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  1. Wow, that was good, Brant. Needs said once in awhile, doesn't it? r
  2. We have have been through this so many times here and still you don't get it. No surprise that people are ignorant about natural rights: they don't exist. No one is born with natural rights coming with the package. Rights are human creations, they can be granted, declared, taken from you, etc. You can happen to be born into a system which grants you certain rights, and they may be called "natural" rights by those who created them. But all this does not alter the fact that natural rights as such don't exist for human beings qua birth. We should do a scientific experiment. Let's divide the
  3. Sentence 1.: Making a fair enough point. Sentence 2: Another textbook example of unnecessary snark. Again, I ask you: Explain the purpose for (in this case, sentence no. 2) that. Get you off? It's tempting, Shayne, I do know. It is about as tempting as me saying something about how attractive and natural this topic thread could be for someone like, um . . .hmmm. . . . . .you. rde There He Goes, Again.
  4. It's all about the New Narcissism<tm> Go put some sweat down and master something difficult, fucq-stick. Right? Does disciplined effort mean nothing? Why bother when you can be a %$*& and have your special, brave Moment. rde I'm Special, I Climb On Shit And Act Like Nature
  5. I've been around more interesting cockroaches. rde
  6. I grasp it quite well. I studied the theory of transfinite numbers. And in what way does it relate (in your mind) to your own finiteness? That's the philosophical part I'm interested in. The set of atoms of my body constitute a finite set of objects. Next question? Ba'al Chatzaf Ask and ya shall receive. Inquiry is the mother of truth. And all the atoms in the universe - do they also constitue a finite set of objects? The question is is the universe infinite? You can't know because it is beyond possible experience. You can address the matter philosophically, but all you'll logically do
  7. I agree with Mike. Ignore that stuff. A lot of them enjoy being sniffy--somehow, they feel there is empowerment in it. rde
  8. Who the fuck is "Rick," and why is he fishing for compliments? This is all very confusing. rde I need to get back on the ether. Whoops, sorry Rick... I mean Rich. ;) Shayne Oh, you meant me. At least you didn't call me "Dick." Yet. Well, I certainly did not ask you for compliments, I never said that you started this, and I will pass on the dinner date. I was just mentioning your normal surliness. Now that we've cleared that up maybe we can let George have his thread back. Rightio! rde "Feel lucky, punk?" --D. Harry
  9. Who the fuck is "Rick," and why is he fishing for compliments? This is all very confusing. rde I need to get back on the ether.
  10. Hey, George--this is really working out, isn't it? You can build a perfect primate habitat, but that will not stop them from flinging their poo at one another. rde Don't you monkey with the monkey.
  11. See? This is what I don't get about you. It's not like you don't write good stuff--you do. But it seems to me that there is no way that you can't not inject that shitty tone. What crawled up you and died? It's so bitter, so off-putting. Do you have such a fundamental disdain for most people? Praise and positives come pretty hard for you. Hard way to go through life, I would think. On top of that, you even went so far as to make it your show, your personal thing, on what was clearly a very clean, academic and historical thread. But you couldn't have that. I ask you: what is the purpo
  12. Since all resources are limited, there can be no such thing as "unlimited" growth," insofar as the growth in question depends on those resources. The proper term is "indefinite growth." This simply means that we don't know what the limits might be. The universe is a pretty big place... Shayne Wow...that kind of profundity calls for a drink... I know. I almost cried when I read that. rde But Maybe For Different Reasons
  13. Ray Kurzweil is a rather interesting fellow, isn't he? I just got another Kurzweil keyboard, overpriced pains in the ass that they are. But I like them, because I like the way he thinks. Mostly. Who would want immortality? That is a real question. To be here is a unique, singular experience--which means just that. Heinlein wrote some very interesting stuff about longevity in "Time Enough For Love," and for that matter related things whenever he used his Lazarus Long character. I'll miss this all dearly when it is gone, but things move forward--I don't think I would want to arrest tha
  14. You still have whitebread, generic-Christian America. Most generic church-goers go there for reasons far outside of understanding and experiencing spirituality--they look to the church for some kind of "structure." They go there for a sense of community, and that's good. But by and far, the majority is not out to look under the covers. The homophobia, and fear regarding open sexuality runs pretty much as strong as ever. Most people don't get past nebulous concepts about the Bible. A vague feeling of knowing they are here and things happened before they were here. There is a lot of fear
  15. Ghs on the tounge-speekin' 'n fish-floppin': I have no doubt that you have this point-on, it makes perfect sense. And it made for really good church business, on a number of levels. We still have a good deal of this going on in Florida, and when you hear the (totally straight-laced generic 'Merikun) people talk about it, oh, you can just see it all. Miss Grundy flopping on the floor, wailing away and hiking up her skirt. I guess they have to do something to get those sticks out of their asses. rde And what's up with another sjw slappy fight? C'mon, not HERE.
  16. I don't mean to call you a liar, but I find it impossible to believe your story. These go beyond the disputed stories about Caligula, which were spread by his enemies. I've met compulsive liars before, and have heard fantastical tales like you're telling here told to my face. It was always about getting attention. But if I'm wrong about you, well, sorry. Someone ought to tell you how your stories come across. Oh, this is not that unusual. Not at all.
  17. That's where I was at with it. And if if was so traumatic, there is little comfort to be had, other, maybe, than thinking about all the people that went through even worse; and they are there. That you survive alone is sufficient. You will dwell. And then you will stop dwelling, gradually. It will come back just when you thought it left. But always better if you work at it. rde
  18. I eagerly await, after you have worked, and of course, considered deeply. Changing the meaning of sex universally. K. Why fuck with perfection? That would be one thing. I figure you are either having too much of it, or too little. Balance is very important! I suppose boredom could be a possibility, but if so, that would be your fault, I think. Power tools? rde
  19. Best post on the thread, Brant.
  20. Best post on the thread, Brant.
  21. Basic illustration of problem involving coming on OL anonymous: rde Expect Nothing Fucqing Less.
  22. Depends upon what you call physical therapy. I'm planning on some in a few minutes, and I must say I'm looking fondly forward to it. rde heh
  23. George's level of scholarly statistical density/accumulation first escaped him, but now saves him, because that is what that shit does. You can have 4000 books but you better know where the good passages are. This is very good work, George, at least in my opinion--in that your work proved itself. Proved itself by pre-existence alone. The WordStar thing was cutting it a bit close. Please tell me it wasn't on a soft floppy. Did you hold your magnet on it and scramble the words? Did you? Hmmm? May I see your papers, please? In the meantime, popcorn:
  24. What do you think drove Jim to attack you like that initially? What could have been his motive? Here's my speculation (though George can guess better than I can): guilt and psychopathology. People who spew viciousness seemingly out of nowhere have issues, as they say. People with "issues" take them out on other people because they are unwilling to confront their own problems. So I see projection at the very least. If he feels guilty about stealing from George but is seriously messed up psychologically, he might very well turn on George like a rabid dog and accuse him of being the true bad p