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  1. That sounded more like a Rastafarian, really... which was equally kewl. rde kikkin' it wif da Universal Love and a sweet blunt.
  2. Yes indeedy, let there be factions. This clearly is and has been for awhile a shooting war. Of course, even if you count the ancillary, and the lurkers, you're probably talking about less than minions. More like about eighty. But that's OK, wherever there's a curmudgeon to hunt, if you've got the time, we've got the beer. rde Exterminating Curmudgeons since, Hell, ever!
  3. MSK- That is really good that you and Kat got to hook up with Phil. Phil is a pretty damn principled guy, from what I see. He put his tush on the line and worked an incredibly tough room when he aired out the Hsieh thing and in my book, he did it with dignity and style. Most of us won't go over there, for various reason- fear not being one of them, but still- he ran a marathon, and whether anything was resolved or not (how could it be, really, considering the unholy alliance...) doesn't matter, what he did and how he did it spoke volumes. The fact that he is an insatiable, high powered sexu
  4. Heya too, Kevin- I think you are on to something with the cyberspace/real world thing. The whole gig smacks of it. What it starts reminding me of, more than anything else, is what you see with certain amateur bands, ones that have been down in the basement with their band-buds for years, trying to sharpen the saw. While this goes on, they observe what goes on in the real world, and are frequently engraged to KASSSSSSSS-like levels because of what they perceive as quality issues. What the world needs, of course, is them. Show the bastards how its done right proper. So, what inevitably happens
  5. Right on, Jenna! It's always the sad thing you see in various communities- people who incorporate so much of them into their face that it becomes a mask. rde I hate masks they're sweaty for one thing.
  6. With the exception of authentic intellectual properties. That's business.
  7. I don't know, boys... The ignore strategy is by an large a very good one. It is particularly good in the more minor day-to-day situations. And it is true that withdrawal of attention (or at least not creating the opportunity for further attention) is strong medicine. Sure, absolutely. Outing is pretty good too, though, especially if you have enough hah-hah material to work with, which is clearly the case here. Sometimes, you don't have to just settle for giving someone enough rope to hang themselves with- you can go out and buy the rope, build the gallows, and leave it there with a bow on it
  8. Oh Dragonfly, you and your wicked OL smearing behavior... Perigo clearly doesn't match his SOLOP avatar (which kind of makes him look like a Fred Astaire instructor, so from this moment forward I will reserve the option of referring to him as "Twinkletoes"). Valliant needs to get some serious bling going if he's going to do the daego unbuttoned shirt thing. rde If I ever considered buying an Ayn Rand T-Shirt, that dream is now forever ruined.
  9. As much as I find Lindsay Perigo to be unfortunate and suboptimal as far as how he works in O-World, that wasn't enough to stop me from hearing his sermon at James Valliant's book signing; I just had to see what he came up with. The picture was cuddly, too. So I listened to this thing, pretty carefully, too, although that took some patience and endurance. Having done so, right off the rip my first thoughts were around the rave reviews he received on SOLOP, reviews which for a moment make me wonder if I had downloaded the right sermon, er, lecture, uh...performance. I'm suprised more of the
  10. Well, we can always get real with it and say "Recovering Objectivist". Always makes for a good T-Shirt... Welcome, Mr. Jones. I'm looking forward to it. I didn't notice if you put a website up or anything; is there anywhere we could see your work as a photojournalist? best, rde
  11. ( Titled: Linz knocked it out of the park I have a little miniature pinscher, who I've raised since she was three weeks old. I ended up moving to a new place where she had two masters, for the first time. She resisted quite a bit, but now she understands the business benefits of having two of us to spoil her. A good integration. Of course, she is an actual dog. I wonder what it feels like to be in the same position, only a human lap-dog with Perigo and Valliant as your joint alphas? You always know they're deep into the lapping when they start using "KASS
  12. Let us know when you have this whole web thing figured out, John... #-o These damn 8-year-olds are so damn good on computers and look at us. rde Waiting, with baited (versus "bated") breath.
  13. Victor, Your article is, as I believe Kevin pointed out, a restating, yes indeedy. And that's OK. It is a restating of the common classic frustration that a lot of people have experienced when swimming in the intellectual and academic waters. There are, and there will always be, people like you described. This is simply a given. I don't need to know who they are until I cross paths with them. In my case, if we're talking about the ones residing within the academic community, I wish I could do something about them but that is not the work I do; I'm not sure who does that work. It's a damn sha
  14. Curmudgeon Hunting in NZ....tricky business, but there are various strategies. I think leaving out a tray of sweetmeats, some good Merlot, and a Victrola playing some Lanza might be the classic strategy. It's either that, or just making an entry into the lair. I can only imagine what we would find there... a podium, scores, empty food bags and wine bottles, all surrounding the Altar of Lanza. Enviro suits would be a must. I think we could get it with a simple snare pole, though... rde Aye, we got a biggun' here...look at 'im sturggle!
  15. I'll go religionist on you folks, but the objective fact of it (I'm thinking cold sore, here) remains.... Everything God ever made has a little crack in it. I forget who said that...Emerson? (more cannon fodder for the reactive). The endless quest for "perfection." There is no perfection. And even if there was, what would one do with it? Perfection is a means to an end. It is a goal. Shall we talk aesthetics? If I saw something that didn't have some little something "wrong" with it, I'd know the universe was in big trouble. It is not about supposed "flaws," it is about the fact that all thing
  16. First off, I don't cross-dress. I'm not even sure if you could get that off the other forums<tm>. Given their great manly holding-forth battlefield general actions, and all... Me thinks the lady (ladies?) doth (do?) protesteth too much over there, and poorly. But that's a whole 'nother thing. Now, to this Curmudgeon-hunting issue.... Curmudgeons are hard to hunt, because they are reclusive, and tend to barricade themselves into their bunkers, whilst making a whine of kassssss, kasssssss, kasssss! within the petulant frenzy that is their world (combined with naked, thong-based air cond
  17. Jonathan asks if I played b-ball: Nope. But people asked all the time. No good at it at all, I stuck w/ martial arts and sailing. Angie- OK, it wasn't a hiking trip. But it wasn't the Hawaiian Tropic Girl shoot either, like you thought; you're confusing events. My, you were a randy little vixen on that trip though, now that I think of it... [-X This shot was actually from when we were out in NZ, crossbow hunting for wild curmudgeon. Damn near bagged what looked like a fine hairy three-hundred-pounder, but it went skittering off into the bush with a bolt stuck up its blowhole.... the cries w
  18. Angie- Well, I was on a hiking trip when that was taken. Not the time for butt-floss; rashes and bugs and stuff. And hey, I have that all the time anyway. rde This weekend on ESPN: KASS Thong AirConducting Playoffs<tm>: Weiss Vs. Perigo "You Will Pluck Out Your Own Eyeballs"
  19. Perigo and Weiss cross their scary-bad super-Kass light sabers, but pause in brief truce, engaging in a moment of mutuality, agreeing that they are by no means quiche eaters...Behold the Clint Eastwood-like testosterone flow: Fred thinks Perigo is playing the Nancy-Boy card on ARIans: Ah yes...Ollie amore'.... mmmm, yummy! Yuppers, really laying down the pipe, John Wayne style! No huggies and kissies ~there~, I can assure you! My wife yes, my dog maybe, but my gun, NEVER! I ~so~ want to dump him in East Cleveland after the sun goes down. It is time to T
  20. Paul- You are indeed correcto-mondo, vis-a-vis der grokken, mein freund. rde Cubana, mild, or sweet? hmmmm....
  21. Let's not forget that Kirk did the first-ever interracial kiss on network TV. Shatner...I love that guy. Odd parallels between he and NB, too. Both around the same age, both from Toronto. I asked NB about that once and he said they had met socially at one point. Minor housekeeping: The mention of Charlie Chaplin... Ahh, the way to my heart! I recommend his autobiography. And, Downey was superb in the film, I of the few out there that still brings a tear to my eye after a hundred viewings... Q: What's the best thing about child molesting? A: They think you're just HUGE!! Oops.
  22. MSK, Didn't you have some hijink/goofy caper in mind for Valliant's booksigning involving biker dudes? I don't see any problem porting that over, do you? Or maybe Scientologists... know, I might be underestimating him on this whole air thing. I've been playing guitar professionally for thirty years and my air guitar isn't worth shit. I just tried it to Steve Steven's "Atomic Playboys" album and I had to use a broom for a prop. Not good! Back to this booksigning... could we flood it with deaf mute air conductors? Baptists? rde Atomic Playboy, Radiation Romeo, and, of course, deepl
  23. Gary, I just reread your last post, and while it is not totally my Grail (locating more than one Black Objectivist on the planet), it appears to me that you might be a ray of white, er...dark light. From what you said, that might make you some kind of octaroon neo-O'ist creature. Let's put it this way- you have black blood in your veins and you read Atlas Shrugged. Pay Dirt, at Last!! rde And yes, occasionally I do order fried okra with my lunch over here in the 'hood. And yes, I absolutely get the best homeade BBQ sauce on the planet, for barter- I designed the jar labels. Cubana, anyone?
  24. Lenny Bruce was the bomb. A true Hep-Daddy. rde Bring on the fetus jokes.