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  1. Linking immorality to not identifying something is just goofy. And there are even situations where a person's psychological state is such that they, er, "evade" and it is not immorality. It's called being a human being. It's called evolving. Was it Emerson that said everything that God ever made has a little crack in it? If you want that kind of muck, there's plenty of fundamentalism out there to pick from. Dealing the Immorality Card is the weapon of choice. It looks to me like some view Objectivism as a guarantee, a safeguard system, a deadman's throttle. Reality is too fluid for anything to
  2. Chris- Whoops! Haven't made that error in awhile. Taken and noted. So, I address it to Fred Weiss. That makes way more sense to me, the way he's been going at it.
  3. Right! That's the way to put it, clear and simple.
  4. MSK- It was evasive to whine about health problems and fatigue, using it as an excuse to cover your miserable, unprepared post. If you try that again, be prepared to present evidence. At least scan in a doctor's excuse and put it up here so we can be sure you aren't up to more of your scumbag trickery. But, as a not-so-true Objectivist, I am willing to forgive. Give me a dozen Our Peikoffs and 2 dozen Hail Galts, you'll be good to go until you have another one of these little "slips." rde I'm watching you, buddy-boy.
  5. I'm waiting for the Brandens to be blamed for Iraq, global terrorism, teen pregnancy, any current forms of the common cold, and maybe skin irritations. Look at how Joe Maurone (whose recent transformation still puzzles me) knee-jerked into it today on SoloP's/Perigo's "A Challenge to Ed Hudgins" thread, when replying to a comment: "Kyle, you're really reaching here..." (South Park) It's not worth going into much, because the people who don't get this don't look like they will any time soon. Nathaniel and Barbara Branden are simply not "smearers," mainly because they have lives, and have oc
  6. That article isn't even half-cocked. Mostly it's assumptions, opinions, and psychologizing. That doesn't mean there's a little to be seen in it, but it can be seen easier and elsewhere. Whew. I'm not sure how much narcissism plays through. A good deal for some, I think- just like anywhere else. There are always those that appear in a community who do so partly to satisfy their narcissistic requirements (the first one being having a group to do it with). Vanity, real vanity, is something that definitely travels with evolved, professional-type creatures. When like that, it's practically neces
  7. During a reconnassaince mission to SOLOP I saw a Chris Cathcart post, I'll just give you the head-end (wouldn't want to use more than an extract, mess up intellectual property, and such). The whole point of TOC is to be anti-ARI, just as the whole point of the pseudo-Objectivist sites is to nit-pick AR, ARI, and Objectivism, to unearth every possible supposed flaw and endlessly chortle about it. Ask yourself this simple question, why have these people contributed nothing - I mean *nothing* - of any significance to Objectivism? Can someone mention a single *important* book, or even article, o
  8. It crossed my mind that even a more interesting topic than tolerance might be forgiveness. Tolerance is good, properly applied. Forgiveness is a greater challenge.
  9. Between this one and the whole Ciro and MSK eyeing each other up at the urinals thing, what more can be said? They'll be no more towel-snapping in the locker room, boys. It took me a sec to get that Gary was running satire (I can be slow on the uptake like that). The italics should've keyed me sooner. You get it for sure about halfway in, if you just fell off the truck and are waiting to be planted... But Angie's faux paux is both nothing, and everything. She was, perhaps, a near-victim of friendly fire. And then some friendly firing of her own- it happens. Still, though, I knew what she was
  10. Jody got the same worn-out dance moves and condescension that lately marks the new Perigo style, which is not that different from watching an aged Rod Stewart prance around in too-tight jeans: so unfortunate, so, er, suboptimal. It was about how he regretted that Jody showed himself to be a certain way. This always comes as a revelation, remarkably in-synch with any break in the party line, much less a (friendly) exit announcement. Jody, you just couldn't help showing your true colors, could you? [-X
  11. I never bothered to try to register on SOLOP, having left ROR right in the middle of things. Why would I? Where I was left at ROR is that my profile remains, and (until not long from now, I'd guess) I think I could still post under moderation, following my announcement of leaving. Who knows... I got some sanction votes a coupla weeks ago. :D/ But the funny funny part is how long they've left my profile up there, replete with a giant Unitarian Universalist chalice symbol! [-X So, I suppose that was a rookie error. Should be done by end of business today, at least if they're smart. rde Spr
  12. His kung fu was definitely not 100% on that one. It was kind of precious...he sounded like a high school teacher in one of those brat pack movies-where they aren't used to putting together swear words. I always thought his swearing, his invective, was a strong point, but alas, no kung fu. "Clever-dick"? I guess the hyphenation is a bit innovative. "Jerk," well, that was just weak. All climaxed with a robust "yerouttahear." Heh. The cadre going over there sure would make for an icky cocktail party.
  13. That's good, Michael. You were a step away from "Atlas Whizzed." Not good!
  14. I see that our associate, Mr. Scherk, has graduated from moderation. Instead, Linz has cast his soul into the void, as far as SP goes. I suppose its not that odd that this follows what was a pretty danged malevolent post. See, WSS? See what happens when you put down the sword and pick up the olive branch? There's a certain kind of pride a man can come away with, depending on what kind of bar he has been thrown out of. The hangtime he achieved was spectacular. Perigo seemed flustered; no vomit, only jerk. rde As the Atlasphere Turns
  15. Ciro- I was just funnin' with you... great story too! Jonathan- Yup, something else that is with the music. I've been in the music business 35 years or so, and let me tell you- it's real easy to spot someone that doesn't know what the eff they are talking about. When Linz talks about rock music, it's incredibly uninformed. Mario Lanza is fine and all that, but music is BIG. He has not learned enough how to listen. To him there probably isn't much difference between Slip Knot and, say, Dream Theatre. But that doesn't stop him from laying the rip on things. Suprising? I think not.
  16. I see the tired and inevitable has finally come around. Bad enough that it got down to arguing over author acknowledgments on Phil's Questions for Diana thread, but now Casey Fahy is starting haul out the "dishonesty" warhorse on Phil. Ugh. How utterly, tediously predictable. "Dishonesty." "Evidence" (ah, the beloved evidence). Dishonesty is the O'ist (at least the dark ones) equivalent of Yo Mama-ing someone in the town where I work. "Evidence" is the O'ist (at least the dark ones) equivalent to crack cocaine in the town where I work. Yup, Dishonest Phil. Way to make things attractive f
  17. Not that I think for a minute it matters to Joe, but I say again I have seen many fine articles out of him. This one, however, makes him look like a booby. Let's break it down, shall we? No particular order, it doesn't require that. First off, there was a giant blanket assumption, in the form of identifying all vegetarians as the same, both in practice, and in motivation. That is absolutely not true; there are many different kinds of vegans, and there are many different motivations- some of them simple nutritional and health issues. There seems to be an assumption that eating meat is the pro
  18. Do you two need to get a room, or something? I think Ciro should write something called The Romantic Manipesto Elsewhere in the knuckleheads in the news area, I see that OL is being talked about- how we are getting so much mileage out of the Sciabarra Dossier. All this from a guy that seems to derive an odd pleasure from employing the word "vomit" in his masterworks. Perhaps too long over at I think our ever stalwart Phil got the V-word, and also was advised his writing shines best when he's tossed back a few. Ah, the noble vision of man- as he should be. rde
  19. Ciro, I'm worried about you- I sense pathology. First, the disturbing urinal/weenie-looking incident (thank Galt for moral soldier MSK's totally understandable outing you via email exposure- clearly those from on high have established this practice as de riguer if not flat-out part of the creed; I suggest the possibility of developing something along the line of the Binswanger Oath that includes this mission-critical element). Now, this giant URL post. But these are things for another time and place- I'm thinking it's time to hold court for you, my misguided Italian friend. =; Body language.
  20. This thread has some excellent core elements... penises, urinals, ball-peen hammers...MSK J'Accusin' Ciro and playing kissie-poo with the ARI. MSK and Ciro, I'm afraid you have broken the prime directive of restroom protocol- EYES FORWARD. If you're in some of the nicer restaurants, there is an attempt to reinforce this in the form of posting advertisments, sports pages, and so on right there. That is where your eyes are supposed to be (when you're not navigating). Your behavior is unfortunate, and, of course, sub-optimal. rde Bad machines have to go back to the factory.
  21. Yes, very well done... I would go farther and say that a system is more likely to be compromised if it is rigid.
  22. Robert- I like The Marriage of Sense and Spirit because in Wilberian terms it is a brisk, lay kind of read. It addresses the very serious issue of integrating religious thought and modern thought; it spells out what he calls the "dignities and disasters" of each. And, it does the same with postmodernism- very much so. For Objectivist-based folk, I truly believe this is a very illuminating book. Another worthwhile (and very inexpensive) investment is downloading the conversations between Ken Wilber and Nathaniel Branden, available at rde
  23. That sounds like a nice hangout. Of course, he does appear to be an enemy of Objectivism, therefore he must be killed, and eaten, as befits a enviro-pomo-whackjob such as himself. Somehow, Sciabarra is involved in this overt attempt to muddy the clear waters. rde Meat: not just for breakfast.
  24. I remember getting into this on SOLO and I said something to the effect that the book "humanized" AR. Simple enough, no? I remember one person asking me what that meant, that it really had no meaning...
  25. I just read Jordan's db yesterday. That is straight-up and sensible, and point-by-point. I don't expect any cogent answers from James Valliant- I see very little possibility of a convincing reply other than one that would work for those freshly jumped off the turnip truck. It might be smarter to say nothing. There is one possibility, it would go something like this: "Have you read PARC?" (followed by more rhetoric about context). I still contend that the purpose of this book had very little to do with vindicating or restoring the good name of AR. It's about James Valliant wanting to put James