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  1. I'd imagine it could be refined into a strategic Objectivist military practice... you could use it to direct your minions. rde I'm thinkin' he's done it naked, too. Eeeew!
  2. That's a damn shame. MSK is right, though- there isn't a bigot to be found in this place. Heck, even though I'm still trying to find African-American Objectivists (a true Grail-like quest) , I'm not sure there's much bigot action on any of the O-boards. Prejudice is based in ignorance, period. Evil comes from hateful thoughts, which often spring from ignorance, whether proprietary or generationally passed/conditioned. But I'll still laugh at a good hillbilly joke. People need to lighten up. If you can't make it through word-jousting, you're not going to be a good activist, for one thing. Al
  3. It is golden, Michael. Golden. It is the curmudgeon quickstep, the maudlin mambo... It purely and completely encapsulates. It is the perfect blend of narcissism and social metaphysician-ising (heh), seamlessly integrated with the carny-smack of the seedy impresario. It is even beyond anything vaudeville could provide. rde I will dig up Lanza, pack him in dry ice, and mail his sorry ass to NZ in a seafood box.
  4. REB- Too bad Perigo can't conduct you. Perhaps some nice open-handed choral-style conducting (the baton could be kept stowed away, wherever on his person that is). I am intrigued that you have musicology-ed your way into tiddlywinks! Got any more data? Wouldn't it be grand to have a compilation CD of some of AR's faves? For private use only, of course. I love that kind of music. I adore playing quirky vintage stuff when I have intimate get-togethers... Back to going pretty heavy on the swing stuff right now. You know who's fun, though- Tami Tappan Damiano
  5. Jonathan, I savor you post in so many ways... but this! It's just so... Good, and True, and Beautiful. O:) I might have to send you a fruit basket or something.
  6. OH MY GAWD!!! He's a freaking air conductor??? BWAH-HA BWAH-HA BWAH-HA BWAH-HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!! *gasp...* *wheeze...*....BWHA-HA BWAH-HA BWAH-HA HA HA HA HA!!!! hyper...ventilating...need more...mineral water.... I SO WANT THIS TO BE TRUE....pULEeeeZE!!!! In the name of all that is sacred and pure and Holy...please let this be an objective, verifiable piece of...of.... yes, yes!!!....EVIDENCE!!!!! I want to know everything!! I want firsthand accounts of witnesses of drunken conducting at dinner parties. I want to know if he ever wore little conductor outfits... I want to know if
  7. Yeah, I do understand the point there, Michael. I guess I'm just tired of all the clamor. Plus, it's been smelling funny for awhile. And of course, we know that she was hesitant to come up with any name at all, if I recall. It was the same thing when Bruce Lee settled on "Jeet Kune Do" (the way of intercepting fist) as a name for his system, which was in fact using no way as way- not being locked into the confines of a closed system... using everything. Off tangent, but I start thinking this... the best thing about all of O-world still are the novels, particularly Atlas, IMHO. I have yet to
  8. Is there even any purpose in saying whether one is or one is not? Any positive purpose, say? To not do so is a pretty appealing takeaway from the, uh... various cadres that are in such continual petulant frenzies about who is worthy of being in the special club... Honestly, who gives a flying fucq? It means nothing.
  9. Musical talents? Does he play? Sing? I thought he was just all about worshiping at the Altar of Lanza. Which, by the way, is the mark of a rookie, be it player, or listener- myopic focus on one artist above all. It is typical to, in the early stages of development, focus heavily on one artist, to study, to really screw into, to model (if you are a player). But if you stay with that, you're pretty stunted. Hero Worship- They Are The Greatest (singer, player whatever) Of All Time. Ick. I guess everyone's gotta have a hobby...
  10. So I get home from swing dance class last night, and for some reason I'm thinking about the whole humor thread discussion... I walk into my roomie's bedroom, he's sitting there watching a war film called Crossfire, which is a cheese thing where they're rescuing lepers from some commie Asian camp... We're laughing away at this thing because it's so bad it's almost good. They used the same dozen Asian guys for all the battle scenes, they must've gotten mowed down like fifty times. Same guys over and over... I ask him, do you have any boundaries on your humor? He looks at me and shoots me a ridd
  11. Jonathan- Your garage band example- well Hell, I'm not even sure that's resentment. It's more like regret, envy of youth, misery loves company. I know a few musicians like that, but only a few over many years. I can tell you one thing, that isn't why I put a little of my multitasking time into running curmudgeons up the flagpole. There is nothing there I can find to resent, for one thing. I just don't like how they fuck with people. I have a historical distaste for bullies and blowhards, and I am more than willing to indulge this distaste by fucking with ~them~. Call it a character deftect, o
  12. Oh, Lordy, and how... And also, what you mention about TOC including achievement vs. egoism is rather interesting from that perspective, is it not? I also remember somebody blasting away at them for doing that, as if they had violated canon law.... I can think of egoism being a state just as easily as I can it being an ethical doctrine. There's a case to be made that pretty much everyone acts in their own self-interest, all the time. That can include shameless self-sacrificers; it makes them happy and that's what they go do. But real achievement, now- that requires discipline in all things an
  13. I think I can see why Phil wrote the article by putting it in context with what he's been doing/experiencing in forum activity (vs. apparently having a lot of sex with everyone; the guy must be whipped by now). It seems to me that one thing is for sure... Let's say that somehow the glorious occurred and the "is you is or is you ain't an O'ist" was blanked out of the picture. What would remain? What if there simply weren't any accusations of impurity/impiety being hurled around? I know for sure that a lot of the forums would dry up even more than they already have. There are people that reall
  14. Happy BD, Roger! Many, many more ahead, my man! rde Malevolent, spark-killing curmudgeon crusher, Unitarian, swing dancer, occasional restaurant critic.
  15. William, I forgot how amazingly well Herr Perigo can rip out the paranoid rhetoric when he feels like hitting the podium: Their goal is to destroy the hero in the souls of those they engage, because they resent it. They want to destroy it, not in one fell swoop, but “spark by irreplaceable spark”—slowly, subtly, insidiously. That’s what their verminous verbosity is all about. Inch by inch they seek to envelop their victims in their slime, till all sparks are extinguished. Good Lordy, the Master Curmudgeon Race is under siege! Break all your clay pots and sink your boats, it's ON! In t
  16. Ah, there's the rub. Pigeonholing. Postmodern=all bad Premodern=all bad Modern=all good (empirical) That right there is a macro-sized integration error. Premodern ->Modern-> Postmodern. was how it went, no? And those are just rough marker points of one aspect of human evolution (the "we" part). The heavens just didn't open up and shine one day, the birthday of the dawn of Modernity. That would be an insane way of looking at anything. And with postmodernity it is the same thing. Again, I say: Premodern, Modern, and Postmodern areas all are replete with their virtues and vices. To pick
  17. Nick wonders if any of us middle-class white bois have ever drank out of the smaller, dirtier water fountain: "Do you know what it's like to be a minority?" Oh Hell, yes! For instance, I'm in my office right now and I'm one of 3 white guys in about a 5 mile radius which makes the set of Escape From New York look like a Trump property. That's every day for me. Screw PC. Let me say that again: screw PC. PC turned into yet another complication in the work world. No, let me rephrase that: it turned into another weapon. If people are afraid of words, if that's all it takes to activate their fight
  18. I'm with Gary on this one-Yes. Nothing is Sacred. But you have to be good at it. Fred Weiss, for instance, is not good at it. He didn't recognize that the pseudo/psuedo thing just wasn't good cannon fodder. And the reason he didn't recognize that (this is abudantly clear from his posting style) is that he is a curmudgeon. Not to be confused with a troll, but a curmudgeon. And curmudgeons are rarely funny in what they say, though they can be fun to watch in the wild. A sour, mean-spirited curmudgeon-thing can't make good funnies- they are too busy trying to foul people. rde MIsery loves c
  19. I have always noticed a general stiffness in O-world (and Victor, to answer your question posed elsewhere, that's all I can think of that includes anyone hanging around the campfire; since there are so many out there claiming what is and what or who is not, I just lump it all into O-world). The humor sections have always been barren, most of the jokes are lame. (but OL's is doing very well, I think). It's always been like that in O-world; if you're looking for people to loosen up, there's better places. On the other hand, the ones who aren't like that are wonderful. Lampooning and satire a
  20. I'm starting to enjoy his stylings, and how the locals are trying to deal with him. I will give him points for a sincere ring (if I have translated properly...) He's probably not a bad guy. It will be interest to see what happens...
  21. William- Your view of things starting at SOLOHQ mirrors my own. I really enjoyed that place, and at the same time I'm glad I got out of there before the Total Height of Total Splitting Up took place. As far as Perigo's namecalling, apologizing looping goes, that's how he does business- it's passive aggressive stuff, and it's theater. I think it keeps the naive off balance. It is a tool of control, and promotion. The impresario thing, you know? It does work to an extent, shitty and vile as it can be as a technique. It's cyclical abuse in domestic terms. Forums are like bars, in a lot of ways.
  22. Ok, here's a quick debriefing... Bottom line- I did fine! It certainly is a little intimidating at first, but I figured out pretty quickly that I had great reinforcements- I was there with 4 women, all very good dancers/dance teachers. We all took a one-hour group class, which is good because you can rotate through partners and that helps you get used to leading (or following, if you are female) with different types of people. It's all very friendly. I was a little tense when things started, but basically I had a fantastic time. You should definitely explore the various styles. Latin is very
  23. Good point, William- I watched that rage thread decompose. It would have worked on OL but I think we weave with it anyway. We are right now. I don't know that I even agree that the term "rage" is apt. I don't see much rage- I see other things. Rage, now, is something that demands respect- rage is fiery powerful, volatile. It has deadly killing power. In competent, sane hands, it is the ultimate fuel additive. I know rage when I see it, whether it is working on the dark side, or the virtuous one. No, I don't think rage is the right word, but the drift is there. In O-world, the phenomena, that
  24. I thought I'd share this with the singles in the group here. I'm a lifelong musician. One thing I have noticed about myself and a great many musicians is that, while they are usually very in touch with rhythm, often perform, etc., the prospect of dancing is the equivalent of kryptonite to them. I was one of these people. I always admired it from a distance (usually on a bandstand, looking over a dance floor). Always loved ballroom dance movies, tango, salsa, all that. Anyway, I have a relatively new love in my life (I get butterflies just mentioning her). She's a huge fan of Atlas Shrugged, a
  25. I have it, but my scanner's not here... she was quite fetching, but sadly, the updo was certainly not as imposing as your monument of an example of what True Objectivist Hair<tm> is supposed to look like. For the men, I'd imagine protocol requires some kind of slicking back action, possibly with a (modest) spitcurl. rde Not me- a number one guard on the clippers, good to go.