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  1. There's a lot of good stuff out there. Reverb Nation can get you there, but it's an ocean. So many, but there's a great band in Europe called "Breeze," that would be good for a lot of folks. On the other side (NY in this case) there is a very good house sort of fellow that does soundtracks and game music but when he gets bored he goes out under "Pianomime" and yes, that's how he looks, a piano playing mime. I mean there's tons. is our place, we are in the instrumental category so if you look at some of the artists there, the sky is the limit. Best to all! rde
  2. I love and miss all you guys. I finally figured out if you work super hard you can fit things you love into your workflow. Rally! I'll dig in, on break right now and poke about . . . The duo site is here: Some classical, some just nuts but do check in if you wish. And yeah, I forgot how to put a hotlink on here. Call me old school but I will perform an Invest-Ah-Gashun 'n c what chall doin' hear lately. Heh, r Missed y'all but in truth I still speak and write regularly 'Merkin Anglish
  3. Hey All (those of you that remember me). Been like forever but I had to make decisions on how to use my time to get my work out there, do what I am primarily supposed to be doing, all that. But I think of many of you all the time, esp. Mike K. of course. Been through many journeys with that fellow. So anyway, I continue to teach guitar, of course, but the main focus is the studio work. Various projects in the works. Main one is the Wright-Engle Duo. I work with a really incredible piano-playing monster of a lady. She's clasically-trained, but does a lot of blues, other things. The music is very diverse from electo weird to classical to blues to textural things we are developing for soundtracks. If you want to hear it, you might find something in there in one style or another. Just trying to be little old us. Reverb Nation helps a lot; there are some pieces there, plus a little introductory video. Take a look if so inclined--we're doing pretty well for a young act and any listens, fanning, whatever, it's all good. There's a lot of good stuff there all kind of people do if you look around. You musical types if you are not on, give it a whirl! Best to you all, I'll try to catch up in between the mad workflow. We are here: Be Well!
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    Gary Damron

    Hi, All! I am really, really busy with music right now. That darn old music bug just never leaves you. Anyway, during my various experiences, I had the great fortune of meeting Gary Damron (there was a Cleveland connection there). Gary lives in L.A., he's a guitar virtuoso, composer, and also does a very great deal of engineering, film, production work. He helped me get my Pro Tools studio together, and such. I absolutely adore his music, because it is expressive, informed, and profound. He is about to release a new album called "Paragon," which is beautiful. Here is one song he has out on You Tube, it is called "Fighting Solitude," I think he says that is about doing it all yourself for so long. You can see his other things at his site, I am hoping to be performing with him later this year, if possible. He is a wonderful person and yes, when Paragon releases, BUY IT!!! rde
  5. I'll admit I really blasted through this thread and I apologize in advance if I repeat, but what I have to say is that I just saw a film (via Netflix/Roku in my case) called "Nietzsche and the Nazis." It's very long, lecture like, you can catch it on You Tube here: It's Stephen R.C. Hicks, PhD. Fairly early into it he mentions Rand, and the influence of F.N.'s work on her. Again, it is quite lengthy, but he does show the revision work the Nazis did. Revision, and use out of context. It's pretty interesting. Best, rde
  6. Why so strong a reaction out of all proportion to the cause? It is because, mainly, that you have a way of writing things that annoy the crap out of people on one level or another. I didn't say challenge, I said annoy. Basically, it's just a style problem. I got over it years ago. I can actually read your stuff and occasionally enjoy it. The only caveat for me is that you have this fierce habit (or need, I guess) to start threads like this one. They're all the same and people get tired of it. You should just repost three or four of your best complaining ones about how people don't get you. It will save you time, and really, I don't think it will decrease your impact when you go there. rde I Finally Get Time To Come Over Here And The First Thing I See Is Phil-Whining<tm>.
  7. You either need to stop watching so much sports, or stop thinking so much about Jesus. rde
  8. Phil, I like abusing you, and you enjoy it. We both have to come clean on this. But after all this time, we have to take it to the next level. I suggest we meet at Bonita Beach for straight-up surf combat. You will have that leather mask on, of course, and not be able to see, but I will surely tickle your fancy. I have minions, Phil. Sea creatures, even. Michael: I'll be getting in touch with you soon. Best To All, rde
  9. Hi, All! I feel like I am missing part of my family, but there was no choice--that damn music thing got to me (again) and I had to get all monk-like as to use of time. Probably the longest I've ever been away from OL (some of you will be grateful for that, and yes, Phil that might even mean you . I ended up catching a few projects, so I went through the process of building a Pro Tools recording studio in my home, linked to one in L.A. Lotso work. New equipment, great new guitar, and so on. I literally record like 18 hrs. a day (well, at least engineering, with a lot of recording in there). Also been doing some nice performing with a medieval/folk group called Silver Branch, performances went very well there. So, HI! If you need get hold of me, easy to find: Warmest Wishes for the New Year! rde
  10. Gosh I loved that guy. Here is something for tribute-- on Bill Bruford's album (he being the drummer for Yes, King Crimson, etc.) called "Gradually Going Tornado." This is a song written by major whup-ass bassist Jeff Berlin, who was a fan of Smokin' Joe. This is a musical tribute called, yeah, "Joe Frazier." One of the most stunning bass things you will ever hear! rde On hiatus--locked up in his new recording studio.
  11. Just for those who would say "where the eff is rich these days?" There are some of you. I am just fine, to say. I am working on two major projects, and of course, I will reveal them to y'all soonest. I can hint. I'm building a recording studio. That damn music thing got me again. I miss y'all. More soon but really whacking out some moves. Finest Kind, rde
  12. I love the reply, Ghs, because you keep to the historical facts, for one thing. Reality. I also like what REB said about being "finicky." Oh, if only people in this sphere took that to heart. Macro, Micro. They sit there and reincarnate something Rothbard, or whoever the fuck else said like a million years ago. Then, others do likewise. It's like digging up a cemetery over and over again. Meanwhile, you are exposing yourself to getting hot brass sunk in your head from people that don't bother to go through such gyrations. And here I thought the better part of this community (and OL is the best of all of them) had a basic understanding of shit like, well, temporal physics. Or how history works. rde Today's word is "finicky"
  13. Well, that sounds sordid and horrible. You either fight, or run--2 choices. If you sit on it, expect to find yourself on the cover of next month's "Prison Bride" magazine (figuratively speaking, that is). Allow me to reinforce that: run, or fight--if you don't bust out a move, THEY WILL EAT YOU. I tend to nose into fights, but I'm 52 and only a few things scare me. It just depends on how much you value the combat. See, it has something to do with "situational awareness." That's a Bruce Lee thing, sort of. What it means is if you find yourself in a place where you're taking shit, you chose to be there. Even if you didn't know. The trick is to not put yourself in those positions, and that takes a little style. Robert Heinlein said it something like this (I'm trying to paraphrase accurately, but I don't have the book in front of me)-- "Everywhere you go, everything you do is your fault. All of it." If you think you can take the instructor down on his bad ideas; that whole culture (it is loaded against you, so it appears), then go have it. You will pay even if you win. When I've ended up doing that, it turned out being some of the most joyous benchmarks. Meaning, I would've even paid double or triple (in some form or another) to come out of it that way. But, you can't eat self-righteousness. So, proceed with caution, but do not be afraid to strike. Surf, or die. Look on the bright side! You might get lucky later--things tend to counterbalance. I went through some crap like that in college years ago, to the point where I transferred to another one. And then I got a lit class where all it was, was this "groovy" kind of patch-coat teacher who turned down the lights and had us listen to fucking ROD MCKUEN RECORDS. "I like birds." Minka. He loved me. I never did anything but work on my own stuff, smoke dope, and never studied for the exams. I got an A-plus in that and the bastard never knew what hit him. He was a nice guy, and he gave me some pretty good ideas here and there, but . . .heh. Ladies choice, dude: step up. Finest, rde
  14. I can hardly wait to see who dogpiles in on this one first. Part of my research, getting ready to interview UFOligist Mike Hill, dear old friend. He's all over the map these days. Anyhow, have at this one, boys and girls. Load up the bong, smoke 'em if you got 'em. rde Annunaki Contact Annunaki Contact Case By Ed Komarek 9/23/11 Copy and Distribute Freely My blog: Many people may be familiar with the Lake Erie UFO sightings that have been getting plenty of mainstream press attention.http://www.alien-ufo...011-report.html and for some Lake Erie UFO history try this link.http://beforeitsnews..._Lake_Erie.html What most people don’t realize is that what Michael Lee Hill and others have been videotaping over Lake Erie is but the surface features of something much deeper, a developing Annunaki contact case. I have become involved in this case because I have been gathering cases that support the claims being made by Ar Bordon of not just contact with several types of extraterrestrials, but of attending annual meetings attended by earth humans and extraterrestrials, many who are human like ourselves. What I am doing is all part of the process of not only identifying the different ET races interacting with earth’s humanity, but also working to determine the motives and agendas of the different races some that are covertly involved with global governments and military on an ongoing basis. This spring I traveled to Nevada, specifically the Indian Springs area next to Nellis AFB to try to find more cases to back up parts of Charles story relating to his experiences with a type of human ET called the Tall Whites. I was successful in doing so and proved to my satisfaction that indeed the TW do exist and that Charles has accurately portrayed something of the motives and agenda of this race of ETs. http://exopolitics.b...-white-ets.html I also had the opportunity to interview Clifford Stone and Charles on this trip giving me even more information on various ET types and something of their motives and agendas. Charles told me he has also met a Tall Grey in the desert and at their base at Area 55 at Nellis. The TW have their base up in the range area. I have been able to get a pretty good picture of what the agenda and motives are of one of the types of Greys that most are familiar with who abduct people to steal eggs and sperm to create hybrids to infiltrate and influence our society to their own ends. I am working on building up profiles of other human ETs including those known as Nordics. I have not paid much attention to the Annunaki and their operations on earth, until I got to know Ar Bordon and set about trying to see if I could find cases that would back up his story. I recently wrote up a small Facebook note as follows: I got Ar Bordon's permission to post this in order to clear up some misperceptions about him and give folks an idea of what he is about as best I can tell. He said it was accurate and concise. Ar Bordon (pen name) is the most public individual node in a network of people who have had direct contact with various individual extraterrestrials and groups, both of a human nature and non-human nature. This exopolitical network, in which Ar is a part, has direct face to face and telepathic contact and communication with ETs but is independent of National military and intelligence groups. Its parallel is the emerging exopolitical community that is much larger, but mostly without the extensive direct access to extraterrestrials as does Ar’s network. This network does liaison with the military and intelligence agencies involving issues of National Security when considered necessary. The members of this exopolitical network have backgrounds with corporations, military and intelligence agencies, but the group works independently and negotiates as a loosely knit operation to identify and to understand the evolution, motives and agendas of a rather large number of extraterrestrial races and civilizations and their interactions with earth humankind. These direct interactions include several types of humans that closely resemble us enough to interact with us on the street without us knowing who they are. Other types of humans we would recognize as different from us if met on the street. Types that are not human include several kinds of Greys, several types of beings with Reptilian ancestries and insect ancestries and others including machine intelligences, robots, etc. The big picture is of a well-populated universe of space faring beings of very diverse nature, some who have taken an interest in Earth affairs for a number of reasons as it is profitable for them to interface with us out of self-interest and cooperative interest. End Now keep in mind that I have other friends and associates that like Ar are embedded in networks of relationships that have been built up over a lifetime. This is how people like Clifford Stone and Charles Hall keep up with developments inside and outside of government. I got a real break in backing up parts of Ar Bordon’s experiences when I met Michael Hill through Facebook. There is a lot of information being conveyed to Wes Penre who has just told me he has written a book that includes much more information given by Michael and he hopes to have it edited and available in a couple of months. The following is some of the information I would like to get out in the public domain right away for those with an interest in documenting and researching Annunaki contact cases. Ed, during that first meeting with "Them" which I believe now to be the Marduk led remnants, the Boyd Bushman subject was brought out first, and it was not done in a gentle way, Their Fangs came out if you know what I mean. This leader figure told me he worked for a group of people who decided what will be released, That he was an actual family member of the J. Allen Hynek Family and this family was still in control of what is released, and the Boyd Bushman info was not on the list, he asked me how this Boyd info came to be released. I told him I willed it into manifestation and I thought it was BS that this info was being withheld from humanity. Well they found me hard to scare and the Leader Anunnaki figure stated, Michael, We need to know what you know and they brought these wands that have what looked like a bright purple LED at the end of this, and it seemed almost to be kinda like a laser pointer. He pointed it directly at my 3-rd eye. As A.R. communicated to me…,"The “mental” procedures you said to have been exposed to, involving light etc., are far more commonly used now and there are other ways besides lie detectors to know whether and what I person does or does not know." Well this "Mind Probing" changed the whole course of this unfolding meeting. The meeting went from interrogating me over the Boyd Bushman info to all of a sudden this leader figure becoming very excited, Stating Oh My God, you are one of us! How did you come to be here? We have been waiting for you to have a council meeting; we can do that right now if you please? I said regarding what? They said it would not be long until there would be another planet visible in our skies and they wanted to talk about what effect we believed this and the Anunnaki revealing themselves would have on humanity? I will finish this in another post. I was told that this being I was sitting before was a "King" of the Anunnaki. An Actual name of this man was never given but after all that went down; my own guess is Marduk of The Anunnaki. He went on to tell me that he was what is known as the Anunnaki, and that I am also a part of this Anunnaki family and it was a great synchronicity that I was "LED" there because now a meeting could commence between us all, over a "Change in Anunnaki Leadership" and there would be a new time arriving for mankind and a new "Game plan" needed to be discussed. They told me the truth of the situation was that another member of the Anunnaki and I had incarnated into this lifetime as a humans in every way, to be here for these changes. The Anunnaki Loki then intervened and said I have spoken with Michael already and he believes as I that humanity is ready for open contact and that Humanity should have the chance to evolve into a Galactic society, They are ready. I then spoke up and backed up why I believe the masses are ready for first contact. I told them the exact same thing I have communicated to you already, that I believe that without the bondage that has kept the human race in survival mode, that humanity would & could reach it's true potential. Loki & I teamed up on the "Give Humanity a chance to show their stuff, we are ready" bandwagon. This male on the Bed (Marduk) said, well, it must be time! If that is what you feel, let’s do it, let’s make it so, I then said...."When?" He said Obviously BEFORE 2012, he answered in a tone like he was annoyed by the question :-) The next morning I awoke and got out of my tent and poured some water over my head and at that exact moment, I noticed a male and female walking by my tent on the dirt road and I instantly know that was the Anunnaki leader male I seen the previous night only now he looked very Human and he then looked me in the eye and said "Good Morning Commander Michael!" He now had a human appearance but you could still see the same sculpted facial features but they were subdued and he also had radiant blue eyes. We spent much of the next day together. He offered to make me dinner, the meal was really good, lamb with Okra and a curry sauce. We talked. I asked him what should be done about the "Boyd Bushman" info being revealed in mine & Sereda's film? He said, "Now that they know you are one of us they will not be able to touch you, so don't worry about it." So to say they are part of the group withholding this information is correct but they have also now backed the release of the Bushman info and revealing themselves to humanity. Which is happening as we speak. I was once told there was a meeting of galactic leaders as to why the Earth should be helped or not. There were a lot of quick judgments as to leaving the Earth and its inhabitants to their fates of doom and destruction. But there were also those who wanted to help and they couldn't just come here to do it themselves the way they were because it would violate free will... so there was a test given even to the Anunnaki. To be born here on Earth as humans, to be in THEIR shoes so to speak and if they gave in and were corrupted, the earth shall be left to its destruction. If they could keep the light and awaken within this nightmare as humans, they can change things and bring about the golden age so no free will would be breached because it would all be done from within enemy territory, from behind enemy lines! This planet is not to fail for it would affect all else because everything is connected. http://www.facebook....a/2017197393092 Michael Hill found this interesting article relating to the Anunnaki in Flying Saucer Review.
  15. Somebody needs to sink some hot lead into that bastard.
  16. I guess I don't wanna be in that club, then. Yeah, Ghs, it seems like a contradiction in terms, no? I'm going to attribute this to Brant, who I trust, and him having a slip over the slippery-duper slope of what we dare to call reason, or, at the least, not being insane. Meanwhile, Behold My Great Art<tm>. I'm on travel, and got bored, so what I did was take a thing from The Church of the SubGenius and run some nice prints on photo paper. It's got the eye, the pyramid, and everthing! I'll put one up, hold on, meanwhile you guys should suit up for a Brazilian Strap Match. I think Brant will have an edge on you, George--but it is hard to tell, once you enter the wrestling arena, no??
  17. That's pretty shallow, Brant, I dare say. But yes, he did do that. He killed her. But that doesn't really take away from his writing, does it? rde Just completed the D.A.R.E. program ("Drugs Are Really Excellent")
  18. You can see this on Netflix, for sure. An excellent documentary about William S. Burroughs, one of the core members of the Beat writers. Very good. rde
  19. Gibson has an overseas line of guitars--Epiphone. They sell a lot of them. Korea, China, I think even Indonesia I've seen on a few of them.
  20. Any cadre that makes that much serious methane gets their bar props. What do they like? Whatever the eff they say. I've heard some of them are into Tom Petty. Others, Pierre Moerlen's Gong. It depends. rde Where's the beef?
  21. I was going to share this on Facebook, and it is far from working. Enter your facebook application id. Right. And then it threw me a weird error message. Used to work, OL-FB. Not today, or at least, more trouble than I care to go through. Ideas?
  22. What I won't forget is how it was handled; what was done with it and what resulted. So no, I would tell the ding-dong that wrote this, I am sorry, but that is not an option. Because, we have to know what wasn't done right in order to not repeat the fuckups. This is a basic thing. It was grandstanding. If you run out of good material, just stir the soup, right?
  23. I'm enjoying this discussion, and still going over some of it. I don't want to mess up the flow, but for sure I think it wouldn't hurt to point out that REB's new avatar is very gnarly, manly, and buff. I think this retirement thing (or whatever he calls it) is working out well. A bit more of this and I'm thinking he'll rocket from the tombs with a breakout shitkicking country-mariachi band. Nice work, you Stud of the Slippery Slide: may you never run out of high-quality cream. r