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    I write, I teach and compose music. The rest of the time I engage life and love.
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    The New Year: How I Saw Ritual Trump Resolution The Challenge of Understanding Mysticism
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    I like Hunter Thompson's writing, among others. Actors, Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr. come to mind. There's all kinds of things to enjoy! Music is BIG . The great blues guitar masters, as well as modernists like Allan Holdsworth, Steve Vai, and so on. Too big to talk about in any kind of a coherent manner here.
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    Fort Myers, Florida, USA
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    Philosophy, Religion, Psychology, Chess, Music, Spirituality.

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  1. I can't figure out why this picture doesn't look like the other one I have had for years and I guess it is an icon thing. But, meanwhile, suntan, and then playing some rigteous church music, which of course naturally offends almost all O-world, because God-Forbid we ever talk about anything other than A-Theism. At that point even spiritual monism is a headache.