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  1. Back in April of 2008 a controversy arose that I raised on these pages and on some Objectivist blogs about a basic Objectivist course Diana Mertz-Hsieh taught while she was with IOS/TAS and my group's advertising their usage at one of my salon's meetings. The controversy was based as to whether or not she held the copyright to the lectures and, hence, veto power over their usage which would have entailed a potential public usage in violation of copyright statutes. I have since found out via second hand knowledge articulated by David Kelley himself that the copyrights for the lectures done by T
  2. Google "Rothbard Lenin" you will see the relevant article where Rothbard writes appreciatingly about Lenin's revolutionary ideals. As far as Israel is concerned, criticize the country all you want but your criticisms ring hollow since (like I said earlier) you twist the facts to fit your prejudice. If you are an Objectivist you have a moral obligation to the truth. I think I read somewhere that facts are facts regardless if you want to ignore them or not want them to be so. Also, have a look at this quote from a famous Muslim 14th Century Muslim scholar. You will see the jihadist line of thoug
  3. Interesting! I will have to get out my copy of Honoring the Self and re-read it. If you have not already read Honoring the Self, you may find a number of Branden's insights illuminating, particularly with respect to the issue of mind-body dualism.
  4. Joshua Zader had this to say about the article: I suspect most Objectivists, and especially those who don’t have any background in Eastern teachings, will choke hard on his transrational comments. I mean, once you’ve found the value of reason, who wants to listen to someone talk about the indivisibly whole Over-Soul? Yet, for those of us who’ve found value in the writings of teachers like Eckhart Tolle and Adyashanti — and the sense of personal liberation that comes from adopting a psychological perspective that is somewhat “outside” the self without renouncing the self in any way — there is s
  5. I came across the article by an author who is a Buddhist philosopher. While I think he tends to mix his points and doesn't seem to know very much about Objectivism, he does heavily draw from Ayn Rand to make his case. I don't know if I agree with him but I can see where he is coming from.
  6. Mark, you are discrediting yourself and demonstrating your irrationality with each post you make since you are using nothing more than strawman arguments. As far as your assertions that Zionists collaborated with Nazi's the source of this accusation is questionable since the Jews Against Zionism group you cite is against the state of Israel because it was not created or given to the Jews by God as foretold in the Old Testament. That being the case, groups like JAZ will work to undermine Israel until God finally gives them their state. Being that I am an atheist (and I assume you are to) you kn
  7. Mark, you are entitled to your opinion about Israel but you are dead wrong about the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood's founder was a man named Hassan al-Banna who was a Nazi sympathizer and was active in one of the Middle Eastern Nazi regiments during World War II. Google "Banna Nazi" and you will see the relevant evidence. Also, look at pictures of Hamas (supported by the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran) rallies in which you will see numerous photos of people saluting with their arms extended out in the Nazi salute. What we are up against is an extension of what came out of Nazi Germany excep
  8. Watch the film Iranium and you will see how it does. It isn't just the three groups I mentioned that Iran supports but other terrorist efforts as well. Including the radicalization of Muslims via their funding of groups like the Muslim Brotherhood. Also, if you want to know one of the main reasons for the anti-Semitism/radicalization of Muslims, have a look at this:
  9. George, Will you answer Dennis's point? I would be interested in seeing what you have to say in response to it. I think libertarians tend to view rights as some abstract concept they have little knowledge of grasping. I am sure this is not indicative of you, of course. However, in terms of libertarian anarchists I think many view consistency as the reason why they are anarchists rather than morality. Hence, anarchists treat rights as intrinsic values rather than moral principles derived from reality.
  10. I realize (and I am sure Ms. Rand did as well) that the U.S. or any free country could not take all of them out at one time or in all cases. Therefore, it makes sense for the U.S. and it's allies to take out dictatorships that pose the most direct threat. In the case of terrorism, it clearly is Iran and Saudi Arabia. Both countries not only export their orthodox brand of Islam in the sects they are geared towards (Sunni and Shia) but also fund groups that radicalize Muslims who, in turn, arm and train terrorists. Iran gives direct support to groups like Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Hizbullah I be
  11. Hello Melissa, I echo the sentiments expressed by the others on this thread that you are not alone. However, if FRO is not affordable for you I would suggest starting your own Objectivist salon. When I became an atheist I started studying Objectivism and have headed an Objectivist salon for a little over 5 years. The experience has been great! Being able to organize events and meetings where you get to meet new and interesting people who are like-minded. You could be a contrast to FRO and be a little more appealing to people who would like to study the philosophy but, like you, can't afford
  12. Interesting! Are you a practitioner or someone knowledgeable about Buddhism? The word choice "kill him" is a very radical one. Its radicalness goes deeper than a mere admonition "Don't deify him". The "kill him" means that it is necessary to really destroy something, and what is to be destroyed is the veil behind which lies true enlightenment. So in order to reach true enlightenment, it is necessary to tear up the veil.
  13. This is a play supposedly written by that damned mee-stick Murray Rothbard. Despite my not liking him, this cracked me up.
  14. I apologize I overlooked your question regarding my friend's reconciling Objectivism and Buddhism. I asked him if Zen involved mysticism in which he replied that some practitioners or variants of the philosophy subscribe to mysticism but the variant he learned does not. The school of Zen he learned when he was in Vietnam involves breathing and relaxation techniques which involve meditation in order to be able to think better. I believe this also includes being able to retrieve memories from or better utilize your subconscious mind. What happens to us after this life depends on how we conduc
  15. While I am not a practicioner I believe that Buddhists recognize people suffer and think that if people follow their philosophy it will/can help them end it and live a happier life. In terms of reincarnation and other forms of mysticism, my understanding is that the Buddhists who believe in that are the Mahayanas. As near as I can tell the Theravadins believe that one is reborn (i.e. reincarnated) when a practicioner has achieved enlightenment (a.k.a. Nirvana) which is a state of mind and do not believe in supernatural rebirth or other forms of mysticism. If a Theravadin does it is a choice th