) My particular "package" is very different. It is the antithesis of other packages. If you were visiting us for some reason, you would be very comfortable, and meet some people that you'd enjoy and value. It is a community that I wouldn't trade for the world. The UU world is for sure the "uncommon denomination". Could my experience/conversion be explained away? Yes. Will that change me back? No. I am a rea
  17. Ah, MSK, we resonate greatly... I've been using that brainwave tool forever, I even bought the licensed version from him a long time ago. I always forget how to spell his name, isn't it (too lazy to go check) like Mikko Norroma, or something? It is a great tool. At one point I real-time recorded the various presets to a mini-cd format so I could put them by my bedside. It is a great toolbox to have if you have those, and Nathaniels hypnosis stuff, particularly the ones I remastered and offered on CD for sometime. I have been posting on ROR, regarding what I now call "the problem". If you ar
  18. Yup, that would be gnosis... Well, you were asking me to boil down mysticism, Michael. 8) Maybe gnosis is not the best choice then, because it points to a particular historical origin. So, on reboil: Direct experience of (The Divine, Spirit...). Still, the main stick point is and will probably always remain whether or not one believes in what is purported to be experienced. I do not believe it is possible to prove the mystical experience to someone who has not experienced it, because it is, well, experiencial. It would not matter if I were to go on about how it changed me from head to to
  19. I interpret that the same way as the mustard seed parable. Where the fundies miss things is that when "the kingdom of heaven" is referred to, there's a lot of us who believe it means the here and now. Instead of looking for a palacial afterlife, or giant honking miracles, we can see the miraculous nature of life in the smallest things. The mustard seed parable is very koan-like, it is a great contemplative tool. "Judging quotes"....this is my favorite one: "Your measure will be made by the measure by which you measure, and more shall be added to you." Personally, I find some of the best stuf
  20. Dang, I could've sworn I replied to this yesterday. I think I missed a button... I shall tray again here, I didn't like what I wrote anyway because I was rushing. Thanks on a number of counts, MSK, you know how deeply grateful I am for the help, and the opportunity you have been so gracious with extending. Gnosis. Yes, that definitely gets people urpy. But, you know, it's a simple word, it just means direct knowledge of the divine. Gnostics got in real trouble (even more trouble) when Constantine did his corporate mainstreaming job on Christianity. The argument, for the modern, is that gnos
  21. Many states never used any of the billions in tobacco co. payout money at all. Others used them not for anti-smoking ads, etc., but to help balance their budgets, pay bills, etc. State governments are now in the unenviable position of needing more people to smoke in order to keep their revenue stream. Go figure.
  22. The Challenge of Understanding Mysticism by Richard D. Engle One sometimes hears comments about mysticism that suggest a lack of understanding. There is rarely any meanness in these remarks, but I believe the subject to be more complex than some believe, and wish to consider some generally unexamined possibilities. What is mysticism? Mysticism is widely misunderstood. This is due in no small part to the accounts of the mystics themselves. Some mystics—George Fox, founder of the Quakers, comes to mind—were intense and perhaps off-putting to average people.(a) Recently my Unitarian Universal
  23. Whew. To tell you the truth, I feel bad for him, Roger. I have seen this kind of thing many times before. It is a sadness. I am not a Christian, but I can tell when someone is missing some key points and spending too much time wallowing around in rapture. Loving Jesus doesn't give you carte blanche to rationalize everything, turn into a very odd sort of determinst, and generally be an ass-pain because you aren't taking care of business. The truth is probably there is some real religious sentiment underneath there, but the thing is, you have to walk the talk. I have a way of translating that
  24. Gary, It is a long and odd history when you look at the various O'ist sites. I remember years and years back when I first got on the Internet, I went on to (never mind), all full of excitement about meeting more of "my people". Holy heck, I got my nuts shot off and I'm not even sure what I did! I slinked off. I think I got put on moderation once for something mundane. For the longest time, I stayed hunkered down at Nathaniel's site (now on Yahoo, before that it was on his actual site). We used to have pretty good traffic going through there for a Yahoo site, but things just dropped off all of
  25. ACK!!!! You poor folks! I'm looking forward to that thread. It's great to see you here, Roger. If you need help, let me know. We have a number of young Ohio pagans that attend my UU church, I'm sure they would be glad to start counter-terror activities. :twisted: Or, to mess with them, refer them to and ask them if they will sign the petition. Cheers, rde Hit 'em hard.