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  1. I wonder if you will be accused of dishonesty or evasion, J. Heh... You know, not being responsible to the facts as defined and judged by your "judgers" . Why worry about it, what Rowlands, or Perigo, or whoever say about you? What, are you acting in "bad faith" too, aside from your dishonesty and evasion. Those kinds of terms sicken me, they really do. Nathaniel got it right to the bone when he talks in his self-esteem work about how no one ever gets helped to hit the glory by being told in effect that he or she is rotten. It does do one thing when it happens, though- it shows you something
  2. Michael, thanks, mon!! This will be awesome. My band, On The Air, is finally beginning our first album, after being together for about six years. A week ago Friday marked our 100th gig as a band. It is hard because we are dual-sided, we do copy music for money, which we then save up to use for recording, and of course gear. OTA is a rock band, normally we work in quartet configuration- bass, drums, guitar (me!), and a female vocalist. For the album, we will be using our friend Oksana Melnychenko, a native Ukranian violinist/master musician. I am very excited about this project, there's about
  3. Ciro, That suggestion about region is excellent. Actually, there is a pretty strong native Italian community here, in a little area called, of course, "Little Italy." There you find some good restaurants- I believe the first "real" Italian restaurant there was Guarino's, which still exists; I dine there whenever I can. They do a salad with some fried eggplant on it that is exquisite; I've tried to duplicate it a couple of times with medium success. But anyway, the point is that they and a couple of places have actually brought your point forward to me when we inquired about wine- they said th
  4. My ladyfriend is a very serious birdwatcher, I've been feeding these over to her... I just sent her this one and I bet it'll be a knockout! Lovely!
  5. ""...It's not to ban, or even moderate, except in the most egregious and blatant instances of bad faith. Sherk and Pross and, longer ago, the pomo "pusballs" were examples of this. " Y'all know, I was looking at this last week, and it made my eyes point in different directions. "Bad faith?" What the bloody eff is he talking about, "bad faith?" I think that means you're in trouble if you don't roll with every last bit of the Perigo mindset, you are guilty of bad faith. Some kind of funk like that. Faith is a hotword in O-world anyway, and then there he goes and uses it as a nice, nebulous cat
  6. I like Robert Campbell's irruptions at SOLO. They engender discussion and extend my understanding. I appreciate your need to chide Campbell as a 'troublemaker,' and I appreciate your winky-winky 'put a foot on the brakes old pal old chum old troublemaker . . . ' So, how about this, Vic, old pal, old Banned-from-SOLO-for-imposture, old buddy? -- Put a sock in the nil-content sniping once in a while, wouldya? Thanks. WSS- You must be busy on other things; lately you just give us little tastes! More, please, if possible? You're a treat, man, a treat! More, more, more? Pretty please?
  7. Robert, I am grateful and proud to watch you work. You take some incredibly stupid hits, from people I thought might be capable of more, but you roll right through. Heck, half the time it seems they just bob and weave- never much straight on refutation. I love your writing, and I think this will only gain you even more admiration. Phil Coates did something like it, now you are doing it. I'd like to say the effect is like smacking a hornet's nest with a stick, but really, it's not even up to that in terms of response. Wonderful, relentless, thank you. Nathaniel has a very special place in my
  8. Victor- I'm wondering if, when you talk about benefits and hazards, you might one way or another be referring to Nathaniel's lecture, "The Benefits and Hazards of the Philosophy of Ayn Rand" (?) Have you ever heard or read it? I prefer the audio version. There is also another, called "Love and Sex in the Novels of Ayn Rand." I worked on digitally mastering both of these lectures, there weren't even quarter-inch or half-inch analog masters; it took a good bit of doing to clean them up, working right from mass-produced cassettes , if you can imagine! I think they came out great, I had some crac
  9. Heh... this has been aired out before, Angie. Wasn't it over on the old SOLO, or maybe here? I fergit. It does give one pause to wonder exactly how uninhibited some of the O-Netizens might be in the sack. Gawd, I just hope none of those kinds of conversations actually go down, but I have a feeling they have... Yikes, what a buzz-kill. rde Atomic Playboy, Zen Love Nest Designer, occasional restaurant critic. "Roll it over and grease it down, I'll drive you through the heart of town." - Frank Zappa
  10. There's a thought. High-rpm grave-spinning comes to mind.
  11. Ethan, that just barely makes sense. Other than to yourself, that is. I think it's pretty obvious that you value what you value, which of course is fine. But, even though you took the step of coming here, I don't see you discussing the issues brought up at all. So, why bother? You just defend a party line. Correct me if I'm wrong, but, for instance, what do you think about Joe R. not only putting Dragonfly into Dissent-only, but further making it so he can't read two other categories? Is that really true? If so, what is the reasoning? It seems a bit harsh.
  12. I'm suprised Ethan rolled in here last week, under the explanation of explaining some things, etc. He kept saying something to the effect that the topic at hand (Rowlands shipping recalcitrants to the ghetto) was a non-issue, really, seeing as it didn't affect OL posters such as myself. To that I say, so what? It was a fair observation to make, it was an interesting thing to look at that wasn't exactly common knowledge- in the past, Joe tended to just suggest that people/topics might best belong in the dissent area. My evaluation is that Ethan failed to address the core issues brought up. Neit
  13. Bingo, we have a winner here, folks.
  14. Hey, Maestro- Mr. Perigo doesn't get to me. If anything, I hope someday I get to him . Never say never. He wasn't even getting to me when I went off on my curmudgeon-hunting safari; the purpose there was to simply lampoon- I was providing a vaccine. In this case, I'm just calling him to live by his premises. On occasion, I will do that if the person in question is laying down conditions for others, which he kind of does. I'm saying "walk your talk, dude." The O-lying thing was, I believe, not much more than sloppiness on his part. I don't believe I have ever seen anyone (at least on OL) spr
  15. I have seen some elsewhere-than-OL discussions that I find telling, on a number of levels. One of these "tells" is that, it seems to me anyhow, there is a lack of efficiency in how traditional O-thought process goes down. Case in point, discussing evil. Evil is, in my mind, at the minimum, a verb. Most people know what actual, day-to-day evil looks like. Evil is fairly easy to spot because it is intense, and extremely hurtful. Realtime example of what evil is probably not... Yesterday, my girlfriend went to the gym for a workout. when she went to change, she realized she had been remiss (or
  16. Good, care, kind, love, hugs...? It's in there. Go for the obvious one. That is precisely my point, easy to see if the word is invoked. It makes prickly O-folk run out of town faster than a (non-PC joke involving gender group leaving upon job offer, say). It's too big. It's too real. It occasionally makes even trolls and curmudgeons get gooshy.
  17. There has been a fair amount of animosity between OL, ROR, and SOLOP. There is no goodness in this, and everyone can point fingers as to where ground zero was; what got the party started. There is no Patient Zero. SoloP gets called "Slop" by some. ROR, I forget what that one gets, it's not memorable enough, I suppose. It makes even the better thinkers resort to lameness. As much as I have a nearly non-opinion of Lindsay Perigo, he's a good deal away from flash cards as far as education goes. And he refers to OL as O-Lying. And that makes him less, it is a ridiculous monniker. OL has a softe
  18. You can do it. It's easy. Think a bit more. Hint: 4-letter word.
  19. That was good, Ciro! Common sense. I happen to be doing a great deal of dining out, lately, and it inevitably involves my girl and I ordering wine, that's almost exclusively what we do, unless we are slumming, having burgers and beers. So, I used to really prefer ultra-dry whites. But over time, I found my pallette changed, and also that whites just didn't agree with me at all any more. I think that sometimes they trigger headaches moreso than a solid red. Here in Ohio, we have Lake Erie wines, and many other wineries. Basically, though, I don't enjoy many of these regional wines. There are
  20. It's like when Chris Rock tells that joke about wife beating (paraphrase)- "I don't agree with it, but I understand " It's as good a phrase as any, I suppose, Robert. Think of it this way- at least our maestro MSK made an area for it. Give him some slack, mon- it's like picking band names...a lot of pressure and they never turn out right. rde Always flosses after chewing.
  21. I'd almost pay the twenty-five bucks just to lob a totally wrong question at him. You know, basics, like "what kind of girl is she? Spit, or swallow?" It's hard to ruffle him, though- trust me, I've tried-- I only got him once, and it was by accident. In all seriousness, though- this is a great opportunity. The only thing I'd say is that if you have a question, make sure it's a real question, as in something that he hasn't already answered in his writing. You'll find that that narrows it down pretty quick- he's engaged a lot of questions. rde Politically incorrect, and totally insensitive
  22. Kat, that is absolutely stunning. I"m sending it over to my Kat. She is a birdwatcher, and has an encylopedic knowledge of plants/flowers. I can't believe the detail of this- thanks! rde
  23. You know, that's where it's totally fucked up with the Objectivism; too much sitting on the dime. David K. is a quick read, but that's not ever, ever, ever good enough for some of these folks. He is a wonderful mind. And, on top of it all, he incorporates the heavily-attacked "benevolence" and "tolerance" terms. That's part of the rub, really- I've seen these two words taken out, rode hard, and put away wet more times than I can count. They are not the real words. There is a real word, and it's like kryptonite the second you roll it in to O-world. MSK gets it. A lot of people I know here get
  24. Rich Engle


    I think there are those who fancy themselves as raging... it's very dramatic. Usually what I see is just standard-issue snarkiness. That, or the "superior" kind of tone- and with that one for sure, I suspect self-esteem issues, particularly in the self-worth component. But that's just me.
  25. I think you already were commenting on it when you said that! But right you are in any case...