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  1. Miss Rand wrote some scorchingly bad stuff about Bertrand. Probably his politics, maybe his metaphysics. I'll tell you what, though, all that being said. Two good things among his many. 1. Why I Am Not a Christian Just worth the read. 2. Hit a used bookstore and snag a copy of A History of Western Philosophy Now, I have had varying opinions on this book from Objectivist-based folk, and they were predominantly negative for one reason or another; a posture I find kind of sniffy. But, the bottom line is it is a fabulous tome, very big, very comprehensive, and you can likely pick up a hardcover
  2. Barbara, That needed said and you are, heads above, the ideal person to have said it. When people ask me who they can trust in the Objectivst forum-world, MSK is nearly always the very first name I mention. I know this because he earned my trust- I have made myself "vulnerable" to him many times in the course of our correspondence, and he never did anything but listen, and try to help me. THAT I can't say too often.
  3. It is absolutely a sign of weakness. Weaker yet is the move of saying it publicly. They are becoming Orwellian-- a little more each day.
  4. Exactly, MSK. It's called the honor system. Now, I suppose elsewhere the same claim could be made, but it is not so. Much more simple- if you aren't down with the party line (which in and of itself free-floats a bit, depending on, er, the social metaphysics at hand, mood, gastrointestinal state, and in general which way the wind is blowing and how hard), then you are going to get it, because that is what deep insecurity demands. What I thought amusing was what happened after I chose to leave SOLO, since I clearly was, in my attempt to dialogue, not in the club (primarily due to the fact that
  5. Other than an application to be used for mitigation of the confused, the flamer, or the professional troll, moderation becomes the refuge of the cowardly, the afraid, the control freak. It's either that way, or what is left? Nothing more than a practices and standards committee. A bureau of propaganda. With ROR, I see it as more of a smug, elitist mindset, although they surely are so so immersed in their static, immovable gestalt, one in which there is a great, deep miring. Cemented shut, really. It may not be agreeable, to the freethinker, but it is surely understandable- it is a hallmark be
  6. I suppose it could be a voyeur/enthusiast/lurker who simply did their homework. Or, ummm...not. Casey Fahy <---(God Voice), "I Accuseth Thee<tm> Well no, I don't really, but I'm with the idea that it's somehow related to that clown cadre. rde Bring it on, boys: Daddy's hungry.
  7. I suppose it could be a voyeur/lurker that did their homework and now they wanted to get into the game. But either way, it's just more crazy shenanigans<tm> rde After shenanigans, they will attempt "hijinks."!!!
  8. I've been monitoring this forever, which is how long it has taken so far. In the back of my mind I always figured it might be a Jolie/Pitt thing. I hope they don't mess it up too badly. rde
  9. I don't know what's up with Diana, and in general I don't care- as far as I'm concerned she went three sheets to the wind a good time ago, and that is a damn shame. It is always my hope that someday, people like this will come by a moment of clarity, where they realize exactly how precious and short life is- definitely too short to run around throwing manure (albeit sophisticated, well-tilled manure) at other people for no reason. But Barbara is right on this one. I don't know how much good it will do, but she is absolutely right. The bottom line is that Chris Sciabarra deserves nothing but
  10. Gawd, MSK- those links led to some major lame. I need another shower, that was so icky. And I love the revisionist crap on Kat. Nice touch. I was around through all that and I totally know what the score is. I don't remember if they took her account down right after the resignation, or if they slapped her on moderation for awhile, and it doesn't matter which. Idea: maybe Linz was just having a senior moment. Or something or another is wiping out his brain cells. It's like Linz is trying to do Hedda Hopper, or Page 6. It reminds me of stuff I've seen in high school newspapers. Actually, it's
  11. I have to say i agree with MSK about Linz in terms of performance. He does show heart, and occasionally some real bright light in his writing. But that's about it. If you do a good old fashioned Ben Franklin balance sheet on Mr. Perigo, I'm not sure it would be pretty. He is his own worst enemy; only he knows whether he is aware of that or not. He was, once, a pretty good impresario- he knew how to stir the soup. Now, not so much. Matter of fact, I don't see near the vibrancy in either of those sites. The thing about most impresario types, or call them people that present themselves more as
  12. Roger- I am impressed because I think you have hardened up an issue by talking about Judgmentalists, and the rejection of non-judgmental awareness. I've seen it here and there but it didn't come at me as clearly. I think this is so key. I would say that awareness simply "is," meaning, it cannot be awareness if something like judgment is in the forefront. A part of awareness, to me, means being predisposed to the fact that awareness, reality, can and often will bring you something that can make you challenge your existing beliefs, re-examine how past experiences have been interpreted, and so on
  13. And while I'm at it, let's dig into this little Randian nightmare: "The products of anti-rational, anti-cognitive "Progressive" education, the hippies, are reverting to the music and the drumbeat of the jungle." This is about one step away from a KKK meeting. For the longest time, I had done a 180 and was in total agreement with Rand's essay on Woodstock (The Objectivist? I have the original, forget which issue it is in). But, this is once again a vivid illustration of black/white, baby-with-the-bathwater nonsense. In the Woodstock essay, the glaring omission is any understanding (hence la
  14. Dragonfly, that reply is simply basic prejudice, pigeonholing. Does that mean that every asshole on the road is my colleague because we all share the commonality of driving a motorcar? Here's a few masters, off the top of my head. it might lighten your load: John McLaughlin Allan Holdsworth Jeff Beck Robert Fripp Adrian Belew The Edge Carlos Santana B.B. King Steve Vai Shall I go on with the minions? They are legion, my friend.
  15. Dragonfly says: "everything in which you can hear electric guitars (the most horrible sound in the universe)." I'm sorry, but with all respect, that is a reprehensible or at least uninformed statement. Them's fighting words, where I come from, Dragonfly! State your premises, my friend, and maybe I can help what is a malignant misconception. Here, let me help you out a bit. The electric guitar (and its ancillary equipment) is one of the most intricate, sensitive, expressive pieces of musical gear ever integrated into the musical world. Do you think my handmade Vigier Arpege electric guitar (Pa
  16. Well, as a musician, maybe even as a human, one of the first things you have to accept is that Elvis could do things that mere mortals cannot do! You have to wonder what this true story of MSK's is about, though. I wonder if it has something to do with his particular timbre. We know that voices are as unique as fingerprints. How odd! But I truly believe that Elvis had special powers. I like Tom Jones much better but I'm sure even he kneels to the Power of Elvis. I don't know what the deal was with that Concerto of Deliverance, Monart, and all. I remember they had an essay contest as to why yo
  17. You either value protecting the innocent when they are in peril, or you don't. I do, and in the scenario, the opportunity to do so is easy. Why do people value that? That's the question that can be difficult to answer adequately through reason. To me it's fairly past words. About the closest I can come is saying I love life enough to be willing to avert harm coming to innocent life, if that is thrown in front of me. As great as it is, reason does in fact have limitations. As powerful as it is, it is only one component of what a human consists of.
  18. Snarling and gravelly. It's perfect! I could've sworn this was part of some screenplay they were pitching to Tom Cruise. rde Waiting for Brokeback Mountain 2: The Fur Traders You do the math.
  19. Thanks for the above post, Barbara! Very in-depth and illuminating. I've said something along this line before, I'm going to state it again; it is a very straightforward view of the scenario. I am not sure that the possibility of legal consequences would be effective as a motivator in such a situation. To some, it might. But, those kinds of people (those that are mindful of society's laws, and so forth) probably are not so much in need of feeling consequences for not assisting in such a situation. On the whole, my guess is that there is a pretty good chance they would try to do something anywa
  20. Me too, Roger (double gag with a half-twist). It is true that the best road is the high one. That is a nice way of saying ignore. It's better to not get stuff caught on one's clothes and shoes. But, clearly there is going to be discussion of the bad behavior. Even though I have never had all the "stuff" like that intrude into my inner circle, I still find myself kind of baffled because I expected more; something completely different. rde Trying so hard to keep his windows wiped off.
  21. I posted this before, just reposted it over at NB's forum. It is an interesting bit worth reading. I think it would be foolish to disqualify reading it because it is associated with a mystic like Gurdjieff. Relevant to the thread, I believe. Mr. Gurdjieff, The Psychology of Common Sense, and the Neurosciences: Check it out!
  22. Well, like NB has written, work today is an expression of thought. So a lot of times thinking comes under attack, we know that. :D/ rde "Being intelligent is not a felony. But in most socieites it is at least a misdemeanor." - Robert A. Heinlein.
  23. I believe that if you are confident in yourself (healthy self-esteem), and you truly revere life, and civilization, your tolerance pretty much comes into place; it will measure itself well in most situations. Sometimes, often, intolerance comes from lack of understanding, unfamiliarity. Intolerant behavior is really something inward-turned, if you think of what the word tolerance actually means. Things like scapegoating, well, I have more direct terminology for that, but usually not in polite company... best, r
  24. Call me jaded but I'm down to just shrugging whenever I see someone like Mike Lee attract those mildly outraged PC type posts that always appear whenever anyone who has some real stones writes something. But there's always a Mrs. Grundy in the neighborhood, somewhere. I count on it. For one thing, if I really run out of things to do there's always that to work with- you can go into perpetual motion with them. I just read one of those about Mike elsewhere and I noticed that I felt de-energized and flat afterwards. Why do I want to go through all the trouble to screw off at work just to get th
  25. Hi, Kat! I like playing postcard chess on the 'Net, although the real-time stuff is awesome because you can get a game (usually some kind of speed chess) anytime with people all over the world. But, with postcard you can fit it into your schedule. To answer, it can be done at When you get there, you'll see a link for email chess. The directions are very easy. I have a lot of fun with that, been doing it for years. I really wondered if it would help my face-to-face play, and it seems to have done so; I just started playing in-the-flesh with a buddy on a regular basis dur