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  1. Hi MSK! It's funny that some Leftists on pro-tech, pro-life-extension Facebook pages, who should be outraged by Emanuel's pronouncements, simply scream at me that I'm a Trump puppet, even though I'm offering no opinion on Trump. A few argue that these are just Emanuel's personal opinions but I point out that it's delusional to think they will not inform the policies he could be developing under a Pres. Biden. On Gates, I'd say he rightly understanding that with competing producers of PCs and Moore's law, drop costs, making hardware a commodity and that software would be the value added. H
  2. I can't go anywhere online without bumping into conspiracy theory types. At least when I find out they're a waste of time to deal with I don't have to waste my time with them. Might include them in my next book however, on the need to overcome irrationality in the world.
  3. Either/or, or both/and? I've been editing and helping to write papers on the problems of climate alarmists for the last few years and realize Gates and many others are very much mistaken. The problem is that either/or thinking does not necessarily apply to people. We are having this exchange because of the incredible revolution launched by Gates, the late Steve Jobs and many others whose politics lean Left. Unless all folks here are typing on Macs or iPhones, you're likely using systems running Gates' software or created by folks with whom you disagree on politics. The point is that the f
  4. Actually, it's not a discrepancy but just an issue of looking at who said/does/did what in more detail. On the good side, look at the links I supply in the article. I've pages of quotes from eco-extremists comparing humans to viruses and calling for our eradication. Prince Philip has said "Human population growth is probably the single most serious long-term threat to survival. We're in for a major disaster if it isn't curbed... We have no option. If it isn't controlled voluntarily, it will be controlled involuntarily by an increase in disease, starvation and war.... "If I were reincarnat
  5. Does Biden’s Public Health Adviser Want the Coronavirus to Kill the Elderly? By Edward Hudgins April 20, 2020 Ezekiel Emanuel, the architect of Obamacare, is an advisor on coronavirus to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Emanuel famously wrote a 2014 Atlantic article titled “I Hope to Die at 75.” Unless he’s a hypocrite, Emanuel’s own words demand he tell Biden that COVID-19, which disproportionately kills elderly Americans, is a blessing rather than a curse, and just when researchers work to “cure aging.” To be clear, Emanuel doesn’t advocate for himself or anyone else
  6. "30 Years After Fall of Berlin Wall, Let’s Tear Down Wall of Dogma That Thwarts Our Liberty." By Edward Hudgins On Nov. 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall fell as thousands of East Berliners celebrated their liberation from the giant communist prison camp. Today, 36 percent of American millennials say they approve of communism, and 70 percent say they are likely to vote for socialism—the economic regime that impoverished all communist-ruled countries. What happened? After World War II, the United States, Great Britain, and France created the Federal Republic of G
  7. Human Achievement, Space, Immortality /Dr. Edward Hudgins- Ep 117. Debt Nation On #Transhumanism Australia’s excellent “Debt Nation” video host Steele Archer and I explored the need to radically disrupt sclerotic government drug certification processes to unleash exponential medications that will allow us to live for centuries; to radically disrupt failed government schooling to allow individuals to educate and train themselves for careers in exponential technology economies; and to promote and celebrate human achievement ethos, all to bring about a fantastic future of prosperity and indi
  8. My thinking is we’ve both been promoting a rational philosophy for decades. What’s happened in our culture during that time? Some 25 years ago, Bill Clinton had to run as a New Democrat who wanted workable reforms because old welfare state policies were being discredited. Today, socialists lead that party and do so because there is an audience primed for their message. I see human achievement appealing to the “soft left,” younger folks who love technology, want at least enough freedom to follow their own dreams, who want to prosper, who are optimists—the Steven Pinker “Enlightenment Now!”
  9. HAPPY HUMAN ACHIEVEMENT DAY! We Need to Celebrate Human Achievement Day, Now More than Ever By Edward Hudgins October 21 is the anniversary of Thomas Edison’s invention of the first workable lightbulb. If we want more lightbulbs shining above our heads, symbolizing new human-enhancing ideas in our minds ready to be made real, then we should mark this date as Human Achievement Day. We have a Labor Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and even an Earth Day, and we should be celebrating human achievements, too! First, a Human Achievement Day would raise our consciousness about the in
  10. Hi Michael – Thanks for your thoughtful response. Actually, you’ve got some of the think tank stuff backwards. There’s a range of think tank activities from original deep research in books and policy papers to direct public policy action. Heartland calls itself a think thank and action tank because we’re closer to the latter. Mind you, our founder Joe Bast a dozen years ago decided a way to fight the global warming alarmism was to actually engage real scientists to counter the bad science and panic-mongering that was driving public policy. We’ve published four volumes of “Climate Change R
  11. Hi again Michael! On child abuse, with two beautiful little daughters, I'd be the first the rip the throat out of anyone who would assault kids. As for politics, I am not and never have been a Hillary supporter. No problem there! Currently, I work to change policy where there is leverage to do so and, happily, there is. I'm just about to come out with another paper on liberalizing the drug approval process, and I'm looking at some interesting opportunities for really major disruption of the educational system. Most of our policy and cultural battles are rear guard actions against the
  12. Ooops, sorry, I just saw your post after what I posted what you see below. But I'll keep it up now for the record as we seek some understanding! ....... Michael - Assuming Jon is not a troll (you'd know better than I), he kind of make my point. Schultz sees far left Dems discrediting his party. Folks can point to the extremists and say "See these crazies! That's the Dems. I rest my case." So Schultz offers an alternative. David Kelley decades ago saw the dogmatic Objectivists discrediting the truly rational, open Objectivists. Folks could point to them and say "See these crazies! Th
  13. Michael - On the concentration camps for Trump supporters, I hope Schultz and the few remaining halfway reasonable Dems will realize they are, indeed, on course to reelect Trump because they are so insanely radical and irrational. That's why Schultz is looking at a run as an independent rather than in the Dem. Party.
  14. Michael - Sorry, I meant Jon, the guy who seems to be trolling Peter. My bad!
  15. Peter - Joe's not worth debating with. Reason won't reach him. Anyway, Schultz adds an interesting element to the Democrats' inter-party battles.
  16. "Will Howard Schultz Serve a Liberty Latte or Stale Socialist Dregs?" By Edward Hudgins Far-left Democratic politicians are tripping over themselves to run for president in 2020, and the news media are tripping over themselves touting those candidacies—but only when they’re not busy praising Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s economy-destroying “Green New Deal.” Enter Starbucks founder and liberal Democrat Howard Schultz, who says he might run for president as an independent in 2020, on the assumption his own party is hopeless. The extreme left is apoplectic, fearing he’ll divide the
  17. Is Space Still an Awe-Inspiring Frontier? By Edward Hudgins Rather than continuing to be awe-inspiring, has the prospect of space exploration become boring to most Americans? On New Year’s Day 2019, NASA’s New Horizon probe, which gave us spectacular photos of Pluto back in 2015, sent back images of a snowman-shaped asteroid named Ultima Thule. That object sits at the edge of the solar system and is the farthest ever photographed by a space probe. Soon thereafter, China landed its Queqiao rover on the far side of the Moon. Just as remarkable was the communications satellite pa
  18. FYI: Data show only very small, steady sea level rise for centuries and no correlation with CO2, the usual culprit of the climate alarmists. If I can figure out how to post jpgs, I will put some up showing this info.
  19. Marxism is being kept alive by a whole lot of professors on many campuses. One of my points is that the more true to Marxism they are, the more they believe that it's impossible to demonstrate the truth via reason; remember that our bourgeois brains just can't understand their "logic." I think that for a lot of reasons, one of which is to free higher ed from the grip of various forms of statist dogma, we need an education revolution.
  20. Karl Marx at 200: His Lethal Legacy Lingers By Edward Hudgins In his name, over 100 million people were murdered. May 5, 2018 marks Karl Marx's 200th birthday, and his profound errors still smolder and threaten new conflagrations. Marx was born into a Europe transforming into a modern, industrial society. Individuals were leaving ancestral villages and farms for growing cities and their seemingly dehumanizing factories. Incredible wealth was being created, but would the factory workers benefit from their labors? What did the future of this emerging new world hold? History
  21. What on Earth are you talking about? ( ?) This really Mars the conversation! ( ?) Did you Planet this way? ( ? )
  22. Okay, we're deep into tin-foil hat, nut-case territory here, so I'll leave those with more time on their hands or those who get a dark amusement observing this form of human folly to populate this thread. I will say that since my teen years I found the issue of life on other worlds of serious interest. I was especially impressed by a young, little-known fellow who spoke in 1969 at Goddard Space Flight Center, where I'd been an intern, to separate flying saucer nonsense from a real search for extraterrestrial intelligence. That was Carl Sagan. Anyway, I guess I won't be seeing some of the folks
  23. Thanks Peter! JTS, the big question is, who they hell is Steven Greer and why would anyone waste a neuron transferring a charge via a synapse on what he blathers about anything? ?
  24. It's Time To Abandon Earth Day By Edward Hudgins April 22, 2018 -- There was a telling juxtaposition of events in April 1970. On the one hand, young people, infused with the Age of Aquarius, gathered in parks for the first Earth Day. They sang, danced, speechified, consumed illicit substances, and virtue-signaled they didn’t want a polluted planet. On the other hand, the Apollo 13 spacecraft, crippled by an explosion, limped back to Earth, with the survival of three astronauts very much in doubt. That April, a movement began to fight a perceived explosion of technologies
  25. Huge Water Reserves Found All Over Mars For those of you space geeks who follow this, looks like you'll have plenty to drink when you establish your colony on Mars! Some cool photos in the article as well!