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  1. You witch . Does that also explain this bedwetting thing?
  2. I said contrived because I think that most run-of-the-mill intellectual forum poster types don't run into those kinds of layers. It's usually somewhere on either the side of full moderation, or wide open. What you don't expect is to have the site owner pruning the thing like a danged shrub- he's turning into Edward Scissorhands over there! I've seen some foul bastards go on Joe's site, for sure- I think once I even let him know about one of the malicious spammer types before he got wind of it. And the thing about people being "promoted" to the dissent section. I mean, c'mon- "promoted"? It's p
  3. OK, Ethan, we'll play, then. Why, yes indeedy there are people I don't associate with. For instance, I stay away from militant skinheads, what with all the beatings and hate propaganda they put out. So there's an entire group right there. It would be fair to say that I inevitably would have nothing to do with a real, practicing skinhead, because they are by creed dangerous, hateful people. Another, narrowed example? I have a close friend who was seriously taken advantage of by someone else, to the point that he was grifted out of just about everything he owned. Without doubt I would not asso
  4. It's a silly question to ask an adult.
  5. I wouldn't know about any of that scuttlebutt about Joe. I think on the whole he is a very good writer. As far as his leadership skills, not sure. This latest doesn't impress me, but whatever.
  6. I see a disagreement but no why. I am saying that he moderates on the fly, and that moderation extends beyond the usual going after trolling, ad hominems, etc. He says the goal is to advance the philosophy of Objectivism, and create a new Renaissance. That's the stated purpose, and that's about all other than the mentions of offering editing help, loose style guidelines, etc. Apparently you have to experience his moderation in order to understand it. And, that moderation consists of whether or not Joe wants it on his site or not. It is extended to providing an area for dissenters. Recently, h
  7. Please, let's not pull the string in front of the cat, Ethan. I can run standard Objectivist drilldowns just as well as anyone. And, surely, Joe wants to associate with people who think like him, and better yet who are influenced by him. He just has a funny way of going about it. It's not unlike the kid in the playground who stops the game by taking his bat and ball home when things don't go his way. No problem, really, not for anyone other than Joe, really. You either put up with that kind of control thing, or you don't.
  8. Well, I guess it's less of a discussion forum, and more like Joe's ideological development site, the development path being to cull out (or at least segregate) anyone that isn't in alignment with Joe's thinking. That's definitely not a forum. Forums don't nab people for having different takes on things- they moderate harrassers, ad hominem attackers, things where the purposes are not to engage in dialogue. That's pretty standard moderation, and yes, people still bitch. But clearly, that's not what Joe is doing. He's doing a little sanitizing. A little minion-molding.
  9. Victor... For the life of me I can't remember what year it was when I went to that. I'm thinkiing like maybe 6-7 years ago? Devers Branden was there too- she did some relaxation/warmups before the workshop part.
  10. Ethan's OK that we're OK: "There is nothing so curious about it. A policy was adopted on RoR that several posters here have had serious issues with. I simply came over to present information that I had and point out why I think there is nothing wrong with the new policy. You disagree and that's fine." So, perhaps you don't have an answer for this (if you don't, I wonder if your team ever talks about anything, I find it difficult to believe that you do not, but still...)- an answer for the "why," the thinking beneath the action, which means using various types of banishment/confinement withou
  11. The whole NB is evil and immoral and a liar thing is so out to lunch. It makes me wonder if any of these decriers ever watched him work in recent years. Some years ago he did a two day gig at the Learning Annex/Toronto- a lecture one night, a hands-on seminar the next. Fantastic international audience. I have never seen so much goodness come out of a seminar- people were literally transformed, refocused, upbeat. Most of those kinds of things don't have any staying power, but that one surely did. His lecture on self-esteem still rates as one of the best talks I've ever seen anywhere, it was sim
  12. Luscious, but contrived luscious, imho.
  13. Now that I think of it, there is one question left- Ethan said that, from what he saw out of Jonathan here, he found other criteria for moderation. What on earth could that be? All I saw was him laying down what was on his mind, and his take on why he got sent over to the gulag. I can't imagine he would be a flowers and love writing about that. I for one would like to hear more about this unacceptable behavior, because I didn't see a lick of anything in there. Maybe not liking to hear it is one thing, but so what?
  14. Nope. It's a deadlocked argument. What Joe does is a management style thing. I've been around forums long enough to come to a studied opinion that he is going down an unfortunate path, that's all. I hope I'm wrong.
  15. How do you do that? All I've seen is an expanded explanation of ROR board policy. I'm not sure Jonathan's sentiments are provable or non-provable. But he sure got a nasty vibe, and it doesn't smell good at all. And why challenge it anyway? Clearly Joe has a more sharpened policy these days. Jonathan's just another one. How he feels about being profiled and pilloried into one area is, I suppose, a non-issue. It's part of what Joe wants. I and a few others happen to think it's a little weak, that's all.
  16. Oh, Ethan, I don't mean mortal fear. Perish the thought! As far as your evidence for the other thing- I wouldn't know. What he does with the dissent section is enough for me. And, apparently enough for others than myself, too. So, soon, his site should be reading exactly the way he wants it, and life will be luscious!
  17. I didn't have a question, Ethan. I was commenting on the current situation. You just keep pointing out who owns what. Just because Rowlands owns ROR, can do what he wants, etc., and I no longer post there doesn't mean I won't talk about something I see go down there, or anywhere. I really get the whole private ownership thing, dude- I'm in the real estate business and such. I'm just airing out my opinions, like people do on discussion forums. The only question I really had was whether Rowlands really locked Dragonfly out of the two categories, and I'm not even entitled to that answer, if ROR s
  18. Oh my, this is precious. Casey Fahy just wrote an article telling Barbara why she gave her speech! Un-freaking believable. And, of course- the truth can be found by purchasing a copy of PARC, which I understand also works good for curing warts, whooping cough, and a number of other annoying maladies. So, it looks like he's accusing her of having a hidden agenda. Barbara? Geez, I remember you sent even little 'ol nobody me an email months and months ago talking about the idea, and why you wanted to do it- certainly had nothing to do with Perigo, Valliant, whatever. I guess you were fibbin', huh
  19. I hope so, I really do. As much as I think Joe has chosen an embarrassing path, I really would hope it doesn't extend to that kind of thing. I'm hoping software glitch or something. But let's say for a moment he did so intentionally. He's the boss and can do what he wants aside, how do you feel about a move like that? I think it would be a pussy thing to do, it shows fear and definitely doesn't help credibility.
  20. Let's just say I question your motives. I thought you were here to just "answer questions." You've done that now, I can't imagine you could further elucidate the whole dissent thing (but it wouldn't suprise me if you continued). So, all that being apparently said and done, what else ya got? Hmmm? You've clearly shown that your taste for moderation is a lot heavier-handed than here, and it's irrelevant as all get out. If you want to go at it the way I did about ROR, the way to do it is say that somehow OL moderation is unreasonable because it's too liberal (i.e., moreso than ROR). That would
  21. I don't know about you, but I'd be interested in finding out. Blocking someone from even reading categories on top of the dissent thing is a pretty punk move. So, yes, yes, it's Joe's site- that still makes him a punk if he really did that. It's a total sissy move, anyone that's ever been on forums for any length of time can see it. Totally weak and afraid. Just throw the guy out, quit picking at him like a cat would a wounded bird. Honestly, as much as I've recently lost some respect for Rowlands, I still can't picture him doing that. It's total crap. As far as the whole criteria thing, ye
  22. I'm still over there wading through the muck. I absolutely for the life of me can't grasp how anyone would not give NB the nod that he was, without a doubt, the most significant writer in the area of self-esteem, ever. I mean, for crying out frickin' loud! This is preposterous! That's what's basically being done over there, no? Anything at all to minimalize the man's work. It's just total, screaming bullshit. Talk about self-esteem problems! Go ahead and think Nathaniel is a total scoundrel, I suppose, but the work simply speaks for itself. Prior to '68 there really was nothing even remotely c
  23. You know, Ethan, I can't speak for MSK but that's kind of snotty, coming over here and laying down that stuff on Jonathan. Surely you have the Shangrila of moderation available to you elsewhere. Moderate that .
  24. Robert, Hah!!! Right ON, man... I'll tell you one thing- nothing so quickly builds up the self-worth and efficacy as a nice, solid romp around the boudoir. I love my job, but I love that more- a lot more! rde 4 hours until launch time, now that I think about it... my "Dagny" is a positively wicked little thing.