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  1. There is a readership here beyond me, Jon, and beyond Korben. Maybe those folks who rarely post would like to have a link to the Instagram post you cite.
  2. For some real snark that Wikipedia just can't beat ... https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/QAnon
  3. Do you have a source? Some meme splayed out on the TAS Instagram account, apparently. "No Links For You!"
  4. Britain is now on deadline. The new government will be seated for a Throne Speech laying out the road ahead. With a transition period lasting until the end of 2020, the UK is expected to formally withdraw from the EU on January 31st. The Fourth Reich is unavailable for comment ... Bets are on that Scotland (which elected an overwhelming majority of Scottish Nationalist Party MPs to Westminster) will petition for another referendum on separation from the Union. Johnson says NO. The U.K. will leave the European Union. Does that mean Scotland will leave the U.K.?
  5. The compilers of files at Qanon.pub site dispense with the extra editorial finnicks found at Qmap.pub. The Qmap.pub site is probably more fun to faux 'researchers' -- as an anonymous crew piles on entailments. Eg, these are all the Soros-boogeyman 'themes' the crew has applied: -- for those who use RSS feeds to sample the Q drops, Qmap.pub offers translations in nine languages: https://www.qmap.pub/api/rss?lang=en Why is George Soros in Ukraine?
  6. Travis View in conversation with Steven Hassan ... for those not entirely caught up in the con.
  7. Another thread opens on the matter of Q. What is Q / QAnon? Why should anyone on OL pay attention? Is skepticism justified? What are the main questions readers have in mind to guide discussion?
  8. Intriguing article: Psychology and the Allure of Conspiracy Theories -- I just bought the newish book edited by Joseph Uscinski, whose research is noted in the article cite above. I'll try to take a fair-use excerpt from the Uscinski appearance on Watter's show, and maybe put it together with some other material celebrating/castigating the segment by the 'Qmmunity' (and its skeptical attendants) ... in the QAnon thread, once Chod finishes with his spasms.
  9. But yeah, let's trust the anonymous Q source who posts to racist lair of scumbags run by a pigfarmer. "Objectivism, anyone?"
  10. This is a stupid, ugly question. The accusation you slop around is utterly without warrant. That you repeat this accusation casually is on your head, Jon. A malicious repetition of disgusting charges poisons this forum, which you might understand were you not an unreasoning lunatic. You seem proud of this smear, which is also disgusting. You reap what you sow ...
  11. "Fuck off, pedophile." The QAnon movement is chockful of anti-semitic garbage -- based on the wildest bullshit peddled by the Q-collective itself. If the correspondent wasn't so opposed to reason, he'd figure that one out on his own.
  12. I think I first used "The Joo" in reference to "Mark" and his racialized beliefs and crypto-VDare BS. Jon is perhaps operating on a "Need 2 No" basis.
  13. It usually comes down to The Joo ... Readers can find a spate of Q/QAnon posts beginning here, along with a lengthy commentary here:
  14. Penultimate. Trap gun slogan [OBS]. Think thank thunk. One hour of old glory as touted by the mysterious entity ... this does not seem like Q-level insider knowledge. They may need to get caffeinated and a bit blasted on marijuana, to clear away the staleness and low energy.
  15. Testing an easier way to add in Q-drops. Previously I took screen-captures of Qmap items one by one, then uploaded them, then posted them, then added link attributes pointing to the actual drop on (previously) 8chan.net. Since the 'new' Q server is on an unreliable and often-unreachable channel of the facelifted 8kun, and since Qmap has now added extra editorial material, it's easier for a lazy person like me to simply copy text/HTML snips from Qmap ... This is the experiment. Unfortunately for Q-enthusiasts, there is no way to reach 8kun through Qmap or from these drop-copies below. While 8chan was still functional, Qmap featured embedded links to the particular drop ... but cannot do that now as the 8Kun hosting services are a mess. When you try to get to the original ... 82.9K people are talking about this [Q #3620] https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-44107570� Publicly known? Think non_public. Access granted. Q [Q #3619] /pf/ was taken down [cleared of content] just prior to platform TERM [specific reason]. NAT SEC [charter] prevents use of 'keys' to establish IDEN via public utility/domain - non_reg. Formation of 'clean' board possible to lock in trip(s) > issues w/ safeguards. Q Fredrick Brennan finds the handwaving and excuses hilarious and inept. The Qmap site has sharing links embedded. This is an example of what a lazy-man's Qdrop to OL could look like, if anyone at all is interested. The headline is from whoever manages the code at Qmap -- "Vindictive Vindman ..." is a editorial gloss. -- if you click the meat of the Tweet above, you get sent to an individual Qmap posting, with even more editorial material added:
  16. Millerism and the Great Disappointment. For Patreon supporters ...
  17. What drop number was it? For general readers -- Qmap.pub has extended its features ... many Q drops have been augmented with extra information compiled and analyzed by whoever runs that site. Eg, Fact-checking needed?
  18. When you are below Tulsi Gabbard in the polls. Later tonight, lots of Leftists yapping on a crowded TV stage. I do wonder how much of today's impeachment 'bombshells' will feature in that dreary drama ... In unrelated news, have discovered just how much material can be crammed into one tweet, using the side-door Twitter Media Studio Library.
  19. The President has things to say about Roger Stone and justice. Something something "planted into Team Trump" in 1999 by mumble mumble ... Stone is a plant of the Kabbal woop woop.
  20. Updated with a new mix. I will delete this after a couple more instances ...

    I've finally solved the biggest problem I had with a new kick-ass piece of software, StreamYard. Basically, it is a video-conferencing website. You only need a camera and mic (and for advanced users, accepts both a virtual-camera and a virtual microphone). The very best thing about it is that it has privacy built-in. Unlike Hangouts, which is also used extensively in live video streams of guests and host chatting -- it doesn't require you a Google ID or anything intrusive. You get a web-link, choose your name/moniker, accept or deny use of your camera and microphone, and boom, you are the virtual studio.

    Anyhow, blah.  This below is a kind of sound-mix check. I finally figured out the virtual mixer VoiceMeeter and was able to mix desktop browser sound output as well as media played within the OBS server.  Premiering in 15 minutes ...