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  1. Dragonfly- As far as I'm concerned, your description is accurate. Ciro- done slumming over there? We need pizzas!!
  2. I haven't checked yet this morning (I'm actually doing some work involving large, thrusting buildings, and how to redesign/reface them), but if not already, it is only a matter of time, is it not, before we hear that we have taken on a stray, a dysfunctional, a suboptimal? It's the cheap shot, and it's gotta happen. rde psychic, occasional restaurant critic.
  3. Gary- I can't fully answer your question, but you might allow for the whole cross-gender thing. I'm down with it. I mean, Hsieh looks pretty manly in there, for one thing. In any event, it's all good if there's enough love in the room, right? It doesn't have to be unfortunate and suboptimal... a little incense, a little vino, good to go! rde Phil must be on a real bender this weekend.
  4. Ellen has it right, that was obvious from right off the rip. And that is what made it so damn funny- the phoney moral indignation. Jason, of course, taking his role as hatchet man. The dogpile- and Hsieh was first in to grab the ball (well, more like grab Victor's balls). I think that Victor is sincere. And maybe he got sucked into it over there- it happens in group dynamics, for one thing. Victor is an artist, and a pretty darn good one, from what I've had time to see. Artists like this are sensitive, and they are schooled- but that doesn't immunize them from such things. I've said it bef
  5. Dayyymmm! Someone was hitting the bong pretty hard before they got their purty picture tooked. He looks like he just rolled off the Metallica tour bus. Or, is it from Perigo's old Communist Party ID card? But back to this disputed group photo... Not a Tarantino film, I was jumping the gun. Possibly, though, an outake from The Hills Have Eyes (uncut). Is that old guy Ray Walston (My Favorite Martian)? And, how many of them did Phil have sex with? rde I think Phil is getting some good lovin' these days...I just hope he's taking precautions.
  6. The plot thickens, things become tragically suboptimal. It's starting to look like a still from a Quentin Tarantino movie. Looks like Perigo shaved off a few pounds, though, which is a plus, and good too because from the looks of that shot one way or another he was about to score.
  7. Wow, Roger- I had no idea NB reviewed Koestler's book!
  8. I'm confused now. Does that mean Phil had sex with Diana Hsieh, too? And here I was thinking that the original Affair thing was kinda weird... finally found it. The quote casting doubt on the authenticity of the photo is in PARC, p. 224, not on a forum (so it is not by Weiss): As much as it would've be great for it to have been Weiss, having it come from Valliant is oh-so-much-sweeter. Let's plug in the required Fahy response, since he thankfully does not join us here: Mr. Engle, clearly, this shows that you haven't read PARC. I suggest you read PARC. I suggest the entire effing planet rea
  9. Man, I can't believe Nathaniel couldn't have done better than that. Unfortunate. Suboptimal.
  10. Eh, they're all busy whuppin' up on Robert C. now. It's like they're talking about a different person- the last thing I've ever gotten off of his posts are meanness, aggression. He just calls 'em like he sees 'em. I'm not sure if it was even worth it to ask L. Perigo to apologize, but he gets marks for giving the little love-tap. And, I believe it is correct that Penelope Prudence remains MIA or at least down to mere lurking.
  11. Agree, Robert. I didn't want a chorus- I was attacking her solo and outright because I think she has been acting like a petulant ninny.
  12. A few years ago, I pretty much put down the sword. If I had stayed the way I was, I would be the darling of SoloP and ROR- I know exactly how to do it, as well as anyone I've seen. There were a number of reasons I put down the sword, but the main reason was that I found that doing otherwise is much more difficult. Using the sword, the flamethrower, is very easy. There are lots of levels, different ways of articulating, going about your dirty business. But it remains much much harder to do otherwise. There are times to fight, and fight hard, though. In a fight, there are no rules; if you thin
  13. Thanks, Barbara. The truth is I read that book a good while back and have virtually no memory of it for some reason. I guess I'm getting a bit long in the tooth or something. I'm going to pick up a copy, I love Chris' work. Sidebar2: there is a pretty good treatment of spiral dynamics on Wikipedia: I find that for some in the O-world there is not so much reaching out to alternate or more modern ways of thought; some pigeonhole and perfuntorily dismiss anything not O'ist as "pomo slime," and such. Spiral dynamics is a refreshing viewpoint, and it s
  14. I suppose I could've put this in the "Rants" area, given the current Hatfield-vs.MCoy style feuding that goes on in O-world these days, but it's not a rant. Actually, it's more of a bust. I've been going through the somewhat painful process of reading Victor Pross over on SoloP for awhile now; he has been quite up in the front on the attack, particularly trying to work Phil Coates over vis-a-vis Phil's response to Diana Hsieh's "Dialectical Dishonesty" piece. Sidebar: On the whole, that piece reminds me nothing more than of the kind of behavior you see in any fascist organization. I am not s
  15. A kind of person that has never experienced major tragedy, or a person who simply doesn't feel. Compassion is something that is felt, not reasoned.
  16. At the minimum, I would think Phil has had sex with Phil. That counts, or no? rde Phil is getting stud credentials.
  17. I thought I saw 7 coming out of the new curmudgeonette-in-training (still MIA, btw)... I too have never had or desired to have sex with Phil; as nice of a guy as he is, just not my thing. rde
  18. Well, she either went on vacation, her PC blew out, or she simply imploded from all that fury, poor thing.
  19. Wow, Barbara- I didn't know you were so proficient with Adobe Photoshop! What a rocket scientist that boy is...
  20. Ellen- Maybe. But he/she/it is an adult. Volition, choices- that appears to be the stance. Although, I suppose he/she/it might be eligible for some slack to allow for Randroidism/conditioning. Or not. :-({|= I don't think it would be a bad thing to read any of this. Castor oil has its uses. rde Next time maybe the old bread/liver/bread technique.
  21. I also notice our little cupcake has become incredibly quiet, as of late. I guess that Objectivist Rage<tm> piddled out on her a bit.
  22. Again- Google "Penelope Beach" and see what you see. Adhering to the beloved rules of evidence, it means only a couple of things. 1. It is a coincidence, the name is real (I find this difficult after doing the Google search- the name is too unique) 2. It is a fake name (seems more likely), but she/he/it uses a pseudonym for personal safety reasons or such. 3. There is no Penelope Beach, it is all or partly a scam.
  23. She's an Ice Princess. Maybe use that. Thanks for the translation, Roger. But don't you like the hissing cockroach so much more?