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  1. Her fundamental is simple: If Dr. Peikoff said something, it has to be true. When she was trying to tear up Phil's rebuttal/analysis, she did a classic O'ist logical boildown, and it came to that same thing. She assumes that if it comes out of Dr. Peikoff, it is true. I'm not saying Dr. Peikoff is a liar. She doesn't allow for errors of memory, 2nd hand accounts, etc. I wonder how well "she" even knows any of those she so readily worships or attacks.
  2. Remember when she came on and she accidentally uploaded her picture full size as a post? Then all the drooling started... You gotta wonder. No bio information. That name has got to be fake; either that or her parents had a ruthless sense of humor. That's why I Googled it- the name seemed off. The whole package seems contrived. rde I didn't do it.
  3. Do a Google search of curmudgeonette's name (Penelope Beach). I suppose it could be real but heavens, that reeks of pseudonym. Couldn't possibly be, not with that heavily-stated integrity.
  4. The term atheist is definitely still volatile. It used to be a lot worse- if you were in the mainstream, your atheism was best kept in the closet. If you were a gay atheist, whew...look out! But, in general it is not as bad as it used to be, but for the Bible Belt areas. On the whole, people don't understand atheism. They don't understand that an atheist can be spiritual, for instance. I sit in church with atheists. Heck, Buddhists are atheists. The real threat in the U.S. culture continues to be fundamentalism. They are very mobile and organized- here in Ohio, we're a major battleground.
  5. I don't think integration hardly ever gets used substansively in O-world. As a matter of fact, I don't think it is understood all that well in O-world. If you want to get integration, you have to read integrators- probably the best philosophical thinker of the integration style is Ken Wilber, and that is surely on the banned list because he is a Buddhist. I'm not even sure Koestler is legal tender. It is fair to say that Rand utilized integration in developing her system. Whether you recognize integration or not, if you're building something it's going to be there. The problems are usually 1:
  6. I don't think it's top secret or anything... He told me when it was finished, and then a bit later, I asked him what the next move was going to be. This isn't exact but he said something to the effect that he had decided that he didn't want to put it out to the world, but that he needed to write it. I guess it was a good, cathartic, and learning experience for him, maybe that was enough. I really wanted to read that thing! I keep hoping that someday he'll reconsider. He put a lot of time into that book, a good couple of years from what I can figure.
  7. Nope. It's a mixture of woven rattan and pages from PARC. rde Hot, hot, hot.
  8. MSK finds the fountain of dumbness, and she's not even a blonde: "Objectivist rage? The problem is the only exposure to Objectivists Ms. Branden has is when they discuss her and her ol' husband, which DEMANDS Objectivist rage! She has absolutely NO experience with Objectivists beside that, unless she disguised herself Jean Valjean style and showed up at some Objectivist club in Nowheresville Indiana. I doubt she did that." Probably was glowing over her scary bad-ass Le Mis reference. Oooh! Brilliant, babe...great stuff. Now get along and fetch Daddy another martini, OK? That's a good girl. If
  9. A critique is like a review, only with sharper teeth.
  10. No trouble, my sweet: I'm signing Perigo's name on all the tabs. Always wondered what that 16 yr. old single malt tastes like... rde Moving to Montana, to raise a crop of dental floss.
  11. She's a hypocrite who doesn't know she is a hypocrite. As soon as she called Phil a "slippery fucker" (as in, Phil is deviously crafty, as in questioning Phil's ethical integrity), it was on. That was the glove in the face, the rules of engagement were on the table. Anywhere non-sanitized in forum world, it's on- at that point he could call her a dirty whore if he so chose. Instead, he gets spanked by Perigo for not being as Chaucerian and Bawdy-licious as using, say, "slippery fucker." But then, when Phil went over into (her) sacred ground (suprise, sexuality), she yelled foul- Phil should ha
  12. It is a disturbing passage. Funny how the first-time rush of reading the book let me get past it. I vaguely remember a touch of discomfort, but I went with the flow. It's a flaw, it's a cruelty. But, I have to believe that is not something she merely "settled" for- not knowing how many years she put into writing that novel. I guess she determined that she wanted that point to be very clearly made (at gunpoint, in this case). Those little things, I believe, account for some of the harshness you get out of some of the O-folk.
  13. As long as we're up early the next morning- we have to go into the woods and hunt for petrified, prehistoric Peikoff droppings. E-bay, honey...I have a plan.
  14. I sure would buy a novel if she wrote one- and NB too. He actually has one, but he decided to not publish it. I was horribly let down.
  15. Gary, I don't remember anymore how she says her name. I prefer to fancy it as the sound that comes out of a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach- it just seems right all around. As far as what's up with Penelope- there's definitely something stuck up there in her, yet-to-be-determined. Clearly a Very Serious Young Objectivist<tm>, ready to lay down the wrath of judgment, just like she thinks it's supposed to be done. A basic, Class A Randroid, it appears, currently enjoying Flavor of the Month status. Sadly, the dark minions of curmudgeonry will eventually turn against her. I thought it was pre
  16. So when we're in L.A. bunk buddies with Perigo is out of the question? I'm on a tight budget here, and that is a key feature. Plus, I when he gets to sleep I want to put his little curmudgeon-paw into a bowl of lukewarm water. Timing is everything but worst-case, I'm figuring he'll leak out right through his Speed Racer foot-jammies. rde She's starting to get no-fun, just like that slippery Penelope wench.
  17. Thanks, Angie, those were sexy pix. Where'd you get the cat suit? :D/ I really think you should reconsider on this dinner invite. I'm sure they're using dropcloths and pressure sprayers; it'll be alright. rde That Chaucerian Bore entree got me all horned up and wanting to make with the revelry, merriment, and wench-ravishing.
  18. Following a query post on SOLP (sister site: by a reconnecting O-person regarding how the camps are laid out, Miss Penelope unknots her oh-so-tightly-crossed legs, and issues forth a mighty and thunderous quiff, casting our heretic souls into the void: "Objectivist Living is basically where all the dishonest people who've been run out of the Objectivist movement go to die. It is just a website, though...thank gawd!" Hmmm... I wonder if she knows that she is broadcasting from deep within a tomb. rde More wine, more quiffing, more Chaucerian Bore, wench!
  19. I've changed our date anyway, Angie. We're doing that "have dinner with Perigo" gig in L.A. I want to hear what kinds of eating and drinking noises he makes. I understand the main entree' is Chaucerian Roast Bore.
  20. My tendency is to say that being a social metaphysician and being a narcissist are basically one in the same. Now, I also see it as being realistic about humans (at least greater part of them, being that on the whole they live in communities, and were raised by those who were too) that there would be something wrong if a person didn't weight at least some value on the "we" part of existence. I don't know if it's innate, but I do know that it's around, and that it isn't the worst thing in the world to be conscious of what happens in one's social dealings. To me, the interesting thing is that R
  21. Faux Victorian, to be sure. Miss Penelope seems to be having a bit of difficulty getting her sea legs, which might have something to do with the fact that she clearly has a stick deeply stuck up yonder where the sun don't shine. "Some things are sacred." Maybe she should have published her rules of engagement before she let loose with the "slippery fucquer" salvo. If she's so proper, I imagine she languished over her keyboard for quite some time before she worked up enough kung fu and felt naughty enough to use "slippery" (oooh!) and "fucqer" (oooh!) as a phrase. And then, The Master Curmudg
  22. So Angie- Does that mean we're not going to the drive-in this weekend? I'll have to cancel my flight. :-# rde Will fly anywhere for a decent booty call.
  23. I have yet to find anyone that can make a convincing argument (argument, not comment) about homosexuality. Comments yes, arguments, no. It is true that homosexuals have endured all manner of brutal persecution. I have a huge problem with that, because it is evil, it is hateful. Sexual orientation is no one's business, it means no matter. Sexual orientation is a fundamental right of existence. As far as I'm concerned, there is no goodness in making much of any kind of comments about gay people, including snotty, semi-reserved ones such as the now-famous suboptimal unfortunate riff. There's
  24. Hmmm... the curmudgeon is making menacing, uh, curmudgeon noises, is he? Must've missed that part, how precious! Does he collect dirt like Larry Flynt does? rde Sink your boats, break all the clay pots in your kitchen- it's whoop-ass time! -Sun Tzu (sorta)